Reverse Psyop Campaign

I had a thought yesterday when discussing the fact that NPCs are too docile to even read the most evil book ever written, Mein Kampf.

How about a meme that says something like… “Know your Enemy” and maybe a quote along the lines of “a people who don’t understand history are destined to repeat it” or some such, maybe a quote along the lines of “know your enemy” even,

Then a photo of the stalag edition with a simple URL underneath to the PDF. Maybe even a photo of a (((mass grave))) as motivation.


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I kinda had an idea like that.

Even if it reinforces the attitudes of the more heavily indoctrinated, I dare say it would redpoll a an indifferent normie.

Any method you use to get people to read MK is legit.

Hitler was a Mossad agent

Mossad did not exist when Hitler lived.

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It's a shill he spams this in multiple threads unironically thinking it would derail the thread or change people's minds, despite they were arguments a year ago and got all debunked and has been here ever since.

Lets stay on topic, I’ll make some memes up in a few hours. I’m not the best at it though. Can anyone come up with the quotes/ideas?

Try a book on ways to commit suicide. All Hitler fags should do this.

Wait did the National Socialist party actually do an official English translation? I've only read the Ford.

What ever (((torpedo))) your talking about 99% of the board's population.

I came up with an quote not to long ago on another thread.
Or something like that.

Yes they did how didn't you know that?
Are you new here?

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No I have been here since the beginning and I have never heard it mentioned. I even have asked that very question multiple times and have never been told this. I feel cheated now like I wasted time on the other translations. How the fuck has no one told me this.


WWII was a false flag.

Most here would be glad to see you (((Hitler))) fags exit.

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Good quote. Here are some more to use, to start the thinking process in the normies:

“When everyone hates a person, you should investigate thoroughly, and when everyone loves a person, you should also investigate thoroughly.” “When everyone hates a person, you should investigate thoroughly, and when everyone loves a person, you should also investigate thoroughly.”
― Confucius, The Analects

"History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

JIDF surely would.

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It's Saturday, I guess the jews are using niggers while they observe the Shabbat.
Hitler was a creation of Vladamir Putin.

Thank you for the bump

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Ya and I responded they can be more than one torpedo.

It's because I'm phone posting it shows them all as having an ID rather than all 0's.

Show me a picture of what your actually seeing.

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Even if normalfags and low IQ race traitors DO take the bait and try to read it, 99% will not read even one chapter and will quickly give up once they realize there are no pictures. It's ideas are too high for them to understand.

Seems like an exercise in futility to me but I suppose even the 1% who may perservere through and be swayed to our way of thinking would be worth it in the end.

Could it be, that all tor users get the same ID, instead of 0s? Just a thought.
A lot of torpedos are actual kikes, but some are not.

But back to topic, we should not let this become a slide threat.

Anyone interested should read a manual on PsyOps to further our goal to save the aryan race: operations

government page

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Yea I guess so. It usually has all 0s on here too though. I guess they have changed that. Sage since I have derailed this shit enough.

new homosexual, haha nah they did, find a Stalag Edition and read it again.

I know a historical big brain nibba has said it better.


how about

Notice how almost every post until now is just users arguing about silly shit?
This is how you know this is a good idea.

That was like 99% my fault for derailing the thread.

You kikes literally do this shit with every right-wing figure.

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It isn't going to work on average (functionally illiterate) NPCs. The target for such a propaganda campaign will need to consist of those who are still willing to read nonfiction literature in this wonderful 21st century of ours. Students in humanities departments will be ideal, as they are capable, at minimum, of sitting down with a book and reading the damned thing. I suppose that this criterion isn't such a harmful restriction, as the target still comprises many of the lefties capable of thinking. Their pretense for the love of knowledge is pointed towards illegitimate sources by their educators, but it does create a chink in the armor. Their confidence in the truth of their ideology may be manipulated in order to trick them into breaking out of their censorship/avoidance of all things "wrongthink".

"Are you afraid to read some Hitler? What's there to worry about?"

In the end this will probably fail in most cases, as many of our enemies are practiced in maintaining cognitive dissonance. The suggestion to read it will be met with "I already know all there is to know about that, so it would be a waste of time." Butterfly warfare might improve the odds, but I'm not very optimistic.

As history teaches us: sometimes violence is the only answer. Traitors get the rope first.

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The Jews would be upset if their useful idiots left.

No one is ever going to know if it isn't going to be tried.

That is the question I would like to know my self, did you lurk around book threads?
Nah henry ford version is still good.

Not just specifically hitler, they spam this shit in multiple threads it is getting old.

good idea OP.

hitler tied up every loose end in my head about what was going on.

I'm for the idea. Just pointing out that their mindworm is robust. My suggestion to use butterfly warfare is an attempt to improve the odds of success. A Mein Kampf meme will be much easier to spread if there are recognized and respected "progressives" spreading it rather than a bunch of questionable anonymous social media users. PR 101.

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What types of mein kampf memes that should be spread around?

George Santayana. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Good idea but main kampf is too high a reading level for most NPC’s. We need something of a similar redpill caliber but of a lower reading level that’s comprehendible to NPC’s.

Oh that guy.
Gotta make sure to post the accurate and trust worthy translation.

Myth of the 20th century?
Will that good or does it have to be dumbed down.

I think that question is less important than ensuring that the information is spread by people and sources trusted by the target audience.

Read up on "butterfly warfare" and then read the book in my previous post's pic related (it is very short and contains techniques absolutely essential for our success). We need to disguise ourselves as thought leaders of the left and use this perch to disseminate what we will. The technique is more important than any single instance of its use.

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20th Century is an equally difficult read if not even harder. Tbh "The Nationalist" booklet that has been posted here would be far more effective. But people are more likely to at least have a go at reading the most evil book ever told than some random article.

(I am OP, on laptop instead of phone)

ever written* lel

If you're going to bundle Mein Kampf with enemy propaganda, use enemy propaganda which has been officially abandoned as obvious bullshit. That would help lead them to discovery.

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Barely anyone reads any book now.


Nobody is reading books anymore. Memes are the way to go. Turn excerpts into quote memes as appetizer. Those few who are open to it, will maybe grab the full book, and those who don't may at least get some inspiration or food for thought.

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Damn checked!
But ya goijg to read nationalist first is there any books that reverses the effect of them being race blind?

I would agree user but they are some normal fags who are curious on other views and like reading even if it's from the ebil natzees.

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I'm not sure, I've always been racist, even when I was left leaning, I just put the race question to the back of my mind "because we are all working class".

pic - as I said I'm not the best.

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Saved going to wonder how many normalfags will fall for it.

If i were a computer nerd in minecraft, i would crack the TWATTER account of some eceleb with 2-5 million followers and release some well planned redpills which come slightly under the radar but develop good potential.

Or just post a link to TGSNT.TV

How could it be done in minecraft? By pishing email, maybe

Another option is a real life effort with posters like "Its OK to be White"

Thank you user anyway, every effort is appreciated!

Thats just a beta, I didnt put the stalag link in yet lol

Women are horny for serial killers. They love that Ted Bundy show. What if Hitler was presented as a serial killer for the ages?

why just left? why not all sides? marx, zion, rand, etc?

non-credible sources ought be aiding as well.

You Goyim don't have much longer. Most of you will die in the coming war.


user, women threw themselves at the Fuhrer. He had charisma, a sort of bohemian backstory, bullet holes, and the absolute loyalty of alphas. Its possible that, maybe, and I've only heard this from David Irving, so take it as you will, he even cucked his best friend with Magda. Resulting in Helga.


we could just meme quotes and not name the author, make them vvery inspirational and applicable to life today- once they start spreading eventually someone will figure out they are from Mein Kampf

a great redpill itself about the overwhelming support from the homefront. it'll be impressive to watch decades of feminist divide and conquer fall apart in the face of hitlerian chads.

women should read hitler
to find out what goes on in the mind of the ultimate bad boy ever in all of history
they might even find out how to tie down the chads
with one simple trick

Be careful. This user is trying to funnel you to the following site : as that is the only place this term shows up in the context of propaganda.

That is correct. Usually, someone will quickly post an attack on those using Tor, so I know what ID is the Tor ID in that thread. Kind of annoying, but I think it's a bug in the website, considering I'm using Overchan to view.


Yeah. Read it, faggot. Then read Bernays and any other PR literature that you find interesting.

Butterfly warfare is a helpful idea which can be refined into many more actionable forms than the originator can be expected to recognize.

Read things, understand them, and then read more. Synthesis may occur. If you have a good idea test it somehow.

You don't understand the mind of the NPC, here is how you think it works:

How the actual NPC mind works:

You're assuming they react genuinely to information or are even capable of processing information, they only react to the stimuli they are programmed to react to. When you tell them X is bad, it doesn't matter what X is, they have already filed it under "bad" and no amount of information contained inside of X will be realized by them.

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The normies have been brainwashed to only understand contradiction as this is the most handy kike psyop tool. It’s okay to be white is a great example of using contradiction to express a truth. Another example would be sieg heiling allied war monuments. The only thing they understand now are things that don’t make any sense. Like destroying the planet for Monopoly money as another example.
Anyways bump of camaraderie

What about ways to get some disconnected people to read it? I live in a rural community in the midwest, and while the majority of whites are entry-level aware of racial differences, I would like to get some of the more self-sufficient and open minded lads headed the right direction, but I don't know about buying several copies from some likely jewed publishing or distributing company.

I think you're percentage estimates may be a little skewed, but I certainly agree that a fairly high percentage who can read through are certainly likely to become redpilled on the JQ when they watch the news of today and compare it to Hitler's writing back in the 20th century. Maybe an audiobook version for the masses?

Ya no shit, but at the very least could attract some people who are curious.

Not true. Mein kampf(the kiked one with jewish notations) is a bestselling book, still doesn't detract from the text itself and people have probably gotten woke from just ignoring it.

Honestly as much as i appreciate Mein Kampf i do believe the most imporant book that the NPC's should read is culture of critique. Just reading 10 pages of that book everyday is enough to turn any normie over to us.

Great idea!

Mildly related to OP, since Brenton Tarrant may have unironically turned people interested into "Ecofascism" environmentalism was what led me to becoming an ebil natsee.

more specific say for righties:

The problem is that I've tried this before. Every Leftist I ever attempted to get to read it ( "go on, know thy enemy, you know Nazis read Marx right?") just refuses. It's like getting a Christian to read the "Satanic Bible" or something, they're actively terrified of it. The only people that would are partly-redpilled types already (my Wife for example, finally got her to read it & now she won't stfu about spotting (((journalists))) when she reads the news). Still a good idea by OP, but unless a Leftist is really mild they just won't do it.

Despite the amount of women throwing them selves at the furher he stayed only loyal to eva.
God damn what an admirable man.

Nah hitler is to honorable.

We need a condensed meme version for the general masses.
Make them read Mein Kampf when they think they are reading antifa material.

What's a made up Antifa cover?

Zig Forums, I'll tell you this. You want to redpill normal idiots? Spread good messages of pure truth disconnected from people or propaganda they are cognitively dissonanced to auto-reject. Instead of trying to tell everyone in the world "OH WOW GUIS HITLER THIS HITLER THAT" just take words that are pure and truthful and tell people the truth. gluing everything to concepts they are permanently wired to reject forever is a great way to never spread any truth. It's like giving everyone icecream but it has poop chunks in it instead of chocolate. They're always going to say "NOPE fuck off" every single time as they eat every other pile of shit with a smile. The only way to win and make the world a better and safer and happier and more peaceful place by spreading the truth is to be at peace with letting go of your hitler idol and just going with the flow of spreading the pure base truths by themselves. The moment anyone hears hitler they will auto-ignore or decide they hate you just because. You have to accept the fact that you have been fooled into being permanently stuck and glued and anchored to certain things in such a way that will never let your message reach far. None of this is really about hitler, it's about spreading wholesome traditional conservative values so that people are just simply better people and kind and compassionate to each other, and learning how to not fall for horrible elaborate tricks and scams from satanists and things like that. Once you let go, you will succeed much more. Your range of truth spreading ability increases insanely high and far and wide because your available red pilling audience is so much greater. don't say "hitler said this truth" just say "here is this truth" Forget hitler. Just tell the fucking truth everywhere. Truth is truth. It doesn't need a statue or anything to stand by its side. The truth can stand alone and stand strong and healthy.

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