BBC News can't deny it, reporting that Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'

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You must be a democrat shill. The only problem with most of the refugees is that they're Islamists, a hateful ideology that's incompatible with our Judeo-Christian values.

Shame all semitic religions aren't handled the same way.



And you must be a Jew shill, because white men don't make cunty snark-filled posts like this. Kill yourself.

And this is a good thing!

Perfect (((example))) of why we don't need christcucks.

deus vult any day now, right fellow christians? oh you're too busy kissing african feet? ok tell me when you're done.

A rabbi taught them if a man demands their cloak give them also thine trousers. Sucks they aren't getting wise, but they aren't my problem. The Church is doing fuck all for European nations too, and now muh christians will be the new leverage to import greater volumes of shitskin. How convenient for the ailing (((Church))).

The problem with shitskins is that they're not White. It has nothing to do with religion. Nonwhites must die.

You faggots are too stupid for this board- or at least you would have been, a few years ago.

*squeak squeak*

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Oh no, which non-European nations must we invade now? I doubt it'll be an action taken for the benefit of White people.

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Color me shocked.

ok kike

useless fucking board can't even archive fucking anything

They really are, huh. Guess we're making some progress if we have more people but still this stupidity…

Good. When are Christians gonna chimp out and Crusade again? Or are they just gonna cry while Jews and Muslims continue to sodomize them? You know that's a sin, right christcucks?

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Crusade where, christians are losing in their own countries. Another war for pissrael, when your own house is burning?

Just look at the christian concept of martyrdom where a christcuck that is killed for his faith is granted a VIP pass to heaven. Getting into heaven is the #1 priority for every christcuck. The logical conclusion is that if you kill a christcuck because of his religion you are doing him a service by granting him guaranteed access to his cuck heaven! Use that to argue that killing a christcuck by a non-christcuck should not be considered a crime based on the christcuck belief system. Mocking these people is the surest way to cure society from their morals because eventually non-christcucks arent going to take them seriously and there is so much to mock. Christians love being persecuted for their faith because it makes them into victims just like Jesus.

This, also we must let in a million 'christian' shitskins.

Nobody cares and nobody should ever care. Worry about white genocide, not fursecution of a kike worshipping religion.

Killing Christians is not as bad as your mocking and ridiculing them. To see belief is how to judge.
My family will be avenged.
Right now you see us soon you will see us no longer.
If this is how you believe towards us so be it I hope you make the right belief.
Lest ye be judged - J

But they can "deny it."
They can ignore whatever they like.
As they did for decades vav. Rotherham , vav. Paki-on-White lad murders, and so on.
Which means that far from "can't", the BBC is actively choosing to report this for some particular reason.
I'm sure you can figure out what that reason is.

7/10, everyone fell for it

Full retard.

I'm not hostile to christians or christianity like a lot of Zig Forums, but how does anyone use it actually give a fuck about this? Moslem muds are killing christian muds. Who. Gives. A. Shit.

Are you seriously going to pretend that they wouldn't be doing this anyway? Or that religion is even the real cause, as opposed to regular ooga booga tribal warfare, waged for inscrutable, dumb mud man reasons?

Dunno why you disgusting trash tier inbred retards feel negative towards Catholics

Nothing more pathetic than an Athiest piece of rat shit

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are you fishing for obvious examples why or what?

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I care about white people. I couldn’t give a shit less about African Catholics

And what about regular Catholics? Don’t be such a cretin

Needs to be talked about more. It’s very dangerous out there.

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Religious inspired slaughter of Christians isn't happening outside of turd world shitholes.

Anti-China sentiment..? Fascinating…
The claimed motive focuses on benefit to local people. Perhaps to some people chasing tourism income is no more savory than chasing gambling income.
Can these regions… I… Is it dignified to shape the earth, perhaps? Pakistan is not known for its good environment. Maybe they could teach people to wander the countryside taking soil samples and sharing knowledge with farmers, landowners, and also… well, tourist facilities, which need also that the environment be well-attended.
Though I wonder if the problem is the basic indignity of serving the Chinese economy in some way when China is so awful to workers at home, thus exposing the whole world to that impoverishing wage pressure.

Religion and stewardship go together beautifully, for we must care for this world if our adoration for this world’s creator be sincere.


It’s more than a vapid aesthetic, it is the quality of faith reciprocated. Faith in speech, and faith in listening. A truly faithful person… I am not. I struggle with faith.

As should we all, here in this darkness, where people try to make lethally much of small differences.

When a man truly believes in a promise of paradise and dies in that true belief, the world is poorer by one truly faithful soul. That is why no man of any faith should ever advocate suicide for any cause of any use. None who would hear deserve death.

for any cause or* any use

That is exactly why the Crusades started last time jews backstabbed , muslims invaded and Whites went full tilt removing invaders.

You mean the non-white ones? They are the most numerous.

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non white/euro christians are doing fine
big families in africa and south/central america


OP, this was written by a jew.

"It warned the religion "is at risk of disappearing" in some parts of the world, pointing to figures which claimed Christians in Palestine represent less than 1.5% of the population, while in Iraq they had fallen from 1.5 million before 2003 to less than 120,000."

In response to the report, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van der Zyl, said Jews had often been the targets of persecution and felt for Christians who were discriminated against on the basis of their faith.

The purpose of this article is to make Christians hate Muslims and to make you go fight for Israel.