Ethics of the Ethno-Globe


The Ethno-Globe is the logical conclusion of human sub-species competing over limited resources. In the past, separation was a valid solution due to vast distances and natural barriers to travel. This is no longer the case. Ships, airplanes and instant communication have effectively shrunk the world into a single, unified territory. "World government" is now a foregone conclusion for this very reason. Kikes and their shabbos have a "New World Order" plan in which, as you know, Whites will be genocided and all that will remain is a horde of 70 IQ shitskins and 91 IQ kike slaveowners. Of course this kills the planet just look at what china, india, africa, south america, etc. have done to their respective environments but kikes have never been known for their long-term planning ability. I say: we don't let our planet die. I say: we save the world. What say you?

ITT: We discuss the reasons why the Ethno-Globe is the only valid, permanent and logical solution to our problem. We may want to discuss the "how" of it, but that's secondary in this thread. What matters is why. None of us, alone, will have the entire blueprint for success, and that's okay. Shills will whine about "but hoooowwwwwwww, it's too haaaarrrddddd" because they can't imagine how it will happen. It will look like this:

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Mothball thread: initiated. The first time I posted this it got quite a reaction. And anyway, since I'm seeing nothing but utter garbage in the catalog, and since wherever I am, I must shitpost, therefore this thread exists. I assume I'll just browbeat people with it, unless one of the other 5 originators shows up

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Racial conflict will result whenever there is multiculturalism, whether it is within a single community, nation or even the world. As it the world is globalized more and more, the race question becomes ever harder to ignore. Races will conflict with one another due to cultural differences and competition over resources and women. I have long liked the idea of an Aryan planet, but it was not until I saw your Ethnoglobe idea that I was able to articulate it in a distinct term. Nationalism is by nature particularistic, not universalizing. The fourteen words are concerned with one race. The move towards the Ethnoglobe is already a historical trend. Whites have settled and expanded their Lebensraum to North America and Australia, nearly eradicating the inferior populations. The move towards Ethnoglobe is unstoppable, we just need to remove the Jewish influence and cut off aid and assistance to the third world.

Ethno Globe? Do you think it's 1890?

Whites spent most of the 20th century killing each other and losing our empires. Our spirits are broken, most of us don't have race consciousness.

We need to regain our lost sense of self, our values, and try to save our homelands.

Maybe in two or three centuries we can go back to conquering the world.

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I know where you getting at OP, the greatness of the White man is infinite. It's not impossible to create an ethno globe. When there is a will there is a way.

How about just focusing on space colonization when we get the ethnostate and make our own planet?

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In fact we were supposed to have an ethno globe, that was the plan, but the niggers and kikes were in our way.

Do you know about a planet that we can support life and we could actually reach?

Then shut up, space boy. Grown ups are talking.

Am I expected to believe you are an actual consciousness, or can I dissolve you now? Srs bsns qustn

Fun fact: ETHNOGLOBE user is in fact a woman. I have been pushing this or a while, but I can't say I coined the term. Tadashi, your enthusiasm is warranted. Not only is is achievable, it's actually easier to attain an ethnoglobe than it is to feed 4 billion starving monkey-fucking niggers. In fact, if everyone just relaxes I'll just remind you that it was always an ethnoglobe. You just need to remember

There aren't any we know of, and the time we need to make that happen grows longer with every nigger born. You can argue the jews dying out before we do is a wonderful consolation prize though.

Sounds like pure Judaism

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We don't even have a moon-base, I wouldn't count on it. Jews and capitalists will destroy the planet for shekels before that ever happens

It does, doesn't it? Funny how things just, ya know, BECOME mine.

It is. Judaism is the international element pushing for a brown globe. Its too late for anyone to halt the ethnoglobe. Somebody must win.

Set your sights high

This seems like a simple statement, but it's really not.

Fate is in play. Ethnoglobe is a go. Now the question that stupid niggers forgot to ask is: who rules it? It's the same thing as globalisim, or "goys". Who rules the new world, and who really is the cattle? People tend to forget important details when casting their wishes. Then I show up and do, well, this. Whatever, let's tally this world out because I have more important things to do, and I want you faggots out of hell and into my army

Judaism is the code of laws for the Jewish race. Their state has no spatial limitations. ETHNOGLOBE is about removing (through one way or another) the inferior races and making a world free of racial conflict, allowing for the flourishing and development of Aryan culture and the maintenance of the natural environment. Too many shitskins exist right now and for this planet to survive we need to remove all of them. Jews desire a world where the (((Chosen))) rule over a brown, atomized rabble. A Jewish head on a nigger's body.

Sup gurl.

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In a world globalized by technology ethnic conflict now occurs on an international level. There's no putting it back into the box, we are now members of a multicultural world and the conflict is just heating up.

Why even consider it a conflict? When you put out roach motels and rat traps, do you call that a "conflict"? It's just housekeeping work. Soon, people will remember that when you hear about "the Janitor" it's a serious event. So what, you consider this your world, right? Interesting. Hope you're not overly attached to it, I'm going to need you to wake up now

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Huh, it doesn't feel broken. not lost either.
One and the same, chaim.

Thanks to the Internet, we saw trough the lies of the rotted system, and there some sort of a spiritual revival but still, i still think the Internet did more bad than good.

Alrightie then. While we're larping, let's discuss how we will divide up Africa between the various European nations. Here's my updated map with geography.

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Shouldn't Ethiopia belongs to the Italians ?


Why should it? The borders of African states doesn't really matter. And Denmark deserves a large share of Africa.
Italy is a Mediterranean nation. Thus, if they get any colonies, their African colonies should reflect that.

So Italy should have a little bit of North Africa then.

It's some kind of weird evangelical sect shilling for whites being the true Jews, but I can't say I'm entirely opposed to the concept, as long as the very notion of a "spiritual Jew" gets erased from our racial consciousness and gets buried in the very desert where it reared it's ugly head for the first time. My other theory is that it's just JIDF larping as "evil white nayzees" as they pretty much act like caricatures that Jews imagine us as. The possibility of implementation of the "ethnoglobe" being close to zero in the current environment only further points towards it just being a kike/leftie tranny larp that's a mere distraction and a way to show us as Hollywood monsters to the general public.

Glad to hear you feel good, user. but most white people have been taught to be ashamed of their culture and history.

Come on,, you know that to be true.

and we need to get the niggers and muslims out of Paris before France can even think about reclaiming her former colonies.

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Why do the Irish get a colony? Ireland is a colony!

And God know France is absolutely FLOODED by shitskins…

Yes it is. More Shitskins in France than Frenchman in Africa running their colonies at their historical peak.

Fun fact.. no one knows how many because the French census isn't allowed to ask about race or religion.

Scotland was an Irish (Dál Riatan) colony.

The OP is a ZOG-shill faggot. They think promoting an "Ethnoglobe" is a way to sound more 'Right-wing,' while completely side-stepping certain questions. The "Ethnoglobe" sidesteps the issue of whether Ashkenazi Kikes are white are not.
Even if the "Right" wing of the ZOG actually believed in an "Ethnoglobe" (they didn't, they're prefer to make them all slaves rather than kill them), they would still advocate not to do anything to our Kike overlords because "They're white people too!"
Advocating for an Ethnoglobe is also a way to try to deter the enemies of the ZOG from supporting White Nationalism. Why would the real enemies of the ZOG ever support White Nationalism, when it could mean a genocidal war against the victorious White Nationalists? The ZOG will even say this to them, and tell them that it is better to continue negotiating with the ZOG rather than us.
Moreover, it also completely erases the National Question. Our real Nation is the English-speaking European Nation. We are the largest of the European Nations, the way the Han are the largest of the Asiatic/Mongoloid Nations. We are not Germans, Italians, Russians, Bulgarians, etc. Nation is more important than race. The ZOG puts race ahead of Nation, because that thing called "America" was founded on anti-nationalism. For an "American" to understand what a Nation even is requires them to go through an existential crisis.
Moreover, the last point is just fairly logistical: there is actually no way to do an "Ethnoglobe" without nuclear warfare. If only Europeans had nuclear weapons, this could have been possible, but this is no longer an option. There is no "saving the planet" when we're talking about how for only Europeans to survive a nuclear war.
But again, please realize the OP is just a ZOG-shill, and is not serious in the slightest.

While you might be right about OP,
Really? Really dude?


Nation and Race are the same thing. Nation comes from the Latin word 'natio', and means race. Ethnicity comes from the ancient Greek word 'ethnos', and means race. Nation, race, and ethnicity mean the same thing.
When a single race rules other other races in a single state-structure, that's called an empire, not a nation. A nation is a single race.

See? These threads are important, we need to hash this out. Anyway, Zig Forums is dead as all fuck tonight. Actually I'm dead serious about ethnoglobe, I defy anyone to challenge me on the actual merits of the concept. I'll just win the debate, because of how obvious it is. Someone should try

(((incoherent terror noises)))

with a ethnoglobe all that will happen is we will implode on ourselves as we will tribalize over other things beyond race. that many people, spread over that large of an area will result in "geographicism" instead of racism.
i suggest we at least keep the japs around in order to have competition and actually give us someone to be better than.
how can we have pride in being white if everyone is white? instead what will happen is what happened in the past there will be ire and division between Italians, french, English, ect
the only reason we all came together as just calling ourselves white in the first place is because fuck everyone else.

How about you let me deal with the next tribal outburst and you go back to being a worm? Like your opinion has any merit at all, kek

Yeah. Really.
Race is a fuzzy concept. The ZOG has defined North Africans and Middle Easterners as 'white' people for decades now. Before the Civil War, and even today amongst the Jared Taylor types of retards, people will debate whether or not ancient Egyptians were 'white' people. This can only make sense to someone that has already concluded North Africans are 'white' people. To the ZOG, the war in the Middle East is a Civil Race War, and they're fighting on behalf of Ashkenazi (Euro) Jews against a slightly dirtier shade of vanilla. This is actually what the "Right" wing of the ZOG believes.
The freedom of the other European Nations requires us to actually learn what a Nation even is. I'll give you a hint: two different languages = two different Nations, and Nations don't cross the racial barrier.

Go kill yourself, ZOG-faggot.

Let me lay it right on the line for you, since you don't seem stupid: the most powerful warlord defines what is White. So I'll be calling the shots around here. Unless, of course, you think you can pacify a planet based on your own merits.



And when the White Nation Liberation War begins, we're going to define it as the English-speaking European people in the countries of "America," "Canada," Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, etc. The White Nation is the largest of the European Nations by far, and we have been divided by the ZOG for far too long now.

Good enough for me. I'm pro White. You might even be a fuckload more capable than me, who knows? But I'd support that.

not if you don't get skull fucked by an actual bad ass first. lel

I heard one word

We can't even clean our own local neighborhoods and you want to talk about an ethno-globe? Then there's the fact that even had we complete control over the United States, places like China would not go quietly into the night. Africa might, but China has a technologically sophisticated, disciplined, and nuclear and military.

And what would be the point? If we have our own space I don't a fuck about a billion pan faces

you think this way because your mind has been cucked by faggotory, your ancestors would be disgusted with you, they lived for conquest.

bump for ethnoglobe user

gay spacefaggot shit is pure cancer

… nuclear armed military…. Stupid autocorrect

Lotsa niggers, amirite?
That would fix the problem, yes
And this is why you lose. Well, it's because you're stupid. You should spend more time trying to be less of a nigger and less time spewing your nig-tier opinions on the internet

You stupid beta niggers don't understand the nature of trashy women. They get men from their own race to fight men of other races to feed their need for guro.

You niggers are getting played by a bar room tier slut.

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MGTOW, everyone

My ancestors are cultured people, not Jew barbarians.

This is the other ETHNOGLOBE user. I look forward to seeing what you guys are thinking at this point. There seems to be a lot more optimism in the OP now that we have all had time to ponder the issues. I must say I am very excited about that because we either achieve this or we are genocided by another race that WILL achieve it for their people.

Ancient Egyptians were White but only because the whole of the mediterranean was White and not the bastardized mixed race that it is now. I would never consider anyone from that region to be 'White' now. In Egypt alone they have no genetic heritage that ties them to the ancient builders (pharaohs). We keep retreating from the kikes and nigger subhumans but it is time to STOP and go on the offense now. Time to purge the planet of subhuman filth and criminal behavior. Niggers are, of course, the youngest admixture of the hominid species and not a successful one by any measure (too much chimpanzee DNA). We are much older than their degenerate part animal DNA so I think it took a good 30,000 years for us to have an allergic reaction to the subhumans.

Perhaps, but we have always had to deal with kikes/semites interfering in our nations and betraying us from within. This time we will have globalism but it will be without any traitors from within our ranks (they will get dropped by the targeted BioChem).

subhumans…we supplied them with everything, materials, books, hardware, manufactured supplies and the nigger have no idea what to do at all, WITH INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL THE HELP IN THE WORLD. They are clueless, you have to remember that our ancestors invented the processes and the manufacturing when they needed particular parts or supplies they manufactured them. They simply will never achieve what we can, no matter how much training they get.

Because it will all be BioChem user. None of this will be a war of weapons or dickwaving (except the cleanup; there might be dickwaving at the cleanup). I am ok with that. We have been slaughtered by the BILLIONS by the kikes while our immune system waited to switch on. It is time now to destroy our enemies with complete extermination or be destroyed by them.

You wish. I know that you can't manage this on your own (I have been waiting, cajoling, coercing FOR YEARS and only my beautiful SAINT TARRANT has shown me that you are ready to stand up for our race this one final time and take care of this shit once and for all), so I am going to do it for you because I love my own people more than anything and you all are 100% worth it; I love everything about European Whites, the planet has never seen anything better than you in all its generations and all its lifetimes or in all its iterations. You are the best thing that has ever happened to LIFE and to the planet.

that's how i know you will get skull fucked.

its fucking stupid you retard. what needs to be done will come with escalation, and with those conditions retards will show up and get the better of you and get you to fight futile battles and waste your time.

Women should put in the effort to not date shitskins and let men strategize. They're too pathethic to make any strategy. if you want to win you will have to play by insular rules first then strike at leadership structures.

it will come in time you retard, but not in a way that will deplete whites. You are calling for the depletion of the white race with your reddit nigger emotional based tactics. You should do a favor and call out female kike behaviors and shut down more whores from fucking up white the white race.

[X] Doubt
This part checks out

Sup buddy, I guess I was hoping we'd all show up. I did pasta this OP tho. Allow me to drink a bit and shitpost with you my fine fellow

Do I get to ride on a fun train in your army?

Thanks for the chinese pig slaughter and the weaponized fungus. 50% KDA is pretty soft, me laddy

Oh good, the ethnospam is back.

Get to? You can't STOP!

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Going to war IS DEPLETING WHITES…I want something that drops our enemies and will not even cause a hair on our heads to be ruffled. We have paid a high enough price in our dead thus far that not a single other European will ever have to pay it again. There is coming a time when if there is a murder on this planet it will make GLOBAL NEWS because it will be so rare and unheard of…

Hello there user…I rarely drink but I would never come on here, if I was, I sort of say whatever is on my mind. Better to have filters (such as mine are). :)

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You're the trash still calling d Asian. Fuck off TRS.

Weeee, the ride…

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We'll see about that

The wavelength is, in fact, a crest and a trough. It goes up and down, there is an event and a pause before the next event. This is the essence of quantum physics. Concurrently, death is desirable in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. That's Nature for ya

There is no reason to think the ancient Egyptians looked any different than they do today. Many Egyptians can pass for white without a blink of the eye, and many of them are mixed with niggers. That's because, just like in ancient Egypt and as today, the Egyptians shared a border with negroids.
The only reason why this ZOG-shill would want to continue pretending otherwise is because they are weeded to the "Western" identity, where they imagine they are ancient Romans, instead of English-speaking Europeans (the real Nation).
Look at the "we" term and how the ZOG-faggot uses it. Somehow "we" are ancient Egyptians. No doubt this person also believes Bible characters are part of this "we" as well. ZOG-faggots think Moses looked like Charlton Heston.
ZOG-faggot does not even take their trolling the "Ethnoglobe" shit seriously, they think its a joke, and that white people are stupid enough to believe anything.

I heard this strange quote the other day…or maybe I dreamed it, can't remember, but it was a man's voice and he was explaining the cause/effect of the magnetic reversal…he was actually speaking like he was 'The LORD'…Really bizarre stuff. Anywho…

So what is up mein user? I have to go to bed soon because I need to haul/unload several tons of heavy rock and gravel tomorrow…no rest for the wicked now that planting season is here.

Now I have to ask myself, are you some esoteric glownigger with ayy tech, or would you just have seen the double black-and-white rainbow about 2-3 days ago, and the whole LORD shit? It was just a prank, bro. I mean, right? I'm kinda caught up in the tide too

Work hard my man, I also do physical work because I find it very satisfying. Make the money, get it while the gettin's good

How are you going to deal with the fact that China, India, and Israel all have nukes?

Figgered I'd use an armada of extraterrestrial crafts to disable them. That still works, right?

Ohhh an angry elf. I took it seriously enough to drop everything; all my own plans and go back to school so that is the level of serious that I am at…but then, so are many other anons as well…and as things 'become clear' to other European Whites who are already in positions of power and control of military and BioChem it will become increasingly clear to them what needs to be done as well. There is no escape from the future user…all we are really discussing is the future that you fear. If it is not me it will be someone else, if not Europeans it will be the bugs or the kikes. There is no 'alternative' that the planet can achieve. If the bugs win they will destroy all life with their breed feed and destroy ideology, they have no impulse control when it comes to fucking, devouring and destroying. If the niggers win they will die dry humping one another while eating the last blade of grass on the planet and if the kikes win it will be a HELL of degeneracy that could never be understood or comprehended by mortal man.

You think you are objecting to 'me' but it is only the future that you are objecting to…I just see it and say it.

wasn't double here, just single. No ayy tech…haven't figured out the protein codes they sent yet…I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN…supposedly the protein codes unlock the universal library that is encoded in (?my DNA? since I solved their riddle) and I have been so busy with school and learning that I haven't had a chance to consider them since I figure out in a moment of inspiration…"Oh snap, those are protein coding sequences'…but you know how it is…give it time I will figure it out. Baby steps.

Me too…and I can think while I work without having to deal with retarded clients…


Why don't you just walk up to the nukes and shoot them in the head?

I mean yes, the entire library is encoded in "junk DNA". And it's holographic, or so I guess since I'm saying it, and so the amount of info that can be encoded into the interference pattern is immense. Wew

"i so serious i went back to ZOG-school"
If you were serious, you'd be shooting people.
"Kikes lovers in power in the ZOG are gonna realize my ramblings are rite and start WW3."
No, they're not. They love their niggers. They'd kill you to protect their niggers, like a slave owner protecting his property. That's how the "Right" wing of the ZOG looks are niggers in that thing called "America."
You advocate nuclear warfare to save the planet. You're a retard.
The bugmen didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. The ZOG you think is gonna start the global Race War did.
Except you don't even believe anything you say, and it's very obvious. You can't even help but to crack jokes. You think whites are so stupid, they'll believe anything you pull out of your ass.

But kind of, why bother? I just want to see if there are people around who want to wake up



Yeah, good point. Staring at the funny ayylien ships is bound to pop some eyes open, if that's what you mean. I'm just enamored with the idea of brute forcing everything.

They didn't specify where it was in the DNA they just said solve this last thing and you will have access to the ENTIRE LIBRARY. I am just spitballing it here user…relaxing into the Universe and trying to shed the second order desires so that I can have access to pure intellect/natural law.

Hahaha…we all have our little talents user. Why would I bother with the blunt force of manually shooting people when I can drop BILLIONS by using my brain and a much smaller type of bullet, one that never withdraws from its target?
This is what I mean when I tell you all that every last talent you have needs to be brought to bear in the extermination of our enemies (they DID start it user; we will finish it). If all you can do is point a rifle, go point one. If you can use chemistry, use it, if you can use genetic engineering USE THAT INSTEAD.
Also, do you mean 'whites' like kikes or are you talking specifically about Europeans (because the people that the kikes classify as 'white' I probably do think are stupid) but if you are talking about Europeans using the word 'White'; then like I said they are the only thing on the planet worth saving (of course all the animals as well).

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You guys and Africa division are hilarious. But it is really beautiful or it was before the parasitic subhumans took over again and destroyed everything that Whites built in Africa.

What pray tell, TORFAGGOT are 'Zig Forums's interests?
How exactly is being pro White/European and telling you the future of the planet, against Zig Forums's interests…I think that Zig Forums has a vested interest in SURVIVAL…above anything else that is what we are interested in.

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Oh you're in fine fucking company, I've toyed around with the idea of just straightforward alien invasion in case of my being fucked with too much. But I think we have the angle on them, them being all the people. I don't really think we have to force it any more, and in a certain sense isn't that the final challenge of a strong man? I guess I should be as me as I can be, and nothing more. Even though that's a lot, it's a lot for all of us.

Huh, they said library too. Welp, it's probably the thing. I'm more interested than ever in pulling off my big stunt, you seem super cool. Some of you people are alright, don't be born on Earth this Yuga

Give ETA…I am pretty far out on the ETA because I just started learning again but there are a lot more people who are more advanced in their education than I am who are working on this as well. And of course we have had Military style targeted bioweapons for the last 20+ years as well. But those fuggers are sealed up tight. My only hope is that some half assed subhuman faggot doesn't manufacture something that will kill us all…we should have never given TECH to subhumans. They definitely cannot handle it when they have it.
Some user was telling us a story about the filthy pedophile molesting pakis the other day…apparently they worship nuclear warheads like they were gods and drive them all around their nation in mobile launch vehicles…can you imagine giving subhumans access to anything like that? Haha…huge mistake.

I'm going to end up sending zombies into the DUMBs. That's the final chapter, but there's a whole resurrection arc there. Point being, hiding in the ground like a rodent isn't a useful survival tactic, not that my describing it will stop anyone from trying it.
By the Emperor!

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Cool…sounds like an interesting project. I might even live to see it…ya never know. Is that the thing where if you hear the screaming far off in the distance you are basically already dead, sort of zombie scenario? I used to have dreams about those guys…they are 'not good'. Once they are close enough for you to hear the screaming of the living, it is all over man. Run and hide and run and hide.

I wonder how many timelines this 'main event' branches out into given how many people with different methods are working on this scenario?
Alright, hard working user…time for beauty rest.

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Kek, you're asking the right question. You shouldn't be able to see how I flitter around this. You might not exist in the past/future. Do you even exist outside your relation to me?

That's a Koan. Anyway, don't worry how I program my zombies

Since you asked, you should become you whenever you hear the sound of a bell. I won't hold your hand further than that

How about we work on getting our nations back first? These threads are dumb.

Because it is a lot faster to simply kill all Non-Europeans using BioChem than to think like you do. I am afraid you are not really suited for the 'future' user, if you can't parse the basics of what is going to happen with technology in the next 3-4 years.

jews are not barbarians, you ancestors were. Do you even know anything about Aryan history?

LMAO…anything is cultured compared to the psychopathic and grossly disgusting devian kikes, user. Just because they say they are cultured doesn't mean it is true. They are actually the most parasitic, deviant, worthless and least cultured of all of humanity. PARASITES DON'T NEED CULTURE…they just 'gibs me dat' until they are dead, they never contribute ANYTHING.

They have never contributed anything of value EVER to the entire planet in all of history. All they have done was steal, murder and destroy. They are the quintessential parasite. Now, at the end of this they are trying to make the play that they are somehow 'MORAL' (ahahahahaha) but in fact they were the worst people who ever lived on the planet and the worst thing that ever happened to Life.

Barbarism is nothing negative user, it's natural to be a barbarian, you think the White man would let himself getting invaded if he was Barbarian ? The civilized man, however, the "tamed" Man, yes.