Oy Vey! More Than Half Of Austrians Believe Holocaust Could Occur Again



More than half of Austrians believe that something like the Holocaust could happen again in Europe, according to a survey released Thursday.

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany survey found that 58 percent of Austrians polled said they believe something like the Holocaust could happen again in other European countries.

Thirty-one percent said something like the Holocaust could happen in Austria and 47 percent believed similar events could transpire in the U.S.

In addition, the survey found significant gaps in Holocaust knowledge in the country, as 56 percent of respondents did not know that more than 6 million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. This figure includes the 36 percent of respondents who believed the figure was less than two million.

Half of Austrians surveyed believe that the United States has "a great deal" or "many" neo-Nazis, compared to 36 percent who said the same thing about Austria.

"We are seeing disturbing trends pointing to the lack of Holocaust knowledge," said Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany President Julius Berman in a statement about the group's survey, the third it has conducted in the past year.

"Without education, we risk the history of the Holocaust being distorted and otherwise denied and those who were murdered being forgotten," he said. "Effective education is paramount towards ensuring that what happened in the past does not repeat itself."

Researchers surveyed 1,000 Austrians over the age of 18 between Feb. 22 and March 1. The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points.

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It's a feature of history, the Holocaust will happen for real this time, masturbation machines and all.

There is zero evidence jews were ever enslaved in egypt. Not even jews pretend its true anymore. It's literally the holohoax v1.0.

I guess it's my fault for taking desert fairytales too seriously

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The USA is the place that it will happen.

The Holocaust never happened.

But it will… :^)

Its always important to look at what the non-jewish accounts tell for a more truthful explanation of events, especially when considering Antichous IV of 2 Maccabees or Nebuchadnezzar II in Jeremiah.

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More than half of Austrians believe in bullshit so what's new.

Sure as hell I will believe everything that (((Biblical archeologists))) write. It's not like Jews hate Jesus like nobody else in the world, totally, not at all. And obviously Ancient Asia Minor was filled with shitskins just like today… Who remembers about Gallic settlers all over Asia Minor and Egypt, coastal Greek cities and that people in that general area tended to be fair-haired.
Also, totally, if the pope is a leftist cuck (I'd bet my pinky finger he's a stooge placed there by leftist lobby who continues to erode Catholic Church's ideals since Vatican II) it means that all Catholics are cucks. Let's remember all these Catholic multicultural countries of the medieval ages, a bunch of cucks, am I right? :^)

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there is actual evidence jews tried to enslave Egyptians, were defeated, then expelled.


^holocaust history, dump memes and infographics etc

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I didn't think do.

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So there we have it, jew, jew, jew, jew ,jew as far as the eye can see, uninterrupted, so by the biblical account jesus was indeed a jew.
Any further questions? Consult John 4:22

You're confusing ancient Judeans/Judahites with the jews today.
Ancient Israelites and Judahites were White. The kikes are not their legitimate descendents, but are a mongrelized group of many nonwhite tribes who partially mixed with some of the Judeans between 300BC-70AD.
Jesus was an Aryan.


He's a shill, he's not "confusing" anything, he's purposely pushing a narrative

Great images my fellow white brother. Let us quote the talmud to really shove it to these people.

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All religions are fake, sacred books are fake stories, you were brainwashed as a child by your parents to believe in them as a truth.

Why wait?


Holocaust will never happen again. People are just divorced so far from reality these days it isn't funny.

Jesus was an Aryan in Galilee who rose against Jewish power in rebellion. (((Saul of Tarsus))) weaponized the teachings of Jesus to organize the Roman underworld of slaves, plebs and rootless cosmopolitans against the Empire, spiritually destroying it and corroding the tolerance of Rome with Semitic intolerance. Read Julian the Apostate, Read Table Talk

Again? It needs to happen first time around to happen again my friend.

Fug off FAGtheist

I miss when lying was a bannable offense. Pilpul claiming a jewish rabbi with a messiah complex was an "aryan" should not be allowed to fill this board with falsehoods and yet you're still here.

he is half wrong, he wasnt a aryan but he wasnt a jew of today, jews of today are heavily mixed Edomites, the ones that spat in the face of God, thats why jesus says "you are of your father the devil"

and that's just a few of them

Jesus pictures portray him as a European. Who can even figure out whether he even existed?
We already know time is measured by a roman festival.

It's a mis-translation, the question was 'should', not 'could'

Took long enough. Make it happen already.

Semites are semites, semite-worshipper.

The fictional character Superman is depicted as a very strong european phenotype, yet is as jewish as it gets. Art designed to pull in a specific demographic who we know were targeted by this philosemitic desert cult slave religion is just that. Art.

This is how the Jews depicted themselves around Jesus's time. Not completely shitskinned, but not white either.

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it's true.
But true.

White genocide, and changing our demographics to better suit the Jew's need to blend in is an existential threat. How else can one be expected to respond to this? The culmination of Financial Capital, World Bank, IMF, foreign wars, the FED, porn, blood libels for slavery. I mean, think of all the people who have been killed because blacks have a chip on their shoulder due to Jewish race baiting? Hollywood, homosexuality, feminism, etc.

Jews are downright fucking dangerous in a way that no one else is. We can not live with these people. The second we take power they have to leave. And they will be lucky if we let them do so. They made power plays for keeps, literally going for our throat to obliterate our people. They are in a very dangerous time here and god help us from what they are planning next. I believe they will do something absolutely fucking crazy to keep power.


They think they were Romans?



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Jesus was half-Jewish at absolute most

Jews will destroy the world before giving power to the whiteman. They are not stupid. They have a plan “b” if they fail in their agenda of world enslavement. That plan is global nuclear hell fire. They have bunkers and everything needed to survive until Earth is habitable again.

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Of course. What do you think all the Med vs Nord larping is about?

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Of course.
If you don't solve a problem it will continue to exist and create the same situations again and again until it is solved.

Reciprocate the great liarwall.