Massive Rocket Barrage Launched Deeper Into Israel, 3 Israelis Killed

Massive Rocket Barrage Launched Deeper Into Israel, 3 Israelis Killed
Over 450 rockets launched at Israel ■ Israel strikes 260 targets in Strip ■ School cancelled across south ■ Three Israelis wounded from shrapnel on Sunday ■ Ten Palestinians reported dead
Mortars, rockets and drones: A look at Hamas' arsenal >> Timing is Everything: Hamas twists Israel's arm right before the Eurovision and Independence Day >> For many Gazans, if flare-up with Israel brings relief – so be it
2:22 P.M. Two Israelis confirmed dead after rocket hits southern Israel
Two of the Israelis critically wounded after a rocket hit the southern city of Ashkelon died of their wounds, raising the toll to three in the current round of aggression with Gaza.
2:09 P.M. Following last barrage of rocket fire: Three Israelis critically wounded, two seriously wounded

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Any proof?

The Guardian has reported the Umpa-Lumpa's have reacted with outrage, breaking news to follow when more jews are dead. Stay tuned.

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The way it works is that Israel kills 100 Palestinians for each dead Jew. Media reports 'violence' without specifying the obvious imbalance. We should have no sympathy for either but it's a good red pill showing who controls the media.

He didn't write that, dumbass.

stfu nigger

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as much as I like dead sandniggers I don't believe this fagnews. Though whatever, as long as Kikes and sandniggers are killing each other I am happy.

Low score. Try harder faggots. Need moar rockets.

Anyone got a link to his book?


Fake news.

our greatest ally
the only democracy in the middle east
white like us

need better and more rockets

Not really cost effective. Those 10 palestinians could take a knife and kill 10 jews easily, and even get away with it.

Jews aren't White, and never will be.

Its almost like the 'rockets' weren't even real and were just an excuse to kill the enemies of jews.

So Israel faked a rocket attack then used it as pretext to attack the Gaza strip. Got you.

Hundred of rockets fired, and only four killed.

Someone please give Hamas some better weapons.

Earlier this morning, they were trying to pin the blame on Iranian backed groups. Get ready to die in Iran for Israel.

Poor Anne Frank, they wouldn't even let her play video games.

Pretty based, best day of my life

The best day of your life is other people doing things. user, I hope there are brighter days ahead for you.

Eh, I'll take it.

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Some people did something.

It's more jew bullshit as an excuse to start killing more palestinians and take the west bank. I have no sympathy for Islam, but just like they were doing in Spain 1200 years ago, the jews have opened the gates.
We're supposed to believe "450 rockets" and they only get 3?

Israel attacked by 450 rockets.

Estes Industries reports record sales and profits.

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Katrina Pierson just posted a video of missiles firing in the Ukraine from 2015 while claiming it is Gaza attacking Israel.


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What a fucking idiot she is.

The word now is that Ivanka cried when she watched this video of the heartless Gazans bombarding the peace-loving nation of Israel with this endless barrage of rockets, so Donald Trump will support the entire West Bank being given to Israel.

The freshest JPOST shilling is to blame Iran for this. Daddy is going to have to bomb the Mullahs repair Ivanka's broken heart.

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OMG, Iran was responsible? Well, they probably used that $150 billion that Obama handed them in a big sack to buy weapons to destroy poor little Israel, the Nation of Peace.

Still up, articles are beginning to appear:


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yeah fuckface, i know the difference but the one they've been talking about annexing is the west bank. and it will be "oy vey, we can''t wait until the west bank starts doing this!" and they'll go in there.

Truly dah shoah!

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Roasties never cease to amaze me

At least some good news today.

(((They))) aren't even trying anymore.

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I wish we had the resources to bankroll Palestinian extremists.

4/450 = 0.009 batting average.
Send em back down to the minors.
On the other hand this is the very first time I have ever heard of an actual jew killed from a bottle rocket attack.
SO 400% improvement from their past record.

Incite mudslimes to kill jews all over the world.

This is going to get ugly in the coming week. IDF have restarted their practise of targeted assassinations, which will obviously escalate things to a boiling point.

I used to do rocketry when I was a kid. Good ol' Estes. I once used the tube from a paper towel roll with an egg as a nosecone with cardboard fins and shot it into a parking lot on the otherside of a large field. The parachute charge blew the egg up and it rained egg all over cars.

Good times.

Oh shit what have I meme'd? Ivanka is getting that Pony after all.

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Literal dog and pony show

Fuck Hamas and fuck Palestine. All of those Arabs will be killed and you Nazi punks won’t do anything about it. Long live Israel.

"Nazi punks" built Israel, and most are happy for the jews to find their way back.

I love that quote the moment I understood what he was actually saying…the COMPLETE END of the semites (ALL OF THEM) forever…it just doesn't get any better than shitting out the planets parasites in one fell swoop.

forgot photo

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Real title should be -

"Israel launches hobby firecracker rockets at itself, films it, blames Palestine so Jew dick sucking Trump will ethnically cleanse Palestine and give their land to us"

First the piano boy massacre, now this, won't someone think of the jews?

10,000 sand niggers will die for this.

so if you were a kid in Gaza you'd be a terrorist then.

The Rocketocaust! 3 million dead.
Never forget goy, never forget.

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Why can't the palestinians just hand over all their land, it's just not fair!

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Hope Israel flattens them.

Only a matter of time before Israel gets nuked by the mudslimes.

Glass, Glass, Glass

Checked dub dubs
Gotta glass em all

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Kill the jews

It's a quote from William Guy Carr's awful book, Pawns in the Game. Carr doesn't even claim it's from Pike's alleged letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, which wasn't even real to begin with.

You niggers need to actually fact check things you repost.

Since you have done the research already don't be a nigger, post the sauce.

Where and when did this "Clownworld, HONK HONK" thing start? Just want to see if it's another Jew trick.

When the fags tried to become relevant in conservative circles again…

You can also read more in-depth refutations of it:

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Cool thx user, I figured you were a hit and run, but you delivered.

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So iron dome can only intercept 600 or so rockets? Tbh they would have been better off taping an ied to a 600$ rc drone and flying it into a mall or somthing. It seems like sub 100 iq on both sides.

When I did the research on it, I started calling it stupid dome. Because all it did was provide a false sense of security. HOW-E-VER…it is not like their opponents are any better. If I was in charge of the Pals they would have won by now and the Khazarians would be running for the hills and being slaughtered from behind. Not a single person in that region has the common sense that God gave my dogs. They are all completely terrible at war, creativity and strategy.

Come on Arabs

Reminder that the pike letter is a hoax and that all of this is meaningless bullshit.

Nothing we do in life is 'meaningless bullshit' user. That indicates that you are not correctly conceptualizing the universe. All of it has meaning and is inextricably linked to the past and future of the entire universe, not one thing is out of place, not even a subatomic particle. It is all perfect.



More more more!

I have a theory that ha mas and he bollah are controlled by western countries and they are used in the same way isis is used.

To impregnate your mum?

I can smell your stinkbeard through the screen, subhuman.

Your theory would be more impressive if we didn't know this for decades already.

Haha…don't discourage independent thinking. It is all controlled by the same disgusting globohomo faggots. Encourage your fellow anons to think out of their 'domesticated' box.

Katrina Pierson doubles down! Instead of removing the tweet and apologizing for the mistake, she attempts to justify it.

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these are truck mounted MLR's…. several trucks in fact, these are not found in Gaza or the West Bank, they are very distinctive vehicles.
no fucking way these are rolling around
The Israeli air force would bomb them in a second.
it's truly retard so very facts are needed by so many.

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What a dumb cunt!


Lol they only intercepted 20%?
Well guess who is going to not survive the nuclear holocaust?

Not trolling but can someone explain to me how the Israelis allow themselves to be BTFOd so often by sandniggers on their doorstep if they supposedly have so much power and iinfluence? They can't even deal with monkeys throwing rocks over their border?

Why haven't they dealt with the porblem by now? I know I'm probably being naive, someone explain to me the real deals please.

jews lier like motherfuckers caught fucking their mothers. this news story is a complete falsehood.

it is truly retard so few facts are required by so many, dumb fucking goyim cattle.

Say it isn't so!

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The real bullshit here is she thinks the U.S. should give a shit.
They've been killing each other over there for as long as I can remember, and I still fail to see how it's any of our business.

Go ahead, kill each other. So what?

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