Terrorism And Its Sympathizers

I have yet to receive a coherent argument for why shooting random old Jews/Muslims at synagogues and Mosques benefits white people in anyway.

However, how does it benefit our opposition?

I'm convinced all the people praising terrorism either don't know any better or just outright feds/shills.

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It is a certain kind virtue signaling to a preceived greater audiance.
It has to be heroic, even if it is stupid. That is what heroism is all about the short sighted blank point. In this case it is the villain, and the villain is more like click, click bang. Just a more suppressed version of that. But the FBI cunts already know that. Because the regular hero doesnt work for them, they are sheep amoungst the sheeple.

This, but unironically.
The only way terrorism would cause big change is if it happened on a major scale, thereby triggering a race war.
Having a race war in a developed country like America would quickly turn it into a third world shithole and destroy the economy.
Look at what happened to former Yugoslavian countries like Mountainnigger. They had a race war and now they're so poor that they have to rely on Chinese lending. Similarly, a race war in the US would only benefit Jewish usury. That's why the kikes want Zig Forums to stay online.

All white so-called "people" are born terrorists. They are cursed, wretched, bucktoothed inbred who fuck their sisters in their pick-up trucks at Walmart. If we didn't domesticate them with G-d's blessing we'd already have nuked the world into extinction, which is why they have to be bred out of existence, one way or another.

All these terrorist attacks is like a rainy season it will condense in the greater scope. It makes the common goy more afraid and more paranoid which makes them see the outer framework a bit more. Because if you ask yourself these question that is what they want, but they only want that because they felt that in a much more intense way, they want you want you to feel what they feel.

Shoo shoo jew

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Being a terrorist and neo-nazi no ordinary white person can associate or sympathize with is playing into the hands of our opposition and the controlled media, not only that but it makes it easier to genocide white people.

You've ousted yourself.

Are these Starcraft tips or tips for IRL effort posting?

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So? Muslims and jews commit acts of terror all the time, it's no big deal fag.

It's gonna be a great day when it finally happens.

Realize the gravity of the situation.
Starcraft was always about IRL effort posting, micro training, pic related.

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As Every word is a kind of action and every action can be a word, Starcraft was for real in real life.

Do you believe white people have a right to their own sovereign homeland? Do you believe white people should not be wiped off of the face of the earth? No? Congratulations you're already a terrorist marked for extermination, what to do with that is up to you.

t. golemstein

The main reason why drops were really effective was because of the attention resource distribution, and i noticed that much earlier than all the other fags.

And the only time i cheated was in wc3 for one week, and 10 years later korean progamers would play with a maphack against eachother because that is takes away your possibilities and of the others aswell.

i am don't fear a tarrant/breivik/earnest/kkk/wpns/etc. why you are? you're a yid/magomed/nigger/ukrainian nazionalist?
fuck off


I'm opposed to terrorism and violence but if what you say were true then why are Muslims gaining political power in the west? They have committed 10 times more attacks than alleged "right wingers" all in the name of ISLAM, yet politicians defend them, the general populace defends them, mosque numbers are increasing and Muslim politicians in congress are increasing.

So if terrorism doesn't work then why is it working for Muslims?

How do you explain that?

Your a defeatist faggot and clearly welcome your ethnic replacement.
Its people like you that make the enemies job easier than it should be.
There are no innocents in a war. And yes its a war that they started.
Every jew is a soldier, even the old ones, in a battle to end your existence.
And if them hunting down the milk man and shoe shine boys from a war that ended 70 years ago to punish them isnt an indicator of whats in store for you fools against the fence with your moral baggage thinking if your nice youll be spared then i dont know what will be.

Because the muslims have a very simplified model, they rely on a very naturistic version: Dominance and power by numbers. And there is such a thing as an absobtion rate, which means the number of muslims converted by a "better life" versus cuckoldry (which the west is preceived as).
Now if the "better life" doesnt work out so wont the cuckoldry and it will go away really fast.

If you put your left hand into your right hand and spread the fingers, you get game of thrones.

ask mossad about Sri Lanka job
also kys faggot

Maybe there needs to be a points system to put things in context… in minecraft.

Global Scale Traitor 1000
Global Scale anti-White 500
National Scale Traitor 100
National Scale anti-White 50
Local Scale Traitor 10
Local Scale anti-White 5

Maybe bonuses depending on how old. The younger people are, the more years they have to contribute. Also maybe there should be a distinction based on leadership.

In this way a Tarrant is worth less than a Breivik. Breivik chose national-level traitors while Tarrant chose local anti-whites. It's a bit spergy though, as in terms of memetic warfare though, Tarrant came up with a number of innovations.

I am not sure how to characterize the recent Californian happening. But I think the point is that objectively, attacks against normie Jews will only succeed in motivating International Jewry against us. Consider the Muslim attack on Charlie Hebdo. It was a big statement to those in media: Watch what you say, or you become a target. But random white normies could rationalize it as, they had it coming. Contrast that with say, Islamic Trucks of Tolerance. That radicalized Tarrant. It was a fail from their perspective, I believe.

Maybe a distinction with normie Jews vs normie invader Muslims is warranted, in terms of effect. Tarrant's attack caused the Notre Dame fire and the Sri Lankan happening. They follow their religion. Those attacks will radicalize white normies and continue the cycle. While we have superiority in war if radicalized, acceleration is going to be effective. And ignoring birthrates, which are important and another part of the battle, provided that Tarrant caused at least one other Tarrant to come into existence from the Muslim counterattacks, he will have been successful.


That's an excellent counter point to OP. Attack often. Attack in different ways.

Force the enemy to split their resources and attention. Even the most powerful of jewish cabals has finite resources. They can't track every white man on the planet. Attack them on their own turf where you can afford it to divert their resources and attention…

So that way they're unprepared when you are ready to march, and you can organize your people more freely than if they were constantly harassing you.

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Gotta love the cuck mindset

There's literally nothing wrong with minecraft terrorism. We must just be more careful with its timing so that NPCs can make the connection between PC-enemy action and player reactionism.

Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I would rather deal with a chick than a Jew any day. It's like you or me benefit from muh GDP


Yeah, building a giant mob farm and slaying creepers is bessssst after a few creepers, once again, blew up a few good doggos.

what kind of retard thinks these veiled threats are going to save them from retaliation?

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It's all a Jew psy op to hurt Whites. Which is exactly what /pol is

conservatives see consumers as the ultimate virtue

American Whites need to meet up and become tribal in real life. That will be the only thing that will save us.





user makes a good point. Just continue replying this in a sageworthy matteroldfags know the drill

This faggot.

Pretty sure he's a vol

Red Text it.

Red Text It


Jews aren't white, if you think your white, relent being a desert dwelling Jew, "white men" are forest and mountain folk.

It scares people.


These things were already happening. Been happening for decades user. The only thing that changes here is they become more overt about it. Reality is though nothing changes

Read this image:


Terrorism OF ANY SORT is benificial to the faction that does it when it knows how to utilize it.

Shooting random Kikes and Mudslimes uses the White Power Movement in the following ways:

That every FED Poster or IRL violent actor is a fed is itself a narrative that profits the feds since they can keep the lit on this problem for a bit longer. Also this tactic deligitimizes the Actors and Martyrers of the White Power Movement, meaning all the "Tarrant was Mossad" Shulls.

But what about my IphoneX and PS4 Pro?

Terrorism can work but not in the disorganized way most of here advocates.

It needs to have some form of Central command , becuase it can either go two ways,

For the first situation you need someone to represent the movement at the negotiating table , and for the seccond the need for organisation is obvious.


optics cucks real ones should be out there being those negotiators rather than back here complaining about not being victimized enough to gain sympathy. as it were, i can only see, in my failure of imagination, that white nat has to either put up an absolute kike-free kosher-free concrete wall of an organization or center around 14 and 1488 until the enemies are weak enough to not be able to shit up any organizational attempts, especially in the JSA.

for all i know, there are many non-kosher groups working underground as i type this. and they may be at this anonymous mongolian basket-weaving forum making effort posts right now.

optics cucks are not cucks because they care about optics, but because in their core they don't want to do anything beyond shitposting on anonymous forums.

if they're so afraid of the system, rightfully so, perhaps they ought be more afraid of those against it.

otherwise, i'm fine with them settling into the role of internet shitposter. it helps.

It does, but only when they know their place, which they don't.

I agree.

Alex Jones? Is that you?

I'd rather be poor than extinct.

What is the alternative to fighting back? We've tried everything so far. Electoral politics, mass movements, electing a based zionist, postering, trying to buy a media company, and even protesting for our rights.
All failed. What options are left to a people who want to survive?

First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then you kill them.
Then you win.

i don't believe the alternatives are completely shut down only that they are difficult (perception of difficulty counts in this regard as well, again especially in the jewsa). somebody will figure it out sooner or later. in the mean time, somebody has to hold the propaganda lines, with extreme shitposting if optics cucks are going to just cuck out at every whim of the system and allow them everything then something else will have to be found to make them useful.

postering shouldn't stop because playing minecraft has become a very hot option. and voting ought be more utilized as a weapon to spread the message, whether or not any of the candidates with that message will win or do anything. poster, write in adolf hitler, and subscribe to pewdiepie.

sage for double posting

Oh, look. It's the "if you kill your enemy, they win" shill.

You mean, the "1 post by this id if you kill your enemy, they win" shill.


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And you're a loser. A really dumb loser.

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How many times are you guy to post this picture, schizo?


It's a revolution.
Don't look at the word revolution as the modern definition like a subversion, but as coming round full circle. we're riding the end of the kali yuga.

SAGE. You fucking complete Dipshit faggot. Weve ALREADY Explained to you degraded fucking shit dust how everything works. And what the fucking point is. You don't get to fucking fill your crevice head with cement and then literally act like you can't hear Reality blasting in front of your kike face. Literally get over it

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look who's calling people inbred

One thing I've always been curious about that has never been mentioned… AND I AM IN NO WAY ENCOURAGING THIS… (FBI no bully), but I dont get why these shooters choose to say fuck it and go balls out and get arrested. Have they not thought that their actions could have much more of a chilling effect on their enemy if they killed them and then got away with it? I.e. assassination? Imagine if rabbis started dropping left and right and nobody could find the killer. It would definitely be noticed and it would definitely force Jews to take off their mask for a bit

because this requires a giant intelligence gathering afford.

I think this is one of the more important questions. Europeans tend to be direct in their problem-solving approach, but imagine this:

A team of 5 guys (burgers and fries) go into a mosque and treat it like a tactical drill. In and out before the police arrive, use a vehicle that is difficult to track, or can't be tracked.

Afterwords, they disappear into the city or innawoods or something. National manhunt to find them comes up empty handed. Eventually the media hype dies down, and then it happens again.

Imagine what would happen if (all those evil) white nationalists were to see that it really is possible to organize with your friends, go to work, and get out again.

That's why they have to throw all of these counter-narratives out and consensus crack. If small teams started doing this work? The government would have no choice but to redress the grievances of those actors.

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You know, in theory you could combine that with some other acts of terrorism in Minecraft to further delay and confuse the police.
Detonate a bomb somewhere, call in bomb threats so they have to take it seriously, set some refugee shelter on fire, destroy a transistor station, etc.
And while all that chaos is going on 2 to 4 guys just do a quick no-knock-raid on a mosque (in Minecraft), are in and out in under 3 minutes and speed off into the sunset.

You could even involve a lot of people (from, say, a minecraft imageboard) that support the cause but aren't willing to do direct actions (yet) to call in fake shootings, fake bombs, fake fires, fake car accidents etc. to really throw a spanner into the works.

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Because Zig Forums's a reactionary place and the Tarrant shooting brought in both normalfags from Reddit with far right leanings but no knowledge of how to act on the board who are larping as far right.
The formatting of their posts and threads are proof of it.
In regards to shooting up places:
I believe Brenton Tarrant truly believed that he would help be a catalyst of a chain of events that would some accelerate the US In to a Fascist white ethnostate, but that accelerationism comes off as impatience.
We're playing a dangerous game here and Zig Forums is just too paranoid and reactionary to play it now because of the influx of normal fags on here.

Glad this thread exists though, shills like

Make vague threats if you criticize their method but it's because they can't defend it and would rather look like psychotic spazzes than actually making a point.
If it's such a great idea then it can stand up to scrutiny.

Those aren't cucks, those are kike infiltrators.
Oy vey we are (((white))) just like you!
TBF a world in which fully assimilated White-looking Jews have replaced everyone wouldn't be too bad of a world as long as the shitskins aren't there

1 post by the OP
Completely BTFO
You cherry picked 2 low hanging fruit posts

Isn't killing people and committing terrorism an optic since you're trying to get the public to perceive you in a certain way?

I picked the first two I saw, I hadn't read the thread yet.

Reminder that all optics cuck operations would have to be defended with Tarrant level violence if someone found out your true intentions.

Terrorism doesn't always hurt optics. It can indeed be good optics like the IRA.
As a part Jew, I hope I don't get the rope. But I don't support optics cuckery.

Oh and it's not like criticism of Accelerationism is new, it's been around even before the shootings and it's been criticized since. This isn't the first post unless you're unironically new here, in which case, you prove my point.

The IRA tried numerous tactics in the Troubles, they killed civilians but also just attacked the military or damaged property. Whenever they killed British civilians, it provoked unsympathetic reactions from the British.
And it's not like the IRA even in succeeded in getting Northern Ireland to be part of Ireland.
Depends on how much a percentage you are.
If 25% or less, you're alright.

Some muslim shitstain in the US house had a tweet recently that “the only thing more jewish than being 100% jewish is being 25% jewish” or something like that.

I'm going to assume it's /ourwhitehatingsocialistmuslim/ Omar?
In the Nazi racial laws, you're good.
Just don't act Jewish.

I think some Jews are fine and look white. The problem is rich kikes running the banks, not random part Jews who've forgotten their Jewish heritage and act like any other White person.

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It lets people see the double standard? Funny part is when a murder is called anti-semetic it's treated differently than any murder. This whole definition of hate crime quite literally is anti justice and corrupts the entire judiciary system. Stop trying to put certain people onto a higher pedestal as it defies the meaning of justice. Murder is murder. Once you start labeling murders as "hate" crime, you're basically fighting the darkness, pointlessly swinging your arms in the air fighting an invisible enemy. And the double standard is, when a jew is killed it's anti-semetic, when a semite commits a crime there's no name for it. One of the missions of pol has been to give what they have been doing, a name. But apparently that's anti semetic. Of course that's bullshit.

OP is right.
Jannies keep on censoring this image. That shows that the glowniggers are indeed trying to provoke useless violence instead of productive political change.

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Reminder, all terrorism is orchestrated by Mossad.

I was wondering this too, so I did a bit of research.

Terrorism works in 3 ways.

In the case of mulsim terrorism, this backfires because muslims ARE the problem. In the case of Terrant's attack it's gotten normies thinking and talking about white genocide.

Again Terrant played the retards in our governments like a fiddle on this one. Strong arm tactics against groups with legitimate concerns doesn't make those groups go away, it cleans out the useless cucks and spurs those who remain into action. The insane treatment of Fields and RAM as well as the censorship has directly lead to the fact that WN terrorism is now a thing. This leads into #3.

Eventually the people get pissed at either the government's failure to control the terrorsts (France) or they get pissed at the government cracking down on good people in an attempt to stop the terrorism and take to the streets. Services shut down and the police/military start to side with the protests and eventually there is a coup or capitulation from the government.

You can look into the formation of Israel as a great historical example of how terrorism was used to get the desired result.

< how to stop it
The way to stop terrorism is to have a competent government. Clearly the reason it's an issue is because our governments aren't doing what they're supposed to. If they were to protect our constitutional rights, not constantly attack whites and not flood the country with retards and barbarians WN terrorism would never be a thing. Correctly responding to muslim terrorism by sending them back to the desert and muslim terrorism wouldn't be a thing. Jewish terrorism has a competent response too.

Basically terrorism is a symptom of a government collapsing due to incompetence.

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You're clearly too retarded to understand that shooting random Jews/Muslims with no substantial influence/power doesn't really accomplish anything

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If there's a contradiction then explain it using argumentation.
Stop being a nigger.
Many lower-tier Jews are awesome people who do not hate us Whites. I know that because my mom is half Jewish.
It's okay to be Jewish.

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Kill yourself you filthy kike. Get this jew scum off of our board.

How mad are you that I had my armada disable all the nukes? Super salty, right? I'm going to damn you with the finest of style, but don't forget: you still work for me.

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Correctly responding to muslim terrorism by sending them back to the desert and muslim terrorism wouldn't be a thing. Correctly responding to jewish terrorism by sending them back to the desert and jewish terrorism wouldn't be a thing.

There you go fixed it for you.

If one targets exclusively jews and muslims, then it's not random. I can't believe you'd openly challenge me with such weak bait.

Kill every minecraft Rabbi. Shoot them with ricin pellets. Poison their food when they aren't home.

Oy vey this little goy is angry that he has no real arguments and he has been dragged into a Neo-Nazi cult!
Lemme break it to you: as a majority White person, I can assure you that many Jews I know are good people. It's not okay to kill Jews. It's okay to be Jewish just as it's okay to be White.

Jews can support WN too. Just as Israel has not killed off its Arab citizens, a White nation should be achieved with minimal bloodshed.

It would be random because the Jews and muslims are ordinary civilians with nothing to do with any global conspiracy. They're good people.

Cant believe that either. But that is what the smuggies do, since they are beta males they like to do that.