Steve Crowders virgin bride

She's beautiful and Christian yet this board attacks lovely white American girls in the most filthy ways. You're disgusting. Men are supposed to love and protect, but thats to expect from the jews of Zig Forums.

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If she's anything like Crowder, she vociferously supports endless kike wars and labor-destroying immigration. It's too bad the rest of us don't get official ZOG shill paychecks like ol' Steve-o.

whatever man.


Wtf I love Muslims and want beaners to instead vote Democrat!

Face it, you would find fault with them due to being trad and christian regardless.

Her maiden name is Korzon. Now stop being a fag and die a horrible, horrible death.

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Crowder is nothing but a pro isreal christcuck.Now go back to cuckchan you christian nigger monkey.

whatcha slidin, aaron?

What part of traditional Christianity involves being a meat shield for jews? Or are you talking about beaners? It's difficult to tell, your syntax seems a little off.

Reported for slide thread kikery. Sage.

Every single person on this board would consider trad Christians to be the far lesser evil of pro-pissrael kike lovers, yes they are separate things on occasion and I'll make sure to let you know the same thing when I put a bullet into your rat brain, jew.



GTFO faggot retarded JIDF shill.

It was only stated that they "waited until marriage." No claims have been made that they entered into the relationship as virgins.

Dog Parent who ain't getting any pussy from that roastie

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Youtube millionaire/eceleb magically attracts smoking hot woman who is still a virgin somehow.

Yeah that'll last.

Enjoy your ban op for a pointless cancerous thread.

I'll pray for you incels.

God bless the USA
God bless President DJT
God bless the white christian trad life

stay mad Moshe!

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I am for white families you stupid cuckchanner your getting a ban for making such a low effort thread.

No, he's right. This thread is Kaposi's sarcoma, which is the kind of cancer you get when you have AIDS. Sage.

They're a part of the problem. She'll probably have Jerome's baby and Steven will raise it claiming god tasked him with raising his wife's black son.

Women are to be used and discarded.


He is a christcuck and civnat who can't even make babies. A total failure working for shekels.

How does she have time to have kids, her and Steven take care of retards. Based and redpilled.

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