Discovering Hitler's teachers and books

Anons, we really should gather information on questions that are still left unanswered for a lot of us. After reading Miguel Serrano I've realised how little we really know of the truth.
We don't know the full past and the mystical nature of Adolf Hitler and Societies surrounding the movement. There are a lot of good authors and publishings, but even more in German. Not all of us have the gift of time to delve deep into all the books and even less are able to enjoy them in original language. Help ourselves all by sharing your knowledge gathered from books and newspaper clippings of the "Ostara" and the "Völkischer Beobachter" translations etc… We need to know what the NationalSocialist Party and the Thule Society publish of their knowledge.
What do we really know of Hitler's less known past?
For example what really the Thule Society is? What did they know about the history of humanity and the the supernatural role of Hitler as the reincarnated Avatar?
How did Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels wrote books and teachings about Ariosophy, "The World War as a Race Fight Between the Dark and the Blondes" and the "World's End and World's Turn" way ahead of its time? What is the Bibliomystikon about? What books did all these people read about Hollow Earth and Atlantis? Were these people bringing knowledge from Agartha through voyage or did these "lost people" bring their own messengers? Where did they learn about the swastika and the real religion surrounding runes? What did Hitler know of such occult matters? What rare/lost books did he read and who were his teachers? According to Miguel Serrano Adolf Hitler was not an admitted member of the Thule Society like Rudolf Hess, but he was visitor as the Avatar himself. Johannes Hering in his diary of meetings claims though that Hitler didn't attend. What's the truth?
Also why the fuck didn't they leave us any knowlege on the "prophesized resurgence of a lost Aryan civilisation peopled by a Nordic God Men", and why do they have to wait through our suffering? (Ok, this is a rethorical question) Who is Kalki and do we know any significant year or exact signs of his coming (even in John's Revalations or any prophecy at all like Siener van Rensburg, )? According to Savitri Devi Hitler was "an incarnation of Vishnu,the god who keeps things from rushing to destruction, who keeps things back and goes against time." Hitler was Wotan the wise, but the coming leader will be Kalki.
And Serrano tells that Hitler, purposefully lost the first battle of the great war, and the avatar Kalki is coming back with the sieg rune which signals judgement and destruction.

I know some of the extraordinary questions alone sound way over your heads (or new) but I do believe we know enough together to discuss this matter. I am asking you anons this with my whole heart and I hope this will be fruitful. Here is a nice channel made for telling about prophecies we know so far abot what's to come. (Don't bother with the christian stuff in the intro, it's not relevant to most of the stuff on the channel)

Other urls found in this thread: 22&version=KJV

The shit you are asking for is top secret. It will reveal itself if you continue looking.


This knowledge can be found OP… Continue your journey and it will find you


Posted by another user here:

The Führer was certainly a man outside of time. A prophet of his people, forged and risen by circumstances and events that lined up perfectly to create such a man… Who was certainly imbued with the qualities necessary for one such as this in his blood and through his upbringing. The chances of all these things happening at the right time and place are astronomically, and can certainly SEEM divine. Those things created The Führer who I believe still guides the movement today. The seed of a radiant rebirth of National Socialism he predicted upon his death in his Final Political Testament is now bearing fruit in eays he could have never imagined thanks to the internet: Our now worldwide National Socialist movement

But do not forget that Adolf Hitler was a man. He had to eat and drink, he took shits, had problems with gas and other health issues and fucked Eva (albeit discreetly. inb4 'he was gay or asexual', Hans Linge and Rochus Misch, Hitlers valets and personal assistants both said they have 0% doubt Hitler and Eva had a normal physical relationship. They said at night when she was present at gatherings they would both retire to the same bedroom at night, etc). He was a man which makes his achievements even MORE remarkable. I think deifying him completely takes away from that.

However I do believe he is of course more than a man now. He lives on in the hearts of every Aryan man. The world and we as a people were forever changed by him. He will always be the leader of this movement, Führer of our people forever, and we should always use Heil Hitler! as a salute and greeting and erect monuments to him one day. His words should always be consulted and taken into consideration when making major decisions. HE IS NATIONAL SOCIALISM. They cannot be separated, they are one in the same.


(Pics unrelated, they are Reichsmarshal Goering's massive miniature train set at his home Carinhall. I have seen photos of a beautiful stained glass or mosaic of a swastika he had there also but can't seem to find the pic)

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Hitler read Blavatsky, and you should too. Hitler's personal library has been documented, so start there.

New photos to me, thanks

N.T. Technology, Inc.
200 Paul Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

N.T. Technology, Inc.
Suite 5901
9120 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521

Race Queen (RQI), Inc.
2303 Cityland 10 Tower 1, 156 H.V.
Dela Costa St. Makati City, Philippines

96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 3M1, Canada

What do you think you are going to accomplish by spamming this shit all thr time? You think anyone who would do anything with that (you won't anyway because you're all cowards) doesn't already have that info? Its public. And spamming it here of all places makes zero sense

holy shitballs, this really is the ideology for autists. where did you discover he had a train set?

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It's common knowledge for anyone who researches Goering. At least I have always assumed it to be. He had lots of hobbies and indulged all of them at his massive home dubbed Carinhall, which actually earned him a fair amount of criticism at the time. He even had exotic animals like a lion cub that he just let roam the home and grounds (vid related) there is footage of his home both then and whats left now also in JewTube.

Also nice meme. Just because The Reichsmarshal had a quite impressive set of toy trains doesn't make him or the movement autistic.

More info:

Fuck off, boomer.

Read the emerald tablets. Hitler forged a reich in himself and then outside of himself. We in /pol are tracked, and this should sound important to the american ear that is next to a military base. They know wisdom is power and power is wisdom. If you know, your hands reach more and your art is more and this reach and touch is possibility of doing. You need to know Hermes, Thoth, every sage and know a different Jesus than the popular one it his allegory wisdom and words of self perfection written in

And read the 100 sentences of Jesus and meditate everyday on them. meditation is the key, not a key is: mere collection without pondering. We got every thing to ascend and reach the GOD. The question is what is your energy that will transfer power to the hammer and what is your pathos ? See Hitler is a man of PATHOS, BUILD YOUR PATHOS, BUILD IN YOURSELF AND STRIVE FOR THE DIVINE!!!

What more can i tell see life is a cold life it black fire aside. Me and you are the same, what is the difference ? I'm a fool and you too and hold on to this creed of fools for the enemy of sages to not get in your way: Superb.
Search for Imam Mahdi (david son is what i believe) and search for the son of david (son is symbolic) who will come it Jesus the messiah against dajjal (Antichrist)

No thanks

Would you like me to display your head on my porch covered in nigger blood, or cut off your limbs as you slowly lose consciousness?


George Patton was driven by a fey from the yearning of his lost and warrior soul. He wasn't quite himself, neither was the Führer. I believe Patton and Hitler were one soul torn apart by some evil trick in samsara. Something went wrong. Perhaps the power of mammon rising over the West, confused their ways and impeded the unison of the two in one man. The born warrior and the statesman supreme.

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sour grapes christians lol

I certainly don't believe in reincarnation but it's an intriguing thought user.

You all don't deserve to be here. Empty statements are in the side of the NPCs where you all belong it no skepticism. Let me remind you that this called skepticism is what maked the men here to argue about the validaty of the false genocide.

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Hitler was a follower of the Secret Doctrine and his Christ was Luciferic.

You can throw all the buzzwords at them, while you only show your stupidity.

Read Table Talks dumbfuck, The Führer was anything but a devout Christian. He was raised Catholic but makes clear in Table Talks that he views all religion as obsolete in the face of science. His was a religion of the blood, of the Aryan Man and of National Socialism, not Christcuckery and certainly not the mumbo jumbo retarded Gnosticism you subscribe to.

YOU don't deserve to be here. Go pray to your Jewish god and turn the other cheek when we slam a rifle butt into it on the DOTR so we can get the other one too, faggot.

The Church was heavily against the NSDAP, even all the time Hitler appeased them. He was not a Christian no matter how the Christinsanity cultists want to portray it while the evidence faces them in thousands of photos..

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Indeed. Any pro-Christianity or pro-Church statements made by The Führer were simply for popular support… Germany wad overwhelmingly Catholic and Protestant in those days and The Führer WAS a politician after all… Christcucks desperately trying to cling to any quote they can is quite pathetic

I also agree, and i would like to add Christianity has jewish roots, and when something has Jewish roots it's bad.

I didn't knew about table talks thanks. But religion of christ is different than the CHRIST. The religion is now garbage but not in absolute and YOU FRIEND SHOULD NOT MAKE CHRIST A GARBAGE MAN! AND GOD A TRASH VEHICULE.

The Torah is full of the sins of jews and their corruption. And the popular christ that you hold i must expel from you:

In the 100 sentences of he said:

Read verse 35 - 38 22&version=KJV

And about hitler i read that he didn't disrespect the christ:

May the god guide you. Thanks for this information.

The inner circle of NSDAP were Luciferians (not Satanists) , Heathens and Atheists.

This article is a good start for those interested.

This knowledge was never meant for the great majority of people so the christcuck is only doing us a favor by scaring off the low IQ people with sand-religion propaganda.

That's nice. In what context? Who's getting the sword? Senseless destruction is jewish, you moron.

The goyim of course

You fucking psychopath. You got mental problems! Discard all this shit in the garbage where it belongs if you ever truly wish to follow The Führer and be a National Socialist. Fill your heart with true National Socialist Ardor, not whatever this is word salad is

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this thread isn't spooky enough

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Jesus was against the jews as said in the bible and in the fact hitler repeated. You are all polluted it the popular Jesus and your imaginary it figures of the members of the church blindly following a creed that they don't know coming from men, extracted from their heads, adding things that should not be added.

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Christ was the most famous of 'anti-Semites' but the Stormclowns will attack him for the Jews as per everything else they do for the Jews.

To close this debate it a conclusion: I say that the church is not representative of the person of Jesus. And Jesus is not represented in the imagination of any person today. His wisdom is obscure and the mystery of allegory most strange and nobody hold his words, most certain be you if it's a sensible wear belonging to person it an ideia of christ to satisfy ego.

To make you guys skeptic about him in Luke 17 he said:

So this religion is garbage. And a new religion should be part of the plan of any hope that appears to us and i pray that it's not a wrong in the place of a wrong.

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More and more esothreads.
Looks like people can't wait.
Too bad since they'll have to.

I like the dishonesty of Nationstates, but I dislike the dishonesty of the dishonesty of Nationstates. The authors seem to have poor boundaries around their fictional world.

They repeat lies on the forums about weather being a deprecated variable, for instance, but try playing around the weather variable and you’ll find out in a hurry how true that is.

Still spamming your shit rabbi?

Dishonest simulation can be fun, but dishonest authors are essentially fascistic. The boundaries of what people are dishonest about should be intact. Fascism rose because fascism rose - corrupt inquisitors defending their right to be shitty corrupted thought leaders made a dreadful joyless culture and then whined about living in their own pattern unrecognized. They weren’t careful about maintaining a reciprocal ethic and they made a world to which they didn’t want to consent.

The bitching about degeneracy that is expected to form the opposition is pathetic. Hyperconservative leadership sucks. It isn’t honest or insightful. It’s just a pile of aryanist slavery - no matter what color is exalted.

We need a society with fewer taboos enforced by dishonest people who may well be pedophiles. Pedophilia is what the taboo-laden cultures tend to be into.


“Carthage must fall.”
It isn’t wise or efficacious to be too concerned about rhetorical context.
Try to have some point somewhere, but past that it’s about trying things.

Leadership is retarded; randoms always rule society. Everyone is random to someone. We have law not by law, but because chaos illuminates it. All learn from all, though all vision is limited.

Hitler references are in the modern day just abuse that incompetents inflict on potential outside insight because they’re soggy dreary failures at politics.

Seriously stop. We know that some wisdom was infused into the NT and same-era writings as much as possible and these produced all sorts of dissonances, but it's really not necessary. Just don't mention Jesus. You may speak of KRST, that's all one could accept.
But in a thread wherein Serrano is mentioned, we're going to get served with a truckload of Jesus and Buddha. *sigh*
Now that is something. Although we all our personal ways to look into them and they're very intimate at times, maybe… ?

Get the fuck out of here with your child level theories and lies.

If you think your ridicolous claims are fooling anybody you are not very wise.
You ousted your self.
If your here to disrupt which may explain the ridiculousness of your claims or if you are then you are sadly mistaken chaim.

Don't abandon discussion because of a few kikes user.
Call them out and ignore them.

You will learn eventually that Jesus was not the Christ, but the anti-Christ. Kristos is a principle, the one which you can witness in works much older than Christianity. Jesus was a lying kike.

And yet Christopher Hitchens, jew, trotskyite,alcoholic, chain smoking , sweaty stinky homosexual asserted with fanatic certainty that Fascism was the political wing of the Roman Catholic Church and that Hitler and Mussolini were both Roman Catholic agents.

Alex Jones is claiming that Nat-socs rule the UN, what's your point?

Why don't you share secret?

Nice try chaim.

My apologies I misread your post.

That is because he is a fucking low IQ untermensch and deceptive kike. Christcucks and these type of disingenuous subversives should be purged from the National Socialist movement after The Final Victory. Nothing comes before National Socialism and The Führer. Those who understand that and keep their beliefs discreet should be tolerated but frowned upon. We need fanatics, not delusional slaves to desert cults. If things are approached from this way then they should be mostly weeded out within a couple of generations. National Socialist ardor and fanaticism will replace religious practices and beliefs.

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Wow okay so they have written not one, but multiple books, just on his library alone. The others are epubs (why no epub linking?)

The Führer was a voracious reader. Virtually everyone who ever attended dinners or informal gathering with him said no matter what the topic of discussion turned to, The Führer was knowledgable about it, most times even more so than whoever brought it up or anyone else there. Take into account this was before the internet when the whole if human knowledge is literally at our finger tips at all times and this makes it even more remarkable and means he musy have read thousands of books in his life. He references many works of classical literature etc. in the informal dinner discussion recorded in Table Talks.

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Anyone who claims that Hitler only said positive things about the church and Christianity to gain support is repeating the same lie that the kikes tell: that he was a dishonest man who just said whatever he had to to gain power.
If you believe Hitler was a man who told the truth, instead of believing the kikes who say he was a liar, then you must admit that he was pro-Christian.
Table-Talk and the Hitler-Bormann Documents are both fabrications created by a Frenchman named Francois Genoud.

He was not dishonest, he just made a few positive remarks about cucktianity that JIDF is exploiting to poison the well and portray him as a Christian. He tolerated it because it was impossible to redpill so many brainwashed people on religion in such a short time. He was a Fuhrer of his people, not a theologian.

NS symbolism was not Christian, it's political ideology was antithetical to Christianity, and Christianity was generally looked down upon by most of the leadership, many of which were quite anti-Christian. By your own kike pilpul, if he was a Christian and honest about it, he would have disowned most political beliefs and people that made the movement, which he clearly didn't do.

David Irving has seen the Bormann originals for Table Talks and vouches for their authenticity. Yes everyone knows the later so called Hitler-Bormann documents are fake. Try again, Christcuck. You think The Führer could have been elected as Chancellor of Germany if he had said he thought Christianity was obsolete? After The Beer Hall Putsch The Führer realized he had to do things more politically and legally to rise to power.

I never said he was hostile to it. Leon Degrelle tells a story when he happened to pass The Führer on his way to pray, being a devout Catholic. The Führer asked where he was off to and he told him. Hitler smiled and said "If my mother was still alive, she would be going along with you." If he was so devout as you christcucks want to believe the he would have went right along with Degrelle.

He was raised Catholic. He was not a Christian. His was a religion of the blood and of science and fact. He publically never disavowed Christianity because Germany was 96% Christian. Anyone who doesn't get this are either retarded or purposely ignoring the obvious

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Maybe Shitler should have read a book on military strategy

Table-Talk is fabricated also, and by the same damn person who fabricated the Hitler-Bormann documents. Why would you take one as legitimate and the other not when both are from the same guy?
Next, you're confusing support of the church with being a Christian. If supporting the church(es) is what determines if someone is a Christian, then many Christians such as Martin Luther wouldn't be Christian at all, according to you. But that has never been what defines a Christian. There were many who rejected the churches, and for good reason.
He wasn't a regular Christian himself, but he admired Christ and stated as much on many occasions, more than what might be necessary to 'gain support'. Nationalsocialism is itself mutually exclusive with Christianity in a few areas, but the area of overlapping is much larger. Additionally, Hitler believed that there was a creator who made the world and the natural laws which governed it. He distinguished between the creator and 'eternal nature', as well, so don't try to say he was just talking about nature.
Just because someone rejects the churches and some aspects, doesn't mean they rejected Christ himself or many of the things he taught. Even Dietrich Eckhart, the man who heavily mentored Hitler and who Hitler dedicated the second volume of Mein Kampf to, supported Christ himself

Hitler made the right military decisions a majority of the time. His generals countered him and tried to do their own thing which often backfired. If his generals had shut the fuck up and listened to him, the war would've gone much smoother.
For example, his generals said that if they captured Moscow, the war would've been over. Yet, capturing the capital of a country as vast as Russia is not the same as capturing the capital of a country like France or Britain. Capturing Moscow would not have led to Russian surrender, and you have the historical precedent of Napeoleon's capture of Moscow and subsequent defeat to prove it. Yet his generals still thought it was more important to capture Moscow than to capture the southeastern oil-fields which would supply the German armored divisions. One of many examples of Hitler being right and his generals being dead wrong.

The one your responding with big red texts is a spamming jew.

He did. It was one of his favorite subjects along with history and it showed. A corporal in the first World War able to command vast armies as The Führer did is quite extraordinary.

Why would Irving lie about it? And why would anyone fake them? Whats the point? He says nothing about the Holohoax, very little about politics… He says nothing remarkable in Table Talks except saying Christianity is obsolete and will be usurped by science. What agenda would that push faking them?

You can flail around like a retard saying The Führer was some kind of devout Christian holy man but it won't ever make it true

I didn't say Irving lied necessary. He was honest in most areas so I doubt he intentionally said the wrong thing. But he was nonetheless wrong, as the essay I linked to proves if you had bothered to read it.
Next, I never said Hitler was a devout Christian, atleast not in any recognizable sense of the term, so you obviously didn't even bother reading my post either.

It was not Jesus/Yahweh who gave the race of man the runes but none other than Odin himself, who sacrificed himself to himself.

Ironically for a "people of the book" the jews never explain how they came into the characters that they use in their language, especially since Yahweh would have had to use some kind of characters in writing the 10 Commandments but the Semites overlooked this because they did not invent writing but took it for granted and never explained the meaning of what each character means in their books.

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I have read it. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one, kamerad. I believe Table Talks is legit and I do not believe The Führer was Christian. But belief in National Socialism is what truly matters. Everything else is just peripheral.

Theosophy has been largely debunked. It's still championed and creeping all over internet because the time invested by boomers into this nonsense and because (((they))) have a field day leading noble people astray.

look up treitschke

Because self discovery>>>>>Silver platter presentation.
If you gain holy knowledge without personal cost and self sacrifice, you will shit all over it, not knowing it's true worth.

We shall endeavor to be prepared, and teach our children the same.

Yes Schlomo, Hitler is the only way.


Fine, but what is left of this Krystos principle that we can inform ourselves about without having to tap into tainted material? As for the sources you would be entitled to cite, what corroborates them?

A degenerate kike said something about Hitler.
Believe this degenerate kike because his words are gospel, for some reason.

The main problem is how much weight one gives to Heim and Picker's notes that they typed based on what they heard. Plus some additions by Bormann.
In many ways, that's how the Bible and Qu'ran came to be, or ancient Greek philosophers quoting other men who preceded them. The lines we read, they're not verbatim transcriptions of Hitler's words.
So what about the Bormann-Vermerke manuscript?
Weronika Kuzniar early on cites Nilsson saying that both Heim's and Picker's original manuscripts seem to have been lost.
Citing Richard Carier:
And if a contradiction was not enough, Kuzniar cites Carolyn Yeager:
Someone's got to decide if the two aides were:
1. picking notes during the dinners and not remembering words the next day
2. had been doing so at the same time or if Picker was initially absent and used Heim's notes which he supposedly claimed to be his
Yet later on she says:
So there are original notes (aka a manuscript?), but have never been authenticated, although Irving had Heim confirm that he wrote this stuff.

Kuzniar sounds like Kuzner, close to Kushner, right?

Could you lot please return the conversation to it's original topic, instead of letting it be derailed into the same old tired Christian/anti-Christian talking points? We've all heard this shit a billion times.

the ride never ends, it might look pointless but sometime in the future there will stand national sociasmistic state with prospherous glory,economics and culture, I hope Hitler is watching us from up there somewhere

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Hitler was a literal puppet of the jews that got a bit out of control and was eventually put down. Don’t read that much into everything, man up and stop looking for a father figure to guide you. Fuck the jews and fuck Hitler. Shape your own life the way you want it to be.

Fucking larpers

Fuck off spamming kike.

It's not a contradiction regarding the note-taking. It's stated that they didn't take notes during the meetings, and this is true. Writing down your thoughts about the meetings the next day at the earliest is not the same as taking notes during them. There's no contradiction there.
Next, yes some pages of Heim's notes exist, but those are the same notes that Heim wrote down after the fact and not during the meetings, and additionally changed them to suit what he thought should've been said as was demonstrated in the essay.
Are you fucking retarded? Kuzniar is a Czech/Polish name, not a jewish one. If you have to grasp at straws this much then you really do have no argument.
I don't get why you're trying so strongly to defend two fabricated documents which don't contain Hitler's actual words and thoughts? Hitler wrote a fucking book, and gave tons of speeches, but instead you try to uphold some unauthentic texts which claim to contradict the entirety of Hitler's written and spoken body of work.

You didn't address the point I made in the post you replied to, you're just REEEEing, and also ignoring that jews were only permitted to be equal with Whites after secularization began taking place, and not before.

Bump for books

Anything out of (((San Francisco))) and the rest of (((Silicon Valley))) is very bad news unless it's an earthquake.


Comfy thought, if true. The kikes are always projecting their nadzee paranoia onto Christianity and all the Europid Culture that founded it. Brian Moore's book for the jew nadzee hunter movie "The Statement" makes a criminal of a vichy soldier from IRL and implicates Le Church in six million war crimes. Good faith Bishops ought to sell a few paintings and fund nascent NatSoc projects on the down low.

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