/Eco General/ #2: Spring Edition

/Eco General/ #2: Spring Edition

Spring has arrived, the perfect time to get out and explore, grow, and appreciate the world around us before ZOG turns it into one giant trashpile slum.

From thread #1:

Deep Ecology vs Shallow Ecology:

The “Deep” approach to ecology is holistic, focusing on questioning fundamental values and analyzing root causes of environmental issues. Deep Ecology aims to completely re-design entire Systems, for the purpose of preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of nature.

The “Shallow” approach to ecology is rooted in materialist thought, often stops before the level of fundamental change, and regularly promotes technological fixes that are derivative of the consumption / production orientated values and methods of industrial economy.


Much of modern ecological thought, as everyone should know, is derived directly from National Socialism. It is our duty as nationalists to become knowledgeable in the field of ecology - too long have cancerous left wing trannies and freaks throttled environmentalism with their vapid, virtue signaling shallow ecology.

/Eco General/ #1:

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what do you do with lawn clippings?

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As long as you arent using nasty lawn chemicals(which you shouldn't be), clippings make for decent green matter for compost.

Bump for interest

Reminder to stop using chlorine pools that slowly kill your skin and body which they also add metals into the pool like mercury. Instead use plants that naturally cleans that water.

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eco-fascism is the future

Mighty bold of you to assume I have an inground pool.

Open question, any good into to small scale farming books or jewtube channels?

Kikes are going for it this week.

fuck off boomer

>The environmentalist contribution to genocide
by (((David Patterson)))
The overarching implication of this essay is that the goyim will attempt to genocide jews because of the jewish desire to conquer the planet - very subtle.

Look up "square foot gardening"

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Ther world around me is already an industrial farmland, fields and farms for miles. Mountains and forests in the distance but they are blowing up the mountain to make room for housing and using the rocks to build piers to fit more industry

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Leave it on the lawn.

Toilet paper seems pretty wasteful and I suspect is full of toxic shit to bleach the paper and such, but I’m not sure what a better alternative would be, a bidet? Redpill me on tp

Just spent another $30 on wildflower seeds.
Anyone got some good guides to plant wildflowers? At first I assued I could just throw them out and they'l lgrow because that's how they work in the wild but so far no luck. I tried seedbombs twice but they failed, one got hard like rock and one just didn't bloom. The seeds I plant inside seem to grow really quickly so there is nothing wrong with the seeds. Do I need to hoe the dirt or prepare a bed or something? I feel like that defeats the purpose of them being "wild flowers"

Nature comes first, we must defend our natural habitat and our children deserves to be surrounded by the beautiful European nature just like our ancestors
Destroy industry, kill the polluters and plant trees


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There's no English translation of Darre.

You could try following the instructions on the packet. I expect that if you work the soil you are planting a bit first, dampen it, directly seed the flowers, and then spread a thin layer of soil over the seeds with a rake, then they would take. If you really cant get them to take, then you could try pre-seeding them inside and then transplanting them outside later.

Grass is only good for grazing animals on.

I cannot find any pdfs or hard copy books of the title "New Nobility of Blood and Soil" all I can find is attached. Is it the same copy?

Which of the books in OP should someone start with?

Impeachment of man by Savitri Devi, here it is in .pdf form

How realistic is it for a mean of modest means to acquire that kind of land in the rural US (east of the Miss)?

Heidegger, unless philosophic works are too difficult which shouldn't be the case if you are a literate white man of good character and high intelligence. Then 'Deep Ecology' which is a more mainstream/politically-neutral academic variant of Heidegger (sometimes without even mentioning him, ungrateful twats). Then you will be able to assess for yourself what to think of, say, Devi.

Here is the relevant Heidegger essay and some scholarly works on Heidegger's treatment of technology.


Apparently the Heidegger pdf is already uploaded somewhere

I would recommend swinging to libgen.io and checking these terms: biopolitics, deep ecology, Arno Næss, ecofascism among others.

If we aren’t willing to free slaves, what kind of society are we building? That’s why I keep coming to this place. The locals here are completely enslaved to hateful and abusive patterns. And you’re all so weak you keep hurting yourself trying to hurt others, but I know I shouldn’t enjoy that part. It’s the fusion of motives good and evil which makes this place fixative; most of society is made of nicer people, but slavery rules at top and bottom. Both tips are dumps.

Conservatives hold society to ancient patterns of crudeness and violence, while progressives drag things forward. Aristocratism is the great temptation of progressivism which must be resisted; the aristocrat’s etiquette is faulty because it is as false as the abuses of the sexual conservative who keeps recklessly or malevolently sexual people in the breeding pool.

Probably Technological Slavery by Ted Kaczynski.

Shut up doublespace jew, go bomb a Palestinian child. Reported for jewposting.

How do you keep mosquitoes from breeding in it mate? Seems like a pretty cool idea tbh

Many simple solutions apparently, filters and plants. Its so simple and ingenious and natural, makes generally sold pools a waste I think.


misquotes are attracted to stagnated water by having the water constantly moving less misquotes are will to lay the eggs furthermore the plants attract animals such as dragonflies and snails that eat the eggs and larvae

A floating filter

Any of you anons been growing bottle gourd?

Theres tons of varieties that can be used many ways
Bowls, cups, spoons, & canteens are the most common ways to use them
Its easy to grow, and it makes good shade foliage. Its pretty too, since it vines out, any trellis is covered by it
Humanity has used it for almost as long humanity has existed, so with every gourd you grow, you can almost feel the history
The gourds aren't made of anti-androgens & cancer like with most plastic utensils, and when discarded return to the earth as easy as wood
Calabash is very pretty & unique as every gourd's patterns are different, sometimes the gourds can scar, adding to it; and when it dries out, it molds, giving it even more patterns & beauty
I myself am growing Goose Gourd, since its an efficient shape, and how you can use the whole gourd instead of wasting small bits like the end

The seeds can last hundreds of years in storage, so its great for preppers too

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Quick search reveals they are mostly used by niggers and that the plant supposedly can’t tolerate frost. Are you living in nigger climate? Don't see how the plant would be relevant to the rest of us.
It’s a nice idea but the same bowls and utensils could easily be carved out of wood instead

To call every other climate a nigger climate is stupid
They can grow anywhere that has a spring & summer
The winter killing them is actually kind of a good thing, the gourds need to be harvested at some point, else they'll just sit on the vine doing nothing
When the plant dies, you harvest the gourd & set the gourd out in a shack till fully dried

Gourds are basically meant to be disposable
For as easy & careless it is to make them, they can be thrown away or destroyed with the same effort
Why spend hours just making one spoon from wood that could be used for better things, when you could just make a spoon from the neck of a Goose Gourd in minutes, or if you use a electric tool, literal seconds
The same idea applies to bottles & bowls
Gourd is also completely water tight & can handle things like fermentation, meaning you can batch process a ton of beer / wine to be used for water purification
I don't know about you, be I feel kind of bad when a tree is chopped down simply to just make spoons & bowls

They were popularized by niggers, but until recently, they were all around Eurasia
The gourds also floated by sea to America & were found by them Injuns & turned into birdhouses, and gigantic fucking chestnut looking things
The chinks mostly just used them to hold drinks & make wine

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Would distributism and deep ecology be a good match?

I'm not totally surprised, since saving the very fucking thing that sustains your every breath makes a whole lot of sense. I thought maybe it would end up being the threat of being reincarnated as a nigger, though

Although it should be avoided as much as humanly possible due to potentially disastrous effects, large scale geoengineering and other scientific interventions should still be researched. It may come to a point where it is the only option to save this planet.

The ones I've had previously doesn't really say much but I ordered from a different store so maybe these are have better instructions.
I had some inside and they grew pretty fast, but when I put them outside they just kinda stopped and fell over. They're not dead but doesn't look very alive either. Maybe it's too early, it's still a bit cold and rainy here but everything else seems to be growing
I'll try you method of soaknig the seeds and working the soil first, but I'm gonna wait until the weather is better

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Bumping for great justice. I've been enjoying these threads, many (including myself) get hung up on the Blood and forget about the Soil. The more I read about this, the more I see that one is intrinsically connected to the other. Keep it up anons.

There's some natural (and relatively simple) methods for geoengineering already. One of the more knowledgeable anons might recall it - but there was a book I recall which went into detail about things like Nitrogen binding, repelling pests and land reclamation just from using different varieties of flowers. So for example, instead of using DDT on your food crops, you use specific arrangements of flowers and other plants to synergistically get the same effect. And it potentially scales of course, so you could reclaim a ton of corrupted land with it.
And for straight up "removing air pollution" for example, I also recall a design where you set up Algae farms in tanks around smoke stacks and the like. They can consume a LOT of nasty stuff (including carbon monoxide) and you can even turn the excess algae crops into food, fertiliser or biodiesel.
There's a whole world of natural "technology" humans just aren't even using user (and within reach of non-industrial post-SHTF type societies), it definitely bears more study.

This is the stupidest thing in the entire world. Grass is the best food you can ever give OUR food; cows, sheep, coats and rabbits should cut/eat your grass. Pick the right animal according to your lawn. Grass-fed meat is unironically the best and most nutritious human food on the plant!
These unrooted modern consumers called people are litteraly throwing tons of grass-fed meat in the trash! And still they say:

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I never wanted a pool because
I want this NOW

But what nutrients is in them?

those retro seed packets though

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Do you have any on animalfarming, because it is a fact that we can't live solely on plants, and i find that these threads continuously focus primarily on plantfoods

thread theme

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They're pretty alright, they help you shit & they're good for diabetics when used correctly, its all stuff that "independent research" can get you

They're edible when young, even a bit sweet; but get very bitter & poisonous when mature, since they get filled with cucurbitacin
Theres basically a variety made to be eaten most popularly, its called Asian gourd / Asian Calabash, but theres others like snake gourd that can be eaten easily
But again, all of the gourds can be eaten when young

There wouldn't be much to be eaten though, since when you do have gourds growing, you're best to be pruning the flowers & foliage to make sure the gourds are healthy, thick walls & large gourds
Gourd's walls can get over an inch thick depending on the variety, and the size is fucking gigantic usually on top of the thickness

Gourds are nowadays just used for art, which is absolutely beautiful too

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Come home Aryan man

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Nice Evola quote there.

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I'm currently listening to his manifesto on audio and he's like an easier to digest version of Evola without the hocus pocus stuff.

freak go away

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Anyone that believes in "Deep Ecology" is not a fucking nazifag larper.

Fascism 101 is wrong.

Humanity comes before male/female.

This isn't really a matter of debate, so hopefully the creator can understand quickly and implement the change. Male/female is a fundamental aspect to all life that breeds, while humanity is specific to us humans.

shut up pleb if you do not have anything to say

They don't care. Adding their cancer to everything hoping it will stick. The environmental movement already is fucked because of the Left and Jewish influence. Now the fucked up right wants to inject Hitler to make the movement seem even more insane instead of a sane, natural and normal course of action.

I don't even think that 101 is great either
that isn't the only change that you would make

Why don't you create a "National Socialists for Israel" movement?

You post this shit 10 times every thread, nobody cares you gay retard.

95% of them are anarchists you stupid nigger

Technological Slavery is the updated and extended version of the manifesto, it might be worth trying to find an audiobook of that instead.

wrong. pleb.
We're apart of nature and race is a natural truth
That is how it always been. You may not recognize or know about EQ (the environmental question) because
But that doesn't change the eternal truth of nature

Could somebody please post a pdf or a link to
It doesn't seem to be on /pdfs/ and I can't find a free version.
Thanks in advance.

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I am a zionist, but i have my own problem to deal with, ei. my own folk and country. We would i waste my time advocating on behalf of others?
Are you this stupid?
You are no intellectual challenge, pleb.


No, not all into Deep Ecology are anarchists which is 14 year old tier larping. And none are into Nazis.

No, natural truth is not Nazis larping retard. No one will embrace anything with Nazis.

We should destroy ghettos with seed bombs full of Kudzu.

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So this is all another Jew false flag. Anything White Nationalist usually is.

The doublespace kike strikes again. Filtered and reported for jewing. Let's see if the mods do anything about this.

Thank you

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Note: jews always double space

okay what is the natural truth then?

you leftyplebs are afraid of it
You are unrooted living on a lie that you tell yourself. Never seen nature and do not know what a human is.

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It's not leftypol, it's one of the JIDFniggers who the mods aren't banning.

Yeah i know, but i like the challenge

ok, how to know the difference?

They write sentences. With spaces. Like this.