PLANT SPECIES PRODUCE TOXINS TO EXILE RIVAL SPECIES FROM THEIR AREA. Human tribes produce verbal abuse and slander to exile rival humans from their territory. The key to driving Jews from a territory is to create an anti-Jew climate through constant slandering of Jews. Talk shit about Jews all the time and talk shit about jews to people of all races. If everyone hates Jews, then eventually Jews just leave.

If you look at latin America, whites there survived okay in a multiracial environment, a area relatively free of jewish influence manages to develop a relatively stable racial order, an order that is now being somewhat subverted due to global jew media.

Driving jews from power and driving jews from the USA is important. If everyone hates jews then even if they can't be exiled from the country, then people would just pay less attention to jews and their media. Verbal slander and abuse is the human equivalent of plant toxins. If a person is slandered enough they sometimes self-destruct too. I would also suggest that people pray for God to curse Jews. Prayers against Jews may have subtle effects on the intellectual climate.

I don't like to have to suggest that people speak out against Jews constantly and I don't like to suggest that people spread anti-semitism to all races. But the jews have been doing the same to us, and we have no choice but to speak against them the way they have spoken against us. Being nice to them is not an option, if we are nice and philosemitic that just makes them stay here or stay in power, and they always have subverted our people no matter how nice we are to them. So they have to leave.

Even if we can't exile them, a climate of hatred of jews would result in them being dethroned. Try to utilize leftist talking points and redirect them away from whites and against jews, also utilize any other talking point against jews, whatever strategy for any race to make them hate jews. Spreading jew hatred is the answer.

You don't need to do overtly physical things. We need soldiers of the mouth, people who are engages in an information war against jews. A war of words against the jews. There is no other way. Each day resolve to say at least three anti-jewish things, whether online or whatever. That is your mission each day, that should be what your conscience says and your basis for moral self esteem.

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article above is plants defending territory with toxic substances.

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A climate of anti-jew hate would remove them from positions of economic influence

Recruit others to do the same(to wage an info-war, a war of words, against the jews by spreading anti-semitism), encourage others to follow this program, either copy these words or paraphrase them and share with others. Speak against jews constantly, eat, sleep, and breathe ant-semitism.

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Go scream at one in the streets and watch as you become the first victim of Trump's Antisemitism Bill HR 672. Correction, Trump's LAW. It's a Law.

Forgot to add : be sure to livestream it.

We should curse the Jews at every corner.

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That combats EUROPEAN anti-semitism, nigger.


Right. There is an element of delusion here among lots of the userbase that a physical, real world fight is somehow not necessary or avoidable. It is not.

I guess verbal abuse can include saying anti-jew things in public at jews but I wasnt suggesting that, I was suggesting just posting anti-jew messages constantly on the internet, or spreading anti-semitism in whatever other way you can think of

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Words are real and physical. We need an army of people talking shit about jews constantly, waking everyone up to the JQ.


You can subtly hint at the kikes without ever directly naming the Jew, and there would be no way for them to pinpoint you while their kikery is so obvious to everyone else that no one would have any doubts about what you meant.

You raise a good point, using subtle hints may be appropriate in certain situations; however these situations would be very rare. IN ALMOST ALL SITUATIONS THE JEW MUST BE DIRECTLY NAMED AND CALLED OUT, unless you are living at home with parents and you worry your parents might see your anti-semitism as a mental illness. I would say never call out the jews directly to parents, and that's about it.

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Oh the caption in the video wasn't directed at you, just reposting the video in mp4 version. Very good video.

You mean we need to create something like, like a, I dunno, like some sort of a CULTURE OF CRITIQUE.

OP gets it. Thanks for this thread.

no Jewish inferiority really is funny to watch. You cucks really hate yourselves and think so little of yourselves.

It may be logical to attach certain styles and methods of JQ awareness campaigns to specific seasons and annual holidays. It saves on fatigue while recurring activities become recognizable and normal. Autumn (Samhain/Halloween) IOTBW posting for instance, except with unique content and sound form for other seasonal holidays.

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Organisms can’t survive environments hostile to them

Checked. 4 steps ahead of you. Nice quads

interesting, that makes sense to me, it can be part of our neo-mytho-folklore traditions