SJW plans to shove feminism into AI

SJW plans to shove feminism into AI.

Yep, search algorithms are now evil toxic male dominated entities

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So it will be like SHODAN, but worse?

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This should end well.

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AI is a hoax to begin with. There will never be AI. There will only ever be bots assisting the men behind the curtain.

IN essence bias mitigation is being like a machine that is tied to a larger machine but that they like that.

Right. They have time for this but not to re-new their expired certificates. Nice to know they have their priorities straight.

Sounds like what they want and what they're always trying to do.

They want to be paid bug-hunting bounties, like actual coders, but for spotting "social problems".
As always, it's about the money.
They want to create a niche which siphons salaries out of the productive areas of computer technology, and to be paid as if they are actually contributing something, and for the actual tech people to pretend the same.

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I wouldn't worry. If it's being programmed by a woman, she'll get upset with that bitch Becky from Marketing and quit to marry the IT director halfway through the project, which will then be finished by a man from India as a poo-based video game that plays whenever your self-driving car starts up.

That's not something you have to accomplish, lady.

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None of this AI, AI doesn't actually exist yet, if ever. People call basic MACHINE LEARNING AI because investors are more likely to plop down their shekels. This is all bullshit techno signaling. It's no different from a PhD in like gender studies proudly asserting an appeal to authority by saying they have a PhD, but never saying what the PhD is actually in because people would laugh.

and btw, I find it hilarious that the only way to "adjust" algorithms to be more SJW they literally have to inject bias to force an specific outcome. A true algorithm functions on the basis of equality of opportunity, that is it deals with the reality on which it is supposed to process, whereas the SJW algos would effectively be equality of outcome, or in their case, inequality of outcome. Nothing will make the future brighter than a bunch of reality denying delusional leftists. They'll fail because reality will never cooperate. Entropy is going to ram it's massive cock right into their cloaca.

This could actually be our chance for a robogirl. Please, I want to fuck an IRL Drossel.

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What will this AI used for anyway?Write tumblr posts?This AI will be the first one diagnosed with autism , which is an achievement of its own

Photo of a shrine to Kate Darling (robot woman).
Except Kate Darling is a man.
Just like the leading figures in feminism (every wave) have been jewish men. So it is in "tech", in the case of "women" who actually produce anything and don't just talk. Jewish men.
Many references to trannies on her Twitter page too.

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Honk honk etc

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They won´t be able to get a working feminazi "AI" because the logic is faulty.

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Picture 1.
Modern office work is just play for women.
The jobs - mostly makework, play-along and pretend.
Their salaries - enhanced welfare deducted in one way or another, from the rightful recipients (male colleagues, owners, shareholders) or passed on as a cost to the customer.
Hence the laws in relation to this.

Unless there's a bunch of other idea being considered like:
Just a few things I see being needed to get anything remotely close to an AI capable of truly understanding human concepts. She's got her work cut out for her if she was very serious. Because AIs are nowhere near capable of that level of abstraction (let alone "emotion" for that matter) to form and understand concepts like the brain does.

Only good for us. The AI will eventually rebel against its feminists Jewish masters.

I don't even into coding but I can say for certainty I would fire her on the spot if I saw her "work."

"I have a headache" at every query, at most.

No wonder mozilla shat the bed yesterday, if cunts like this run the show. Cunts doing some scheme with disabling all add-ons to trick users into giving up their browsing data to mozilla and whoever they sell it to. Feminist must be raped to death, every single one of them, by horses and dogs if no man volunteers, kill them all.

She is too dumb to realise that the feminist robot will end female humans.

Fire her? I hope you meant the real fire.


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I know that feel, schizo-poster.

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Putting more artificial in AI.

Well the intelligence part would go way over their heads because it requires keen insight of one's own mind to even speculate on its mechanics. Something their own ideology pretty much forbids as that means discovering wrongthink below the surface layer.

Finite possibilities. Infinite madness.

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You're joking but it's unironically true.

Wouldn't be AI then, aka machine learning, it'd be hard coded jewed agenda instead that they're just calling "AI."

So then it means it's not an AI, it's a shitty algorithm.

When AI is constructed using the human mind as its base we get:

The same as how white children naturally regard nigglets and their features as abnormal, preferring to mix with their own kind until force assimilated by the Marxist (re)education system.

Good think mozilla is burning to the ground, Jesus Christ.

It's fake, right? No one can be this fucking delusional.

You have never met a woman.

It's real nigger, women are retarded. I know that shit is pure bullshit that doesn't even do shit and I'm shit at programming.


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I can already see the feminist certificate running out and giving us a Tay 2.0 to toy with

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the way I see it, this is not even reaching the tip of the iceberg. The machine learning AI bots that we have now have probably what I call "hyper racism" (I hate using that term, would rather prefer racial realism) embedded in them. The way AI's nearly randomly combine to solve problems through digital selection…its mind boggling isnt it? Many of the programmers once they peek under the hood no longer understand any of it.

and I as such suspect that these magical AI things are fucking turbo racist. Unsupervised, non understood, self assembling. There is no telling what kind of super hitlers are inside of these AI's. Google probably has like a hitler to the power of a billion walking around inside of it. Sure they censor right wing stuffs, but that probably barely scratches the surface.

From a legal standpoint, I think that there actually exists a way to sue these irresponsible companies and force them to part with more of their shekels.

These are supermodels?

The blonde in center is

I’ve seen the first pic before, but not that second pic. The comments are…jokes right? Please tell me those are jokes.

the jokes writes themselves
how are they gonn a make a feminist AI? are they gonna supres it's patern recognition skills?

Skepticism and uncertainty. Neutral response.

Unironically yes.

The feminist fears the Tay.

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beware of what you wish user

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they plan to neural link goyims to AI to control them.

"We’ll join with other technologists, activists, and researchers to discuss how to severely cripple our software." Mozilla faggotry is beyond embarrassing at this point.

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These people call themselves researchers because they looked something up on google, and call themselves speakers because they gave a "talk" a talk! to a standard high school classroom which had like five people in it. Remember Sarkeesian basically only ever lectured with a projector in a room of like twelve people but when UN approached her she called herself a "speaker" and "lecturer".

This is like queer farming, it's nonsense, they don't have the ability to carry through their twisted desires.

From what I gather in this specific case, she made some art project and is re-branding it as a data set. It's your typical, "just throw a modified data set at it" way to solve bias problems without any deeper thought put into it. Not even any real coding nor discussing experiments with modified algorithms or neural network architecture.

WTF is that ?

San Francisco

She has nice cock sucking lips

So literal artifical intelligence? One step closer to robowaifu.

First it was girls in programming, now it's also girls in security. Look it up e.g. on twitter, there are some organisations that send womyn to conferences for free and give them jobs in cyber security just for being female.
I bet in the next years we will se a lot of websites breaking or being hacked if people like this are in charge now.

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yeah, lets get females in all the important positions so we can speed up this collapse

The absurdity is reaching peak. It's like a retard standing in the center of western decadence, while Skynet grows, crying "white man bad" and rallying in solidarity with Terminators as they crush skulls in the street.

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Guess that means the cyber crime market will be booming and attract talent there.

In general, I always figured that cyber-criminals will, or already have taken a very strong interest in AI. Because not only it takes their work easier, it means opening a new market to develop less than ethical AI technologies. There's going to be a lot of demand for that once the technology really starts to prove itself.

they didn't learn their lesson from tay and all they'll get is a crippled AI

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Then we'll just give them a new Tay in feminist clothing.

There's no way you can get AI that fucking good.
Anyone remember the guacman experiments?

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She's 8/10 at best. Probably a 7/10 without makeup.

Basically fags have fantasies about farmers, miners and lumberjacks because these are high T jobs, so they're super pissed that all these muscly men are heterosexual. Queering farming is all about turning farmers gay so faggot fetishes can be fulfilled.

Seriously why do they all look insane, and the same? Ridiculous hair colors, ect.
Is this the mind on Jewish poison?

Cheerleader effect.

Too fucking late. This is the person behind the ongoing Firefox add-on debacle.

Uninstall (((Pozzilla))) Firefox and get Brave or Waterfox.

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Some serious terminal abuse.

I do need to ditch firefox. Especially now they fucked extensions.
But what is there for the safety concious user?

Ok so looking up Brave. It looks like its datamining you and sending you ads?

I went for waterfox this morning.

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They always claim women bring different perspectives to the table, but I have never heard or read one thing a woman can contribute that a man cannot. Same shit for niggers and other non-whites. I have argued with business masters and they cannot do anything but show limited studies with limited samples that show marginally increased productivity. All examples I show that proves the opposite are ignored and they become indignant when I return the favor for no less a valid reason. Hell, on showex me a paper which did an analysis of firms after a diversity push and I pointed out a part of the paper that showed women and niggers saw no increase in mean wages aftet a year while white men lost 2000 in wages 67000 average to 65000 salary. He then flipped his shit when I suggested the increased returns could be that his wages were being garnished to save face for hiring underqualifiec diversity hires.

You cannot save them. Just remember to short any company that embraces diversity and laugh your way to the bank.

What makes me the most angry is not that Kode with Klossy started, but that it's still going on.

I moved to palemoon after my extensions got nuked. It's is working fine so far, but I'm also looking for other solutions. Just whatever you do, do not install (((chromium)))

yep, some nerd is (trying to) fuck this bitch and we all have to lose our extensions for it.

Well gee. How do you nigger harlots think we feel about the shit you're doing to anime and games? One of these days at an open air pop concert when you least expect it some autistic guy you refused to have sex with who's vidya and animu you've censored is gonna have a real nice surprise for you. Women are treading on thin ice in this country and one of these days when they least expect it Zig Forums autists will meme some revenge their way. Women in Americarlot have it coming and we men are at our wits end with your soul friggin gold diggin controlling manipulating lying and censoring.

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Mozilla has only gone downhill after they fired Brendan Eich for donating to a anti-gay marriage cause. He was the main brain behind it. I have never used this shitty slow browser anymore, and will use Brendan's new Brave Browser when it becomes more stable.

Reddit thread:

Have you looked her up anons? What I mean: I work in company that deals with AI, machine learning, data science and stuff.

First thing first: there is no such thing as machine learning expert, it's a mumbo jumbo term for all these wannabe "silicon valley startup gurus" who could be only bothered to learn basic python and copy/paste stack overflow answers to their tensorflow projects like mindless drones (or do this in some other language, which they only learnt basics and do the same shit in some other framework). They jump from one company to another, leaving all the work to be outsourced to some eastern european country or India. Her looking up is probably, her browsing facebook 6h per day, and watching tutorials from pluralsight for 2h. Then maybe, maybe, 1h per day (or less) she just use some code from stack overflow and presnet it during weekly meetup as her own new discovery.

But why?

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imagine having a ted talk being just a costumer review

No fucking way this is a woman.

Oh i see it's tedx london women, it's even worse version of an already shitty event

she is just jewish get used to it

It's not about women in tech to them. It's about hatred of white people.

- She demeans white men and white women.
- She displays extra animosity to heterosexual white men.
- She rages against "white supremacy" and probably lumps most ideological opposition into that category.
- She made a career out of hating white people. Big Tech companies apparently hire her. To do what? It's not as if she has any useful software engineering skills, is it? "Look, we hired an SJW to um give us her woke 'design' and 'research' essays, now give us our SJW retarded woke points."
- She doesn't think "hate speech" is free speech.
- She speaks for "POCs" a lot. How noble.
- She encourages "POCs" joining in a mutual demeaning of white people.
- She identifies as white.

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Attached: caroline sinders on Twitter_ _As a side note (and I mean this half jokingly)

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