Patrick Casey goes full Civnat

Patrick Casey goes full Civnat
If it wasn't already clear that Patrick Casey wasn't a real nationalist at all, he has completely discredited any shred of previous legitimacy he once had today.
In a 2-hour interview with Ramzpaul, Patrick Casey (The leader of AIM -Formerly Identity Evropa-) gave an in-depth explanation of his ideals and went out of his way to state that Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and TPUSA should be 'leading the charge' in right-wing activism.
He also spends about 1/3rd of the entire interview punching right in the slimiest way possible and states that the "Fracture lines in America aren't racial" and says people should stop focusing on "The race stuff".

I spent the time watching the entire thing and cropping the relevant portions so you can share this whenever AIM is brought up.
If you know anyone who was considering joining AIM, just send them this.

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Sorry, I don't know who this e-celeb is as I've never cared about e-celebs in general or how to donate to them.

All real nationalism is ethnic, anything else is fake.

Did he say anything about jews?

Imagine thinking that culture isn’t dependent on race and that being part of a nation is just like joining some super-secret club. Civnats are the biggest shabbos goyim of all

I'm pretty sure he came to his new point of view by reading Bronze Age Buttpirate's book.
The interview for anyone who's interested.

Good then this thread isn't for you.
He's been gaining a lot of steam recently and hopefully if enough people see what he actually believes they'll stop taking him seriously.

He did not mention Jews in the entire 2 hour interview.

The problem is, he's not leading a Civnat org.
Most of his followers are much further right than he is and would probably leave if they saw how limpwristed he was in the interview.

I want to kill myself just reading those comments. Thanks for subjecting yourself to two hours of that faggot to get the highlights.

I've got more highlights trust me. That was just half of the cuckery.

Good. Lets us all know where he's at. The JQ is the perfect litmus test for any public figure. It's easy for AmRen boomers to posture and strut about "rising white racial consciousness," but opposition like that is a paper tiger. If anything, it makes the Rothschilds feel more comfy. They know the script for defanging these faggots.

Name the Jew, however, even a single time, and you're on six-dozen organizations' blacklists. Fucking forget about getting appointed to a county grand jury, let alone gaining real power inside the system. Shit, I'll bet my own IP is on file down at the SPLC or some shit for posting here. The Jews who own shit are so fucking correctly paranoid, even a hint of bad-goyism lands you in prison in damn near 20 countries.

So yes – naming the Jew is priority #1 for "leaders." The kikes are so sensitive to being identified that they literally never allow a goyslave to do it, even if he's still in the build-credibility stage of infiltration. It's kryptonite to the heebs.

By the same token, failure to name what is literally and very obviously the single largest problem in world history cannot be done by accident, not if you're somebody who traffics in identity as a political force. Sooner or later, somebody in a Q&A will ask about the J-O-Os, and the fakes dishonestly waffle every time.

Ethnonationalists are broken traitors.

I’m not totally convinced nationalism is a good idea, but civic nationalism is the only real kind.

Specifically pigmented sociopaths lying about their bogus shitswilling loyalties do not a nation make, but arguments can be made for memeplexes.

“Naming the Jew” is such a fucked up slave signal. Jews don’t deserve the hate. I regret abusing this place by ever encouraging it to be more slavish. I wish the left hadn’t ever gone through a false flag hatred phase.

civnats are just as delusional as marxists. people are dumb and pacified with various forms of media. youll never get them to come together on political issues as evidenced by the fact most political issues dont have to do with race yet people still dont agree. the ONLY realistic to get people in agreement is eugenics and race realism is the easiest way to start towards that path. especially when whites are objectively superior at creating civilization. of course smart shitskins exist, of course moral nonwhites exist, of course some whites are purge worthy trash. but you start focusing on that and the decent shitskins you recruit will keep you from dealing with their trash family and friends. once all nonwhites are killed we can focus on political issues like a money system or infrastructure projects. theres too much shit from all the trash nonwhites to get anything done. kill them all.

yes im a white nationalist but only because i believe its the easiest way to create a society that gets rid of usury, marxist socialism and social degeneracy. not purely because im white, although id still probably be one because shitskins are ugly and i dont like looking at them

stop youre not on reddit

Are you fucking kidding me? Every day I'm perpetually more and more amazed about how cucked the right here in Burgerland is.The left spends decades in kill all whites mode, the American right shrugs its shoulders. The second some bad goys get sick of it and try to bring back white identity, the (((right))) all the sudden goes "Oy vey goy let's drop this race stuff. You don't want to be like da libs do you?"

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Stop giving a shit and stop D&C.

These grifters all want to keep their youtube "super chat" shekels flowing in, so they'll never be too extreme. All of these people are useless, instead of doing something productive for society, they sit around and stream for several hours a day. Worthless.

wtf is that mp4 and why would you feel the need to post it? seriously tell me why.

Patrick "If you make holocaust memes there's something wrong with you" Casey

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This is true though. If you’re not naming the Jew you’re either bluepilled or in (((their))) pay. You don’t need to talk about Jews constantly but to willfully deny that they control the media, foreign affairs, popular culture and most governments is super suspect

theyre fed informants too stupid to realize the zog will throw them to the jackals when their purpose is served. they think if natsocs lose the marxists wont purge them as well. newsflash you retards are going to die because youre to the right of lenin.

Civic nationalism doesn't exist. Nation comes from the Latin word 'natio', and means race. Ethnicity comes from the ancient Greek word 'ethnos', and means race. Nationalism is racial, and anything else isn't nationalism at all.

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Rockwell, William Pierce, and Patrick little were the only real nationalists america had in 6 decades, everyone else are just petty merchantile cuckolds who will sell their own people out over 1 shekel and never ascetically put their money where their mouth is and have something to show for their beliefs ever.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you burgers holy shit. Stop giving these useless fucking e celeb retards who never did anything money and attention.

This is the time to be radical and actually stand up for your beliefs like real men, not talk about it on fucking youtube or whatever pundit bullshit. The half-way cuck method has been tried now for ages and it never worked. Compromises or appeasements never work out, ever, full stop.

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Your eceleb faggotry is against the board rules retard.

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Tom Metzger and quite a few others were solid too.

Ignoring people like this allows their cucked subversion to get a deeper foothold.
There are multiple shill threads up right now but you are exclusively deciding that *this* thread is breaking muh rules.

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do you not understand how many citizen revolts have been crushed vs been successful in history? the successful ones are a very short list. most conquerings of governments are done by foreign invaders. a native insurrection that takes control of governance is almost unheard of. people are constantly blasted with outside “enemies” like north korea, russia, china, iran etc so people never harm their own governments out of fear the destabilization will make them easy to conquer. it will not be an easy war, will last a long time if we are successful or we could be all talk and the few that act crushed quickly. prepare for the worst.


Oh yeah and the funny thing is you burgers actually have freedom of speech, yet you have no solid movements like europe has. Again what the actual fuck is wrong with burgers? Can anyone fucking explain this? Is it your consumerist individualist mentality? What is it?

You have freedom of speech, you have actual rights, europe doesn't, yet you are far behind europe. Why?

You had such a great thing going with Pierce yet burgers fucking betrayed him.

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nobody was taught that the founding fathers were white nationalists so our short history isnt deep enough to inspire european tier movements unless its fatass 2a civnats holding signs with rifles without mags on their back

That is it user. The economy is doing to well whites have lots of "stuff" and muh streaming shows, gaming, and sportsball to distract them.

E-celeb thread rightfully, anchored but I archived it the next time AIM, IE, or any other of Casey's cuck bullshit comes up.

the economy is shit you fox news watching lobotomized nematode. it is not possible for it to get better. 2008 was bad because it was socially acceptable to call it bad without looking like a peasant and because stupid boomers lost half their sheks in the stock market because these retards like to think theyre smart for making money in a market designed to keep expanding until its obvious how much money the federal reserve prints out of thin air then some other shit will happen to place the blame elsewhere and you idiots will think the economy has been good the whole time.

its anchored because im the most redpilled person on this board

I meant it the economy is doing well for non-redpilled working normies.


Most countries populace has not been armed to the teeth either, the united states is a big exception to that. A large enough organized civil insurrection would easily crush the military zogbot and political jew trash, and that's why the kikes like feinstein are always trying to grab your guns and disarm you, but that's beside the point.

Watering the liberty tree is always neccessary and the rational thing to do if no peaceful solution is possible.

Why is that any American nationalist movement falls into a civic nationalist fag parade? Can white Americans have a white American nationalist movement for once? FFS.

Your writing reads like a rudimentary AI trying to auto generate shitposts, and failing badly.

Moral of the story, if you want to joint a current group, join patriot front, and make sure you check out their aipac protest video,

this is six million times worse than infiltrating the gop

lol anchor
must be something good in this thread