Circumcision Is Male Genital Mutilation: Grade-A Student Killed Himself After Botched Circumcision

The so-called "medical" justifications for circumcision were formulated principally by Jewish doctors. It is in fact from this community that the fiercest opposition to the abolition of circumcision is mounted.

Alex Hardy, 23, from Cheshire, timed an email to reach his mum 12 hours after he tragically took his own life.

In the heart-breaking note he explained how surgery on his foreskin two years previously had ruined his life, the BBC reports.

He described the circumcision operation as “male genital mutilation” and hoped others would avoid his painful path.

Alex wrote: “Know that I went peacefully and am now in a state of peace that was impossible following this mutilation. I died in 2015, not now.

"Where I once had a sexual organ I have now been left with a numb, botched stick. My sexuality has been left in tatters."

Popular with co-workers, Alex had many friends and was known as the “super-smart Brit with impeccable manners”, his mum Lesley Roberts said.

However, while he thrived at work he was struggling with a condition that had plagued him since puberty.

Alex suffered from phimosis, which is where the skin around the penis is too tight to pull back – causing problems for men when having sex or urinating.

In 2015 he went to an urologist who “immediately suggested circumcision”, Alex wrote in his email, a procedure the NHS advises to take as a "last resort".

The then 21-year-old booked himself in for the procedure but suffered constant painful physical issues after, with the head of his penis experiencing constant stimulation.

This stopped Alex from being able to carry out physical activity without pain as well as burning and itching sensations.

He wrote in his email: “Nature knows best - how can chopping off a section of healthy tissue improve nature's evolved design?"

Alex sought medical and psychological help after the operation – but sadly it was not enough to elevate his pain and he took his own life on November 25, 2017.

Lesley, who used to be a teacher, now hopes to go into schools and speak to young men about sharing their personal problems

She said: "I think we all know that men don't particularly tend to talk about their problems in the same way that girls do but I think circumcision is very much a taboo subject.

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do doctors actually jerk you off to get you hard before a circumsison?

No what made you think that?

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I am glad I was not mutilated at birth. Circumcision is wrong at birth it should be illegal if you want to get it done as an adult that's fine it's your body and choice but to do it to children that have no say in the matter is criminal. I would never dream of doing it to my own kids when I have them. If your dick was suppose to be cut you would be born that way.

Threadly reminder that women in the USA have the right by default to intact genitalia, whereas men do not. Any crusading team of SJW harpies who tries to tell you that they male circumcision isn't comparable to female circumcision is implicated in proving female privilege and needs a good swift kick to the cunt.

ops second pic

Circumcision should be rare and a medical procedure to cure or relief (pain). My dick works fine. I cant help but wonder why the fuck he only realised he had phimosis at 21. Not saying a rabbi should check every newborn, but at some point youre going to start playing with it. Fucking weirdo.

Possibly diet related. Sounds retarded, but if he was feeding himself poorly or started a vegetarian diet, men can lose fat in unexpected places. The skin loses its toughness and elasticity.

I didn't know my mistake I was wrong. That's SICK!

Sounds like someone is afraid of circumcised dicks hahaha

If it wasn't for that it would be fine, right?

Wow it's too bad he had such an ugly dick. I'd kms if I had an ugly dick too. Good riddance. RIP ur ugly dick.

Obviously they fucked him up on purpose. One fewer white male to reproduce.

why would you respond if you dont even know the answer then instantly change your mind based on a meme? i want to know if doctors give erections for circumsisoons. does anybody know? i may lose it if i got diddled as a newborn.

I hate to break it to you like this but there are about 2 billion circumcised dicks roaming around this planet, I'm afraid you gonna have to learn to live with them

You have the jews to thank for that.

more normies need to know this. i tried to tell my race mixing sister about it because shes about to have a half breed, but she was not receptive to it at all. good riddance, whore.

All they know is lies and all the bullshit that have been thrown at them that people can't see the truth about what's happening to there own race right infront of them. The news papers and the news are not gonna admit it.

Why are there so many botched circumcisions? Can kikes just not control themselves when around goyim cock?

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No it wouldn't if you read the comment I wrote before hand you would see exactly my thoughts on circumsision.


Most males in the world are not circumcised.

WHO, UNAIDS estimate that worldwide only 30% men are circumcised (Internal Medicine News, April 15, 2007)



WHAT'S 33% OF 3,868,358,699 MALES, KIKE?



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My original comment on the thoughts on tje thoughts of circumsision

I wrote that comment before I even looked at the pictures so I didn't know they did that.

Kinda fucked that comment up.

When given the chance to interfere with the goyim's sexual organs and thus the goyim's ability to reproduce, of course the jews are going to take full advantage of this, especially where there is a jew-legal system which will battle on their side.

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reminds me of my first pic.
keep in mind gents, it is just skin. if a fat fuck can grow 20lbs of skin, you can gauge out your foreskin in due time just like those weirdos gauge out their ears. go slow though, stretch marks are scar tissue and wont help there.

meanwhile burger women have this protecting them, while men don't.
so much for the 14th amendment huh?

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Yea I know
int he end we all know or I believe it will never change no matter what anyone say's about it.

it's just an uphill battle, there's entire businesses living off the blood money of infant foreskins and they're going to fight to the death over it.

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You should have waited couple more years. Fifth pic here shows you would have fully retractable foreskin before sexual maturity without the need of any medical intervention. But I'm guessing at that age it wasn't your call anyway.

For other interesting info see

Genital mutilation and ritualistic slaughter don't belong in a civilized society.

Here's a fun comparison:
kike population vs dick mutilation graph
These demons infiltrated the medical industry to slice everyone's dick off as a sacrifice to their god, as they did with their slaves

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I cured my phimosis at age 15 by slowly stretching the skin back everyday. No one taught me how I just figured it out.

The rest of the Western world laughs at how gullible the US is to the jew health meme
Circumcision is child cruelty. There is no debate. Put a fucking stop to it.

People flip out about cutting clits off in muslim communities, but they have no problem with circ here. I was at a party where some medical types were talking, and they listed all the complications and downfalls, but still circ-ed their own children and were blind to what they just stated.

Wasnt my decision but not an easy one for my parents either. It is what it is. All of the horror stories luckily do not apply to me.
Make no mistake though, i am against circumcision. Lets make that clear again - before im accused of defending it. Im not.

Never wanted to accuse, user. I understood your post completely. Like you said it had to be done and I'm glad you did not end up in one of those horror stories.

every one is a horror story, part of his dick got cut off.
just because he doesn't look like pic related doesn't make it any better.

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Every "circumcision" is "botched". Its genital mutilation.

god, spoiler that shit. I know it's relevant but come on

lol way to out yourself faggot

shut it down!

fuck, what should I do?

Circumcisions can be botched. Mine was. How botched? "1 in 16000" by urologist's count. I've had 2 operations to fix my urethra and one on "freeing up tissue" so my penis doesn't rip open along the scar line.

I'll never forget sitting in sex ed being blown away that the scrotum was not supposed to be the most sensitive tissue on the male body.

I did everything I could right. Went to church and found a virgin fiancee. Dated for 2 years then got married. We were trying to have children. I have never had an orgasm my anatomy is so destroyed.

My previous urologist says "don't worry we can extract semen via prostate electrostimulation". I saw the exact moment I died in my ex-wife's eyes. She had our marriage annulled 2 weeks later.

I haven't been able to have a relationship last over 3 months since. Don't risk your son's future.

My only sibling died in an accident at 22. My parents are freaking out as they basically ended their line by accidentally neutering their only living child.

Life isn't fair. It never has been. But, at least I'm still here

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Why haven't you killed yourself for being a fat ugly unfuckable whore?


whoever could have predicted this?

stop pretending to have things you dont

If you are pic related, than pass on your genes.
goddmanit. you have aryan genes. good ones.

Do whatever is necessary.
And do not think that any girl will understand. Just tell her what to do. She is not your friend. No girl ever will. You must be her master.

So act accordlingly.
The Waffen SS had many horrible losses, but did these fighters gave up? Never!

Stand up for yourself user and pass that genes along. Even if it means by some extraction.

There it is.
If we ban genital mutilation of babies (including males ffs) then the twisted parasites who require it will have to live elsewhere.
ban this shit already
Start this train

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How bad? If you can get a finger in, you can stretch it slowly by hand. Get 2 pinky fingers inside the tightest "ring" like area of your foreskin and apply pressure outwards, not hard enough to hurt, but it should be slightly uncomfortable.
Just 10 minutes every night before bed is enough and you'll start seeing results.

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Circumcision is really cruel and useless.

This is the reason that judges in the US refuse to allow FGM bans: they know it could be extended to a ban on male circumcision.

But Zig Forums is a board of peace user

We laugh at trannies with their bloody inverted penis wound while we had our dicks cut ourselves. if aliens ever looked down at us, they'd think we are batshit insane.

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Really makes you hmmmm

They'll just give jews a religious exemption, like they do everywhere, then muslims will lobby to get fgm an exemption. This is legislation for after the day of the soap, but even a campaign could wake a lot of normalfags and christcucks.

at least you have internet frens

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Lead us to victory.

I'm circumcised but even I know the tight skin deal is almost always treatable just by stretching it out regularly for a while. I'm trying to learn more about this stuff because no son of mine will be subject to this kiked bullshit, so I'll have to be able to tell him this shit.

no I refuse.

Good for you, user!

Seems a bit low for chance of castration!?
150M/16000=almost 20000 usa males with completely mangled reproductive organ?

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fake and gay, shit that didn't happen, shlomo

You want to know the difference? I didn't ask to get cut. I wasn't drugged or indoctrinated. My screaming infant self vowed revenge on the people who did this and marked me their slave.

No I'm saying a world where you cut your dick off is screwed up. A world where the people that think that world is screwed up, has their dicks cut by the same society. I understand your point. That's the insanity of the world we live in.

I don't think other people should cut their dicks, and paste it over the internet, and I don't think we should cut baby dicks. And I'm the outcast for thinking this.

Child circumcision is wrong
I think we can all agree that separating by sex is redundant


(or jews)

I had the same and made it out without mulitating myself thanks to my parents being sane, so I am sorry, but your argument is void.

No one talks about it as it's like having a micropenis. There is no benefit other than venting for anyone else to know.

I go to a support group every 3 months for men with severe pelvic injuries and outside those 15 guys, my parents, my ex wife, and the 6 or 8 women I've tried to date in the 10 years since my marriage was annulled no one knows.

Go be an MGTOW somewhere else. People worry more about girls because they're more vulnerable, it's a biological tendency based on biological fact. If you want everyone to treat you like a weak, delicate little flower, then you're a faggot anyway.

Like a number of anons have already pointed out, it's very useful to compare circumcision to female genital mutiliation (FGM) because a lot of people have very strong feelings about FGM already, despite few actually knowing anything about it. From experience, if you make this argument, a lot of people will say that FGM is far worse than circumcision, though they won't be able to explain exactly why, but they assume it's much more severe. And it is true that there are forms of FGM that are much worse than circumcision, for example cutting of the clitoris which would be comparable to cutting off the head of the penis. However, that type of FGM is very unusual, and the most common form is to remove the clitoral hood, which is EXACTLY comparable to cutting of the male foreskin. Both remove the protective tissue for the most sensitive part of the genitals, leading to a loss of sensitivity and a degree of function. Not to mention who knows exactly what effect it has on a baby's mind and future personality to suffer such pain so shortly after being born.

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Bilateral complete dorsal nerve transection, webbed penis, and urethral obstruction.

That particular combo is 1 in 16000. Death is 1 in 11000.

I have always wondered, just how fucking difficult is it to just stretch your foreskin out?
Seriously niggers, tell me.
And no bullshit excuses - Why would you even consider putting a knife to your junk and having a stranger do it none the less.

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Give me a rundown on my theory, tell me how probable this is.

Imagine walking around with your balls and dick through the front hole of your pants. Your zipper is down, and everything is covered. Shirt and pants, socks shoes, but your dick and balls are out. It's winter, or summer, windy or rainy, but it's all out there. Now extend this to your mindset. Like the dreams where you don't have pants on in public. It seems this would make someone neurotic, always searching for comfort, for protection. Always consuming to cover a feeling of being exposed.

That's why I think they circumcise. So that you are irritated, exposed, and unprotected. So that you seek out comforts instead of being a non neurotic man you were meant to be. I don't know. Just a theory.

I'm a firm believer in do unto others as you would
have them do unto you, I just think theres more doing unto thats possible in my philosophy than yours.

buy phimosis rings, drop that doctor a shit review on medical platforms for advocating the practice and find a new doc. I even posted it here

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Nailed it. Of all the people in the world, it's the kikes that have the most experience in making slaves, and what you've described would be a perfect addition to their system of mindless consumption.

I used cross my arms all the time, or could never get comfortable on the couch. I hate to say this, because it's borderline degenerate, but I started foreskin restoration. When it's covered, everything feels much more stable. I feel solid.

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Nothing degenerate about that at all. I'm genuinely happy to hear that you've managed to heal what these godless sodomites manages to take from you

I have trouble believing that foreskin restoration is a real thing that actually works. I mean you can't just cut off your finger and trick it into growing back, or get taller by hanging upside down.

Mostly for restoring keratinization see 5th pic . Those nerves are gone forever. Thanks a friggin lot jews. And boomer parents, but hey, we live in a society

I'm sad to hear this user but I too have been destroyed by a jewified medical industry, dishonest academia, and corrupted government regulatory agencies. Our parents misplaced their trust in these entities due to our society historically being high-trust and ethical. The damage done to me differs than that done to you but it will end in the same result. We must be the catalyst for change to protect the future generations of our people. That is our purpose. Our dysfunctional bodies are reflections of our dysfunctional society. Fueled by righteous anger and a desire for justice, our charge by fate (or possibly by God) is to be the soldier against the satanic Jewish elite and their pernicious influence in our society.

I've noticed there's a lot of people that blindly trust doctors as some kind of god that can't be wrong. questioning their knowledge would make you the bad guy.
so they just say yes doctor and do as they're told, as their degree must mean something good.

I'm slowly restoring yeah I know of foregen and all that. and I find it very pleasant when I can cover my glads. I feel better overall and keeps me in a better mindset. I even started wearing bikini cut underwear at night to gently hold it in place and reduce friction from night time movements.

you're fixing what they broke, it's not degenerate user. keep at it.

you get functions back with it but you're still mutilated, you're merely making the best out of what you have left. till foregen finishes up natural movements, coverage, moisture, loss of callouses+gain of sensitivity.

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This is the system that would like to defend and this is the system that I have spent my life opposing.

That's some Grade A genital mutilation! Hey guys. Kike here! Look at all you beautiful foreskinless white boys. So beautiful. So feminine. Don't worry. I don't have a foreskin and I turned out fine. See, now we're the same! That's all we ever really wanted. So hey, can we touch penis tips? Haha. No Schlomo! Hahahahaha!!!

Circumcision should be banned 100%. It would drive the Jews bonkers

To be real though if you have phimosis I dont think there's much you can do but get circumcised. Is there actually any other non surgical option?

They throw fits when anyone tries.

Bill Banning Circumcision in Iceland Alarms (((Religious))) Groups
Feb. 28, 2018

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damn it.

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Foreskin is just a piece of skin and can be stretched. Uncut eurofag here but I had phimosis in the past and I cured it using my fingers and warm water in about 3 months. I was underage at that time and I didn't want to tell my parents. But if I went to a doc and said that I don't want my foreskin cut, he would precript me steroid ointment which helps stretching the skin. Remember that you don't want to tear it, the consequence is tightening of the skin. You want to feel a very slight pain in phimosis stretching and warm water helps to stretch it. Regeneration is important.

tl;dr foreskin can be stretched just like ears can be stretched with tunnels


Many children go in for physicals and the careless, halfway-educated doctor causes trauma by forcible retraction. The body responds with collagen, this being the problem encountered by a pubescent boy with phimosis. Scalpel happy doctors are being outmoded with compassion and reason. You were cut at 8, as a prepubescent, meaning your doctor was looking for an excuse to perform the procedure—that is pervy and the doctors should be shamed for their sadistic impulses.

But if they get a religious exemption (unconstitutionally, but wevs)

Jews really fucking America and as an American I don't like it.

Dicks that big are as much a handicap as clinical microdicks.

Stretching the skin

Oh fuck! he had straight "A"s?!!!

I look forward to fighting with you in the years where we take our revenge

Bumping for intactivism.

lul fucking owned

what happened here

hey guys so wife is pregnant and we will NOT be circumcising if it is a boy and will NOT be injecting it with unnecessary vax like the flu shot.
any other recommendations?