Daily reminder that tghe whole MGTOW movement is a faggotry empowered by incels. As a white man...

Daily reminder that tghe whole MGTOW movement is a faggotry empowered by incels. As a white man, your biggest responsibility is to make white women happy and safe and reproduce.

Focusing on own your happiness is very selfish and bad for the society not a white behavior since white people are the most empathetic race on earth

If you are MGTOW, you are jewish. I'm white though.

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happy is a meme. a meme that causes divorce rape

Spoken like a true slave.

Sage and global Reported. You complete Fucking Lost Cause waste of space. Not a single one of you fucking Lost cause Coon Goon Retards are ever bringing any single Pragmatic Person back to your Autistic fucking dipshit plantation ever again. Theres literally fucking jack shit you can do about it ass fuck. 200,000 and growing in internet support. Your fucking KIKE FAGGOT Slavetation Scam is dead in the fucking water. Either Join the Brother hood or get in line to be fucking shot. You're on literal thin fucking ice. You're not supported here. Fuck You. Less than Shit


user is stupid. The kikes have implemented various capitalist techniques to oppress white males. the mgtow is dumb, but also necessary to destroy the white trash women who are washed up sluts and made their slut choices early. If whites cave in, they will become cucks. The white females deserve their choice too bad they believed the Rich elite & kikes.

Whites oppress whites, retard.

Remember to pour bleach on your family while they sleep you dumb fucking OP

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One of the most major flaws of the whole MGTOW faggotry is a lack of acknowledgement that women. are. FOLLOWERS.

Yes the behavior of the modern woman is shitty, no denying that (I experience it on a daily basis). But to tunnel vision on that aspect alone without admitting that men at large have become limp-wristed soyboy faggots is ridiculous.

It's appropriate to liken such a mindset to the Marxists, while having much legitimate criticism of capitalism wind up coming to a retarded conclusion as a result of an over-simplistic tunnel vision.

Admit it, faggots. We can't do this without our women. Never underestimate the power of a zealous woman. Redirecting their motherly instincts toward the survival of the Aryan child would be most effective in our dire struggle.

Be the change. Be the masculine force they desire deep down on the most primal of biological levels.

found the incel!

Some of us sure, but I feel most of us would be setting the white race back if we bred.

That's the neo DI agenda, where literally every relationship in society is politicized and used by CIAniggers to create conflict, whether it's in business, family, school, it doesn't matter. They want everyone fighting over everything so that we'll never get together and remove the usurpers from the seat of power, which they were never meant to hold in the first place.

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speak for yourself

The majority of women just crave a dominant man in their lives. To be that man you just have to have a reasonable level of self-confidence. Most girls will adopt whatever morals or politics are necessary to keep their man. MGTOW is just an excuse for cowardice.

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Ban for using incel unironically.

Guess what makes women happy. You getting fucked over in divorce. We can make a deal - I'll start agreeing with your point of view when being a whore will stop being socially acceptable; when "people like having sex" will stop being a response rationalizing casual promiscuity. So - when society will change and the destructive influence of 60's sexual revolution will be undone, and the danger of multiculturalism being removed, by force or peacefully. Then we can relax and have as many kids as we're able to make.
With this approach we're bound to lose. Shitskins of all kind will always have higher birth rates - because they're not being pumped with propaganda since early age: "my body my choice", "having fun before settling down"; women know their place, they're maltreated and used as child factories. We cannot fight with it, because white men want to support their families in high standards of living. That means hard and time-consuming work that rarely allows having more than one-two children. It's common knowledge that families having more are exceptions from the rule and sometimes even get news coverage (at least in my country).
Before we start to reproduce, we need to stop being replaced.

Men go MGTOW because they don't want to be fucked over by women and the government which always favors them. The movement is a spectrum that incorporates men who abstain from women altogether and those that fully embrace degeneracy and fuck at will - and everyone in between. Discrediting the whole movement makes no sense, in my eyes.
There's always wise guys saying "pick the right woman, take control, indoctrinate her yourself etc.". Easier said than done; to be another father figure for a girl as a husband, she needs to have an actual father (and mother) in her life who teaches her the future role. She needs to be young enough, and not spoiled with college "education" and by her "friends". I cannot blame men who resign from attempts to create a family, because having none is better for everyone than creating a dysfunctional unit. Nobody is happy there - the man who is disappointed and angry because he feels sidelined; the wife who mistakenly thinks her man is a "medieval control freak"; and the children who suffer because no child likes seeing parents arguing and fighting. Ultimately family gets destroyed and kids are scarred for life.
So far the condition for creating a nuclear, healthy family are not getting any better. Families rarely receive support from the government; women are favored in divorces and are even encouraged to divorce and destroy everything instead of trying to fix it; men are blamed for everything except killing Jesus Christ and we know well (((who))) did it. This needs to change first. The change in society needs to be made before what OP tries to enforce will be possible AND reasonable thing to do.
Remember, there is time of peace and time of war. Time of war is not a good moment for peaceful reproduction.

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Cool story

MGTOW favours the Jews, it's bad, period. Don't fucking go MGTOW morons


Also, watch this video, might clear some misconceptions. The author is ex-Ranger (he has plenty of videos with army stories, very cool IMO) who has had wife and children, and who has been fucked over by his wife so severely that he decided to help other men not to fall in the same trap. Marriage today (with VERY special exceptions) are an uphill battle that's not worth it.

True, but you cannot downplay the influence of the outside world. Other men, her friends (who WILL try to turn her into a slut "because it's fun!"), the society encouraging promiscuity, mass media, movies showing slutting it up as okay. It's impossible to maintain control so tight to combat all these elements, unless you want to become an Amish or a hermit.

Not an argument.


I don't give a fuck about women at this point, they can find me whatever they wish. Cucks who try to be attractive to women (gym, spending money on them, PUA shit) are losing time, effort, energy and money on something that's extremely vain and useless. Being seen as attractive doesn't make you a better person. Work, set goals and achieve them, train useful skills, maintain physical fitness, stockpile equipment, be ready. We can fuck when we'll win.

Sounds great until you understand that you, on a personal level, have already lost.

Very cool and natural.


Hey roastie, your shaming tactics don't actually work on MGTOWs. In fact, MGTOWs are so immune to ad hominem attacks the fact you even tried that same tired roastie default manipulation tactic is absolutely hilarious.

Nah, reproducing is more than enough and you can just use surrogacy for that. No one wants to make men "happy and safe" because equality. As a matter of facts, they want us ruined. Since bankers, women, goverments… are crushing us, we'll have to look for alternatives. Our enemy is way too powerful and influential, and divorce-rapes and false accusations are destroying countless men.

Nice to see others get it. I'm already ready right there with you.

Our main goal should be MAJOR ethnic cleansing of non whites, once we get rid of all the non whites we can focus on helping the white race improve and take over the planet, If we can get Russia and all of europe on our side then we will have no problem destroying all the non whites, we need to be brutal build shit tons of bombs and fuck the hell outta everyone on the planet. Hitler had the right idea with killing all the kikes, the only reason why so many people are opposed to killing all the non whites is because they have been brainwashed with cultural marxist ideas of (((ANTI RACISM))) before the 20th century we had no problem fucking up other races, once we get rid of the non whites and Jews, we can start by building a moral system where everything goes back to the traditional way of life, anyone seen doing anything depraved will be sent to a prison or concentration camp.

The truth is the white race wont be able to out breed the other races, so we need to destroy the other races so we can have the planet to our selves. Look at the rest of the world compared to us, they are fucking useless and pathetic, anything good the non white countries have is because of us. We built everyone up and can easily knock them down. This shouldn't be hard if we are brutal and take the right steps, the only problem would be the non white countries with nukes like China. But we can still do it if done the right way.

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I have lost because I tell all of you to prepare and stop being vain, hollow sons of bitches who want to "get laid" because "it's alpha" and "not to be VIRGIN INCEL!!!!!!!"? I don't wish to play the same game that all these primping, fashionable and dull guidos and pick up artists are playing, it's basically being a slut, but backwards. The key and locks, and all. The problem is that opening many locks with your key doesn't make you any more useful to the race and any better person than an upright, hard-working and strong family man, a devoted husband who has only one woman in life and wants to keep her forever.
To become these family men we need to shape ourselves, remove the normalized degeneracy that is casual intercourse (OF BOTH SEXES) and be ready to fight for our own. It might not necessarily be an armed fight; yet, physical and mental discipline are essential. When the fight is won, we can settle down and reap what was sown.

Read history if you don't believe me. Read about republican Romans, a nation of farmers and soldiers. Were they concerned with good looks and being attractive to the women? No, they killed the other tribes, and then settled on the conquered land.
The Boers, one of the most indestructible nations of the modern world, weren't concerned with being seen as attractive by British cunts or nigger sheboons. They ventured into the African interior, killed everything that stood in their path, then established their republics and settled there with their families. These were great men whose descendants now are being overwhelmed with nigger hordes AND NOBODY IS SPEAKING ABOUT IT. GUESS FUCKING WHY. AND STOP THINKING WITH YOUR BALLS.

Ha, seems like everyone is aware of the inflated value. That the women have of themselves, much like the housing market, or the dotcom bubble I bet lol. So much value, and it all is crashing down. Women thought that we men have no standards, made jokes about it "a man only needs a woman who is not fat" not realizing that we too select women for their qualities, many qualities in fact.

And we didnt fall to their eternal mind tricks or did we? That women are somekind of meta physical entities that have special rules of feel good>>13233520

like this. There are these bro…galscience copy pastes being strewn all about about the supposed nature of them, which all seem to be bullshit. It used to be almost like a religion of sorts lol, feel good copy pastes. Only thanks to evolutionary psychology it started to actually make sense in the way that women are just lesser, but still humans, with many flaws. And we can become aware of them, tell them about them, warn other men of them, and not choose the women.


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Incel warning

emcel/insin warning, go be emotionally barren somewhere else lol

I'm a MGTOW, have been for over 20+ years before it had a name. I was completely and utterly destroyed when a woman whom I loved with all of my being literally ripped out my soul and ate it in front of me. And I consider myself lucky.

I know men who have been divorce raped, lives completely fucking ruined. An old friend, bit of a beta, but hard worker to provide for his family (3 kids). He worked long hours so they had everything they needed. His wife had been cheating on him for several years after the first two kids, the third kid wasn't his. She filed divorce, got his house, child support, alimony (she didn't work). He couldn't even afford to live anywhere. He committed suicide. His ex-wife just married some other beta.

Women are the oldest enemy of man. They need to kept in chains and treated as property.

I dont think its exclusively 100% like that perhaps, I think it has a lot to do with genetics. The bad ones increase in numbers, while the good families basically stayed the same, or did just not grow as much. Some of these women just dont have the genetic, to mental stuffs that makes them loyal anymore.

Just shows how weak some men are. You got fucked over by a woman but instead of moving on to the next you let it destroy you. Grow some balls man. Your an hero friend is an even bigger embarrassment. Why would he not just emigrate and start a new life?

god I wish I could hate you to death


I would agree, but it's probably 99.73% (3 standard deviations), or in other words, 9973 women out of 10,000. 27 women isn't enough to plug the gap, so the entire effort becomes futile.

You must have never actually loved anyone, because I can assure you, when you love someone completely the damage they can cause is worse than anything you can possibly imagine.

My estimate is closer to 95%, ironically, I think that the religious folks probably have the smallest total percentage of them, with them the dysgenics are probably only near 30%. Which means that depending on the nation and a few other factors, I think that the bad genetics can be somehow avoided. A little bit.

No, you have lost because you have already given up. You must first understand your enemy's kalergic plan and do the opposite.

This will not work.

2 sigma, 3 sigma, in either case it's an effort of futility.

Only if you're an extremely weak male that allows himself to be defined by his failed relationship. These days you've got to be as cold as ice when a relationship comes to an end.

you dumb ass faggot whore, pair bonding exists in the male and female brain for a reason. Its made to make life long partners, its a huge exchange of information of emotions. It is quite normal for such results to occur. If one party is incapable of doing it thanks to her genetics, the pain to the other party is immense.

Weakling. A man is genetically programmed to spread his seed, not mope around for the rest of his life over some bitch he's better off without.

women aren't white

You have no idea what "cold as ice" is until your soul has been ripped out. If you even experienced a fraction of the pain I've known you would shit yourself to death. Death in comparison is absolute peace.

Many men do. My brothers found their tradwife soulmates in Thailand and Vietnam after getting betrayed by white roasties.

Histrionic reaction is histrionic.
You might perhaps attend to that before moving forward. Onward and upward, lad.

Reducing his gross divorce chance from 43% with a girl with one previous partner to 5% with a girl with no partners before him is histrionic behavior? Not quite.

No need to be a race traitor. Moldova and Ukraine are poorer than Thailand so the women there are suitably demure with Western men.

Actually it's empowered by a guy that's probably slept with hundreds of women and pretends to have not to (sandman)

Yes, histrionic. The message could be conveyed in a tone that doesn't resemble the screech of an hysterical tween.

thats just popular bullshit myths. Sure that may be somewhat true, but in the way he does that, as we are a "mostly monogamous" species, we do it through…well guess what. Mostly through one partner, and if you are lucky, perhaps a few side ones. Though rare, even in polygamous societies like the muslims, monogamy is still practiced as 83% of their marriages. We are not fucking bunnies you retard.

behold, the eternal thot, not only have the found ways to completely go around your reasoning, and falselihoods, we have also have found our own logic, based on scientific principles…SORELY FOR THE REASON TO EXCLUDE CUNTS LIKE YOU



Very true. They aren't losers, so they've been able to afford IVF fertilization and Nordic ova. All the while, divorce doesn't exist as a possibility for them.

That doesn't resemble a bitter lesbian tumblrite at all. Behold the proud Millennial man who will lead us all to prosperity.

I am using the tools which most of you dumb whores are not capable of using, to that of self study, instead of bitter resentment and low tier meme spouting of retarded tropes that you seem to love. Netflix and chill, progressive memes from your lefty pals too? God. There is no way for you to rival me.

There is a gate, called intellect and self betterment, and you do not have enough IQ points, nor male vigor to unlock it, you female crab in our bucket.

And yet you're the one who exhibits the subhuman reasoning, vocabulary and mannerisms of all those vermin combined.

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like it even matters how my conduct is to you lol, all that matters is the content. My virile hate towards your kind, your non intellect, and your nature has naught to do with how reality is played out. The only course for you to take is to submit yourself to us. For we have risen ourselves above you. But I got a feeling, from judging your feeble character that you are not one to let go so easily. A harsh lesson of humility you still have not learned which is the most dear to us, to when we were but half namefags. Being grandiose in our self. Oh god, chances are you will never learn. You will never amount to any sort of influence. Not in real life, not in digital form in the manner of (you)'s. Now begone and be obsolete.

Daily reminder that threads pretending to attack controlled opposition campaigns run by (((VICE))) and (((REBEL MEDIA))) will routinely use the:
Tactic to advertise their shit via negative promotion which is a sort of reverse psychology.

"MGTOW" is not organic.
"MGTOW" was created by the people who make money running e-celeb channels opposing it (channels like ThuleanPerspective for example).
It is not coincidence that "Varg"real name Louis… what's with these Rebel shills and their bucketfuls of names? Tommy Robinson, Simon Yaxley, Varg Vikernes, Louis Cachet …
I say, it's not a coincidence that "Varg" shills a tabletop game which is ghost-written for him by Rebel Media and goes by the acronym MYFAROG
MGTOW…MYFARGO…MGTOW…MYFAROG (OG can also be pronounced OW, as MG and be pronounced MY).
They're waving this shit under your noses and you're too trusting and naive to see it.

I don't think you're from here at all.

are you just projecting now? a cute!

nice schizo post you got there

Not what was written.
But the fact you're rolling out the schizo poop slinging shows that what I wrote is exactly correct.
Playing both sides at once.
They make money from enemies.
Therefore they create them for security.

Says the guy making the claim that he is fighting the good fight for white men by becoming intentionally celibate.
Enjoy your MGTOW, user, you're probably doing everyone a favor by not reproducing anyway. Assuming you were ever capable of doing so, that is.

oh ever so angry and pitiful. How nice of you. Are you done with your rant yet? Have you calmed down yet? I read somewhere that the ability of a woman to calm down is quite important in relationships, its one of the driving factors that makes or breaks those. It also tells quite a lot of their personalities, if women can calm down, their psych profile usually is okay as they had a nice upbringing. I tested a couple of women with that and found it to be quite reliable!

but its been more than half an hour and you still havent calmed down…so I wonder. What could your background ever be!?

To be fair, you haven't either.

I agree. Sad but i guess it's natural selection. If you are a National Socalist/Fascist you don't go MGTOW, period. You are supposed to protect and love your woman, White man. don't forget that.

look I am sorry how reality has turned out to be for you, as it has for many of us. But this is seriously not the place to seek feminine purpose. We do not play by your rules, we do not have your compromising nature. We do not listen to your heralds (if you even have any), the hierarchy of the world always rested on the shoulders of men like us, and you were always in the background, this has not changed. No amount of pleading or self empowering hollywood movies will undo millions of years of evolution that have led to this moment. You are not powerful, you are not useful, and frankly, we do not want you around here. Go away, shoo, if I had a broom too shoo your thot butt with I would use it right now. Go complain about inane shit on some subreddit that cares about your stupid troubles lol

being stern, and punishing is part of our duties as men. Sometimes women make mistakes so large, that they cannot be forgiven.

You can't really blame someone who has been brainwashed, theses people are sick, they just need to wake up, i was brainwashed in the past i just saw trough the lies, now of course some girls are completely lost but it's to be expected, most of them can wake up, especially the Generation Z. If my Woman hits me while she's sleeping i don't hit her back i just wake her up. That MGTOW movement is pure poison.

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most of Zig Forums are very smart and good hearted people, i sincerely think so, and even if they weren't, they are not brainwashed and are guided by good intentions.

Very true, but these losers probably have more in common with Yezhov than a national socialist.

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MGTOW is actually a Jewish conspiracy to get White people to stop breeding.

The Jew media has been using music, movies, and TV to promote race mixing for more than a decade now, which has resulted in declining White birth rates. But the decline isn't fast enough for the Jews, so they invented MGTOW which convinces White men not to breed at all. This pushes White women into the arms of brown and yellow lovers (not niggers, White women hate niggers) which helps give the Jews more "evidence" to promote race mixing and MGTOW.

Any time anyone tells a White man not to breed with White women - FOR ANY REASON - you can be certain that they are either a kike or a useful idiot acting as an operative for the kikes.

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you are a scumbag

dont you know our motto? "never forgive, never forget"

Fuck you then, be weak, you are one brainwashed faggot. You are dead already. If you don't protect and love your woman you don't deserve to be White.

OP is right. Incels are like genetic defects. Into the trash they and their opinions go.

I dont protect the degenerate.

They are not degenerate, they BECOME degenerate. Your role as a White man is to make sure they don't become whores and stay physically and spiritually healthy. We need each other you absolute mongoloid.

the only path for you to take is the /sig/ path, if you manage to get slim, fit, health of nutrition, learn a skill of sorts. AND what I told a thot it real life, be capable of getting a decent performance at running, in competition, like top 20 in a local match. I consider forgiving.

doing a sport at a higher level eliminates most degenerate stuff, like smoking, bad eating habits, bad sleep (partying), its a bundle of good stuff, do it and you may earn my respect. Post your strava's in the /sig/ threads and then we may consider, until you become something like feminine


you aint worthy of our time.

and to add, its also very difficult to cheat at. Which women LOVE to do.

This plan is legitimate, but it absolutely requires settling for no less than a virgin teen to groom as early as possible.

Remember, there’s a white woman for every white guy.

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"Earn my respect" hahahahahha fuck you nigger, you will be wiped out out of existence soon. All the things you listed are the base you absolute mongoloid.

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if you manage to get slim, fit, health of nutrition, learn a skill of sorts. " be capable of getting a decent performance at running" I don't know where you come from you retarded nigglet but where i live this is is basic. If you think you are superior than most of the people on this board you are one fucking retarded incel.

then so be it, the women choose this.

really? Post your strava then.

Daily reminder OP is a faggot spamming cuckchan threads

and deadly silence followed on the request to provide proof of fitness


I'm a father of three daughters who is happily married and that alone is more than YOU will ever do for the white race, incel.

You know the jew is strong in your state when the court orders you to provide her cell phone — and if you want to change providers you end up back in court.

I have told you to prepare yourself to fight, to train and gather supplies. How the fuck is it something (((they))) want?
I already explained that we cannot compete with niggers and shitskins, because they can live like animals and have living standards close to zero. They can pop out kids like rabbits. They have to be removed, together with the influence that is corrupting our society, before we can focus on reproduction. I cannot explain it any simpler.

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It's YOUR fault for not leading and teaching them!

Looool fucking shill you gave yourself away acting like anyone here likes the army. We call them Z O G B O T S. "he fought a proxy war for Pissrael, very cOoL!" Get the fuck out of here.

t. Definitely never been to an American college…jesus christ man, they're fucking niggers on an industrial scale

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Dreams are more vivid when you jerk off yourself to sleep eh? Wake up nigger.

You need children, not women. They are only baby ovens, nothing more.

Dumb thread.

Nobody here is buying your shit shlomo. Do better or you're not getting your shekela chaim

You wished. Only white women that do that are jewish.