Stream: Baked Alaska & Ashton Whittie

Cucked alaska with his blacked fiance Ashton are streaming and she's talking about how suicidal she is and how many times she's tried to commit suicideā€¦ how she's a degenerate and trying to find God after she's been dating black guys behind his back. There is a good chance that with enough online communication she could be convinced to make a final decision in MeinKraft.

lol is that true? I don't follow e-celeb drama but I saw it mentioned in passing. Disgusting if true, she does have a nice pair.

She's drunk and Baked Alaska said not to dox his license plate. Can anyone help me make out the license plate?

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Literally after I post, she's on cam bouncing her tits around. Shocker.

She's cucking Baked on the live stream with a Chad!

Imagine filming your girlfriend as she exchanges her IG with an Aryan chad. This is too much.

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Nobody cares. Take your eceleb bullshit back to cuckchan.

This guy slandered Saint Tarrant so it's time to dox

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you have to go back

anybody know how to contact Bay Area Antifa? Baked Alaska and Ashton Whittie are near the Cinco De Mayo festival

Why should I care about this THOT?

Downvote the video. Report it to YouTube.
She's a drunk conservative grifter who dated black men and cheated on Baked Alaska with a black guy. Both are our enemies and we're trying to ruin their lives.

this is why roasties are just that, roasties to the very end, she needs a huge bump.


Do you have proof of the race mixing?

You stupid nigger I posted the screenshot above and this entire beginning of this livestream is her talking about suicide and trying to go to church again because shes a degenerate and then she starts dancing in a short skirt

You posted the entire stream you worthless dolt. Unlike you I'm not going to sit through some bimbo rambling gibberish for 30 mins. Post the time stamp where she admits the crime and then kys.

Is there anyone who still says we were wrong about the aut-kike? Baked Alaska was paraded around by Anglin and the TRSodomites, and was supposed to be a major speaker at UTR, and now this.

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Instead of killing herself she ought to just sell herself into sexual slavery for the White Nationalist movement.

If those giant whore tits are any indication she is exactly the kind of semen demon that would make a perfect "comfort woman" for modern Aryan culture warriors.

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imagine being enough of a faggot that any of this matters to you

The snake pit is truly a terrible place.


Holy shit is she really dating that kike?
don't care take your alt lite shit to trs or daily cuckster

Fuck off idiot. Take your e-celeb shit back to cuckchan.


tautological, i knew that because you were dating cuckedAlaska