National Socialist Internet Force

Call me a faggot, I don't care. There needs to be a polar opposite of the JIDF. A National Socialist Internet Force is needed to combat the leftist cucks that are invading our territory. Most opposition towards these faggots is online anyways. It's all cyber warfare nowadays. I need advice on how to establish a meeting point for people willing to fight. Cosmic Craft is a fucking joke. It's all talk and no action. I refuse to sit back and let everything be corrupted by faggotry.

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OP, your intentions seem to be good, but please try harder on your thread next time. If you think it's a great idea, than type out a couple paragraphs why, and then set it up yourself, instead of asking somebody else to do it.
This post would include:
-Why it's a good idea
-The organization of such a force (Hierarchy or decentralized)
-The method of communication (Riot, the chans, etc)
-What you plan to do (Raid 4pol, raid reddit, post memes, etc)

And you would, presumably before making a post, have the organization already made

You are going to need more than a few phrases buddy.

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I'm planning to post a short guide on information warfare for newbies once I'm in a mood to write it, technically no one is stopping you from spreading our message and redpilling normies. You will get swarmed by their shills because they have means of tracking posters over different platforms, but I'll go into how to counter that later.

I'm planning on having a verification system where you must post a picture of your skin color and something else to prove your intentions somehow.

is that the semite smile i see? that kid's face looks all wrong.

Hahaha i don't know but i do know that this dude's name is "David"

Best form would be decentralized group network, something even CIA, NSA have trouble combating. Create your own cell and start taking action.

The time for words is over, it's time for IRL shitposting.


show us what you've personally accomplished, otherwise you are just externalizing your own inaction and should then get busy

NSIF reporting in.
I do it for free.
I do it alone.

do you control a 2nd federal reserve bank we don't know about?


Only on sundays, faggot.


Exactly, Anonymous.
We can not continue to try to bring about a peaceful change by voting. Voting will not save us. If any thing we have to vote for leftists and watch the world burn (accelerationism).
Instead, we need more people to making real life effort posts.
I'm not a glow nigger. I am real White nationist. It woudl be great for my people if America became like Yugoslavia.

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You’re a faggot. There are no meeting points. There’s no venue. Our speech is censored automatically on every website, including this one. NSIF can never work. Only physical action works.

Sign me up OP. Create a board and shill it on here.

you will get banned immediately from every where but i prefer to go to leftist hugboxes and be as anti white as possible
its funny the fucked up shit you will see doing this

I'm already out there as a lone wolf.

While they are busy rubbing hands and adding nordic runes to their hate list you should be lifting weights, shooting guns, making money, building a homestead and raise a white family.
They can slander us all they want, see how much it will help them once they get curb stomped

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Lone wolf>Organized force on the internet.

National Socialism is still Socialism you fucking morons…
It has all of the same flaws as Communism.

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it's already been debated and debunked multiple of times, it's only socialism in name go lurk moar, before embarrassing your self.

Lurk, bitch.

By who?

The Communists/Globalists HATE the Nazis, and the Nazis/National Socialists HATE the Communists.

The rest of us HATE both…

Lurk IRL, bitch.

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Skin color can easily be tampered with or a decoy used. Intentions are easier to fake. I suggest using redpilled screencaps or similar line of questioning. For example what is said in TGSNT at 1:56:00 to 1:57:00 etc. That way anyone filling out the "captcha" of sorts begins or is confirmed to be redpilled by default.

Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.

Die, nigger.

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the most conservacuck reddit shit ive read all day. good job. Wow, youre so observant to see it has "socialist" in the name! Theres no way its a different kind of socialism or anything.

You mean the same artificial environment that globohomo already set up?
No thanks.
Outside of this place and a few others, but then again that is considered ad populum fallacy.
Also surprised didn't see enough of an argument.
Also lurk moar read the 25 points and look up cultured thug

Why do retarded niggers like you keep repeating this lie?
NS is true socialism. It's marxism that's not truly socialist. True socialism is inherently nationalistic.
The Third Reich was a socialist state, and what's more it was the only successful socialist state to ever exist because it practiced true (national) socialism as opposed to marxism.
Stop getting your definition of socialism from kikes, it just leads to you repeating idiotic lies like you just did. If you had ever bothered to read Mein Kampf or any writings by Goebbels, you would already know this.

I think you misread it user, when I mean socialism in name, I am trying to say it isn't the same exact socialism from Marxist socialism, because of the war on language that kikes did during those days and are still continuing now.

Here is one more offtopic post
America isn't a nation any longer since it is already technically an empire.

It never was a Nation. "America" was founded on anti-nationalism, on a false separatism from our real Nation. The line separating that thing called "America" and that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation.

The way you word it implies that it isn't socialism, but merely called itself that for certain reasons. That's the exact lie the kikes have been pushing since the day it was founded.
If that's not what you meant, then consider your wording carefully next time because that's exactly how it came across.
NS is true socialism, marxism isn't socialism at all. This is both completely factual and triggers leftykikes to no end.

What do you think Zig Forums is? Dumbass.

Pls do it

Trump unknowingly endorsing the concept of ethnoglobe

A bunch of lazy niggers that fap to traps all day. Thats exactly what Zig Forums is.

Does anyone have the old Aryan Defense On Line Force A.D.O.L.F meme?

Miss me with your demoralization, Shlomo. Zig Forums is one of the last – if not the last – true anti-kike clubs on the normienet, and every day this place inspires me to be stronger, angrier, cooler, and more calculated.

Thanks for announcing this shit, now any time a pro white voice is had on the internet, somebody can just dismiss it with "oh look it's NSIDF." This is why newfags shouldn't think, at all, and shouldn't make threads. You're blurting out the obvious, something everybody on this board recognizes and engages in (information warfare across the internet) and organizing it into neat little categories and organizational structures that are easily used against us in all manner of ways by our enemies

Zig Forums thrives on chaos, stop making threads and lurk more

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2020 Game Plan:
Register to vote democrat. Vote for loony in primaries.
Vote write-in Candidate "Hitler" in 2020 election.
Laugh when Hitler gets six-million votes.

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Learn to use the dark side of The Force

I can get behind this idea.

I'd overwhelmingly prefer writing in Patrick Little

I thought that they take Saturday as their day of rest?

National Socialism is a bit of a misnomer, economically, NS Germany was not very socialistic at all, and whatever socialistic things they had, such as universal healthcare, were enacted in the 1880s during the German Empire.

I'm surprised you didn't whip out the known and confirmed shill thread template image to tell OP what autistic faggot formatting he should post threads in.


easier way to put it:
since most people don't understand NS didn't give two shits about jewish capitalism vs jewish socialism economic nonsense because they were only concerned with policies that were good for the race. hitler admitted using the word socialist was a mistake although it was a good tactic at the time to combat the jews and their disgusting word plays then.

Make a thread and see if it flies.
I'm busy working on my hat design:
Make Israel Great, Asshole

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Let's create a moderated copy of >>>/adolf/

Sorry your thread got trashed by kikes, OP. These guys:

are correct. There are some key differences between us and the JIDF:
This means we have to be using many anonymous accounts on online forums (unlike kikes who do not fear being banned/shunned and can have long-term accounts, even under their real name) and spamming redpill infographics, literature, etc. We don't have time to be debating leftists, since they will always fall back on social approval and kike pilpul tactics. The best way to redpill people is in a non-threatening manner, with blitzkrieg infodumps that they can peruse and accept on their OWN TERMS (this is important for bypassing their psychological resistance to our ideas).

This threas got trashed?
There is like one or two kikes.
It isnt enough to trash a thread.

Agreed. As long as there is a cogent discussion then it is not trash. Who is down to do ?

The Third Reich was economically socialist as well. The only reason you don't think so is because you get your definition of socialism from marx.
Nationalsocialism is the only true form of socialism, and socialism itself is inherently nationalistic.

Sage for doublepost, but
That's blatantly wrong. He never said such a thing. He actually laughs in Mein Kampf about how retards keep confusing socialism with marxism, and how bourgeois pseudo-nationalists kept thinking that the NSDAP were 'secret marxists' because they were socialists. Pretty sure it's in the chapter in volume 2 called 'Philosophy and Party', but might be wrong off the top of my head; might be another chapter.

Cartoon related, to the workers he emphasized the Socialist worker's party (freedom and bread; employment; winterhilfsprogramm) and to the wealthy he emphasized the National German party (Racial values; National independence; protectionism).

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Obviously anyone with a brain will emphasize certain parts that appeal more to the ones they're speaking to. That doesn't mean that the parts that aren't being emphasized at that particular moment are in any way fake or nonexistent.
Read: Essay by Goebbels
Also early speech by Hitler:

i don't see it in there must be in another chapter. I'll re-read volume 2 anyway as i've been meaning to go through mein kampf again.

Found the part where he laughs about the inability of some to distinguish socialism from marxism. Chapter "Struggle with the Red Front", vol. 2 chapter 7, a couple pages in.


You know what works to discourage scumbaggery, every single time ?
Also hangings beheadings and impalings have been powerful motivators throughout our history.
Lynch mobs serve justice when the authorities cannot or will not. I am not a violent person. But the way (((they))) are trying to shut down dissent will only lead to life force of "journalists" soaking the roots of the tree of liberty. It is the way it always goes in every country they invade which is precisely why they are going full retard to try to prevent it. Unfortunately for them they cannot allow discussion because the truth curbstomps their kosher house of cards. So the truth must be hidden if not destroyed. They own the media and tech gods therefore they own the battlefield which you are planning to join.
Yes it is good to have memetics strategy. But cloning behavior of the eternal merchant is not an ideal solution. There are proven methods for parasite removal

Silence fool you know nothing but what the jew tells you

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never seen this cartoon before. saved.

this is exactly what hitler talked about by giving different groups different forms of the same message. aka don't give academic papers to plebs.

attack force would be more on point since that's what these "internet defense forces" are. the act of posting the truth means there is already a national socialist internet force tbqh

Right Wing Desktop Squads?

top fucking kek. confirms i need to re-read mein kampf a lot of these gems didn't stick with me the first time.


Leftypol has 20 pages x 15 threads = 300 threads.

If we organize 30 anons to post 10 threads from 10 proxies in 10 minutes we could wipe their board. Same with >>>/islam/ or some jew board.

Lets dew it

We need to organize it so it is like a shotgun blast not a few airsoft pellets. I've done successful raids before and we need an irc to get going. Sadly I personally don't have time to organize it right now but I'll probably participate when someone creates the appropriate thread.

Leftists with nothing to lose can be exceptionally annoying. I'd rather let them do their thing and slowly get redpilled by their proximity to Zig Forums, instead of poking the hornets' nest. Any raids should be on reddit or a similar site.

I think we should try to conquer 8ch. A war would unify the shitposters and effortposters. Victory means 8ch becomes a Nat Soc paradise. Defeat means we are battle hardened and tactically redeploy to less censored grounds. Board wars are a win win.


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That's an Anti-NS caricature you sperg.
Why would you agree with that? National Socialism is Socialism.
By downplaying our ideology as a fucking strategy or/and wordplay you show how little you know about the topic.
Even Spengler wrote a book on ,,Preußentum und Sozialismus'' and still you're dumb enough to fall for the kike's definitions of words.

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We have an economic/legal border with Mexico-because white WOMEN aren't gonna work outside the home and make babies with AVERAGE LOOKING WHITE DUDES.



Bad idea.
One or two guys are enough.

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That hakenkreuz in the worker's cogwheel
They really had masters of symbolism on that crew

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The symbolism of the cog in the national socialist context is really based - haven't even thought about that.


I had the same idea, bud. Honestly just find people willing to do whatever it is you want, swap protonmail accounts, and maybe as trust builds, friend or follow each other on social media. I recommend a few objectives for it
1.) Intimidate the enemy
2.) Shut down the blabber mouthed, feminist and often "sheildmaiden" or other type of movement thot
That last objective is just as key because while perhaps not being hired by the jew, they do the jew's work by usually stirring up movement drama and infighting. They are often times just hobbyist LARPers which brings me to this last and crucial objective
3.) Get hobbyist to shape the fuck up and take things seriously or shiip the fuck out

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What are you, an English teacher?

Rockwell made a point just like that once, worded a lot differently, though

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I fully support this idea, OP should set up a way to communicate so we can plan and attack in a coordinated manner.

Wash your balls ben shapiro wannabe.

Rockwell was a cringe Nazi larper. And this thread is cringe and useless shit just like the rest of this board.

Hey spamming kike.


Voting doesn't take that much time. You can and should use it to shift the overton window, but one should never let that be the extent of his politics.

I think it's called Zig Forums, and you'll find plenty of us among Internet comments.
Spread the memes, win the Ätherkrieg.

Stop with the self destructive idolatry based on suicidal religious indoctrination. The whole reason Adolf Hitler had to use idolatry to create the Führer persona, the symbolism, the costumes, the Roman/Greek narrative, the parades, the speeches etc. is because he had to create a spectacle for the masses, a lie based on idolatry for the gullible to follow. This is based on thousands of years of religious indoctrination that was forced upon the human race. The doctrine behind national socialism would've never found acceptance otherwise, just look how long it took for Hitler to convince the people in the Beer halls? And how many fruitless political debates he had before that with the commies and the jews.

Still not convinced? Then let's look at Islam. Mohammad started out as a soapbox preacher, because after learning about Judaism and Christianity he wanted his own religion, and so he preached. That didn't work well, so he did the next best thing…robbing, raping, murdering, overthrowing the cities and forcing his way of life onto them. And what do you know? He became a successful, mass murdering warlord, and was able to spread his religious dogma. Humans do not listen to reason, in that case the jews are right…the majority of mankind are indeed cattle and need to be forced or tricked into compliance.

So now for a solution to your problem…forget NS optics, but keep the 14 words at heart, then grab the flag of your country and march under that. That's your birthright, that's the flag that represents the collective of your race, that protects your family and your bloodline. Show your fucking colors and fight the jews back by attacking their advancements against your national sovereignty. You can see this in Europe right now. After the creation of the United Nations dictatorship and the creation of the EU tyranny government, they are now advocating the term "Europe" over your individual counties. The EU flag itself openly showcases cultural genocide by representing all it's member states as the same fucking star. The star of david. The jewish stamp of ownership…you know, like on the US star spangled banner? Attack the jews by attacking their symbol, by showing your colors and plastering your country flags everywhere. I wanna see school children with flags, put stickers above the EU flag on all your license plates, burn the EU tyranny flags. In doing so you will created national identity, you will directly see who doesn't support you and who's your enemy, and the best thing is they can't shut you down for it, because it's your legal birthright to represent your country. This is your way out of this, this is how you will get the lost sheep together under one banner…SHOW YOUR COLORS. Don't further divide yourself by chasing worthless new identities or hanging on to already tainted ones.

Can't do 14 without 88 and being national socialist is not idolatry is realizing the truth.

Die in an oven, OP.
Call out misinfo. Show normies sources. Do not be "that guy from that group" because then you have no credibility.

You fucking retard he is not calling real life action just on the internet.
Read it carefully.


Have I been living in the matrix?

its called anonymous
we are region

Totally agreed, the mods are fucking cucks and are openly against us anyway, the welder's threads have already been deleted multiple times and I got banned for shitposting

For a war? 2 anons?

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maybe try flirting with a women yourself for once