Trump to Tariff Chinks

Oy Vey
these Tarrifs will cause the STOCK MARKET TO CRASH GOYS!!!!!

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That's funny I thought the one year warning scared the shit out of them

Tariff's will simply be paid by US consumers in the form of higher prices, production and industry will remain in China, jews winning again to pay glow niggers to beat us down.

7 million manufacturing jobs in just over 2 years.

I'm expected to believe the media now? and you cite them as a source? it's total fucking bullshit


why don't you just say some jews told you


I always appreciate the occasions where the golden golem is actually doing something good.


But forbes is litterally a magazine wrriten by jews FOR other investment banking jews
the average goy doesnt read that shit
Do you guys really think the jews are going to lie to other jews and thus fuck up their sincerity on power and wealth?

Investment bankers read 10-Q's and 10-K's not Forbes.




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You want to sit in the corner and think about what you just said there?

The S&P 500 is a bond market, numbnuts. Low bond yields typically drives stock gains, along with increases in precious metals as conservative investors look for sure-thing returns.


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don't you dare make me get my DOW 25,000 hat out

Keep in mind, pic related is what the US intends to counter that with. The US is completely, irrevocably done. 200%.

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That passage couldn't be more kosher if it was written in Hebrew. On the other hand, maybe the Jews will go and undermine China for awhile and leave us the fuck alone until we wise up and nuke China

good god the left are so detached from reality it's breathtaking.

The entire reason why you're seeing such antagonism from the US towards China is because they can't get a serious foothold. China rolls up whole spy networks on a whim and puts two in their head. They rip off whatever IP they want. They have all of the manufacturing infrastructure and all of the capacity – no matter how slow sales to the US get, they can take the hit and keep the machinery running at a subsistence level because they have the core component to winning a trade war, the physical means of production.

National Interest is a straightforward patriotard publication. Nothing really "lefty" about it. Very boilerplate Fusionist Republican stuff. Same people behind Reconstruction, the Great Migration, and the Trump administration.

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thanks. Made this just now.

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Sage and report all low effort threads.

Yeah people forget the origins of the Republican party, it's John Brown at Harper's Ferry fanatical self righteousness.

Very sad to see. The more I read and study the sadder and more anxious I become

Good stuff.

Here's a question. How many illegal migrants have the super carriers stopped? There are 20-30 million illegals currently in the country, not including the anchor babies.

BTW America is or was an ethnic state.

To be an immigrant there has to be a country to go to. If you settled in Antarctica would you be an immigrant?No, you would be a pioneer. Were the James town colonist migrants? Unlike Antarctica there were stone age people living there, but they didn't welcome the newcomers with food stamps and bilingual education did they.

About ten days after the English chose their camp site hundreds of Indians attacked them in order to exterminate them, that's worse than trying to settle Antarctica. So no, the colonist were not immigrants. Yes, once there was a nation there was immigration. From 1790 to 1820 the US population grew from 2.9 million to ten million, that's 250% growth. Lots of immigration, right?

Wrong. That population growth of six million was almost entirely due to the natives having children, at the end of that period only one percent was forign born, one percent. We were not an "immigration of immigrants", and if the founders wanted immigrants then they wanted White immigrants.

The very first congress of the united states met in 1790. The constitution has been just ratified, and congress had to decide what kind of country it was going to be. In that year they pass the very first naturalization law that restricted citizenship to free white persons. The founders wanted a white country.

Later on immigration did pick up but it was from Europe.

Two groups occupied the site in prehistoric times. The Siouan-speaking Middle Missouri people (Initial Middle Missouri variant), ancestral to the historic Mandan people, first occupied the site sometime after about 900 AD. They built numerous earth lodges on the lower portion of the site. Caddoan-speaking Central Plains people (Initial Coalescent variant) moved into the area from southern areas (present-day Nebraska) sometime around 1150 AD. (The historic Arikara are a Caddoan people.) Whether they displaced the earlier group or moved onto an abandoned site is unknown. The Central Plains (Initial Coalescent) people built at least 55 lodges, mostly on the upper part of the site. There is no direct evidence that there was conflict between the two groups, and scholars have found evidence that both cultures changed gradually in relation to the other.

There is evidence that the Central Plains/Initial Coalescent villagers built well-planned defensive works for their village. They were replacing an earlier dry moat fortification with a new fortification ditch around the expanded village when an attack occurred that resulted in the massacre. The attacking group killed all the villagers. Archaeologists from the University of South Dakota, directed by project director Larry J. Zimmerman, field director Thomas Emerson, and osteologist P. Willey found the remains of at least 486 people killed during the attack. Most of these remains showed signs of ritual mutilation, particularly scalping. Other examples were tongues being removed, teeth broken, beheading, hands and feet being cut off, and other forms of dismemberment. In addition to the severity of the attack, most of the people showed signs of malnutrition and many had evidence of being wounded in other attacks. This evidence has suggested to scholars that lives of people of the Initial Coalescent culture were under more stress than was thought; they have theorized that the people were attacked by another group or several groups of the Initial Coalescent culture in the area in competition for arable land and resources


Not when it's on fire, which has historically been the step taken after the trade shit fails. China's position is insanely weak, and if America drops the hammer they're fucked, no matter how many chinkposters get the text alert to show up here and say otherwise.

The "party flip" narrative is one of the great myths of contemporary American political history. Nothing has changed in the Republican party apart from some slick marketing that they are now doing away with and making it abundantly clear the only thing they live for is to Africanize the world and violently impose faggotry and usury. The real change came in the Democratic party, which was brought into alignment with core Republican values.

Yes the Kurds stole Christian land, and forced marxism down school children's throats as some of their first acts of government.

This is a worn out record at this point. China makes everything. They have a massive population with an easy ~100 IQ floor for the bulk of it. The US is a collapsing negro country with huge swaths of the people expected to defend it carrying room temperature IQs. They had to literally roll back the retardation threshold by double digits to accommodate their population.

The US has no play that isn't nuclear and that is a two-way street. That's why they intend to violently niggerize and genocide their White population and try to sell themselves to African countries as a nigger superpower that will give free reign to rape and pillage whatever is left of Europe if they just hand over the coltan mines.

Not really. All arguments against Tariffs are just generic "Govt sucks" arguments, thus they aren't really arguments.

Tariffs are GOOD because they are TAXES. All this talk about Trade Wars and "passing on cost to consumers" and "distort the free market" etc misses the real issue. Why SO much drama over this one particular minor type of tax, when we already have a massive stealth-tax when (((The Fed))) prints money to support multi-trillion dollar 'deficits'. There are no 'deficits', only tax increases.
Anyways, back to "Tariffs, The Good Taxes"(tm). It is sorta true that when one group gets a tax cut everyone else gets a tax increase. So….when one group gets a tax increase everyone else gets a TAX DECREASE. :) The entire anti-Tariff argument can be easily reduced to "taxes are bad because they cost people money", which isn't a valid point. Economic profs drill their students with the diagrams proving Tariffs ONLY make things worse for everyone. But as soon as you ask "then were SHOULD taxes cum from, professor?" it all falls apart into some Communist or Libertarian fantasy. As long as we remain IRL where lots of taxes are needed for at least SOME shit (police, fire, roads, military), Tariffs start looking like best possible option. According to my own personally created economic theory, Tariffs, if "done right" will result in equal amounts of': a) higher cost to domestic consumer b) lower profits to foreign producer, thus…….the Foreign Producer ends up paying a WHOOPING 50% of your tax (your govt gibs).
Tariffs (ie favoring domestic production) has numerous IRL benefits (((Economists))) (globalists) pretend don't exist: 1)As taxes go, they are low cost to collect. IRS regs are in the 40,000 pages and increasing, and all of that costs huge money on both sides. Also leads to "crimes", enforcement, collections, seizure, etc. Its an ongoing Guerilla War/Counter Insurgency of People VS Govt. Property Tax? Ditto. Sales Tax at cash registrar, or even Amazon? Are U fucking kidding? Govt is running % to grab pennies? WTF? In contrast, if the product being Tariff-ed don't lend to smuggling (crude oil, cars, etc), collecting the tax is trivial and guaranteed to be paid in advance. Mr Honda don't want 500,000 units of 2018 aging at dock due to Tariff dispute.
2)Trade “Wars” (encouraging local alternatives) can prevent REAL wars. And if not actual hot-war, then reduce shortages, price gouging, etc resulting from overseas shenanigans we can’t control and shouldn’t be involved in trying to control. There should be a domestic supply of all needed products at at least a subsistence level so if foreign supply ends local production can quickly be ramped up VS start from scratch by people who don’t know WTF they are doing.
3)Toxic/Defective products are deterred if all parties are under same national legal system.
4) In direct contradiction to what my well-meaning extremist Austrian School prof says (once you grant that SOME tax funds are required) Tariffs aren’t just OK for us, but its perfectly OK if everyone else puts Tariffs on our stuff to raise their needed Tax Funds. It all evens out, with the result that imports cost more, but everyone’s OTHER taxes are reduced, so costs are really the same, but everyone has more locally produced products and less FOREIGN ENTANGEMENTS. With Tariffs, you eliminate things like GM lobbying for more US tax payer funded military in South Korea because they have a partnership that makes those little Chevy Spark cars. And don’t get me started on all this “our vital interests in the the Middle East” BS. OK, you got me started. Our only interest in the ME is oil, which dictates our only goal in the ME should be extreme “regime change” in the only nation that interferes with our oil producing trade partners, Israel.

All in all, domestic production is much more cosy than foreign imports. A health society needs a complete variety of "employment situations" just to keep marginal types off the streets and out of trouble. Rosa Parks' job was "sewing bedsheets", good honest work. Today that is all done by overseas slave labor and your typical Negress is a welfare drug addict. Your bedsheets cost $3 less but 1/3 of the city is a no-go zone.

As the Klu Klux Klan points out, prior the IRS and The Fed, when the USA was all healthy and growing, our Fed Govt was mostly funded by Tariffs.
Tariffs should be the first thing ANYONE, anywhere should consider when they think about funding ANY tax funded ANYTHING. Tariffs are the ONLY tax that isn’t also toxic to the society in various “economic friction” ways, as well as an elixir in several social areas.

Tariffs are not bad in and of themselves. They are bad when you don't have a real manufacturing base. Goosing the tariffs over a period of 4-8 years isn't going to magically make all of that departed and relocated industry come back – especially when the designated rival is a larger, wealthier market than you are. The capital will simply wait you out passing along the costs to the consumer while the government uses the injection of skim to block bust Whitey and send "anti-semites" to county lockup.

The party flip to the right for the Republicans came with the assassination of George Wallace and Nixon's "Southern Strategy" which was a successful fraud.

I gave you that Grand Tour clip that's so impressive to see. This article is far more impressive and important to read;

It's funny to see republicans howl at the Muslim Shoa in China.

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One end of their perpetual spitroast is towelhead oil money.

it didn't work when Brazil thought they'd force-start a home grown computer industry.

But the USA would start producing wrenches, screwdrivers and furniture easy enough if there was a price point.

Best prez ever.

Not without forced nationalization. You cannot allow the same people who created this situation some indefinite period of time to "fix" it. Realistically, they will just go to Indonesia, Vietnam, or India, since those are all brown/yellow countries in China's neighborhood the US would be eager to subjugate its White population under to curry favor.

If the Trump administration was serious about the trade issue, it would be utilizing the same MIC mass mobilization that was used in WWII to re-purpose and rebuild productive facilities alongside a new Manhattan Project for material subsitution in high-end consumer products. They wouldn't be banging the table about Marvel movie bootlegs and Goldman being curbed on credit default swaps.

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yeah, any Tariffs need to be on classes of product, regardless of where they come from.

Singling out certain nations to start fights with is Jewish.


Jews wrote NAFTA


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Fight fire with fire. jews are playing the climate bullshit card to get white nations to attack the US.

News for Jews that are distributed to other Jews is in yiddish runes you moron.
You're the perfect example of a sucker who thinks he's clever for knowing about the most common tricks used in gambling games on the local street corner but fails to understand that all those games on the street corner have zero chance and is entirely controlled by the dealer.

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The US has the biggest consumer market in the world tho
and its not like this will HELP china grow
i think its a real shot of building an industrial base along with infrastructure.


Go back to reddit.

Does it, though? Will it still have it in 10, 15, 25 years? You're not really addressing the core issue. You're trying to paper some quip factoid over it.

Investors trade tips person while networking, where they can't get busted for insider trading. Anything public is just advertising.

Who cares if npc’s have to pay a couple extra dollars at Target or Walmart for non essential plastic and poisonous chink trinkets. As long as food and gas prices stay the same, it’s not going to affect the working to middle class. As for steel and other chink imports, it’s best to rip the band aid off now. The US and Canada can deal with it fine. Ridiculous amount of self sustaining resources if the shit hit the fan.

Probably. Things are likely to rapidly change when the Boomer mega kikes get old and senile. The X’er kikes are fucking stupid and weak. The American “jew love” has rapidly decreased in only 10 years. Think of it in another 10 years. Then think of it when all the smart/instinctual boomer kikes are 80+.

I wish, but somehow I doubt it.



Stop embarrassing yourself.

The fire means nukes flying in the end, doubt on that. Generally unless forced by ZOG noone cares about their wars and will trade with China normally, so they have a rest of the world to sell stuff to. It even means lower prices for us Europeans, since market will be flooded with unsold goods to USA, so i'm not complaining.

Consumerism is bad anyway.


Your argument is literally "niggerize the planet".

Why, it worked on european colonial powers and now they're almost dead. Its injecting poison into chinese society, just like opium was used before.

I don't care about chinks they should be flooded with niggers because they are flooding our country and I don't like it
90% of my city is chinks

It isn't working against China and it won't work. What it has done is rot the US and Europe from the inside out. They don't make anything anymore, they literally can't make anything anymore. China makes 45% of the entire planet's steel. Let that sink in. The idea that anyone in China is going to fall for US niggershines after the freefall collapse of American society in roughly 30-40 years from the Civil Rights Act is comical.

China already won.

Are the libertarians freaking out yet because they cannot get cheap poorly made products fabricated with cheap child slave labour anymore?

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Production of what? Injection molded plastics, consumer appliances and low budget TVs. All of these shops can be readily rebuilt elsewhere - this is by design as kikes make multiple shops and play them all against each other to lower costs and maximize their profit. Now that China has too big a piece of the pie, jews are stepping off and taking their money with them. This causes China's growth to slip far beneath what's needed to keep production lines fully staffed, and destroys their economy.

Now of course China could just keep all the production lines rolling, subsidizing the losses with taxpayer money. However this strategy can't work forever because they either run out of tax money or they have entire piles of unsellable crap rotting away that nukes new production making the required subsidy larger. This is the exact sport where the USSR tripped, especially in regards to oil and automobiles. Already China was facing antidumping tariffs under o'nigger, Dems are not going to be their friend in this and neither are neocons who created this scene in the first place. See all the recent cuck news about "exporting pollution", which is the general realization that climate change can't be stopped so long as free trade exists.

Meanwhile the US's core industries (including: raw minerals extraction, steel, high-grade plastics, ceramics, semiconductor components, etc) still exists and does fine. The US is not the UK, who recently had to recreate British Steel because they mismanaged their economy again.

big and stronk construction projects is a literal Soviet tactic, look at how well that worked for them. Employment remained low when they build out their rail network in the 30s, 40s and 50s only to have it all crash down in the 80s and 90s. Ditto for Soviet highways and airports in the 60s and 70s, and their entire space program. Throughput and size does not equal economic functionality.

The US had the same problems with overbuilt infrastruture in regards to rail and highways too, but since all of that is private here when they stop being profitable it doesn't tank the government's finances as it did in Russia and as it will in China.

You are several decades out of date.

Worked on Japanese, worked on South Koreans, sure, those are US occupied but its a drug for women, minorities, etc, it will be pushed with western media, products. Plus the chinese rulers happily took dollars for destroying communist revolution and turning China into capitalist slave country, they will take them again to push that too, they care only about their personal wealth anyway, more than western oligarchs.

You're just spinning your wheels and making things up as you go along. Nothing is taking root in China. The US has no foothold.

In any event, you're about to be filtered for being a nigger loving faggot.

Libertarians still come here?

Soviets fell apart because of spending 40% of their budget on cold war, embargoes, tarrifs, and pushed western propaganda - like they do on China now, not because economy was bad. Noone can win when US can pump out unlimited fiat dollars.

Soft power worked and works, you dont need actual wars.



Oh no, someone here is scared. Great.

No, I'm not. Why do you think Trump nuked the Canyon Bridge deal? China's semiconductor industry isn't capable of making things that aren't low budget or otherwise readily replaceable. Again, this is by design and jews are pissed now that they're trying to go for something greater.

You can just ask China's own government, it's what the "Made In China 2025" program is about and why it has to exist in the first place.

All those problems were/are fixable so long as business can operate freely in regards to supply and demand. The USSR did not adhere to this because they considered it capitalist, the end result was the system completely breaking down because they could either not meet demand or created so much oversupply that usable products wound up in landfills. Classic examples of this include Soviet stores only having left shoes (instead of a full pair), Soviet truckers dumping gas (because it was rationed and thus if they saved gas they wouldn't get enough the next time thus incentivizing waste and also creating a black market), and bread lines because not enough resources were put into fertilizer, aqueduct and farm production.

China is in a similar situation with their State Owned Enterprises, that operate with capitalist markets but still rely on the legacy command-economy system. In particular, they are given quotas by the central government to fulfill and if they don't heads roll. This has led to massive, major overproduction of everything from concrete and steel to solar panels and coal boilers; the only consistent theme is that the central gov't wants to maintain high employment and high growth so it orders high quotas. However, this is totally unsustainable because not only does it immediately cause antidumping tarriffs in the west but investors do not have unlimited cash and will eventually run out. This then creates a Minsky Moment and their whole market collapses. At that point they are simply out of money and new production is untentable because of the oversupply, which is a problem because now they don't have enough materials to increase food production to cover themselves just as the USSR did.

There's nothing new with this because China's government is massively incompetent.

It doesn't otherwise China would have won Vietnam, Taiwan and Pakistan. Instead all three managed to maintain their independence, the only places where China has been successful in places where it used hard power - Tibet, Tienanmen Square, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang. Comparable US attempts to soft power China in the first place also failed, which is why all of this is happening in the first place.