Dispell anti-semitism from the board

For too long ignorant hateful bigots have run amok our once peaceful forum. I'm calling for all rightminded individuals, sensible centrists and liberty lubbers to denounce, call out and verbally attack these peabrained racists. We must petition in >>>/sudo/ the removal of hate content calling for violence against non-radicalized human beings and report those participating in terrorist acts. We demand tighter moderation and regulation of those with wrong views, especially views threatening our peaceful society. We must openly debate anti-semites and ALL who oppose the state of Israel, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. We WILL NOT allow radical neonazis to shed another drop of jewish blood, with G*d as our witness, join in vowing to fight hate and intolerance on Zig Forums and all over the web.

And if you can, please donate to support the families of the victims of the latest hate inspired mass shooting.

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Stormfag free first post

I'm really digging this bizzaro world thread, complete with their own version of 'kike free first post'.

Bless you. The only good Nazi is a dead one. The only good goyim are the obedient ones.

[[[Stormfag]]] fuck off
Zig Forums is a board of peace and logic.

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May the one who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless and heal those who are ill. May the Blessed Holy One be filled with compassion for their health to be restored and their strength to be revived. May G*d swiftly send them a complete renewal of body and spirit, and let us say, Amen.

You "I organ stealing Israel"?

Using words like [[[goyim]]] to imply a Jewish conspiracy is problematic and hateful. It is also logically wrong because it presumes a Jewish conspiracy through wording instead of using real logical arguments.
While Judaism is a misguided religion, ethnic Jews who convert to Christianity are our friends.

stay mad kike!!!!!

one of them robbed other jews and gets 150 years in prison
the other stole the most top secret US classified information and gave it to Israel and he gets parole

[[[Kike]]] is a bad word and illogically presumes that all Jews are bad. In reality, there have been many good Jews in the world, including Jesus.

why do they do this? i can use the internet.

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pick one rabbi

Nothing good will happen unless Jews are forced to stop meddling in White affairs


Based r/The_Donald

Plus one upvote

There was one rabbi who is also G-d, sent to save both the Jews and the gentiles. You can partake in His blessings instead of supporting the hateful murder of innocents.

Tour not changing anyone minds having insults and ad hominems will hardly even help your cases.

I find it quite queer that self-styled rationalists would have no arguments beyond the offensive n-word. Sad!

I know that you're disheartened by the attack, but never kiss the ass of your enemies. Leftists and Jews will never forgive you regardless of what you do.

"Hate" will always exist as long as Jews attack and deplatform gentiles. Respect is reciprocal.

You ousted your self.
Enjoy thread deletion or having it ignored.

Global report.

Me when a Nazi gets owned

Go back to 4chan with this shit. 8pol was never peaceful, we are literally the fuckers that got banned from 4pol.

and what happened to that dude?

God will forgive you if you turn to Jesus Christ. Christ died for all, regardless of ethnicity. Thus, many ethnic Jews have found redemption and are no longer what we would call evil.

Nice ip hop mr cow worker.
Try attacking the arguments oh wait you dont.

wait, i thought he was god….

Hop him anons. I am here to beat up anti semites and chew bubblegum and I am all out of gum.

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Some Jews accepted Him while other Jews, like the Pharisees, rejected Him. Many of His initial followers were other Jews. Thus, the fact that some Jews pressured the Romans into killing Jesus does not taint the blood of all Jews, and especially not those who are now Christians.

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Anti-semitism is Anti-White. After all, Whites would not exist if not for the Jew. You golems are creations of the Jew who exist only to serve Israel.

why is pepe touching wojak's head?

You don't see leftists and Jews toning down their anti-Christian rhetoric and donating to the 300+ victims of Sri Lanka, do you? So why should you become obligated to do the same for an event that had a single dead Jew? Why are you insistent on giving back to those who are unwilling to sacrifice? They're not going to give it back to you, they're going to feel entitled to trample over you whenever they can.

The $3 billion in foreign aid, recognition of Golan Heights, acknowledgement of Jerusalem, and Nuremberg should have been ENOUGH for that demographic. If anything, Jews should be protecting our rights.

Only within the last 4 months have Nazis taken over the board, we want you OUT, get OUT! your stupidity is not wanted here.

Please sensor G-d when speaking of him.

This site is probably lazily sourced and full of inaccuracies but I don’t know any better place to spam than that site

Your using of words like "golem" is telling. You do not have real arguments and instead use loaded phrases to convince through inundation and repetition.
However, there is one grain of truth to your claim. Christianity, which is based off of Judaism and was started by mainly Jewish people, has molded Western and white civilization into a morally better state.
For instance, before Christianity, ancient Greeks and Romans engaged in pederasty and homosexuality. Thanks to Christianity, we now think of the nuclear family as very important.

Be careful in the sarcasm, you might lose yourself in its void. Ginnungagap.

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In realityland, Jews like Ben Shapiro speak highly of Christianity's contributions to Western civilization. Indeed, many Jews, like Andrew Klavan, have converted to Christianity.

stay mad nigger hahahah

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Although you speak in jest, it is true that Zig Forums was commandeered by hateful Nazis. In the beginning, Zig Forums was about gamergate and the excesses of modern leftism. Today, it has become a violent cesspool void of intellectual honesty and moral integrity.

because paedophilia isn't a problem in orthodox jew community and pedo priest don't exist
you have no idea what you are on about, do you?
p.s. kill yourself christcuck

Mods what’s up

OP confirmed christian zionist

Christcuck education.

today OP was not a bundle of sticks

real oldfriends know that Zig Forums promised to stand with Trump until the very end
watch the nazis try to memory hole this, I'm warning you folks!

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No we've always been here and always had been the majority because we won it out with arguments you saying get out or claiming it was never our board is going to fail it didn't work out well with the trump niggers and gommies trs and more you will be no different. But keep ip hopping or having your co workers agreeing like ad popolum will work on this board.

you are so fucking retarded, holy fuck

In Ancient Rome, pederasty was common. Powerful men had male concubines and sex slaves. It was in the 3rd and 4th centuries, under Christian rule, that gay and pedophilic relationships became forbidden.

So exactly what your doing right now, if us "ebil natzes" are wrong then try debating and arguing and attacking our arguments what you are doing right now is not going to work.
It did not work before, it will not work now.