Snoop Dogg Encourages Everyone to Post Louis Farrakhan Footage on Facebook and Instagram

This is a great opportunity to drop some red pills pol.

(((mod))) deleted original thread. THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE POST.

This thread is about Snoop organizing an online protest against (((censorship))).

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shiggy diggy my niggy

Would gladly allow my unborn daughter to date his grandson.

Watch how fast the Jews report this thread. They are justifiably terrified of anti-Semitism taking hold among blacks.

Break the bond that binds the golem

nig is a coward, he's asking his fans to post shit while he doesn't post shit himself.

>This thread is about a degenerate nigger organizing a token online protest against (((censorship))).

This protest is one I approve of.

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Don't the Nation of Islam oppose miscegenation too? I mean, while Redpilled niggers will never be white, there's nothing wrong with them being our allies. Alliance doesn't mean we share a movement, it means that our movement will work with theirs to achieve a shared goal.

"Now that nation called Israel, never has had any peace in forty years and she will never have any peace because there cannot be any peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your dirty religion under HIs holy and righteous name." Louis Farrakhan.

I can see why ZOG sees himi unfit for public consumption.

Then we co-opt. His followers will still act on our mutual goal, whether the leader is weak or not.

This ugly ass jew looking nigger never cared about his minister or the NOI before, now because it's in the news cycle Nigger Dog is using it for publicity. Didn't he kiss the jews to get a label like his nigger friends, Dr. Dre and whoever? Wasn't there a big rap nigger war over jews owning rap labels?

Anons should Meme that jews own all the rap and hip-hop labels. Get the apes even more chimped up towards their jew masters.

yeah, the nigger knows now that his rap career has diminished he can shit talk kikes now

While Snoop's motives may not be truthful we should totally use this moment

Farrakhan wants a separate black ethnostate.

He's been asking the mighty white man to give him the land for years.

why should anyone let this crisis go to waste, like many others point out, it's a great opportunity to drop red pills, every little victory counts.

Why do you think shills on here kvetch so hard when it's mentioned about using their pets against them? You'll get cuckold porn spammers posting the 'basteblack' shit in an effort to make te idea of temporary alliances being bad. It's a good idea though. Amplify Snoopo and his chimping while dropping red pills in the process.

As they should be. Nigs have the race card that kikes gave them, and also they're easily angered to violence or other destructive ends. Let them riot around and burn down the edifices of the ZOG like kikebook and twatter like they do in their commie shithole hives. When the race war cometh, I expect niggers to exterminate more niggers than White men do. Kikes spent thousand of years and millions of lives working this angle, but I suppose I can do it better with no authority at all, with one body, in a single lifetime. Because that's the power disparity between us. You'll see that my strategy is quite exquisitely crafted, to the extent that, basically, I'll have a Coke. It's not like I expect most men to be as Chad as St. Tarrant, after all, so alternatively you can simply Know victory. If you have that ability yet.

People can shill and blackpill to their hearts content, but the dominoes are already toppling, and therefore I already know how this ends. Perspective, niggers, do kikes have it? They don't. They look out of meat coffins like Socrates' cave prisoners, ignorantly believing the dancing shadows to be the final truth of the world. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. I suppose perspective takes the surprise out of the game, but such childish and trivial matters are well behind me. It's kind of like playing Candyland with a child, or teaching a child how to play chess for the first time. It's not like you're going to lose, and winning isn't even the point. The point is to teach the child how the game is played, and how it CAN be won. So in any case, do take note of how this works. Either way, I'm here for the grand finale and nothing else. Because I find it amusing. When the war drums beat, everyone either dances or dies–it's one of the things I can get away with here because no one in the entirety of the universe gives a shit about you. No one else, anyway. I find you fascinating. I like dark things, I find beauty in dissolution. Everyone else want to delet you, I want to hire you. Well, not ALL of you, just the Whites. Everyone else needs to go and stay go

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Fuck niggers, fuck jews
Hail Hitler

They tried to shill against the women's march both here and on the MSM because Farrakhan was a featured speaker. Pre-2015, there would have been zero interest here in the women's march, either for or against.

Update? I wonder if anyone is following this story.


Heil'd. Crown Heights riots anyone? Meme the nogs to attack jews for their raysisms.

Hopefully a nationwide riot this time.


Farrakhan has been preaching this for decades.
See embedded and

Ya. In AFRICA. And I see no problem with that. Let them go back.


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It would be nice for them to become woke on Jews but they won't
Nation of Islam has been a thing for 70 years and it's nowhere closer to it's goals from when Malcolm X was still alive


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lousi was woke on jews running the slave trade so just post those quotes.

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And maybe a Carolina.

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Fucking top kek m8

Cool so he wants nigger to back to West Africa I think we are all fine with that.

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That pic made me chuckle