What will happen in the future?

What will happen in the future?

What will happen in the future? Civil war, Joe Biden vs Trump, WW3, European Coups, Economic collapse…? Thoughts and or predictions?

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Nothing , kill yourself faggot

America breaks up around 2033.

OP will die of AIDS for being a Trumpnigger

Around 2029 The spirit of Adolf Hitler will rise and the whole world will tremble.

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Your individual freedom and your freedom of expression will be severly limited, other than reiterating or focusing on mundane shit in a holistic manner. Higher level of distrust, higher levels of splitering of the societies, higher levels of income levels, corruption of the press, more influence of the bigger cooperations, a more sociopathic behaviour of certain spheres of society, higher levels of survaillance. Everything becomes plastic and polarized.

the left will do the unforgivable
the right will heap bodies on the hellfire
the truth will seal the gates of hell
the light will sprout anew

Europeans must survive no matter what we have to do. We will do things that no person have ever considered to save our race and exterminate our enemies.


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The Führer predicted in his Final Political Testament:

"That from the bottom of my heart I express my thanks to you all, is just as self-evident as my wish that you should, because of that, on no account give up the struggle but rather continue it against the enemies of the Fatherland, no matter where, true to the creed of a great Clausewitz. From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own unity with them unto death, will in any case spring up in the history of Germany, the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National-Socialist movement and thus of the realization of a true community of nations."


His prediction is happening now. The worldwide National Socialist movement is the fruit of that seed. And the fruit will only continue to grow and bloom. The Day of the Rope and the Final Victory of the Aryan Man, bound together through true and divine National Socialist Ardor is inevitable.


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Gog and Magog

Indeed, mein kamerad.

I'm thinking mid 2020's.

pls user get tallest one green house. Even if it's just one of those tiny backyard grandma tier ones.
Just this year apples, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, radishes, peaches, pears, lettuce, spinach, corn and (((soy))) will triple or maybe even quadruple in price.
The weather is getting COLDER and the US zog military is spraying aerosols at a higher pace than they ever have world wide.


*At least.
A tall one would be nice though.

It is just a scenario and big talk for the most part, alex jones style. In fact nuclear war is extremely unlikely.


Never throw out grandfather’s axe, and take heart aboard the eversailing ship of Theseus, for you can still be you when every part of you has been replaced.

The integration of man and machine will provide absurd advantages to whoever is most honest. Not smartest, just most honest. I’m looking forward to it. Some of the people who got hated for their “lies” will get vindicated in big ways.

Yea, but I like the route he is going down. It will get people to listen. Look at the view count on his videos and then search the most recent chemtrail videos on jewTube and compare. He also gets literal jew faggot idf shitposters terrorizing his comment section every time he posts. No one calls them out for what they are though..yet.

Also he's white and doesn't talk about stupid fucking nibiru