Normalshit "Extremism Researchers" Not Able to Handle Redpills, Banter

The solution offered by the dense retard? More emotion, of course.

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As useful as lipstick on a pig, waste of effort. Born as pigs, you'll die as pigs.

Shitposting and redpills confirmed emotional.


The solution?

Reminds me of how yidbook moderators either redpilled or go psychotic with cognitive dissonance.

They are stupid on some levels. They never listen.

You ever saw anons bitching about the hardships of shitposting?
No. And the anons are doing it for free.
But the tough datamining shills sure love to whine. Even though they are getting paid for something that lots of people consider as killing time for fun.
And the memetic warfare haven't even reached its boiling point.
Guess who will triumph in the end? It's not difficult.

Someone please post the you are here forever meme.

Just think about it, there are suicidal "extremism researchers" probably lurking this thread right now. I hope you fucks enjoy your work today.

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i hate weebs

Is the real or satirical?! You're giving me PTSD bro!!

Hush little baby don't say a word.
Mommas gonna buy you a mocking bird.
And if that mocking bird don't sing
Mommas gonna buy you a diamond ring

Dude am I right?! I'm a little mad that y'all left the pen and came here though. It took me so long to find y'all. But it's okay because we can shitpost together again ^-^

If they are. Hi friends!!! I got this all sewn up ^-^ You gotta be funnier than them. It's not a game but it is a joke ^-^

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I had to look up "anhedonia." God forbid these faggots should go without pleasure for a day or two.

I've seen their Twitter feeds. They're proud of feeling like this. They like it.

That would be cognitive dissonance. We all go through that phase. It happens when the "ethical" beliefs we've been mindlessly conditioned into hit the wall of hard facts and iron logic. At that point, we relieve the distress in one of two ways: A) We give up and self-medicate with food, drugs, pointless cummies, or suicide; or B) we make the essentially spiritual decision to carry on and discover where this all goes. From that threshold, it's really only a matter of time before you're suiting up to shoot it out with ZOG cops from the roof of a pizza parlor while "Gas, Gas, Gas" blasts on the stereo you brought along for aesthetics.

The fags studying us will inevitably fall one way or the other. Those with any vestigial decency will walk the same path we have and join the winning team. Those who care more about their hedonia, well. . . we have plans for them.

t.Used to be a member of the IWW and thought democracy would solve our problems

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the only joke here is you, fag

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You somehow have to be a mongoloid that you let your personal relationships suffer from the "redpills".

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Yes, yes, keep oinking impotently on the internet, little white piggies, as we create Greater Israel with the man you elected to be your head piggy.

We know how you feel. It's rough coming here every day for room and board. It gets better. By which I mean worse for you.

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Does this make you upset?

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When are they updating the banners? I think we have a candidate.

ain't that the fucking truth
what about me? how many fucking redpills until i go insane? how many blackpills till i kill myself? what of all this rage and stress and failure and isolation?
this is fucking war and these faggots come here with flowers and microscopes
has man ever seen so many horrors and evil as your average user has for breakfast?
halls of history have men ruined by war, for seeing what anons see for pleasure

My own answer to that has just been maintaining self-pride and the love of my loves ones. The love of self and other balances with the hate of self and other. It is that four point balance which enables stable cognizance while studying the strange ways of false-happy hateslaves.


Women cant grasp logic and respond with emotions to everything. Dont give them satisfaction and dont show any emotions towards them, they like negative ones better.


Pfffffffffftttttttt. Look bro you can wear you gas mask at the orgy if it's the aesthetics you care about. You talk about the spiritual path of taking up arms but yet you seem to afraid to open them.

I think you'll find the joke…

Most of those things you reference can be split into two categories. People trying to make money by any means necessary and idiots taking this shit too seriously. Algorithms learn like anything else bro. Give em some time.

I still think it's pretty fun ^-^

That a bro.

Fuck Yes!! What's the Joke here? It's (Lost) on me. Are you saying all smokers are Nazi's?! Look man stop comparing a little second hand smoke to (the) fucking gas chambers you prick! Fuck right off with that shit This ain't a (game) I am so steamed!!! Reeeeee

…Is in your hands

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lol some faggot researchers somewhere can’t handle this place? Hilarious

I dont know these tits?

They are in essence a bit "unadjusted".

Researchers take heart: medicine advances all the time. These people here suffer horribly in their well-worn ruts, abusing themselves compliantly in “defiance” of you. There will be answers for them. Where God failed, Lucifer shall not; materialism is the true omnipotence just as the right and proper object of our worship is neither the priest nor the altar, but that which exists in both of them: reality!

I myself as a leftist antiwar activist have been lied about before by people whose honesty is “perfect”, and I still think that’s some of where this present regress to extremism began. Yet I do also think the problem was reduced. I do not think everyone who did anything wrong was removed, but I do think the remaining offenders are stiffly stuck in amber doing the works of preserving past lies with present truths. So understand that I am not complaining about an ongoing issue. You need not fear your colleagues.

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That's just part of the assimilation process. If they fight off the rejection their body is giving them they'll finally have the ability to reason for themselves.

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Event Horizon was a good, although now increasingly *old*, movie.

In other words, they get really blackpilled from seeing truth.

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6 gorillion hours in ms paint

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Not to mention losing all your friends making OC

That's a pretty positive mental attitude. Noticed the other post. Still cool but getting a little wordy. Not that I'm a saint of brevity or anything. How do you help in your community?

Okay pal. Just because you treat em the same doesnt mean they are

That or destroy themselves. Shits like bordbox up in this bitch

Me either dude I just do this shit to pics posted on the place to be

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I'd exclude the "-Whitney Phillipe, Syracuse University" part and use the extra space for making the font more readable. Nobody cares which irrelevant good goy is quoted when you have 300x100 pixels to work with.

"Phillips said she was exhausted and distressed, and that she felt overwhelmed by the nature of her work. She described a “soul sucking” feeling stemming in part from an ethical conundrum tied to researching the ills of online extremism and amplification."


Polite edgyness, polite edgyness.

I dont know them boobs, usually i can tell from boobs. So dear magician tell me the name of the first cow.

Its not often shills are upfront about derailing and topic dilution, bless your heart.

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To our Syracuse university assistant professor, if ya can’t beat em, join em ;)

I hate plebbit spacers kill yourself

Underrated post.

Probably not close relationships, but the more peripheral ones can suffer easily from not liking BS after redpilling: the acquaintance you only know from work, the relative you only meet at family gatherings, and so on.

Disgusting. I am, in fact, very upset. Shaking, ebin.

Sick tunes.


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Anhedonia is actually pretty serious and sucks. I can't really enjoy anything without chemical intervention. I didn't do anything crazy like burn myself out on drugs; life just got so shit for so long that I stopped looking forward to anything, and when anything good happens I'm on constant vigilance lookout for the inevitable punchline which will require crisis control and a stern countenance. I grew emotionally distant from all my own hobbies, now only doing them when the silence of nothing is so deafening that I can't stand inaction. My creative endeavors have more or less ended, because progress brings me no joy and the act of creating is just a source of anxiety.
As for 47 minutes ago, it's my birthday, and I'm getting taken out for a nice dinner in about 15 hours. All I can anticipate is what will or won't go wrong. Alcohol doesn't help. The only thing that draws me back to how I used to be is opioids, and fuck even chancing that downward spiral.

We're all gonna make it, bros.

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It’s not really that hard to maintain balance. Remember that genetics advances all the time. Shake off the fear that researchers will identify and expunge a gay gene; they shall not! Gays are too intellectually valuable now and through history (see: darkside religion). What is more likely to be found and expunged is a racism gene. What evolutionary power racism had to our incestors runs hard negative in the modern world. Nor do researchers prove racist very often.

Eventually people will be free of hateslavery, and society will be happier and more efficient because of it.


Have you ever wondered what makes certain people get a reputation as widely dishonest? Sure, lying a bunch can do it, but what if someone won’t take bribes and defends a model of reality persistently over years? Does that ever also generate a dishonest reputation? Have scientists ever been accused by people their ideas inconvenience of lying? What about philosophers? Has there ever been an honest priest condemned?


That’s why I sometimes say fairly honest is all the honest there is. If someone really painfully values being honest, but they only claim to be fairly honest, they might be telling the truth. Totally honest people are no such thing.

And eventually it starts getting fun to just be like, “Golly! Ain’t no biddle buddy ever benda truth! Ain’t we the scum on high, lying all the livelong day?”

Or, you know. “Golly! Ain’t no liahs heah! Weza honest men, massa!”

Do actually honest people eventually find it fun to claim to be liars? Do actual liars eventually find it fun to claim to be honest?

Don't forget where you came from pal

2/10 irritating but overty trying to be offensive so not really worth the (You)

Bessie. The farmers daughter named her. She was just a simple stable girl but all the cow's men knew her.

Thanks homie. I try to be upfront with my tactics and motivations. Magic is so much more effective when you cut out the misdirection. So what do you do to help put your community?

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Stopped reading there. Start lifting, jog three times a week to start, and start fighting the enemies of your people. If none of that works, at least you'll be in good shape to rush security at the synagogue for your martyrdom operation.


Physical exercise helps a little, but part of the alluded to life being super shit is multiple spinal fractures, a degenerative neurological condition, and allergies so varied it's difficult to eat. I get back on the wagon every couple of months after re-injuring myself and stopping.


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Not to run you in circles, but I disagree with the other poster. Without the quote and context, it sounds blackpill on our part, not theirs.

I like the fist one better too, but thought I'd try it out anyway

Bastion of truthiness, reality beyond parody. Be not the liar, but the one about ehom all lies are told.

Yeah, no

Skip to the end of The Turner Diaries. You'll know how to scratch your itch.

toppest of keks

double kek

good bread

At the very least I hope to send Joan Donovan "internet ninja" running to her fridge for some high calorie "cum fart food". If we can make her binge more often and more heavily we can really push her over the edge of morbid obesity to the point where her hips give way and she becomes crippled by her own neurotic gluttony.

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I grew up in an unironic apocalypse cult prepping for the end of the world. Turner Diaries is smalltime.

Was it though?

Not liking BS or slipping further into delusions?

Yo homie I kinda feel you. Relaxing is fucking hard and I've had so many times where everything gets so fucked so fast. I too have a hard time enjoying good times. I'm thinking about going to EMT training just so when shit goes wrong I can do something but honestly I don't think it'll help. Glad you got off opioids. That shit just killed two family friends of mine last weekend.

Honestly pretty quality shitposting. It started so mellow. I'm giving you the L Ron award tonight.

God damn dude. I'm starting to think you need to be more emotional in your posts

My dude leave the poor girl alone. For fucks sake we're having some good convos here

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The reason why you cannot enjoy anything is because all the things you want to do have already been socialized away from you.
Essentially, there's no point in doing anything because the world has already been claimed. You cannot differentiate yourself from anyone else in any meaningful ways. Your job could be done by anyone, anyone can own and play a mass produced guitar, you contribute nothing unique in any way at any time.

This user has the right idea.

Friendship is magic, you tranny. All of your friends and family have abandoned you. You are a parasite, and the people who groomed you are parasites and brain slugs. You may think they are friends, but they have simply become surrogates for your affection and devotion. Without them and their echo chamber, you will find that you have pushed away everyone you love and have created a void that will never be filled. Your entire life will now be lived at arms length from anyone who actually cares.

Thanks for the idea on posting his ID. I don't want to give the guy (You)'s. He doesn't deserve it.

Peaceful people can live forever in this world. Organ printing will make sure of it. Nuvasive is working on mew spines, even, and there’s a bunch of outfits working on every conceivable tissue. Eventually entropic diseases will be like bringing in a beloved car for maintenance: it’s still your car when you’ve replaced every part.

Never throw out grandfather’s axe, and take heart aboard the eversailing ship of Theseus, for you can still be you when every part of you has been replaced.

Now who’s up for a coat of golden scales? We don’t need to be beigites and brownites forever.

Maybe add an "expect us" for the laughs.

Hey. Hey buddy. Want to be a perfect immortal machine?

Based schizoposter


What do you think?

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I'm definitely sold on the Zig Forums one.

Minor addendum: maybe play with the citation font a little to help it pop. It's a bit hard to see.

Who knew that labelling something as false while also refusing to discuss it wouldn't work?

heiling those sweet digits

feels good man


Both look pretty clean. Nice

Why is the infinity logo that color? Use the correct one from the homepage.

I can still hear you guys you know. I like exercising and suicide as much as the next guy. Also, for years I've struggled with physical intimacy and honestly, through the help of a diverse group of friends and life experience I'm actually in a good place with it right now thank you very much. It really is interesting talking to you lot. You're clearly smart with a great sense of humor. I just don't understand why the violence has to be so intentional. Y'all ever go into a reck'd thread? The accidents are so much funnier than the murders. You ever see the one where all the dude's are moving that big metal scaffolding and they all get electrocuted? Way funnier than the guy getting dismembered and being beat by his own leg.

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Metaphysics is part of reality, you just aren't directly aware of it. Denying the existence of the soul is just as dumb as denying material science - and worshipping material science is twice as dumb as worshipping divinity, because the material world is finite.

It's deeper than that, you white privileged idiot. Black people don't think like you. At all.

Have they tried real news?>>13232836

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In other words, they're trying to figure out how to avoid passing on the truth.
Women really do consider talking using computers as "tech work".
Look how they try to aggrandize themselves as heroic:
Tooth cutting, literally a rite of passage for warriors, where grooves were cut into the teeth.

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How are these?

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Took me 10 minutes to make a better version for you.
Should I replace chan with Zig Forums?

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Perfect. I like the spacing on the left one better.

Not a great start, they are barely self conscious.
And then when they get brought out of their cave, they realize the life they have been living has been mostly a lie and get depressed.

Oh well, if they ever use their brains and get over it, they will understand.

I'm fine with either

Fug. A contender. This one's logo is smoother, but the citation is harder to see.

Can we get a mashup of the best of both?

Here's the logo. You should use it instead of that weird colored one.

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Go away, shitseer. You people are psychotic slaves. You’d be happier being a little more jacked in to reality rather than projecting schizophrenia at people who trust the world more than you.

You really are made of meat, you know. Same proteins as everyone else. Tech advance is going to replace slaughterhouses with compassionate meatvats not because people are nice and compassionate (though they often are), but because with sufficient understanding of science it’s more efficient to grow the meat without giving the animal a brain with which to suffer.

Forced growth also enables tissue patches to be grown - like brain tissues. Did you know there are specific nerve clusters that become permanently exhausted (prematurely senescent?) in schizophrenics? The cure for schizophrenia may be a patch of new neurons. If you can still be you with a tiny amount of neurons replaced, then for you there can be an answer.

Similarly, sociopathic time collapse due to trauma is probably going to be fixable somehow. I dunno much about the neurology of that one, but there’ll be an answer. That should help some of the desperately unstable laffers of the world find out what it’s like to actually be happy.

That’s why I talk about valuing the happiness of people around this place. It’s not just smuggery. There’s more kinds of unhappiness than the Eeyore syndrome. There’s an answer for everyone if we have enough integrity to seek it.

Oh, but of course, that’s just shitposting. There never was an honest person. We’re still banging rocks together. Clack clack, cluck cuck. Nobody ever did have the strength to be true, and we’ve never had anything in society but every exposed vulnerability being exploited. Truly we live in the worst of all possible worlds and ought be grateful for the deer hearts who die to our obsidian spears.

fixed that for you

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We talking oversoul, individual soul? Both, neither?

You ever listen to behind the bastards? I think you'd enjoy it

*Sung to the tune of the jurrasic park theme*
What a waste of dubs
What a shitty post
What you claim as truth
Is just like jesus toast

Repeat ad nausium

But seriously, this is one womans opinion. Do you not see the hypocrisy of homogenizing half the population because one of them homogenized your wittle image board. You gotta remember you silly billies are the same people who tried to get people to grow Crystals by mixing salt ammonia and bleach and blowing into it with a straw.

XD that's the shit that makes it worth it. I love you user.

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Ok I combined my text and logo with his citation.

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grnrfoxrs fsldigy wjay lotylr ttutj ebet ecidtef im rscosz

bit of a puzzle for a shmotass

Na we just can feel them, like we can dive in their guts.And then we go from the inside out once we get a lick of them.