Operation INSIN

Insins 2
The first thread reached the reply limit. This is part 2.
Insin = Involuntary Single. Women who cannot get a man to commit his time and resources to them. Some spent their youth on their careers and hit the wall, some got a taste of chad and can't settle for less and others are just shitty people who are unpleasant to be around. The female equivalent of incel.
Unfortunately insins have a lot of influence in media and education. If you have children, chances are some of their teachers are insins. They love to spread their deviance to others and will try to make your daughters as miserable as they are, by teaching them to make poor life choices in the name of 'empowerment' or 'freedom'.
Expose the insins wherever you find them. Aging menoposters complain about a lack of good men? Point out the insins. Someone tried to shut down a discussion by calling you an incel? Remind her she is just a bitter insin. Feminist academic posts online? Laugh at the insin and encourage others to do so.
Like said, the key is to keep using a term in every possible context. To win an information war, you have to define the terms of discussion.

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make it one of those

No, unless really big tits.

Or looking like shakira (with big tits).

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I still think emcel is a better meme since it draws a direct comparison between these types of women and incels.

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The one in the middle because the biggest chance of tits. Even though the face looks like a lumberjack.

So un-chad
We must impregnate all of them to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children

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A very sexy lumberjack

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You may also recognize her from pic related

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I m convinced that a titfetish is the most visceral of all fetishes.

A fetish is when you are attracted to something that has no evolutionary or reproductive value. The size of a woman’s tits correlate with how fertile she is. But is suppose you could have a tit fetish if all you ever want to do if fuck the tits and never the pussy.

Hmm, i like female faces and their form esp. their form. But i never found pussy to be attractive, but i want to fuck them if they if they in their all are what i like.

This is still ongoing >>13187615
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Help us spread this.

Good work.

its a great word to use and to have, I have been using it as well but it indeed needs a bit more notoriety. It should preferably also be mingled with the emcel lore on cuckchan. To that of emotional celibates.

The insin reddit only has 20 subbed while the emcel one has almost 300.

Looks woke.

I remember a time when I was younger and I had an older female coworker and a different female manager - both white. Coworker had a date just after work on a Saturday, she had her hair done at a local salon, and put on heavy makeup. She was slim and tall with German-British heritage. Similar in appearance to a 25 year old Ann Coulter.

The manager - a short rotund woman - Irish iirc, tells her that she looks like a "slut" - to which the coworker smiles and chuckles in response. That same manager had over 20 sexual partners - she told me this herself. A man from a store she used to work in had told me - in front of her no less - that Coworker also had over 20 sexual partners. Both women were in their mid 20s.

Coworker had said that her date "didn't work out." Manager is with a male manager whose appearance screams "beta male."

t. Afronon who has been recently reading "Race or Mongrel."

From what I understand so far, degeneracy is cyclical. Both men and women are to blame for this. If men had more self control, they could refuse the advances of those whose ethnicity is vastly different from their own. If women had more self control, they could do the same, stable families would be the norm.

all this started with the 19th amendment. The answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.

That's a start, but not enough. It's no good unless you can also resist the advances of those who are of the same ethnicity, but have degenerate behaviors and unhealthy lifestyles.
People would do this naturally if they were not indoctrinated by marxist teachers and journalists. If you try to question their sexual ethics, they will just respond with 'incel' or 'loser'. This is what the INSIN operation is about. It turns their own flawed logic against them and gives a retort which allows young people to laugh at them. Laughing at them is the first step to rejecting their values.

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What does emcel stand for?

Emotionally Celibate.

Insin is better.

The emcel subreddit doesn't know how to hide their power level. Even the redditors can tell they are larping.

Hesitation is defeat

Big tits are degenerate.
Vid related. 17:19

Which one of you faggots is "KatyLovesCats"?

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So join r/insins. Stop hesitating.

ay up m8

First and foremost there is already a subreddit called r/trufemcels which seems to me to be actual women lamenting their singledom as if they are incels. Would be good to mine for content. Hopefully if insins becomes a social phenomenon and the stigma of being an insin is the same as being an incel, then the human race might make 0.000001% progress this millenium.

You know some kawaii fucking lumberjacks then if that's the case.

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Insin females are exactly this: remember the kid who lost at some game, got mad and tipped the board over or took his ball home? That's what 80% of leftist females are; Insins who lost the game and want to destroy everything that reminds them of what losers they are. The other 20% of leftist females are split between those who have only known submissive men that are easily manipulated so they have zero respect for men in general, and the others that have only experienced stupid criminal masculinity which is where they get the whole "toxic masculinity" meme from. Because that's all they've known their entire lives as all strong, decent men never showed interest in them.

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Nah Don't need to become a mod I am at my best when becoming a member.

You can still join the chat to coordinate strategy with us.

Send me the chat link.

We can't add you without your username. That's why I said message us.

Thanks user.
This is it. To change behavior you have to create real social consequences.


This is true, except they also want to indoctrinate your children to be as miserable as you are. It is more analogous to the kid who lost the game so he broke everyone else's toys.
This is why it is so important to expose insins, especially to the young. Make them understand that their teachers and other authority figures have an agenda which is not in their best interests.

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meant to say 'as miserable as they are'

I’m pretty sure that’s the hips, can’t birth a child out of fat tits

fat ass is literally a fetish.
fat doesn't help you shit out kids.
it's all about bone structure.

I agree, I said hips not ass

I was agreeing myself faggot.

There are lots of correlates

fatty tits are harder to grip by the baby jaw.
big tits create strong jawed chads who had to work for their food.



I think that there are many ways to look upon all the content being strewn about everywhere, some of it natural, other content manufactured, as we may want to do so as well. This focus towards a memetic vector solely against the hubris, the value that women love to prop themselves up with seems to garner a lot of ire from their ranks I would think. A thread about mgtow that I witnessed yesterday for example had a shitton of these women. Multiple strategies, some shaming obviously, that didnt work, then bartering, then pleading. The whole rainbow range of influence attempts. The pictures that we had that told us of how they manipulate, with images, but also with language served us well to hook us off their influence.

But it makes me think, thanks to our own biology, thanks to evolution we are almost destined, MADE to fall for some of their shit, it is almost impossible not to because our ancestors who procreated at some form ALWAYS fell for their shit, or else we would not easily be here. Perhaps even the violent rape of the invader tribes was met with placid, humility and turncoating in these women, pleading to our senses.

Many of us may think that the battle against the jew is the most hard one fought, but I think that perhaps this battle against the women may be the most hard one fought, for the women are the longest types of parasites that we had among us, while the jew barely only a couple of thousand years. Though I suspect that a lot of the opposition we may face, may come from jewish women, an especially hostile strain of the female disease!

but yea, going to all of our sites, and looking upon the content through the lense of psyops make me see that their influence is quite grande, and far reaching. They have a whole library of words to be in use against us, a whole host of behaviors, circumstances to compel us with. I think that perhaps some of them did learn how to use anonymity, and they use it well. A formidable foe they are.

And I have been thinking of the meta physical aspects of it as well. Perhaps the reason why the women are so brass these days is because our own power dynamic has been subverted. As they are the gatekeeperes of life, we are bound to almost serve them…except…well. We used to be the gatekeepers of death.

That was our our power in this dynamic, or was it not? That is the only reason why they obeyed. Death, and the threats of it, it was the domain that they could not control. And still remain elusive from. Perhaps that is why my own male brain thinks of how to return this dynamic to us.

Did I say that big tits were practical? NO. I said that big tits are genetically linked to fertility. Do you not know how genetics works?

Eh yes and no. Tits and ass hold the polyunsaturated fats we need for neural development in utero, these fats pack much less densely and as a consequence are less solid (read more jiggly). This then gets into a Fisherian runaway were we literally evolve the retromammary space to enhance the jiggle to attract Chad while on a shitty diet.

Deception is lesson one with a species with cryptic estrus

Most will, but the winners of history are the ones who fell for LESS of it. The alpha males who tolerate less shit from women get to pass on their genes. The brahmacharis who have no use for women get to pass on their memes and shape the culture.
The feminine is the spiritual equivalent of a glass cannon. They have a lot of social and psychic power, but cannot withstand even a tiny fraction of it being turned against them. This is true both of women and of their male orbiters and enablers. Just use their own weapons against them and watch them fall apart. You will know it is working when they resort to screaming and name-calling to try to make you back down. Don't budge an inch or give them any ground. Just smile and enjoy the breakdown.

I think its a bit defeatist, your attitude, to just let it happen. We have the tools to change this, and we should, there are many of us who are attached to this outcome, and wish to change it. Many more get destroyed by these females because they never had access to our lore. It is quite a shame, and like much of the sexual selection, it does not make any sense. It yields no benefit to life as a whole.

There is no correlation between body area and type of fat stored. There is no need for polyunsaturated fats, in utero or otherwise. There is no difference in texture of fat tissue in warm blooded animals regardless of the percentage of saturated vs unsaturated fat stored in them. Everything you said is bullshit.


Wow, I guess the holocaust is real too huh?

Where in that comment did I say to just let it happen? Nowhere. Learn to read you fucking mong.

My Mother is in that picture and I do not like that

Here's another one.

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do you know how jaw development works you pathetic fucking moron?
probably not.
Bottle fed baby bitch you are.
Suck cock.

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Ever notice that HR reps are all middle-aged, "career oriented," Insins-types? They're all social-science "educated" feminists that don't even know jack shit about the jobs they're hiring for, they just filter candidates to higher-ups, based on how they "feel" someone might "fit" the workplace. So basically, candidates all need the green light from a bitter, middle-aged, anti-white, anti-male, feminist, female-diversity-hire before the candidates' actual qualifications can be discussed with anyone who actually knows about the position and it's required skill-sets. Fucking clown-world. I'd love to see these bitches become the laughing stocks they deserve to be.

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1st world economies are like someone with a trust-fund - they can afford to be stupid until the money runs out. I think we're probably past the peak though. When journalists are being laid off and told to learn to code, it can't be long before other useless jobs start to go.
It's bound to happen as they have no inherent value, only status gained from institutions and social supports. The very people they love to put down and passive-aggressively bully are the ones who will thrive in hard times.

only because Obama's propaganda fund ran out of money.

All of the funds will run out soon enough. It's all just fiat currency anyway, and the society actively punishes the productive people who give it value.

Nigga you are retarded. They should be indoctrinated to refuse sluts.

You might be right about that, m'nigga

It's weird how capitalists and communists bitch about the same problems but don't work together to root them out.

They might take the free sex, but they always understood that sluts are not for marriage or even friendship. This only changed recently. (((They))) even had to invent the 'Madonna-Whore complex' and turn our natural instincts into an illness.
It can't hurt to try, but it wasn't needed before. Traditional cultures always had ways of channeling natural social pressure against bad-neighbor problems.

Two sides of the same agenda. Both break down local economies and tribal bonds, making people dependent on centralized institutions.

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Good operation
Here's your reward

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Thanks, have a black sun coin.

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Also the membership has doubled in the last 2 days.

Of r/insins, that is.

Remember to use this on normie sites as well.
Specifically when you see the word incel, respond with insin.

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This actually makes a lot of sense, as patriarchy coincides with the rise of agriculture and standing armies.
Fear of death is not gone of course, just buried deep. I'm sure it can be brought back up again with a good memetic strategy.

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I prefer the term "involuntary lesbian" but of course this works as well. It's time we flipped the script on the incel meme, it being projection like most ad hominem sent our way. They always slander us with what they are most guilty of. Always remember this.

Yes, along with many others.
Wise fren. This is the key to good counter-psyops.

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Insins don't understand that guys with any shred of self respect won't try to marry them at the first sign of attention. Yeah, we know you're hitting on us, now go away.

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Some unironically call themselves 'political lesbians', so involuntary lesbian would actually make sense as a reductio ad absurdum. A feminist so radical that all men reject her and she can only get sex from women. Inles has a nice ring to it too.

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Funny you should mention that. I know personally a somewhat well known local political figure who admitted to me in private she only became lesbian for political reasons and to advance her career. Political lesbianism is a real phenomenon here in clown world.

tfw pol made me lose all respect for women, niggers, and normies.

Didn't you forget (((someone)))?

Insin is a bad term , it will not catch on , needs changing

That's called relational agression a.k.a. bullying. All kids going through public school either whiteness it or have been victim to or perpetrated it. The difference with women is that most are unable to grow out of it. The continue the behavior throughout their adult lives. It's sad becuase it makes many of them miserable. The only women who may be immune from it are probably religious.. or just have stable family structures to back them up and protect them from it.

Thank you
I'll put that on my Rothshit bank account. But I have a feeling they wont give me interest on that

I wonder who might make a post like this?

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Interest is for (((them))). Get into cryptocurrency.

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Keep defending the hate, user.

All women continue it for as long as there are no consequences, and they have no shame about it. If you want them to behave like humans, you have to treat them as animals.

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There was a time that would have surprised me, but in clown world it would be more surprising if a public figure's sexuality were actually real.

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Still growing.

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Menopausing is the word, fren.

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Menoposting = menopausal posting.

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do it to 10 year olds in front of actual wom-menopause for lols