Anti-Semitism Showcased by New York Times Is Part of a Bigger Problem

The New York Times is not an exception—radical anti-Semitism has become mainstream on the left.

The newspaper has deservedly come under fire in recent days for publishing two anti-Semitic drawings—and for initially failing to apologize for what the editors called “an error of judgment.”


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Last week, The New York Times published a cartoon in the opinion section of its international edition that it described as “depicting the prime minister of Israel [Benjamin Netanyahu] as a guide dog with a Star of David collar leading the president of the United States [Donald Trump], shown wearing a skullcap.”

The publication retracted the cartoon on April 27, acknowledging that “the image was offensive” and that “it was an error of judgment to publish it,” but didn’t issue a formal statement of apology until April 28.

On the same day as the retraction, however, NY Times published yet another anti-Semitic cartoon showing what appears to be a blind Netanyahu taking a selfie while holding up a tablet with the Star of David.

As a result, NY Times finally announced that it has decided “to suspend the future publication of syndicated cartoons” in its international edition.

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The cartoons inspired justified outrage from across the political spectrum. Everyone from Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, condemned the NY Times for running the blatantly anti-Semitic cartoons.

The national conversation about anti-Semitism, however, should extend well beyond this specific controversy, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Our country is witnessing a resurgence of anti-Semitism on the political left, and we need to call it out by name wherever we see it.

Every single American should be outraged when one of our elected representatives in Congress suggests that Jews are buying off lawmakers by bribing them to support Israel.

Every single American should be disgusted when a presidential candidate such as Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) diminishes the slaughter of millions of Jews during World War II by comparing the Green New Deal to the fight against Nazi Germany.

Every single American should be appalled when a political party passes a milquetoast anti-hate resolution that doesn’t even mention the hate-fueled remarks that inspired it.

Words matter.

There are many people on the left who try to draw a fine line between Israel-hatred and Jew-hatred (see Omar, Farrakhan). This distinction is completely false. It’s inexcusable Jew-hatred and must be identified as such.

The left far too often gives anti-Semitism a pass if it’s disguised as criticism of Israel.

The anti-Semitic cartoons published by the newspaper are only a symptom of the anti-Semitic disease that has infected the left in the United States. The reaction to the cartoons was swift and impassioned, as it should have been. The reaction of the NY Times, as could have been predicted, was muted and half-measured.

Condemnation of The New York Times is appropriate and necessary, but a far more robust response is necessary if we are to stop the spread of anti-Semitism in this country.

If we’re serious about eradicating anti-Semitism in our society, we need to extend our criticism to those who tolerate and enable it—and the liberal establishment is a perfect place to start.

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Well the isrealis are literally actually committing genocide.


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The Jew cries out in pain when he strikes you.

Israel is an abomination. At it's conception in 1948, they forced 750.000 people out of their homes at gun point and then complained they had enemies.

and then it goes on like that for decades.

I'm of Irish decent. I can actually trace my family back there to county Cork… (more than the Zionists can) My ancestors were driven off their land by Cromwell. This does not entitle me to go to Ireland and force people out of their homes and take that land.

Zionism is some real evil bulll shit.


Well…I might disagree with you somewhat on that account and I'm not even Irish.

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so you would argue I can go to Ireland.. dig through their records, find my family land from centuries ago and then go take it by force?

That's what Zionism is.

except those fucking jew cannot trace their genealogy that far back with documents,,,,they just say it's theirs.

I have the paper work… Give me Dublin!

And if shitskins take over the majority of Europe you will also have a problem purging them and reclaiming our ancestral homelands 50 or 100 years later?

You're correct that the jews have no legitimate ancestral claim to Palestine, but you sound like a huge cuckold. If you're in North America you're literally only living there because Europeans exterminated millions upon millions of American Indians. Do you think that's an "abomination" as well?

do you have any proof for that?
not that i disagree with conquest, whites should conquor the world, i just don't think there were that many indians

We dont want "war on terror" that occupies whole countries now, we should leave them. Kryptojews have no home, at all. Maybe clouds, at best.

It's for obvious reasons difficult to quantify the historical population numbers, but just about any source (look it up yourself) that has tried to do so numbers them in the millions (with estimates ranging from 2 - 15+ million).

What neurons misfired in your brain to read what I wrote and see it as support for jewish wars in the Middle East?

The point I was trying to make is that there is nothing wrong with conquering other nations. Whining about how the jews are so mean to the Arabs is faggot shit. We should be pissed off that they are doing it on our dime and using the blood of our children to do so, not because it's "an abomination" to conquer other nations.

We never killed any indians they are living peacefully on their nature reserves like they always have.
Check and mate.

The dumb play on hypocrisy you tried, you fucking jew scum.

(((Historical estimations)))

The (((New York Times)) is so based

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fuck off reddit


When will we start seeing Der Sturmer and Wyatt A. Mann cartoons in NYT and similar news outlets?

One thing I noticed is that “right-wing” comment sections have people who label anyone who hates jews as a leftist or a muslim. You can’t reason with these idiots into believing otherwise either.

Now THIS is some cuck shit

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Retarded Jews will call anything referencing Jews in vaguely non positive ways Anti-semitic.
What will these kikes say when, as a direct result, killing Jews becomes mainstream?

I must admit to confusion. I thought it was the L pushing their Joos to stop the evil R. But the L is the bad guy here?

Is this just they taking whatever side has the reins and sucking up?

If only trumpcuck cared about anything as much as he cares about the chosen and setting Ivanka up for the presidency.

It's called a Hegelian Dialectic. They control both sides of an invented, highly polarized "argument".
The reality? Both sides are drinking from the same bucket of kike piss.

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>anti-Semitism is rampant on the (((left)))
How many levels of cuckservative do you have to be on to think this

It's some "RA2:Yuri's Revenge" tier shit.

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He's referring to the anti-semitism coming from the extreme Islamic forces that happen to have a D by their name like Ilhan.

There's nothing anti-semitic about her, she's for the entire Jewish domestic political agenda and she's fully funded by Jews. She gives lip service to anti Israel sentiments because of muh poor brown people, not because she dislikes kikes in anyway, she loves the kikes on the supreme court, her kike friend Bernie Sanders, etc.

Thank you user.

kek the plan is to try and convince boomer conservitards that the left is the real nazis see look how they hate jews goyim because marxists are against zionists.

>o-oy vey those pro-whites are also leftist see look how much they hate jews! they're the real knotcees! LEFTIES ARE PRO-WHITE ANTI-SEMITIC NAZIS GOYIM BELIEVE ME AND ONLY ME.


Pro-Life v Pro-Choice when the only internally consistent answer is: Life is a plague.

pro life for healthy whites, no choice for everything else


Donald Trump -

Thanks Mr. President

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That's a very overly simplified description.

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Wrong as usual. There were from 850k to 2 millions Injuns living between Hudson Bay and the Rio Grande, mostly on the two coasts, and some around major rivers (Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio etc). They took a heavy blow when dieases travelled from the south, wiping out villages before its inhabitants had even heard of a paleface, let alone seen one. When the Whites came to America it was not only underpopulated, but depopulated as a result of contact. Then, the Indians that fought with the Whites were rewarded and those that fought against them were punished—these are the rules of war, and brown people are no exception. Whites were fairly ruthless in their expansionary policy, but otherwise treated the Indians little differently than other Whites were treated (British, Spanish, French Empires, for example) and the treatment of Indian war captives was far better than Indian treatment of Indian war captives.

Nice try (((Howard Zinn))), better luck next time.

Now we need to make it mainstream on the right as well.

Bumping for more anti-Semitic cartoons.

Nobody deserves to be under fire for anti-semitism.
Israel, and jews, are the most incidious entity out there, barely surpassed by Islam and the vile countries under Islamic rule.

anit-semitism disguised as criticism of Israel?

Israel is a monstrosity that should never have been allowed to exist in the first place.

and it's only going to get worse.

You imply that whites weren't there first 30,000 years prior. Navajo and the like have creation stories that center around 'giant humanoids with pale skin and red hair'.

Sure… What happened to the Indians was awful. But it's history.It's over.

I live in the midwest and I am not giving my home up to some prairie nigger as reparations.

Let them stay on their reservations and drink listerine.

Oral history of savages is not real history.