It’s good to be Chelsea Clinton...

It’s good to be Chelsea Clinton. The crowned princess of the Clinton Clan just has to show up a few times and get handed buckets of money.

This participation-trophy career has recently netted the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton a staggering $300,000 for attending six meetings while a board member of “leading media and Internet company” IAC. The Daily Mail reported Thursday on records it had obtained showing Clinton was paid a little more than $600,000 in 2018 as director for IAC and Expedia’s boards.

“The IAC board met just six times in 2018, while some members of the Expedia board were only obligated to attend two meetings last year,” the Mail reported.
In addition to the lavish compensation, Clinton “will soon own just over $400,000 of Expedia stock and shares in IAC that add up to an astonishing $6.3 million, based on those companies trading prices when the market opened Friday,” the Mail reported.
The $302,880 amount Clinton received from Expedia was the result of a $52,953 cash fee and $249,927 from stocks, which the Mail reports is the amount each member of the board was awarded. Clinton, as the Mail noted, is the youngest member of the board and unlike the next youngest member, 43-year-old Courtnee Chun, she really has no business experience warranting her position. Chun was previously the Chief Financial Officer at New Global Telecom, Inc. and worked for J.P. Morgan’s mergers and acquisitions department, the Mail reported.
IAC and Expedia are both led by Clinton family friend Barry Diller.
While each board member received the same stock awards, Chun was paid less in cash fees ($45,000) than Clinton. Clinton was named to the board when she was just 31 years old.
This is not the first time Clinton has received an egregious amount of money for very little work. In 2014, Politico reported that the Clinton daughter was paid $600,000 for a few appearances on NBC as a “special correspondent.” She lacked any experience or talent for being an on-air personality, yet she was still paid as though she was top talent. Clinton left that job a few months after the report came out to work for her parents’

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how is this any different than ivanka and jared benefiting from their parents' success.

if you're so bothered by rich people cheating the system and having every advantage set in place to protect their wealth, then stop voting republican

is she pregnant or is that just a huge gut? either way, gross.

the fact that Chelsea and Ivanka are dear dear dear dear dear dear friends

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Why does Chelsea Clinton look like an ugly jew?
Just look at that rat face, ewwww.

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Sortition. Draft randoms. Society literally actually needs a few participation people go-betweening and floating around with the scum of mastery, but there’s no particular need for them to be hyperprivileged elite crotchspawns.

Let’s just get rid of sexual reproduction entirely, actually. Sex can be for fun and friendship. Actual genetic work can be relegated to scientists.

I remember when Sam Hyde confronted Chelsea Clinton…

Called her ugly to her face!

Xir real father.

Even blasted out of his mind on cocaine, Saturday Night Bill, the herpes pecker, couldn't get it up to bone Shitlery. Not so Webster Hubble. Hillarly liked getting fucked by him because she could fantasize that she was being satisfied by Janet Reno.

Imagine actually sticking your dick in Hillary Clinton

The more she ages, the more obvious it becomes.

Shut up loser, she was hot when she was young.

Hillary during Watergate just before she got kicked off the prosecution team for lying.

Not hot by any stretch of the imagination.

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Imagine sticking your dick in Hillary's liquid shit oozing colostomy.

God is she ugly. Fucking evil bitch. kill it with fire.

This is a new level of moral-faggotry. Back to your drufph thread, kike.

It's two gallons of horse semen, injected orally and injected vaginally and anally.
It is part of the clinton cult tradition.

they need beheaded and quartered then burned. Or just burned to Death. Just get rid of the Clintoon shit show.

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If I could go back in time and do one thing, it would be to FUCK Hillary.

at what age

i think you'd end up getting fukdt by billy bob.

t. butthurt mutt who isn't getting a wall

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Wait, the Clinton's are democrats.
So how do republicans have anything to do with this?

The psychology of power is a dumb game with a dumb prize. Leaders live in that pattern because they enforce it. They do it themselves. They have warrior reciprocity sans the killing. But it sucks for them, it sucks for others, and it leaves higher potentials in wealth and science laying unclaimable.

Sortition would improve our response to power by cycling more people through it. This is especially true as lifespans increase. In an immortal society, eventually everyone will have walked the halls of power, and known the experience from both sides.

Yeah, and this was hot when it was young too

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Don Jr sucks even more Jewish dick than his daddy does. That family has a real sick fetish with these people.

It goes with the territory

Someone post the video of her pretending to be a real journalist

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She must have a really strong handshake.

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She was a really ugly kid. You can see she's had a chin implant to make her look more human.
She went to Sidwell Friends School, a Quaker institution. It's $40800 a year tuition there. Quakers were historically assholes even to other protestants. Self righteous arrogant smug assholes. It's worth noting that all the DC political elite send their brats there. Gore, Biden, Clintons, Obamas…

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Her teeth have been done too; laminates…they're longer.


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the money is the only thing stopping her from an hero. can you imagine being that fucking ugly?

She has Jewish features

In women it is called a "gunt" for gut + cunt.

>>>Zig Forums

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TBH Chelsea looks too jewy in pre plastic surgery photos for Hubble to be her father. If you look at the chelsea high school photo downthread you will notice that her hair is actually wavy and not straight. I guess she straightens it to look less jewy.