Jewish agent taking questions

I work for the Jewish New World Order. I feel guilty for my crimes against the white race. To show contrition I will answer questions for crimes against the white race and western civilization. No doubt they will track me down, the Jews have infiltrated all levels of government. Taking questions while I can.

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Do you think niggers can still make good slaves ?

Can you actually verify that you are indeed a jewish agent?

Slaves that's so 19th century. Africa only serves as a Rothchild money making operation. Why do you think we keep them so decided and their population down.

Are most of the mainstream alt right commentators mostly correct?


Yeah sure. I will show you my membership card. It says super secret 2000 year old conspiracy on it, goys need not apply. Yeesh…

If we leave Earth to you and move to another planet, will your God leave us in peace?

You won’t do anything, nigger.

How can we stop IGM (circumcision), Halal and Kosher slaughter in Occidental nations?

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They have just scratched the surface. A few of them are controlled opposition. We have dirt on a few others. The best lies have a hint of truth of them. Yes the Hallaucost happened depending on what you mean by that happened but no where near the numbers we push.

Lol, right. Suppose you could give me an opinion on Benjaman H. Freedman, the apostate Jew who became a whistleblower to ZOG, huh?

Brother Nathaniel… Dont get me started on him. That guy is way too close to the truth.

What would be the most efficient way to subvert Israel ?
Thanks to your jewish runes it's virtually impossible to take trips to jewish internet, is there any better way you can think of ?

Sage and report, newfags. This is NOT cuckchan.

What's funny is you just profiled judaism to a T, exactly what your cult is.

do you need to get circumcised to become a jewish agent?

what do you think he means by (((member))) card?

Circ on a wide scale is our doing. Who is not these days.

When will the next world war begin?

I'm not. How thoroughly has the Chinese government been infiltrated?

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Fake and gay but for fun:

Is it kike shill agents posting here making derogatory comments about The Führer in virtually any thread he is mentioned in?