You are reacting as an actor in their plan to decommission White workers

Your opposition to being cancelled was planned for generations ago.

Shipping your economy to China and opening the borders to the 3rd world was exactly what they planned for. Now you can have their planned spat with the immigrants and eventual war with China.
You can point out there are too many Jews in the oligarchy so hard the Left is making goo-goo eyes at them and Silicon Valley's spy state and it's CEO actors.
The shitposting against the brown scurge they insourced is just going to occupy everybody on the manufactured conflict and restrict speech.
The shitposting about the Jew and the immigrant are true but nobody is getting to the man behind the curtain.

The coming conflict with China was done in the same way Wall St funded the USSR and Hitler.
You're losing your 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments and Elon is so cool you won't mind when he ushers in a fleet of shared cars that only take you to work and the store.

Go live in a shoebox now. If you're really hip you can live in the same building as your job, (they are really building Foxconn style factories like this for urban professionals. Have been for years.)

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Oops. Meant to post the archive instead. Not that there's anything great about the article.

The jobs are just elsewhere. For example, China has tons of tech job opportunities for white men.

Honestly if you are white and not planning to move to Asian in the next decade I don't know what is wrong with you

They've been demoralizing you for decades.

Your defense against them hits the targets and speaks the script they set up to make you the boogey man for the other side, the Left, which had moments of exposing corporate cronyism and the oligarchy.

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They're probably going to carve up the world in some way we can't fathom. It won't be good for people who have to work.

An actor that is giving the normalfaggots the opportunity and priveledge to say the news is full of shit and still sound sane?

Clearly you have us mistaken with the Alt-Right, whatever the fuck that means.
And that's where you're wrong, kiddo.

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Anything is better than working under jews


They put an astroturf conspiracy over the real conspiracy. Always.
It gives an explanation for the crime but nobody gets held to account because Zucc didn't "steal" facebook from the Winklevoss Twins. He was given it from a DARPA program.

Not only does it give an explanation to the suspicious it confuses anyone who heard the fake conspiracy when you try to tell them the REAL conspiracy. "Zucc took facebook dot com from DARPA employee Adam Grossman" *Normie thinks that was in the facebook movie.

Trump vs "the deepstate" is a very different deepstate than the deepstate Moldbug described.

The news media and silicon valley is full of shit because it's the get Trump agenda. There's a real river of shit under the fake layers of shit. It's to keep the Trumper's and resistance occupied while the surveillance state is profiling you and building the thought machines to condition any response.

Trying to tell anyone anything is like trying to convince a schizo who hears voices and double meanings in everything.

This site has a lot of government agents, Jews, NGOs, calling telling the Right in here to commit violence a lot.

We'd be better off naming what specific billionaire Jews are doing exactly.

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How do you convince anyone? Speak from truth, say it as a matter of fact, be nonchalont and have a positive outlook as to be infectious.

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When have we not? Lurk more.

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just start posting your 1.pngs already

Nothing to worry about then moshe, all going to plan. No sense being here making a fuss.


Talk to people about how they know what they know.
Get into a conversation like this and then apply it to baby red pill events.

Nobody knows how to falsify something one way or the other.
You look at an assertion, a happening and you ask 'What test could 99.99% prove this supposedly true thing false?'
If the test to prove it false does not prove it false it is true (for now). There is only true for now and undefined.
You don't say something like the flying spagett monster is false, you say there is no test for it so it is undefined.
Public school people have no grasp of this.

Or/and you use Kuhns, who talked about having a model. A picture that best explains what happened with the least amount of anomalies.
9/11 doesn't have a nail in the coffin falsification but it has too many anomalies.

Avoid relying on authorities and "sciences" that step outside and above math and logic on hard matter.

There is no certainty, there is only statistical likelihood.
Go from talking about how truth is determined >>> to baby red pills >>> to a larger dose.

Make videos. Study programming. Learn to use AI.

What are you even on about

If the deception wasn't vital to the mission they wouldn't be pouring trillions of dollars and man hours into it.
What the citizen knows is clearly super important and powerful or they wouldn't bother.

This idea has been deleted four times already. I wonder why?
Meme this shit so.
We need a physical reminder of who's who, in order of potential threat. Leave them around your local (((coffee shop))).

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This isn't your blog, nigger. Tell it to your therapist.

Much easier to steal from white man when they all arone in bugland.

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Nothing is stopping you, nigger. Those threads get shut down because of jew spam. jew naming threads are a Zig Forums fixture.


Two sentences stating the trillion dollar deception means it matters to them what we know is blog post and the author should seek therapy.

We don't support this ass fucking Kike society you complete dumb fuck reject. SAGE and Global Report


they want to destroy the infrastructure everywhere and prevent it from being built in countries that are primitive now so they can turn the world into a primitive arcadia with a handful of high tech islands with robots and AI and an elite living in the utmost luxury and contentment. No Sao Paulo, No Kinshasa, No Los Angeles. Just eco island bubbles of high tech.

Agreed. Trump ran casinos. He's no fool and he knows the real power structure.

"Climate Change" taxes are to pay for subsidies for a faction being displaced by technology or changing laws.

Anyone with an IQ over room temperature knows this. In a way it's a good thing; they will go sperging out to FBI agents while the real dangers to the system sit back and improve their OODA loop from the data.

Trump will save us but we have to support him.

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BASED and zionistpilled

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Grand Solar Minimum into a full Ice Age is more promising in its potential than Demonald "Kushner Cum Dump, slop slurping simp in a slump, blighted brain lump mad chad" Trump.

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That's the next step in our master plan, you fucking moron. Let's test the limits of conservative Mammon-worshipers' cowardice. Wud be laffs.

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