Secret Religious Tax

The Symbol of the Orthodox Union, a major Jewish organization, appears on ALL Coca-Cola products and many other brand-name consumer items:

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Didn't mean to post that. It's something the "Webfairy", the original 9/11 "no planer" was pushing, not exposing the kosher tax racket.

Can't be both.

Whatcha sliding moshe?

The kosher tax is an important redpill that doesn't get anywhere near as much attention as it should. Why do you think Rockwell would always bring it up in his talks?

The thread could be better, but it's necessary.

By conducting an informal survey, involving a handout of several hundred free cans of Coke, we have determined that less than 1% of Americans are aware of the Orthodox Union symbol

Zionist Kosher Tax and the symbols on YOUR food supporting Israel

Full Documentary:

Actually it's a poison chalice, used to make nats look retarded.
Video related: this is what controlled opposition looks like just before an election.


If you'd bothered to watch it prior to giving your opinion, you would have seen that so-called kosher tax was one of the central points.

Unless there’s something I’m missing the conscious white man should be eating nothing but kosher foods. They wouldn’t label it kosher if it wasn’t fit for consumption by the Chosen. Who knows what is in non-kosher food – the food not fit for Jewish consumption, food produced for those whom the Jews declare to be their brothers or neighbors, our children animals and us donkies. Unless Jews are poisoning their own food

How? She said she was fine with jews and there was no kosher fee, and they corrected her.

What soda was national socialists were behind? Fanta? Did the filtjy rats get their hands on them or no?


Fanta is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, whose namesake drink has been certified kosher since 1935. The company even let the rabbis see the secret formula so they could check if it was kosher or not. It wasn’t, but they forced them to make it so afterwards. Coca-cola and Fanta are both Jewish drinks

This was actually my first redpill, many years ago. It was like putting on the sunglasses and seeing the reality of the world for the first time. "OMG These symbols are EVERYWHERE!!!!"

Never mind. I don't have the energy to explain controlled operatives and sleeper agents.
You're right, it's not exactly the same.
The point is, this is how they start out getting gullible anons to vandalize food products, or to even discuss it, then use the posts as the basis for a story about jews being in danger from food poisoning terrorists.

plz b joke

It’s not a poison chalice if you have anything higher than a room-temperature IQ (unlike that woman). Either a shabbos goy will reach out for certification or Jews will contact the company demanding they certify their foods, whereafter a rabbi will be dispatched (paid from the company’s dime, or course) to inspect the ingredients and production-process. The costs of inspection and certification bore by the company translate into higher consumer costs, draining the hard-earned money of gentiles. If a company tries to forgo certification they are accused of discrimination against Jews or other bad publicity campaigns, forcing them to buy into this extortion racket.

If a JQ-aware individual knows their facts as well as a rabbi knows his Talmud he is bullet-proof

God damn these kikes always going to have corrupt everything.

Kosher Cert is SOP mob shake down. Its a typical Protection Racket.
No company actually cares about the 2% of the 2% of population that are hard core Jews that would care, and hard core Jews don't drink coke etc anyways.

Its gonna be same as when this Jewess told Richard Spencer's mom she needs to sell her property and give the money to Jews or there will be "trouble".

As long as you just "suggest" that "trouble" might happen the cops will play dumb, and VERY dumb if the extortionist is a Jew.

Note the diff between the Jewish and Mafia "protection" rackets. The Jews want to just force you to give them all your money all at once. An Italian Mafia racket MIGHT actually provide some real service and run niggers off the block, and want to keep you as a paying client.

Schizo boomer thread #7715479

Red Ice had a good show on this topic with a guest named Dennis Fetcho.

Can some of you faggots tell me why are you larping so hard over a small inscription on a product?

La Kosher Nostra.

Even more so when there's a few shekels to be had in that corruption

Always boycott those products. But also, little by little, present the facts to bluepilled people. Make them be aware of the whole scheme, and convince as many as you can to stop buying those products completely.

Can we have some screenshots of the mark on the actual products?
I wana see what it actually looks like.

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who gives a fuck

People who want to boycott Israel, you stupid and increasingly nervous kike.

It's virtually impossible to boycott them at this point as nearly every food item you find in the store, and other things, are Kosher.


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you know they get money every time that label is put on a product and you buy it, right?

Only buy whole foods that haven't been (((vitamin enriched))). It's the best way to maintain control over your ingredients. Local farmers markets strongly preferred.

Should have done this from the start.

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This guy gets what's up.
If the shit you eat can't be recreated in a colonial era kitchen, you're doing it wrong.

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It is easy to get tricked into buying one of these disgusting products. For instance, I recently intentionally bought some sea salt which was not labeled kosher; yet when I got back, it had one of those many Satanic markings on it. If I can repack it, I do; or as a low brow cope, I use a sharpie to countermand with a black cross through any obscene juden tax crypsis markings. Typically, this is a good time to cuss them out and hope they suffer the genocides and injustices they enact upon others upon themselves.

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If it’s gentile-made and non-kosher, it’s safe. If it’s Jewish made and for some reason not kosher do not risk it

>not calling (((them))) out for extorting massive sectors of the economy
Hmm I wonder why people might care

Dennis Fetcho is an excellent critic of le merchant.

(pic unrelated, see "To Be or Not to Be, 1945".)

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That symbol is on there so Jews know it's kosher to use. That's the long and short of it.


i bet the jews pay for that convenience, right?

Of course not. They make the companies pay for them (and pass that on to you). At the end of the day, though, it doesn't matter too much.



Its not simply a tax.

The symbols are there to alert all Jews about which products are safe to buy to eat and to drink.

Non kosher products contain toxins and other unsavory ingrediants meant for we the stupid goyim alone to ingest.

Jews don't mind if we end up buying some of their products mindlessly as they get a tax benefit for Israel from our kosher product purchases as the OP pointed out, as well we still end up poisoned regardless because we buy non kosher food and drink items as well along with our other list of groceries as we don't know that we should buy kosher products exclusively to avoid being poisoned.

That's not what I said, nigger.
That's what I said. You want to do something?

"Free Speech for White Men"

If you can say that about white kids, I can hold up a sign saying "Jews into the ovens, head Kippa first."
If you can call white people goblins, I can say nigger.

If you want to fight, use the hate speech laws. Either everyone shuts up, and can be reported, or nobody can.

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Anyway remember that buying kosher exclusively means you'll be consuming food free of contaminants/poison.

It doesn't mean that the Jew food is going to be any better at keeping anyone at a healthy weight as whether you buy non kosher goyim slop or kosher you still have to count calories and exercise to keep the pounds off.

Again kosher labels are primarily stamped on the food to alert Jews on what is safe for them to eat and drink so they avoid buying and consuming the toxic non kosher food that is intended for us the stupid goyim.

The Jews take this issue so seriously they are willing to kill over it.

Are you telling me that we goyim should buy Kosher food to be sure that there are no poison ?

Have you ever read the labels on kosher stamped food?

GMOs, Hydro-oil, sugar, artificial ingredients etc.

Unfortunately yes.

Either way the Jews win sadly.

Don't want to be poisoned and so buy kosher food exclusively?

"LOL, eat healthy Jew wise goyim but we still get your tax money for this!"

Say fuck the Jews and take your chances with non kosher food and drinks?

"Have fun with your cumulative toxin/poison buildup goyim, maybe you'll get cancer eventually and maybe you won't but we Jews won't be playing Russian roulette with our own lives like you!"

Pro white activist Scott Roberts did indepth investigating on this I believe even calling Jew companies up and getting the run around a lot of times if not sworn at on the phone and hung up on.

He wasn't showing the kikes his "power level" either before you ask but simply being polite.

Anyway through his own research he found that many of the ingrediants that seem the same on both types of food ie non kosher and kosher the Jews have the "healthy" or rather "non toxic ingrediants" and we of course the stupid goyim get all the toxic bullshit in our foods and drinks but unless you dig deeper into things you don't realize it because the names of the ingrediants appear the same on the surface or very similar.

For instance I'm sure everyone knows about toothpaste and flouride and how there's different types of fluoride etc a poisonous and a non poisonous kind.

Well thats how Scott found the kosher food issue to be.

Holy shit he's right

Now I bet I'll notice a lot more.. That's interesting stuff.

Yes. As was said earlier ITT, the Jews view the goyim as animals. They probably put as much quality-control in goy food as we do dog food

BS-Rabbis don't even know basic food safety, and "kosher meat" is handled by disease infested Squatamalan meth addicts who themselves can't do food safety.
Decades ago, Butterball Turkey had some issue around Thanksgiving. The CEO was on the radio telling everyone how to check their turkey for possible problems, and of course they could return turkeys for full refund no questions ask, etc because "your health and safety is our only concern".
Similar "issue" happened with the main brand of KOSHER turkey. Some taint or spoilage was being found on some birds. A Rabbi was on the radio denying any problem saying they were "biologically sound" when they left the plant. "biologically sound" only means they didn't have milk (why is that not Kosher, do Jews ever "milk the chickens"?). The chief Kosher rabbi was unable to understand that spoiled meat can be, like, really bad for people, INCLUDING JEWS.

Obviously, the Kosher Rabbis would just rely on Goyim science to save any Jews made sick by Jewish incompetence (and greed).

Kosher Labeling is merely a shake down. "My Jewish cousin who owns the trucking company wont handled food unless it has the label".

Scott sounds like good Shabos Goy and Zio-cuck.

Kosher food has all sorts of well known poisons.

Diet soft drinks, nuff said.

Jews I knew as kids LIVED on Campbell's Soup. Campbell's Soup is one of few major labels that is not Kosher, even the 100% veg offerings.

Nigger, you do realize that not all food had slimy kike fingers inside of it, and goyim-made, non-kosher food will be good for you AND won't give kikes a dime, right? Contrary to popular belief, coke and fucking oreos are not supposed to be the foundation of your diet

The last time I tried to start a thread on practical boycotting of these things, I got shouted down. That was kind of a long time ago though.

Here's a simplified list of foods that ALMOST NEVER carry any kind of Hescher:

1) Any fresh vegetables or fruit *
2) Eggs
3) Asian products (noodles, oils, sauces…)
4) Meat, unless specifically marked

Unfortunately, the following foods ALMOST ALWAYS carry a hescher:
1) Milk
2) Flour
3) Butter **
4) Sugar
5) Cheese **
6) Olive/Coconut Oil **

* You should still avoid buying certain kinds of fruits, as they usually are products of Israel. Most unfortunately, pomegranates.

** There's occasionally some imported/artisan products that don't carry a hescher, be sure to look. Buying these products straight from a farm is ideal.

I myself don't go for a strict boycott of these sorts of kiked products (milk and flour are too hard to get around) but generally you can get pretty far without touching the vast majority of the kiked stuff by simply eating right.

Dairy is important, but you can usually get what you need by eating artisan's cheese or imported butter. Raw milk exists too, be sure to consider it as an option.

Flour in the US is irreparably kiked. I haven't even been able to find wheat berries that aren't kiked. Fortunately, corn isn't kiked, and you can figure out some of the most basic flour recipes just using cornmeal (note: you have to make the cornmeal yourself, cornmeal is usually kiked, but corn itself isn't.)

not new. the union of orthodox rabbis has been around since 1901.

i wanna know what happens if your food company refuses to pay their tax?

This is idiotic, primarily because not all kosher foods require a hescher. Most notably, any sort of fresh vegetables and fruit do not require a hescher.

Secondarily, asian foods almost never carry a hescher, because the asians who control the asian food companies do not give a fuck.

Scott Roberts is a good guy who's been right about a lot, but he's completely off base when it comes to kosher food. Sinead (of all people) actually made a good video illustrating your point.

disregard this total shite advice. they kosher certify everything to maximize the money they make. ive seen their icons on PBR. are you telling me moshe is kicking that back? I DONT THINK SO.

sinead is so hot. but she's a mouthy feminist, who needs correction.

Why don't you be more direct and tell the reader all about it in your tumblr instead of forcing them to go on a wild goose chase that could lead them to finding kosher information?

If the owner is redpilled, he only puts poison on the kosher food though.

Lots of correlation between jews and salt, just look at kosher dills - they're not actually kosher, they're just made to specifics of seinfeld jews. If it's salty as fuck, you can spot the kosher behind it.

Also isn't pork and such non-kosher?

Not always the case, as with junk food having heschers slapped onto them.

Pork isn't kosher, as with many other foods that aren't necessarily bad for you, as listed here -

The laws were invented to segregate and maintain cash flow into the Jewish community and not out of it. Jews only buy kosher food. Now they don't have to do that anymore since they upgraded kosher into an all out scam.

Imagine that. The origins of kosher food is based on racism and greed.

She's an unrepentant mud shark and well known mental unstable.

Just the type the kikes love to set up as movement figures in order to misdirect people.

Dr. Pierce once made a big speech about Sinead types and they were unsurprisingly referred to as losers and misfits who simply cannot function in society.

Sounds about right.

Since we're all anonymous here I wonder if any of you has ever tried to befriend a Jew or several Jews as an experiment?

If any of you are up for that you should offer to take them to various fast food restaurants and or offer to cook them a home meal (invite them over for dinner) and see if they will consume any non kosher products?

Most likely they will make an excuse for why they can't have such an such food or drink item.

Also if anyone is up for this experiment make sure the person is a racial Jew not some faggot white or other race convert to the Judaism religion like the CNN race traitor John King but an actual ugly as fuck hooked nosed kinky curly haired Howard Stern pelican looking kike archetype.

Wanna know how I know you're full of shit?
Almost all food in stores has the kosher tax, including some items that are not food.
To say that just because it's kosher certified means it's free of poison is an outright lie since many of the ingredients in processed foods are now being admitted are bad for you, one of the most recent ones I recall was the 'cheese' powder for kraft mac & cheese, which is a literal testosterone inhibitor that was a staple of many american children's diet, but just look at artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oil and preservatives in many common processed foods.

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And now for some edible things I got pictures of.

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Good thing the jews made sure nobody poisoned my unshelled peanuts and whole coffee beans.

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Good thing nutella isn't poisoned, oh wait they recently linked nutella to cancer.

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Not only is she unstable, she and Kyle are incredibly rude to the contributors of their renegade tribune website. Every week I see them throwing another prominent contributor or commenter under the bus. They always claim that the person is an undercover subversive out to get them, as though they're actually important enough for a glow agency to care about.

Take it up with Scott. (You can find him on Facebook and youtube if his most recent channel hasn't been taken down by Jews yet).

He's the one whose done the indepth research and who has made the claims.

I'm just repeating them here for Zig Forums's benefit.

Anyway he also addressed the issue of non food/drink items being kosher certified at times, which likely means the stuff that holds foods such as sandwhich bags and the like for example is also free of poisons/toxic ingrediants too whereas the non kosher variety intended for we the stupid goyim does have those toxins/poisonous ingrediants and additives.

Remember no one is saying this stuff is going to kill you immediately or make you sick immediately.

Its all about the accumulative effects of consuming and using non kosher items over time thats the bad thing.

That Jew likely would not of shot that bartender to death if there was "nothing to" this kosher conspiracy Scott Roberts has discovered.

Anyway now that I remember Scott first got tipped off to this by a Jew Rabbi on youtube who he'd been fighting in the comments section for a long time named Dov Coder.

The Rabbi almost absent mindedly admitted to Scott that kosher items were held to a higher standard and that non kosher items could say be put on shelves for consumption despite perhaps being say contaminated with rat droppings (rat shit) among I'm sure many other undesireable ingrediants.

Isn't there an app for that?

You know, I think the popularity of video channels such as his and, for example, Primitive Technology, et al, speak to something larger. Zig Forumsacks aren't nearly enough to account for the huge success of such channels that try to reclaim yesteryear. There is massive normie appeal. I think it's illustrative that even normies sense something is seriously wrong with (((modern society))) even though they don't yet know where the fault lies. I refuse to give up hope and believe pieces of this trainwreck can be salvaged. The people want a better way, they merely have been conditioned to protect the very ones preventing their success.

It's a tax scam. Most kikes don't eat kosher in America anyway.

Bump to expose the kikes.

Just a guess, but possibly this juden behaviour reveals because salt used to be more of a commodity tier product that was sometimes used as a currency.

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so use it in reverse and boycott kosher

The problem is you can't even buy some of the most basic ingredients for making your own food then because even flour, sugar, yeast, is all kosher.
Can't make non-kosher bread at home if the flour and yeast is kosher. If I were to check I bet even milk is kosher, so baking anything is kosher by proxy.
You would practically have to establish a new colony where everyone grows their own grain, runs their own mill for making flour, raises dairy cows, etc, to be free of the kosher mark. What is closer in reach would be pressuring companies to provide non-kosher products where we are not burdened by the cost of the rabbi's "blessing".

is it safe to assume at this point that anything without the kosher stamp contains literal poison? you won't be finding the circle-K on much of the garbage they peddle, especially to your kids.

If Moshie wasn't drinking PBR and making them money, why would they feel the need to certify it as kosher?

You shouldn't be eating anything that comes in a box.

No because plenty of the mass produced products with the mark of the jew are fucking poison, because it's mass produced garbage made almost entirely of artificial shit that saves companies money because artificial shit lasts indefinitely.
I don't know where you get the idea that because it has a jew mark that it's safe for us goys, literally adopting the mentality that 'master knows best!'. Take for example the jews in new york who became the biggest vector for spreading measles, they REJECT modern science, so what would their rabbi's know about QUALITY CONTROL? THOSE are the ones that coerce companies to pay for their 'kosher certification' which is nothing more than a rabbi giving them a schedule of how often he must come and bless the product en masse and how much he intends to charge for each blessing based on how much product he must bless, and THAT is what certifies it as kosher, not because rabbis are at the forefront of modern technology and sanitation. Furthermore, would you trust a race that bases their convenant with god on having an elderly jew using his crusty, jagged fingernails to shred infant foreskins off then sucking the blood out WITH THEIR MOUTH, to tell you what's safe to put in YOUR motuh?

fucking waterbottles have the jew stamp. how are you supposed to get non kiked water? using a good filter on tap water?

Case in point, bottled water often has trace amounts of arsenic.

If you've got well water then don't even bother using a filter. If you have municipal water, then you're probably fucked even with a filter, better start collecting rain in barrels.

Where the fuck do you think you are? Reddit? Eat shit. FIVE FUCKING DAYS AGO AND THIS SPAM IS STILL UP?!

People have been crying about this shit since I was a kid - in the 1970s. Whine whine whine whine whine but never DO anything.

Stay classy, Zig Forums.

Idk if "kosher" has any significance other than to say, the makers of this product are nice jewish boys and we should support them.
kind of how they did the inverse prior to wwii when world jewish congress called for boycott of a whole country b/c its leader was not a nice jewish boy

The shit ingredients in these food products proves that the "kosher" symbol does not mean healthful.
And non-kosher food products can and are healthful and free of toxins.
But thee symbols can still be used to target food products for boycot, should any actually have quality ingredients, and they can be used to extract money from you and send it to the jew if jews are charging for their symbol and the manufacturer is including the cost in their overhead and, thus, the price.

That's right, and to be kosher virgin christian blood must be mixed with the ingredients so all you christians have been magically transformed into Jew zombies by eating that stuff!