Loomer has been banned on facebook, not to mention twitter, instagram, and many other platforms aside from social media, including paypal and gofundme for being a writer of fake news and inciting hatred.

Now she's even come crawling to alex jones's platform tearfully begging his viewers for 300k for her lawsuit *cough* salary *cough* The funniest part is when she goes crazy after Alex himself mocks her.

Ahahah. This is comedy gold, and a win for people who actually care about at risk people and those of us who can be manipulated.

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Here is the long video with better quality where she begs for money:

I don't go there much, but isn't she a candidate for >>>/cow/?

That's such a jewish lie, she can go to her nearest Synagogue and get a job from someone there. The Romans figured that out long ago, where everyone else goes to Temple for spiritual matters the jew goes to Synagogue for economic matters.


Whenever you see a thread where they give you YouTube links that aren't embedded, they are shill posts that are being crossposted at cuckchan. It doesn't mean that the particular subject matter of the thread is bad or disagreeable, just that it is a shill post – likely automated. On cuckchan, an embed link is automatically produced whenever you copy-paste a youtube link into your text body.

I never paid attention to her. Why does the left hate her and why should we hate her too?

hello rabbi

Into the oven with this kike

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is it me or does this noname look like a kikess whore?

if you unironically hate on her, and/or laugh at her getting banned you are a piece of shit and I in no way shape or form support you. Before the facebook censorship i had no idea who this loomer bitch was, but you retards attacking her for being jewish is insane and only shows that most of you are autistic anarchists hellbent solely on destruction.. She has more balls than any one of you.

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most people here only want to accelerate and see conservatives getting banned as a good thing. in their eyes, conservatives are either not really conservatives OR aren't fighting hard enough, and this will make them fight harder

also come on you have to admit it's hilarious hearing that she-kike hysterically scream

t. kike


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anyone else find it cute how autistic and hysterical kike women are?

she looks like a foot



Not a loomer fan, but being blacklisted from social media is like being exiled.

She deserves it. Stupid entitled jewess.

and that's a good thing™

is her life actually ruined? im sure she has plenty of kike money stashed up. how much are they suing her for?

Yeah and I hope EVERY user on Facebook's platforms gets smacked with the banhammer.

just look at it

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Damn, she's so cute in a weird kind of way.

I would impregnate that Jewess

you just caught her at a bad angle, you know shes pretty. come on user, she's a kike but she just wants to stop sandniggers

go home Laura Loomer. Literally nobody thinks you're pretty.

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Because her whining about banned by Facebook is hilarious, since Facebook CEO is kike himself.
It just drama theater to get some sympathy from the goyim.

Fuck this lurch looking zionist bitch. But laughing at her getting unpersoned is pretty ironic, because you're all next.

If they're willing to ban jews so easily it means they would have zero problems to genocide you cuck goy.

Of course you will do that, Shlomo.
It is your duty to continue the existence of your people.

Are there any good ones? lol

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i "literally" do not give a fuck, but im glad the yent got bent

the average autist here has no social media so they don't realize how much it hurts the average normies life to get unpersoned. many people won't even be able to make a living if this happens to them

if i didnt know any better id say thats a fuckin male to female tranny

this. im not sad about it.

She went to leftist events and disrupted them. There's nothing leftists hate more than being confronted directly, they're scared as fuck of even a harmless jew woman like Loomer.

You done fucked up

Wtf kinda hand is that? The thumb-like appendage is longer than the rest of it's jointed extremities protruding from that lump of flesh protruding from the sleeve of it's jacket.

Op here, unironically this. I don't use social media because it's a waste of time. My coworkers are my social media. My friends are my neighbours and my church.

Tradespeople don't get genocided. We rebuild after them.

Facebook CEO is kike himself, you inbreed foreskin-sucker.

But there are a lot of people supporting this. White leftists cheering and cuck whites defending corporations.

Conservatives in the US only uphold the postwar order, which makes them enemies AT THEIR CORE. There is quite literally nothing "American conservatives" can do about this, since their very existence is antithetical to what most of this board is trying to achieve. The real question is why they shill here so hard since we don't have anywhere near the footprint of their legacy media networks.

Sure leftists cheering for censorship, thanks to your fellow tribesman's who invented Marxism for that.

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I'm sure she can make a living as a porn actress, just ask the nearest rabbi.

Maybe the most blatantly dishonest thing she has ever done was her documentary against Ilhan Omar with Jacob Wohl. She was just making up shit on the spot, like the Minneapolis Police Department having Sharia Police.

Attached: jacob-wohl-laura-loomer-claiming-minnesota-has-sharia-police.mp4 (568x320 1.15 MB, 1.11M)

Nope probably just more contacts and shekels

Nobody cares about niggers and jews being on the outs with each other. Functionally, neither presents differently to White Americans moving forward. They seek to subvert the resources and productive power of the United States in the service of their alien people. Ideally Loomer and Omar would both be domed next to each other in the same mass grave so they can kvetch with each other in hell.

Oh no the goyim are figuring out the jews again, I guess (((they))) better start an internal jewish civil war, to throw the goys off the trail.

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Bro, that was so anticlimactic. Total let down. A jew must die now. NOW!

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so does this mean when I present my proposal in the Monday morning meeting you are NOT going to support me???

lurk two more year yea of little faith

No nigger. Zig Forums is critical of her because she plays on the 'not all jews' angle. Regardless, no kike should be trusted as they are subversive by nature. And since she pretends to be an advocate of the far-right, seeing her being punished despite her kike privilege is actually refreshing. Also, the more 'prominent' conservative voices get banned from media platforms, the more normies boycott it entirely. So her getting banned is actually a good thing because it further pushes the divide between these companies and their users. What needs to be done is to get more lefties banned from these platforms as well. Turn the NPCs on their controllers.

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We will keep killing jews, and there is nothing that you can do about it.
also, women are tools. Not people. It is ok to use, hurt and discard women.
There is nothing that you can do about any of it.

Someone should tell her to try porn hub.

soon Zig Forumstards this will be each and everyone of you

She was predicting the future.


They're normies for a reason. They won't give up their dopamine for some greater cause.

You obviously don't know of her or her previous exploits. Don't put your banner behind jewish lolcows.

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Jim is a faggot.

I stand with Loomer

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Post the pre nosejob pics

She's got nice tits though

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Her face is more uncanny than roz.

Holy shit, spoiler that

Good. Next step is to ban her from life. Along with disinfo shills for Israel like Alex Jonesenstein.

Into the ovens they go!

I want to make yid babies with Laura

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You disgusting nonce. Neck yourself cunt

Go away

Shes a fucking grifter. They all are, Jones, Southern, Molyjew, Waston, Styxhexenhammer, Cernacunt. All of them suck jew cock even while being destroyed by them.They stand for NOTHING. They make me sick to my stomach.

Attached: jew_vs_jew_charade.jpg (632x600, 168.1K)

You're lost moshe, no one on hatechan gives a fuck.

Styx is a reformed Satanist. He stood for something, then realized that machevillian pursuits arent helpful to appealing to right leaning christians to expand his youtube channel.

Hes a crypto satanist i think.

I'm not so sure about Molyneux any more.
Give his Poland video a watch, watch it on a mirror or something.
I'd link it, but I'm about to head to work.

What do you mean next? You could use your one hand to count the amount of /po/ users not banned on their own soc accounts dick head.

Fuck you jew lover.

Molyjew is a fucking fraud. He's a straight up narcissist, look at all his thumbnails for his videos on youtube of him pulling some stupid overly emotional face like he is a Calvin Klein model. He makes me fucking sick. You dont "argue" or try and reason with these people to begin with. Its a pointless task. Read might is right to correct you thinking on how to deal with these people.

He made a video recently saying demographics doesnt matter and makes meaningless videos on "Trumps economy" and how wonderful it is. He's a shill who dabbles in pro white platitudes only. He sucks jew dick like the rest of them.

Everyone was a "normie" at some point, how do you think people got to here or sites like this retard?

M'lady's tires

Jesus, were witches coded messages against kikes along?


Loomer is fucking nuts and literally stalked a guy and threatened him because he didn't want to stick his dick in her stinky pussy.

Hardly the shill you want to die on, m8

Jim is a faggot, but he still highlights dumb shit pretty well.
the absolute fucking worst, maybe she'll actually get a real job now

Another alt lite kike con (((Shekelhunter))) down. Hilarious how jews betray their stage shows.

I don't support censorship but i do support halfway retarded co-opting stage show goons like this get fucked over when there's real legends out there like Patrick Little doing work while living on a fucking boat and never even complains about it.

Laura if you're reading this go get a real job bitch. You're a fucking embarrasment.

Also lol'd at 0:20 monkey pet in the backround as if it couldn't get even more hilarious.

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worship is for showing love
whites love their creator
jews love money
the love of money is the root of all evil.


The only thing we should be asking ourselves is "how can she be weaponized?"

Not enemies, just money-grubbing cowards. How far will they let lefties push them before they grow a spine? I think we'll find out before the next election.

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Get the fuck outta here you filthy wagecuck. Molyjew is waiting for your precious hard earned shekels

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She should just marry an orthodox jewish man and he can fuck her through a sheet with a hole in it so he doesn't have to look at her face.

Any chance that I could be loosed on that nigger AJ? Boy, I'd sure love to break things. Fucking hell m9, I like dissolving things. If I dissolved infokikes, would that give me some kind of play here? I mean, making things unexist would be a bit highbrow, that would mean you never heard of kosher jones. You have heard of him, correct? I just want a punching bag. Also fuck everyone who fucks up

Yeh that's good enough for me, I get to make a thing get fucked. You don't have to actually say it. OK, but it'll only get worse for niggers on "le left". Eh, I didn't say I'd imagine them being not niggers

shhh. this site and their victim consciousness is all they have.

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That's all fine. That's why I said I wasn't sure.

im pretty sure there actually is sharia patrol although they aren't real police officers which might make it scarier since their cars look really similar to police cars
also stop bullying her

delete this

This will fix that.

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