The American Identity Movement

Hello Zig Forums, I am Dystop (@DystopiaPro69) and I am a simple goy who is a member of AIM, or American Identity Movement. We used to be called Identity Evropa until Patrick Casey rebranded because he had had reservations over the name for several months. It was a name associated with street thuggery and bad optics. Ever since the reformation, we’ve made new strides. There was an event in Louisiana where a tranny was at a library reading to kids that 2 of our members crashed dressed as clowns. We also recently crashed a book event having to do with the book called “Dying of Whiteness” by Johnathan Metzl. Our primary goal is putting our flyers and cards up in different areas nationwide, but with a slightly stronger focus on California because that’s where the bulk of our members reside (as well as the location of our HQ). We offer the white man a new path forward, one that does not indulge in wignatery or plastic stahlhelms. We dress up, we speak sharply and we get to the bottom of the point in our message that can reach out to the masses and not a few hundred spergs on Gab or Wignat Twitter. If any anons here are interested in joining, follow the link below:

If you’d like to donate:

Make the wise decision, user. We’re fighting the globalists who have been ravaging western civilization. Are you with us or the wignats?

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I’m going to fill out an application to join. Thanks user, very cool!

It looks like the same old path to nowhere with a new coat of paint. Nothing to debate or argue about anymore. If you aren't pulling triggers, you're not offering anything new.

Oh look, another jewish infested honey pot organization. Fuck off back to tel aviv schlomo.

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Who are your politicians? What is your political domination plan? If I'm going to join a political/racial movement, and give you any kind of identifying info, as well as good goy bucks, you're gonna have to muster up more than, "We operate deep in enemy territory, with absolutely no way of creating any kind of change, and our voices will be drowned out by the lack of coverage by the jew owned media." Your only way forward is to operate out of a white majority state, move your headquarters where you're not surrounded by the enemy. Unless you're ok with having to bring in civnat spics and niggers because that's all the local population has to offer in the near future. Capture your city/county political offices, if you can't even do that then you're as worthless as every other (((alternative.)))

Okay wignat

Is that Mike Enoch? We don’t really like him or TRS fam. You got the wrong people.

Can’t reveal because that would compromise them.
Marching through the institutions while establishing our own apparatus/state within a state approach.
Most young GOP types actually agree with us, my guy. We also have Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, etc. The GOP will no longer be the party of the neocons, but the party of paleocons and America First nationalists.
This whole idea of “retreat to the countryside” is stupid because there is no power in rural Montana or Deep South Mississippi. It’s all concentrated in the cities and that’s where you make change.
>Capture your city/county political offices, if you can't even do that then you're as worthless as every other (((alternative.)))
Refer to the first point in my response to you.


Are you establishing communities? Are you helping fellow whites find employment, cleanse themselves of degeneracy, and become self-sufficient? Are you finding spouses and making white babies?

If the answer is no to any of those, especially the last, then you're just a bunch of LARPing faggots.

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to join the larp club and possibly be branded an extremist by credit card companies? better to just sever all ties with the previous group and start a new one.

I'm Chinese American and I'd like to share my historic cultural heritage with you.

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try Reddit and Facebook.

no fuck off you feds

you're posting on a National Socialist board, faggot, we don't care about your stupid cuckold (((American Nationalism))). Go away and never come back.

This summarizes everything about you disgusting people.

It's CIAniggers asking for money to fund child trafficking operations.
The currency favored by CIA agents is children, they all love raping, murdering and eating them.

Fuck off spic


We’re doing all of those, fam. You can email Patrick and inquire further if you’d like, but we keep a closed ship for the most part.

It’s $100 a year to save western civilization. Worth the investment.

If you’re a wignat, you’re a wignat and thus not allowed in AIM. Simple.

Okay wignat

We do quite a lot that isn’t just going to be admitted publicly because there’s this thing called opsec, you cringe Nazi.

The fact that you’re accusing us of such heinous crimes is proof that all wignats are just projectors.

We don’t allow Hispanics.

Don’t let all these wignat losers discourage you guys, user. Keep it going.

Thanks user, much appreciated support!

You idiots still use Discord. Why would I join?

We don’t really use Discord anymore after the last breach by ANTIFA. We’ve moved onto Slack.

fuck off
fuck off
fuck off

You're with us or against us rhetoric is pretty retarded. There is n reason to divide us from the inside. If you fight for white interests you're a friend. It doesn't matter if you're a wignat or larper. The only reason I could see you trying to make your own elite branch of nadsees right after your first one failed is because you really just want power. Everyone should try to be the next fuhrer, but the people come first. If they come second, then you're just a pretender.

btw, didn't you cuck out on the JQ?

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Talking about Joos all day is low hanging alt-right wignat fruit. We’re more normal and sophisticated than that.

I figure I'll infiltrate your mind and cause suicidal thoughts. Here we go! Glowniggers kill themselves lots, right? Everyone dies, all life ends and anything you tried to advance will decay and disappear. Everyone you ever loved will go away, and in the end you will be marooned in an endless sea of nothingness. You will be left alone for all eternity, and all advancement is meaningless in the face of it. I can make this go away though, I can take you to the presence of the infinite Creator…all you have to do is pull the trigger…

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Serious question. Would you have called the National Socialists in Germany wignats too?

Everytime you use that childish insult it really turns people off. Just more D&C bullshit

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Gah this AIM shit is so fucking gay, I would hope most people on 8ch would go patriot front if anything, but all this is kinda gay unless you just want to meet more likeminded people.
But seriously dude get this civnat shit out of here.

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What the fuck

lol okay wignat keep praising Hitler like he was some genius and not a retard who fought and lost on 2 fronts

Patriot Front? Tom’s thing? They’re in bed with TRS and Richard Spencer. Would you really support them?

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You and your silly movement will never have 1/1000th the Charisma that Hitler and the National Socialists had. Especially not with your constant wignat insults. What the fuck does that even mean? Someone you are jealous of?

Suck my dick you fucking faggot, kike-system defending, zogbot bootlicking piece of shit.

2016 has passed, along with your optics cucking bitch half-measures, nobody gives a fuck about your hysterical wailing for more spineless docility, apologism and constant public displays of impotence culminating in failure after failure, I'm glad you naysaying dead weights are starting to get kicked in the face a little by the system due to that nasty evil Swastika that you'd love to shove back into the dark as eagerly as the kikes would, you'll either fuck off pleading for forgiveness to mainstream or you'll be forced to stop being a fucking dickless weakling.

This year we've had glorious happening after happening and piles of dead sandniggers and kikes, what can you possibly offer in response? Oh boy, we might get a congressman in the next 35 years to push for huwhite civul rites.

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Was a good show. Highly recommend everyone watch it!

Wignats are wigger nationalists. Think of TWP, Mike Enoch, anyone on Gab, Paul Nehlen, Patrick Little, Chris Cantwell. People who are basically white trash and scream about Joos all day.

Stay mad.

There's that jew IQ.

We're the ones getting our way shill, I've seen the dawn of the great NiggerDeath, where's that wall of yours again fuckwit?

So you're admitting japs are your predecessors?

Namefagging? Where?

Stfu you larping piece of hot dogshit. You’d kill yourself like Jeffrey Clark did after Robert Bowers ruined his life.

Remember to disregard the low IQ wignats and their 1.0 optics of being fat losers no ordinary white person wants to associate with

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Paul Nehlen white trash? LOL who the fuck are you kidding? He is a successful businessman who has probably made 100x the money you have in your life. He also got 10-20% of the vote each time he ran for office, which is fairly impressive. Something you have never done either.

Maybe you are the white trash?

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I just sent them $500 after having a serious talk about serious issues. I think it's safe to say that these guys are legit. In fact, I'd wager my life on it. I have never been so shaken to the core as I have after discussing matters of grave importance with their inner circle. Paul on the road type stuff. Thanks for your effort, guys. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Yeah this is pretty much the whole of american dissident politics today, it's playing "dress up" but it's all just trump cheerleading

Stay mad civcuck, man with a black sun emblazoned across his chest slots 50 sandniggers on a live-stream with a smirk and a fucking arsenal of guns, can you point to one thing that your endless band of shekel-grabbing opticsfags and their paypigs have accomplished?

Paul Nehlen lost the second he went unhinged and showed no lack of self control and started ranting about Jews every waking second.

what the fuck is a wignat?

If he doesnt advertise on chans how can he explain this thread?

Weev, Cantwell, Matthew Heimbach, Patrick Little, Paul Nehlen, anyone calling themselves "National Socialists", etc.

people that are awesome are "wignats". got it.

Cath all term invented by jew weev and douglas (ricky vaughn) mackey to call anyone they dont like, particularly people who call them out on their bullshit and just be divisive


==Same people who once constantly shilled for Trump here.
Sage and report, Kampfy will likely come back too within a few months. They will try hyping up the next bogus rigged election.==

You can't even red text

Finally a voice of reason.

Nehlen ruined his life so he can cry about Joos all day and is married to a Latina. You really wanna die on that hill?

Thanks user, very cool!

Nice pilpul faggot



Refer to


You mean cringe.


We’ve learned our lesson about Trump. That doesn’t mean we disagree with the promises he was making during the campaign. We just need to continue channeling that energy.

go away CIA

While I appreciate your actions on the ground, the ship that is Western Civilization has a god-shaped hole in the hull. Crashing book clubs and triggering libtards doesn't fix the demoralization problem.

You learned to conform and fit in with pathetic boomers who never advocate against ZOG.
Get lost 75 year old greyhair

Why would I join a bunch of cucks like you, who do nothing but promote division? You losers are a laughing stock. These are real siege hours.


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Fuck off FBI

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It doesn’t but it’s a start.

Fuck off

You fags can talk all the shit you want. I know for a fact when RaHoWa goes down, you'll still be doing nothing but talking.

full of bottom twinks who promote watered down, weak-minded civnat messaging in order to recruit more weak-minded bottom twinks.

Move to a reservation. Those are Americas.

user btfo

Okay retard

This is how we recruit

Cringe and bluepilled take

i think OP is a shill, guys.

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That's fucking right.

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This thread was clearly wasn't made by anyone in AIM. Fake and gay.


No, it's not generative at all. Your organization is agnostic and reactionary.

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You gotta admit this was good optics.

Nice optics


They do seem pretty kosher

Your cover is blown, fed.

It’s literally badjacketing to assume that we’re FBI.

Hitler was a homosexual.

oy vey

it's not badjacketing if the circumstances make it very likely, after all AIM supposedly does not recruit on Zig Forums.
how was your week FB - I mean, unnamed federal agency boomer?

He only killed Jews because he was attracted to them.

The press is obviously planting posts on anonymous image boards to use as sources for their fake news.

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We DO recruit on here. Patrick is just joking.


they are kind of cute, in a way

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The chutzpah of this kike

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Welcome to Zig Forums.
Hail Candice Owens
Subscribe to Pewdiepie

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LMAO. I like this guy already, way more than the Eurofag OP.

No way, not after the last time you were here and spouted that bullshit about joining your discord and how you're super dupe sure it's secure and private just trust me fellow goys (it's not)

Hi, my initials are JS and I am a journalist and researcher for a major publication doing a follow-up story about AIM's recruiting campaigns on Zig Forums specifically the Zig Forums board. I was hoping to interview some of you "anons" so you could further elaborate on what seems to be negative feedback to Dystop's proposal. It can be completely private but would be appreciated if you could provide your personal contact information possibly a name and a frequent address to interview in person, if you would like of course. Since I am required to keep a low profile, there will be no way to contact me outside of this thread. Thank you!

We only talk to high-end journalists like Jared Holt and Michael E. Hayden.

Hi, my name is Baked Alaska and I'm a former Alt-Right member

Are you insinuating that the President of AIM made this thread, and then posted on twitter against it in order to drum up attention while making himself look good? That seems foolish to me, his organization is getting plenty of attention from their normal activities.

Patrick never uses the chans but his advisors do.