Some Cell Phones Can Be Turned-On Remotely

Basically, a watchdog micro-controller is running as long as there is a battery inside a phone, and it can turn-on your phone on a request from the network operator's side.

What one should do is to either leave his phone at home, turned on (that will provide an alibi) or take out the battery. But taking out the battery would provide suspicion (yes, providers track their clients phones states and locations). I.e. FSB will be torturing you and cross-interrogating everyone involved, until you provide evidence why it was turned off at the given time.

So what I recommend is leaving your phone at home, turned on, unless you are sure you will need it. But even then it is better to get yourself a throw away phone, that cant be linked to you: i.e. never insert a battery into it near your home or places you usually visit.

Now how to get an anonymous SIM card: don't buy them online, as these sellers could be FSB honey pots for naive people. Instead pay some homeless to register a sim card on him. Now they will be tacking down that bum, instead of you.

It should be noted, that having a trackable phone on you is generally a bad idea. Here is an example of what may happen: back in 2005 I ride a tram in Moscow without buying a ticket. Then controller came, and I immediately left tram, but the controller, an old soviet-type guy, was insistent on fining me, even risking his health, therefore a fight happened outside, on the street: he assaulted me first, by grabbing my dress, but I've punched and pushed him under the moving car, and ran away, through nearby yards. Back then I had no phone, and there weren't that many security cameras, so it was impossible to track me down. Now imagine what would have happened if I had that phone. If that scummy old Russian controller died in the accident, I would have been given a life sentence for not paying a tram fare. Despite me being totally innocent (having no money for a tram ticket is not a crime). So yeah, your phone is your enemy.

If you need GPS, buy GPS receiver separately, but make sure it doesn't use wifi or BT, as these connections can be tracked too. USB is the only safe connection. Remember: there is no safe radio transmission. Most modern dissidents, starting with Dudaev and Emir Khattab, perished due to the lack of knowledge regarding radio-transmission.

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Most modern phones have some kind of remote wake up:

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Imagine FSB catching you with one.

fuck MS and Apple. this phone’s modem is independent, and not integrated into the phones motherboard. on top of that, there is a physical on/off switch built-in between them, so you can turn that shit off and actually disconnect from any type of signal

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Somebody please tell me this is legit and not a (((scam)))

What is a network provider?

Joke's on them : My phone is always on.

This is basically a scam for linux larper zoomers. Don't own a fucking phone if you don't want to get tracked.

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you make a claim without providing evidence. if you have evidence to support your claim, then i would sincerely like to hear to it. if you dont have evidence to support your claim, then maybe you shouldn’t engage in unnecessary defamation. your “zoomer” comment is also highly suspect.

If someone is concerned about being tracked, might I recommend at minimum locating the GPS sensor and removing it from the phone's motherboard. The cell towers can still track you generally, but at least there is a much wider margin of error than with the GPS.

Linux is not the network provider.

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A liability. Even if you have some way of detection a failure in the bag, by that time it's already too late to do anything. Plus, accelerometer tracking is pretty damn accurate, and a tarded risk to take

Remove the battery.

Get a one way pager like the niggers and use someone else telephone to call the number that paged you. You can activate one with a fake name and a prepaid gift card used for online purchases.

Build a cellphone from scratch (search zero phone) not as hard as you think and a fun hobby. Use Signal for all communication, all cellphone carriers are trash… you're going to have to rely on wifi for calls (remember there used to be a time that people when they couldn't reach you, just left a fucking message and life went on?) and practice usual opsec in that regard.

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Get a tablet with wifi only and either hobo or use a portable hotspot. VPN. VOIP client for outgoing calls and texts. Bob's your uncle.

search ghosting urban, grampa.



To use a wifi calling only phone, you'd likely only be able to take calls at home and maybe your job and places of interest. You'd almost be as tied down as a landline. You could carry a beeper though.

I believe Huawei phones do this on a much smaller scale.


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Often in same chipset as wifi, nfc, bluetooth, and cell radio. No removal for you.

This has been the case since the AMPS days. Everyone should know all electronic devices are tracking/bugging devices.

Visiting the hospital where they confiscate them from you in the ICU, officer Moishe. You should know that.


Where are you? You can buy a cheap tracphones in the US, walmart/wherever, without registering, $20 3 month use cards, no need of such homeless whatever silliness.

In which case it will provide evidence that you were not present.
You don't seem to appreciate how much sensor data is being recorded, all the time.

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he said it in an inflammatory way, and it's probably better than your run off the mill stock android, but he's not wrong. all phones are botnet, even the basic GSM phones that can barely send text messages are running proprietary firmware. the baseband firmware running on it is still proprietary and the chip could acknowledge ping signals even if the main CPU told it to shut down.
even if you built a phone completely by yourself, there are DF antennas all over various cities. ever heard of a stingray aka IMSI catcher? well, the main purpose of that thing is giving you the location of every phone in a 30km radius, and again there are a lot of these on government buildings and various places. and you can stop it, it's just built in the way mobile comms protocols work, so if you want to talk with a tower you have to more or less give out your location.