You are being info bombed goy


Whenever jews are killing Palestinians, coincidentally there are other happenings to make you look elsewhere.
What is statistical chance for this things to happen at once?
Sloppy job mossad


Building explosion in Chicago

Boeing 737 falling into water

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You ain't seen nothing yet.

They are going to annex the West Bank soon.

Semites killing semites, we shouldn't give a fuck about happenings in Pissrael and Paleshite.

We should be egging them on

As an American, I give a fuck because I am forced to pay for it with my tax dollars.. and when they bite off more than they can chew, my military will have to go in and save them.

One tactical nuke would solve the holy land dispute forever

Every single time literally

Over my dead body kike

It's why you encourage Palestinians to fight back and throw out pro-palestinian support on normie spaces.

They also bombed Anodolu, a Turkish media outlet. Last time they bombed the Palestinian tv station. When they retaliate, a "fellow white" will make sure that you are the likely target, not his own tribe.

Turkey should be nuked along with mecca and pissrsael and ALL of china too.
Poopland can nuke pak and pak and nuke the poos back
Glass em all while they’re holding still

seems like ground invasion is brewing

Building the Temple would be peak accelerationism though.

yea goys should take over israel and build a huge fuck off temple and self proclaim the moshiach title

These bombings happen so frequently of you pick a random day more often than not your find some news story about Israel to confirm your preconceived notion of whatever happened is somehow did by Israel

im sure its just cohencidence, stay mad jew
russian jet crashes

there is also an ongoing bs campaign from (((nasa))) about asteroid and impact drills, which fits misdirection subversion very well

Why is there so much care going for palestinian?

Daily reminder that the actual rocket attack in Gaza killed less people than Brenton Tarrant.

Is it a cohensidence if buddhists kill muslims in Myanmar?

copied from another bread, story was fake from the beginning to work as a distraction from Palestine

"Dont care about pure display how jews are oppressors, not victims"
"Remember, they are as bad - for defending against zionism invasion"

Its all tied to the war against you

Only Muzzy shit skin faggots care about Palestine.
Fuck Palestine.
No real american gives a shit.
and a thread on 4kikes

Oy vey, remember americans, dont be an to be against jews.

Only orthodox jews are jews, you are not.

War with Iran and during the war, Israel makes Greater Israel. There's probably enough Zio-goys that'd applaud such a maneuver.

They already tried, and failed. The ground literally exploded after the first stone was laid. Then, hundreds of years later, their messiah, Sabbatai Zevi, converts to islam instead of martyring himself. They are a cursed people whose priest class no longer worship whatever god that temple was dedicated to before and after they repurposed it. The closest thing they have to a "holy" site is what remains of a crusader stable where they go to and wale at ancient horse shit. They have no intention of rebuilding anything and only keep up the farce because retarded evangelicals in the US keep sending them shekels. The creature they sacrifice to now doesn't require such a thing.

it would fulfill the prophecy, and ultimately be a a pyrrhic victory for the ones who call themselves 'Jews'

Nice strawman, yid.

The jews would (and will) do everything they're doing to the Palestinians the second they have the chance. The Talmud commands jews to kill "even the best of the gentiles" - meaning all of us - not just "even the best of the Palestinians".

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nice people

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You are a fake jew, just like your whole family always was and always will be

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meanwhile plane crash in mexico, britbongs seem to notice cohencidence with russian jet in the article

gore spamming kike arrives, they do it regularly in threads they dont like


Sometimes I ponder the mentality of our so called leaders and it really blows my mind. How is it possible that these white men can do the things that they do? They will obviously do anything to serve Israel, Jews, corporations, but why? Is it really just for money? Are they really willing to do literally anything just for money? I have come to accept that the Jew is my genetic enemy and my opposite in every way. Nature just made it that way, but these white men are beyond my comprehension. It's like they are being mind controlled. They seem so happy to serve their masters, so eager to please and profess undying loyalty. They seem genuine in their desire to do the most horrible things imaginable simply because some Jews told them too. I simply cannot comprehend this. I could almost put on a tinfoil hat on this one.

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Not true.
There is only Palestine

That's a real nice virtue signaling.
Some are self aware

gaza can get glassed along with israel for all I care.

nigger, do you even realize you just confirmed gore was posted for distraction? also to make thread repulsive. but you forgot to add usual fecal theme

too many trap words, you are obvious yid, try again later

so it seems things settled down in Palestine and both buildings and planes now work as intended. this really rustles my bell curve
also bump because jews

oh no stop killing the poor innocent terrorists.

…on their own land stolen from them.

It says Israel on the map. So it's not their land. Sad holdouts for a long dead nation that think they can triumph in violent conflict against a far superior and more civilized force. They are violent tribal barbarians hammering on the gates of Rome. Those religious fundamentalists deserve neither pity nor support because they are also the enemy of all civilized countries.

thats only your false narrative to justify theft of palestinian land and genocide of Palestinians as invader which you are. you may annex Gaza, level houses and print any name on your paper map. Its still Palestine and its not yours



Nice link but I'm obligated to call you a faggot for not knowing how to embed

Kill (and I can't stress this part enough) yourself.

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like most 8ch functions video embed is fucked on this site so verbatim links are better nigger

Going to need more proofs than that glownigger, it seems more likely that the powers that b in Israel just wait for a happening to conduct attacks with the expectation that the media coverage of the attack will overshadow their bombing. Tarrant was definitely actually a user here, you don't need to look any further than that season of American Horror Story to see what it looks like when (((they))) try to emulate our style of communication.

More like Israel takes advantage of happenings to kill Palestinians when everyone is looking the other way.

We wouldn't be able to get away with it, they shouldn't either.

That pretty well describes the Zionist Terrorists when they went up against the British Empire. It's too bad the UN caved and let you rats have your patch of land.
How DARE you, you camel-faced kike, invoke the name of Rome? The actual Romans knew how to deal with your kind - by massacring them and driving the survivors into an exile they rightly deserved.

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Have you ever saw cucks being retards and forming lynching mobs to attack a man just because some cunt accused him of beating her? And when the accusations are proven false, and t is proved that the cunt was the one that beat the man, and suddenly the mob of cucks simply walk away in silence, instead of beating the cunt to death?
It is the same thing with other retards and jews. They have low IQ, are insecure and have their minds completely rotten by chemicals. When they "think" that they will get the spotlight, they go literally throwing themselves at any opportunity to try to get any validation, from anyone, anywhere.
That is why all overly emotional, self-centered and validation-seeking freaks must be killed along with the jews and other subhumans. Those always be tools of the enemy, and will turn against their own kind at any opportunity, just so they can receive any form of praise from literally anyone.

Who cares the world isn’t even real you are just a science you are an atom (Adam) and you have to face bacteria (blacks) and germs (Germans) and parasites (Palestinians) #confirmed

-Admin (Chaim)