Why do tradcucks promote the idea of whites reproducing without enforcing a proper eugenics program...

Why do tradcucks promote the idea of whites reproducing without enforcing a proper eugenics program? I'm of Ulster Scot/Germanic heritage BUT most the men drop dead from heart failure by the age of 50, also several of my cousins died from type 2 diabetes complications at a young age, should I be allowed to shit up the white gene pool? No I shouldn't, I only want the most genetically fit to keep the white race going.

Why do tradcucks never discuss eugenics? Did Christ insanity rot their brains?

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On the timescale of racial movement, be that expansion or contraction, only two contributions really matter: making more kids, or stopping our rivals from making more kids.

Which one are you going to do? Making kids is easy. Going out to erase enemy wombs is difficult.

maybe associated genes is a thing and to rid one bad gene is to rid another good gene
there's also a question of currently untreatable things
imagine wiping out millions, only to find a cure-all the next day

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What does this have to do with tradcucks ignoring the eugenics question while they shame the autists on these boards for not wanting to have kids, Mr. Siegeposter?

All white reproduction represents the murder of blacks and Jews. Whites must be killed down to the last child in order for Israel to lead the world as G-d commanded.

I'm just advocating the type of eugenic hygiene that was implemented in NS Germany ya autistic fuck.


And this schizophrenia is why you psychotic rats must be removed from further infecting humanity with this shit.
It's self defense at this point.

Checked but the eugenics programme started after the NSDAP came to power, not before. First priority is white survival and then we worry about eugenics. So you're just making lame excuses for not doing your duty, which is to have as many kids as possible. In future your genetic defects can be solved by selective IVF or gene therapy.

I am ok with genetic screening and selective breeding but the gene therapy? No thank.

because "planned" eugenics is inherently flawed because it removes a basic human right and humans will naturally revolt to this. leaving it up to natural evolution works well enough. technology does make natural evolution less effective, but it absolutely does not nullify it.

Global report.

Parents with genetic defects, which due to dysgenics is a shitload of people these days, can choose to have the embryos screened for genetic defects before implantation. How does that infringe their rights?

If we actually defeat the jews and expel the muds, population really wouldn't be that big of a deal. Large standing armies and millions of peons working the fields/farms/factoriea aren't really relative anymore. As boring as it may sound, medium sized land/sea/air drones are going to be the future of warfare and people on the battlefield will be mostly relegated to Special Forces and engineers… And well look at Japan, robots already do f/f/f much cheaper and more reliable than humans. Leave the mastercraft artisan stuff to people.

Humans were never designed to live around so many others, our population sizes will reduce. Who cares? Stop sending trillions of dollars to feed niggers in Africa, hell even the chinks' populations are going down. I want to be the patriarch of a big family of boys and girls that look like me and my wife… but it really doesn't need to be for everyone.

I'm a wizard, you can't be a wizard if you're busy childrearing.

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It's just edgy shitposting, Jesus fuck you normie faggots whom came here post 2016 need to leave, you've done more damage to this board than all of the shill posters combined.

What were things like pre-2016 out of interest?

Tell that to the christkikes on this board who want to shut down planned parenthood while those places keep the black population under control.

nobody shilled for civic nationalism nor did we have these retarded christkikes shitting up the board, you didn't have any eceleb cancer neither, it was great

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If everyone agrees with each other, what's the point?

So what, this is the equivalent of "muh shekels" argument. More years doesn't necessarily equal a better contribution to the racial collective. None of the great kingdoms of your ancestors had a proper eugenics program, their eugenics program was that every person should have as many children as possible and some will make it through the ringer and turn out great enough to carry the civilization forward. We don't need 22 year old psuedo-intellectual zoomers rewriting the book on what our ancestors already figured out through thousands of years of attrition.

The old adage holds again, fake news is pushed by real jews.

I've been kicking around since the early days of /new/ (not cool enough to have seen Zig Forums though), and it mostly pretty depressing. We had more "diverse" political beliefs though, always on the hard right…

We had:

The paleocons and libertarians kind of merged with Trump and now are totally lost… they mostly exist in anti-cop and anti-war threads… nobody can stand them anywhere else. The natsocs and skinheads are beginning to merge, which sounds bad but after the Trump betrayal, these high and mighty intellectuals of "natsoc thinking" are more ready than ever to become thuggish, and things might get interesting.

/new/ here, there was a lot of RIDF vs UIDF threads too, who was the mod back then, wasn't it some roach by the name of fagtasm?

Maybe it's about time we start then.

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Seems the biggest problem now is that anyone who doesn't believe advocating ideologically pure national socialism is immediately called a kike or a cuck. I'm not sure if the ones doing this are moronic skinheads or shills.

The answer goes without saying. Visit beautiful Christchurch.

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Phantasm was heavily a tripfag in 4chon's days (not 4chan, newfags), and I remember him being a mod in some capacity, but I didn't care about his stupid "bi" faggot-ass or his love for that shitty Aussie rocker.

You probably don't even know you just uttered a prayer for our souls, but you did.

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Half (or more) of those posters don't actually understand national socialism though. Especially Americans (and I'm American), just kind of think he was this guy who literally only talked about race like GLR (when you asked him about economic policy, he'd shrug and bring it back to the topic of race) and don't understand that there was a whole lot fucking more going on in that genius's policies.

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Forced/Adapted Homosexuality or Celibacy is always a choice user. Don't stick your dick in a pussy, ever. If you're same-sex attracted, no prob dude - shoot the shitchute with other dudes. If not then adapted homosexuality (you're not gay but you do gay shit to get off, like prison fags do), or go celibate.

No need to advocate for your gassing.


fuck off back to cuckchan, nigger.

Literally when and who?

You already have your eugenics programs all over the world run by jews where people are constantly told to use condoms, kill their children and not reproduce because of genetic disease.

It's like you don't want to optimize your shit up.

I like young whores in their late teens, early 20's, never been able to hold a serious relationship and nor do I care too.

Whites abort their kids at the lowest rate, I see nothing around here but young white families you stupid nigger.

Another christcuck proves a based black man who goes to church is worth more than the white atheist or pagan.

A man must first worry about the foundation not what comes after it. The foundation is the white race, that foundation must be strong and
stable until we can worry about the house(genetics).

A defect, in this context, is a disease that is considered to weigh so heavily on a person's chances of a high quality of living standard that it is culturally acceptable to mercy-kill the fetus before it is born. This is a decision made by the parents (whether or not you philosophically believe this is a decision for them to make), not by the state. It does not infringe on the rights of the parents to undergo embryonic screening, but, depending on your worldview, the abortion of a 'defected' child infringes on its right to be born and taken care of by the parent. I personally don't know if the 'right to be born' is any different from a 'right not to be murdered' considering the burden a child imposes on its parents. The abortion-craze generally these days is unhealthy and the abortion of healthy children is a sad thing. The most clear political solution is to let people sink or swim on their own by not subsidizing the childbirth of indigent mothers.
Aside from my argument (tether welfare to reproduction disincentives) I don't actually see much of a dysgenic effect on the youth around me, rather their culture is more and more debased every year, but that could be changed. High Culture + Healthy Youth = Continuation of Glorious Civilization

Where would this board be without midwits trying to reinvent the wheel?

people don't need to live over 50, so you must definitely should. Pensioners are not useful for the fourth reich

because not every white person can be a a high double digit IQ astrophysicist like OP.

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They all left.
The lolbergs left because they couldn't handle any national socialist arguments so they created Zig Forums out of spite so did the gommies, trumpniggers, and more, no one purged them they did this out of their own will.

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you're too low iq for posting here, go back to cuckchan, nigger



Genetic engineering is quickly making eugenics an obsolete idea like feudalism.

We can actually achieve something. If everyone disagrees with the common base, we won't be focusing on one important thing and will waste time with lies


Yeah we need normie scum flooding here dictating to us how everything is supposed to work.

Hey user is there a reason why eugenics are bad? The nsdap did it but be it over exaggerated from (((them))) or were these kike lies as well?

The normalfags will leave the moment they can't handle arguments or convert.
Trumpniggers left and so did many who used to came here.

Haven't been posting here lately, did those niggers finally leave? Thank fuck.

They are still here.
Just wait until the elections (even though these people might be paid shills then), or when Trump does something remotely good or fucks up again.

that's interesting user so even if black men act like white men and not like niggers you still don't like them?

Not him but I dislike every other race than my own. Every other race is thread to white race. If I were ok with BASTE BLACK MAN, my race would go to extinct



No one denies that germany had an euthanasia programme but It's been propagandized into holohoax level mythos, it was usually used explicitly for mercy killing of the criminally insane(instead of inhumanely letting them rot for life in insane asylums) Others who suffered severe mental and physical handicaps could be granted this as well(in this case only with their parents/caretakers permission iirc). Or sterilization(which was completely normal at the time)

Remember they did not have prenatal screening like we do now at the time, so there would be virtually almost no need for something like this today, except maybe for the criminally insane, i mean what existance could be worse for them than living a crazy existance screaming in terror and being strapped down and force fed? What kind of existance is that? We don't hear or see these people today because it's a taboo to even talk about them but the criminally insane do exist and they are locked up for life. In the USA they lobotomized these people into vegatables instead of giving them mercy and release. That's way more evil than euthanasia imo

What the kike op is suggesting is that he should be killed just for having likely inherited heart problems which is so dumb i don't even know where to start.

The funny taboo around this "eebil euthanasia" ordeal is the irony that there are thousands of perfectly healthy unborn babies being aborted for no good reason today, but that's considered okay even though the fetus is a living thing and can emotionally and cognitively function, it's proven now that the fetus feels pain like a human being. Which makes abortion incredibly evil.

that's not true though

oh, you saw my post, did you? well i'll be damned if i'm expected to be trapped here with you pathetic bunch. i identify far more with the Germanic through the Anglo-Saxon, clearly i mutated not to be a weak jawed Gaul/anglo ponce. stop ruining it for the rest of us.

it would. If niggers come here they will destroy over 100 000 years of evolution. Are you being denial of white genocide?

any country whose right is stupid enough to support a city of London frog like farage has earnt my contempt. and those fat slobs, dankula and Sargon…

A better place, presumably the minds of our future generation.

the Gaels are scum

start killing your MPs, it's the only way. i work alone

i'm not denying that genocide is occuring im denying that it will be completed.

It can only be prevented if white people will force shitskins out of their countries

homemade one-shot and a big machete. Kevlar, there you go. life is just a series of nows.
see you at the tree.

On the flip side of this, you could use the reasoning that most of it may be made up or extrapolated into ridiculous levels, considering the fact that hitler didn't even gas the jews or sterilize them, then why would he do such a thing to his own people? It seems very dubious.

There is so much fake WW2 history, faked pictures, faked documents, faked memoirs/transcripts.

well however it happens i have faith that no race will be fully exterminated. never despair user times may get dark but god put us all on this earth and no matter how hard the jew or anyone else tries to remove anyone they will fail.

One retarded white is worth twenty above-average niggers.

If you don't believe that then you don't belong on this fucking board.

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I don't think we can afford it, best we can do is to keep ourselves as fit and healthy as possible, encourge and help fellow Europeans to do so aswell. A man who dies in his 50 from heart failure can do lots in the 50 years he's alive

Hitler had several illnesses and it didn't stop him from becomming a war hero and creating the German Reich.
Granted he didn't have children and pas his genes on but it goes to show that despite having delt a shitty hand you can do great things. George Washington could barely read or write but it didn't stop him from building a nation.
Sure these are very few induviduals but it should show that with the right envoirment and training one can learn to overcome their disabilities and do great things. Ensuring that your people get proper mental and physical development from a young age will help them overcome whatever trouble life throws at them, hence why the Hitler Youth was created.

If you can get use out of someone who's disabled or have bad genes then do it, just don't let them breed

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We need to guarantee the existence of our race prior to perfecting it. We are on the brink of extinction and need every person we can get.

One defective white is worth 10 niggers. We should first eliminate the kikes, then the irreparable cucks and race traitors, then other subhumans, then enact soft eugenics programs to improve the racial stock.

You can accomplish a lot by the time you are 50. Not being fit for reproduction because of some defects while you are still perfectly capable of functioning is how kikes imagine eugenics. Perfectly healthy people are pointless if they are low IQ

This. We need soldiers to fight back against shitskins. You don't need to live over 50 to be a soldier.

Fuck you I aint having kids for your delusional utopia

few misconceptions in your post:

aha, thanks for letting me know
Hitler had children? Aren't those just conspiracies?

His living descendants think otherwise.

Evolution is its own form of eugenics.
Intervention isn't necessary.

Look at all the minorities, mud-skins, sand people, and Hollywood jigaboos chasing after white female pussy. Most men on this planet desire white women above all other women. Most black men would happily turn their backs on black women for hopes of landing a white lady.

That my friends is evolution, that is eugenics.

Then leave this board, what are you even doing here aside from being a subversive?

Because eugenics are Hitler and conservacucks are against fascism.

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true Eurgenics suggests all non Jewish whites be sterilized as inferior

Eugenics happens in phases. Once we get rid of the shitbloods we can focus on refining our own bloodlines.
Last time white people tried to practice eugenics on themselves before taking care of the untermench problem, they were thrown into an apocalyptic war.

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Eugenics and nefarious population control has been going on for a long time. It's called, "Judaism"

BUMP as Fuck. This post Roasts all these Trad Kikes

Quantity has a quality all on its own. How else do you maintain fire superiority? Get a bird and knock her up you insufferable faggots.

Is how they are

you mean dysgenics

You mean not letting the obese, low IQ, or non heterosexual reproduce?

Trad workers party.


Go away spamming kike.