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You are only demoralized if you believe you are demoralized. The internet is a great means of communication however it is becoming a sandbox for containment when it should serve as a nexus for communication and organization.

I think we all realize by now Trump is not our guy. He was spared by (((Adelson))) and that tribe owns him. Trump was a pressure valve to contain the rising sentiment of nationalism. He allowed the people to feel as if their needs and voices were being listened to because the previous system was so far against their will there was a genuine threat of an organic movement derailing the (((agenda))).

If we review history, we can see that all revolutions require masses of people who have reached a boiling point to rally against the system in unison. However, I believe virtually all revolutions with the exception of the American one have been co opted very quickly. The French revolution led to the rise of Napoleon, a genuine figure and great leader. However he was a tool of the Rothschilds. What was his role? To destroy the monarchies of Europe so the banks could exert power directly over so called democratic forms of government.

The American revolution is an exception obviously because the founding fathers gave us the 1st and 2nd amendment. Why was this allowed to happen? You had a great stock of men with a deep sense of history (they took inspiration from Roman history and government) and they were literally a world away from the Old World continent.

We all know Jewish bolsheviks were responsible for the Russian revolution and I wont debate the NSDAP revolution. Obviously the cold war was a long series of proxy wars and intelligence agency directed coups (revolutions).

What these all have in common is a group of disaffected people getting behind an orchestrated and concerted political, social, and militant movement motivated at the end of the day by extreme FINANCIAL hardship.

There will be no change in the system UNTIL the economic prospects for a large amount of able bodied young men becomes so dire that their life is worth risking for a better future. HOWEVER, revolutions are not enacted from keyboards, we can communicate and organize her but EVENTUALLY the time must come to take action IRL.

I am not calling for that at this time, the prerequisites are not met. Emotions are not strong enough and any movement is doomed for failure until that point, however I would like to make you all aware that this very medium is under constant psyops of demoralization and co-opting.

WHY? This site in its beginning attracted certain personality types (theres a thread on it currently, basically INTJ), so called MASTERMIND personalities. A fair amount of us here are high IQ and fairly motivated. We are also somewhat united in goal and spirit. That makes us a cabal if we ever got the resources and balls to organize into something meaningful.

Clearly we, Anons of Zig Forums, have had an impact on the entire political landscape. We went from complete obscurity and irrelevance to being on the radar of every intelligence agency and major world leader. We are an existential threat to the very control system of this entire civilization.

That should tell us that we are doing something correctly. However, we should stop the one off terror attacks. Not only do they fail to put any sizeable dent in the system but they give our enemies further credit to mobilize political solutions (ie censorship and gun control) against us.

I firmly believe that one day an organized revolution IRL is necessary. However at this time I think we should begin to form political and social movements to gain momentum.

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WHY? Because as I said, at the current time the situation for most people economically is tolerable. They will not be willing to join any DIRECT action until they have nothing to lose and much to gain. If we wait to organize IRL now that will be decades down the timeline and by then we will be at such a demographic disadvantage that there will be no original population left to uphold what remains of the 1st and 2nd amendments.

Its a long game and they have an army of psychiatrists and think tanks who for decades have tweaked and perfected the formula. Every time they make a mistake they learn and adapt. We start anew since we are not organized in such a manner. We are born into families of worker units who's thoughts are preoccupied with the necessities of daily life. Not waging a long term plan of psychological, economic, and civilization warfare.

We need specialists on our side as well as the financial backing. We need an organic movement IRL and we need it fast. We need to stop all infighting and recognize it as divide and conquer. The final shared goal is greater than any possible difference we possess.

The constant shilling of "honeypots" and "fed this" and "fed that" is a demoralization tactic. How can we expect to make any concrete change without taking action (political - don't construe this as a call for terrorism) in the real world?

Unless you are planning a violent attack yourself there is no reason we can't start taking action and networking. But as I said a 1 off violent attack is futile. We must organize and awaken others. I am not saying play by their rules and join their parties. Both are controlled by bankers, obviously. We must begin a movement to peel back the layers of lies and awaken everyone as a human being to the systems of control (debt, war, blackmail, etc etc). Once we awaken everyone they will get behind us. There are only so many riot police and mercenaries. There are tens or hundreds of millions of us in each country. They cannot control everyone, just look at what a partisan force was able to do to the US in Vietnam, or Russia in Afghanistan. Now imagine western countries doing that to their already broke governments.

Perhaps that is their goals, with the governments so broke and weakened then China can swoop in as the new world power. I have seen talk of the bankers backing China however I cannot understand how they expect to retain control over an intelligent and separate alien race such as the Chinese. Anyway, please do not make the last point the focus of this thread, we need to organize - that is the point. inb4 glownigger

Another one of Jared's boys honeypot threads, fuck me it's getting so tiresome.

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What is he shilling and what tactic is this?
Provide evidence or you can fuck right off jidf.

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It is the form of shilling where I am saying we know you glow niggers are posting this kind of shit all over the internet as a honeypot hoping to piss people off. Jesus your fucking stupid. Go post your reddit shit to reddit dumb ass.

Glowniggers dont advocate for political organization and social movements, they encourage violent attacks ala post 9/11 fake terror plots where they supplied and radicalized mentally ill muslim loners.


This is where you're wrong. There is already a basis of people willing to fight, there is just no way to organize them.
If the ZOG didn't actively penetrate any and all political organizations internally, many different groups would have openly organized themselves into military formations already, going back decades. It is simply impossible, due to the ZOG's political police, to be able to effectively organize violence.
This is why the coming White Nation Liberation War is going to be a decentralized conflict. The ideological leaders (what you call "mastermind" personalities) are going to be anonymous. There is no going to be a centralized organ of communication for the ideological leaders of this conflict, at least not as this stage. Nor is there going to be any method of commanding the soldiers (the people willing to actually fight and die). We will simply have to ideologically convince them of what needs to be done, and they will do it on their own accord.
This is just a description of the reality that faces us. Obviously, it would be much better if White Nationalists could organize openly, could setup compounds for military training, and just start throwing soldiers at the ZOG. And at some point, we will be doing that. I'm fairly certain when I say, that whoever is the person that can figure out how to move from the decentralized phase of the war to the centralized phase of the war, this person is going to be Our Leader. The Leader of the White Nation will emerge from this phase of the conflict against the ZOG.
Whoever is going to be Our Leader will likely come from the "masterminds" or ideological leaders of the war, or rather, those that have been forced from merely leading ideologically to becoming soldiers as well. The person who says to themselves they don't want to just commit suicide, or make a political statement, but actually want to do multiple attacks against many different ZOG targets. The person who finds a way to effectively recruit other soldiers, so attacks aren't just solo operations (imagine if 2 people were shooting up a Synagogue together, and another 3-4 were outside, sniping at ZOG-police trying to interfere; everyone could probably escape easily). The person who finds a way to actually pay soldiers, so they don't have to maintain some source of income. This type of person will be Our Leader, the person who the White Nation will venerate for all of time.

Youre a fool or a shill. Pointless to masturbate over violence. We need to exert our will politically, thats why WE liked Trump in the beginning.

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I said start a new party, youre losing the argument moshe

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Anyone can clearly see you are not addressing my argument and are doing a poor job at dissuading me. Gonna ignore you, but thanks for being obvious, serpent.

So you don't believe honeypots are real?
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Get back to me when we have a completely anonymous, yet still centralized method of organization.
Until then every single time we set up an offline political entity, the feds will take control.
We are all under constant ever tightening surveillance.

you are a shill

I implied you do not have to worry about honey pots unless you want to take pointless and stupid violent action

I am clearly not for that

Also, we have never set up a political entity you idiot shill. Why? Because of you demoralization, when does your shift end Im getting tired of talking to you give me a more intelligent disinfo agent.

I do not think your a kike or a shill you seem to be somewhat genuine, but Zig Forums was never meant for organization or for political movements that has to be done somewhere else.

Actually, you said something about exerting our will politically, and then blathered about Trump. Nothing you said even implied anything about starting a new political party.
I am not opposed to starting a political party. The question becomes what sort of political activity should be done? What is going to be the line of the organization?
I personally think we need a space, something like what pol is, but harder to access, where anonymous ideological discussion can continue, without obvious ZOG-shills. This organization then could produce a whole lot of ideological content, on a whole range of issues.
I am emphasizing ideology, because that is currently where the struggle is. There is an ideological war, and you can see it playing out here everyday between the ZOG-shills and the genuine people. Most people aren't even aware of it. The point of ideologically hardened White Nationalist organization would be to expose this aspect of "Right" wing ZOG politics for what it is, and an organization dedicated to doing this would go a long, long way in producing the ideological material needed to to liberate the White Nation from the ZOG.
I wrote a short story about just such an organization: perhaps you would like it:

Ill read it later buts its sad I have to spell something out like a school teacher, please reread what I wrote. Jesus

Perhaps you are right.

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Hmm, pol found its real genesis in the gamergate raid, is that not organized political action.. you are wrong sir. It is the place for a genesis but not the implementation and sustaining medium for political action.

Jesus have I been sandboxed every reply is a shill, that manifesto is an absolute joke. Where are the real anons

Feds infiltrate all right wing political organizations, because right wingers' mere existence angers their Jewish masters.
The ADL works with the FBI, the CIA with Mossad, and the government keeps shoveling money away to Israel.
Likewise left wing organizations can bomb government buildings and get off the hook with a slap on the wrist, proven during the 1970s.

Once again come back when we have an anonymous and centralized organization.
Or maybe a secret society which infiltrates pre existing organizations.
OR maybe just get this over with and post a link to your glowing CIA honeypot?

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convince me you arent jidf. The arguement isnt about proxies its that you were originally acting as multiple posters

But please, address my arguements, is it not productive to exert a real world influence? DO YOU DENY THAT.

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It’s impossible to be bigoted without being demoralized. The worldview of bigots involves vast ineluctable conspiracies governing a world with a mixture of omnipotence and simultaneous basic incompetence. Bigots dwell in a failing world in whose opposition they have to die pointlessly and joylessly.

If any people using this site aren’t demoralized, it’s because they aren’t bigots.

On that note, sortition is not hreat because it leads to competent government. Sortition is great because it makes the issues of all people relevant to the powerful. Sortition draws people from all over and then requires as a basic necessity of creating something functional from that melange that all the people selected must have their issues dealt with. This prevents societies from becoming ruled by out of touch “meritorious” people with no connection to the ground truths of a society’s economy or culture. It requires progress to be made at the most true and foundational level. It reduces the rate at which people are just mysteriously left out of the concerns of society, raising thereby the basic honesty of governance.

We could be vastly more prosperous on this earth, but a constant struggle must be enacted to win over pig-headed rulers! Make the rulers merely incompetent, but not actively disdainful of the interests of the “undeserving” and “incompetent” public, and then awesome things will happen. The scientific potentials of a complete and material perspective in this world are so awesome this is even in the interest of the people who hate the public, as hard as it is to convince them to listen to outside perspectives without lying about them.

Instead of making this site a place where bigot-slaves are created and/or abused, why don’t we make it a site where we try to make society’s leadership more peaceful and future-oriented, like most people in society today?

Serious question: do you think the NSDAP wasn't infiltrated? How about Mussolini's blackshirts?

OP's entire point is you shouldn't be scared of feds. If you're seriously afraid of pic related, then just lmao at you.

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Pretty good.

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The NSDAP didn't have the RICO Act to contend with. Now all that's needed to take down an entire organization is one weak link and a federal informant.

^ meant for:


Its a double edged sword the entire government can be RICOed. Happened to the corrupt LAPD. Also intel agencies have admitted they have a hard time finding competent agents for cyber warfare and field work. A cat lady is running the CIA social media department psyops…

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Then you need to go and look again, user. Something, something 10% something . . .
National Socialism wasn’t successfully subverted, the night of the long knives took care of that
No. We need to stop getting caught.
We aren’t even at that point. Any group becomes targeted - the moment it forms - by enemy groups whose speciality is subverting them.
They are quite good at it and they have been doing it since at least the 70's.
Never play to the enemies strength. Ever.
one to four close comrades of long familiarity above average iq and proven character that know how to KEEP THEIR IDIOT MOUTHS SHUT are a nightmare for the system. Especially if they can keep getting away with it.

The system has a dirty little secret Its power is highly situational and ultimately reliant on compliance
If a small group or even one individual repeatedly performs actions that are heinous enough and visible enough and GETS AWAY WITH IT then people will start loosing faith in the systems power and authority.
If this happens in a nation with even low level dissent from a section of the population then they will begin to act also to a lesser degree because the threshold for action has been lowered. The reason the threshold of action is lowered by the behaviour described is because one of the main ways this threshold for action is maintained is through fear or faith in the systems infallibility and power.
Thus GETTING AWAY WITH IT is so important. people need to see that it is possible to resist.
When people start getting encouraged by the successful actions of others and acting even in a small way themselves the system starts getting overwhelmed by volume and starts to loose control. This is exacerbated by the reaction of targeted enemy populations who respond in kind, acceleration.gif. lol.

The system has three main choices, or a combination of the three at that point:
1.Try and convince people to return to the fold.
2.Full totalitarian control of the Nation.
3.Control the opposition and hope they catch enough to keep a lid on things.

1.Is already too late. The lines are already drawn even if some haven’t realised which side they are on yet. Polarisation is already setting in and will only intensify especially if actors cant be caught.
2.Only accelerates the polarisation and amount of dissent.
3.Lone wolf ftw.

In the end the system will do what it always does when it has an itch it cant scratch; Go full retard and flail about like a fuckwit.
It turns out all that easy power and the ability to order their attack dogs and mouthpieces to perform tricks is just too tempting to resist.
When that fails the will double down and fail more. The ones they inevitably catch will only convince them that their strategy is working but in fact will only eliminate the stupid or careless leaving the better actors to get stronger and the general population that sympathises to be further polarised.
And everybody will hate the system.
Out of this turmoil will evolve militant communities that will have learnt the hard way to help themselves and hate the System.
And we will be right there to show them de'way.

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