Julian Assange Dead Man's Switch

So Assange is now probably in Gitmo having his prostate examined by a large man with a spikey club. How long until his dead man's switch goes off and the rest of the world finds out how degenerate world leaders actually are?

Seems like I haven't seen much talk of this anywhere, but I also haven't been to Zig Forums in a bit so idk.

How long until normie riots, boys?

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Nothing happens in mouseworld

Assange is still in Britain in Belmarsh, which has a huge radical Islamic population. Shit will go down in about 50 weeks when he'll probably be extradited to the United States.

Assange could also be killed in Prison, if that's how (((they))) want it to go down.

I have two theories. Either there is no dead man switch and it was all a hoax. Or, he made a deal with Trump to testify for any number of things (ie Seth Rich) which would help secure an election win in 2020, and hence no keys being released. What are the odds of this? Unlikely, but you never know.

The switch was a bluff. I'm 100% convinced. Julian is arrested, now where are the files? Exactly, nowhere to be seen.

the dead mans switch is a moot point. whenever wikileaks was comped, it became irrelevant. assange himself is probably lucky to be alive. the deadmans switch has been neutralized tho.

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Wikileaks and the gov being able to predict your every move is the real psyop. They gave just enough dirt on government to seem credible.
It's a camera with nobody watching, an illusion of safety or tyranny depending on your pov, but an illusion. Just like the majority of local events globally reported. There's potentially 100million lone wolves in the world right now. Keeping that under control takes some serious illusion and distraction. Hence clownworld.

Fuck off. The US will fall.

Justifying the degenerate entity. Are you even trying anymore you faggot?

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Whether or not he is, the sentiment is true. Part of their strategy is demoralization and to appear stronger and more powerful than they actually are.

He would’ve been luckier to be dead. Shit is about to get weird and he shot his load too early. There will be no more large disclosures

The government is just a bunch of lazy, overworked, bored ZOG-infected faggots just like the rest of us. The only difference is they have a monopoly on the "legitimate" use of violence, which is why there have been so many "gUnS aRe BaD" psyops in the last few years (Vegas, Sandy Hook, etc.)

An unarmed populace is a generation away from total eradication. While Clown Universe 25 continues to implode, the (((Calhouns))) stand outside the enclosure and sip champagne.

They will string Assange along with false hope (and whomever they haven't killed off in network of allies). If WL is even capable of releasing the keys, it could backfire on the kikes if their shenanigans with Assange unintentionally push the release closer to the elections.

Assange died in 2016 when the internet was sharded and their twitter was taken over. Everything you’ve seen since then was an act.

There was no switch.

There's an awful lot of (1)'s without anything to contribute. Sage for OP's


A dead man's switch is supposed to go off when the man dies. The hint is in the name.

tldr - king nigger sold off a critical part of the internet infrastructure. i don't remember the fine print, (and can't be assed to look it up atm) but in a nutshell the US govt was formerly in charge of maintaining a list of websites. that aspect was deregulated such that any country/company can sorta shadowban a website and users local to that region would be none the wiser. the USA kept it an uncensored infrastructure because first amendment.. it's not in the USA's hands anymore tho. without sourcing it, i 100% have some errors in my post, but it gets the point across.

I think you're talking about ICANN, but that wouldn't allow you to shadowban websites. For that you would need control of DNS (the service which translates website names to IP addresses). Even then, people would notice IP addresses changing or being inconsistent across different networks. You would need an impressive infrastructure in order to replicate websites and silo users, and even then, you would need some measure of interaction to prevent users from knowing that they were shadowbanned.

that name sounds right (again without looking it up). it was one of king nigger's last hoorah's in office.

So through creative cryptography I happened to obtain the source code for the Bitcoin Deadman Hand; I guess that confirms that Assange isn't Satoshi.

I think the normies know they are slaves now.

There will be no riots, unless they think it will serve to please the will of their satanistic overlords.

Did anyone here ever download the insurance files before the internet blackout? Are the file hashes still the same? Asking for a friend.

You're still pushing that schizo narrative even after he was filmed and livestreamed being arrested outside the embassy?

Nothing. It's a schizopost. Unless the only website you ever use is a single imageboard, there's no logical reason to think the internet was magically broken into pieces. If you use anything else, do you really think the exact same people you talk to just happened to also get shifted into the "shard" of the internet you did?


the (((Glow in the Darks'))) toy poodle Ecuador have renditioned and disappeared Ola Bini, without presenting any charges. if you look closely, you can see glowing.
wanna bet Ola Bini held the keys and operated the Dead Man's Hand as a favor to his friend, Julian Assange?

(((NSACIAFBI))) may think they have won this time by knocking out the Keymasters. TPTB put all of the Wikileaks Insurance keymasters, who are scattered around the globe, under 24/7 surveillance for years now, and have been plinking them off on any ol' bullshit trumped up charges to remove them from the cyber chessboard, until they were all neutralized. but like always, these Glow Nigger faggots only make everything worse by involving themselves at all.

Russian's GRU already doubled the Wikileaks keymasters. years ago. Russia was prescient in seeing the #1 existential threat to the Deep State and jumping in to lend a hand and preserve Wikileak's capability to pull it on the Deep State. GRU already has all of the Wikileaks insurance keys, which they gained by black bag burgling the Wikileaks keymasters from right under the NSA's shit covered nose. GRU will now impersonate the keymasters, much like it impersonated a parody of itself through the hacker persona Guccifer the Shadowbroker. the moment Assange enters US custody, GRU will strike and activate the Dead Man's Hand and flood the Internet with the Wikileak's insurance keys.

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Wasn't it only a short time ago that the shills were trying to convince us that he was dead? LMFAO

If Wikileaks is compromised, there's nowhere they could put that info.

Either the dead man switch was the biggest bluff in history or it's underway soon.

Somebody have the screencap?? I can't find mine.

dude its not like marvel universe was cancelled or something

personally i dont give a fuck about this twat. he never releases anything that matters.

inb4 bengazi. everyone without their head up their asses already knew hillary is a multi-generational satanist.

if this soyboy has something it needs to drop years ago. this is all a pony show as far as im concerned

I don't think there really is a "dead man's switch."

To think Assange is just sitting on the juiciest information for his own
purposes is pretty questionable. I bet it was a bluff which the state
called because in order to be blackmailed, one must first have some
sort of shame. The leaders of clownworld have no shame or scruples.

Alternately, in the even he does have something, I have zero faith that it wouldn't just be memoryholed
and clownworld would just continue n it's current trajectory unabated.

Is he alive now or not?
Fucking shills.

I don't think he got a switch. Would've been out by now.

what if what he has is nuclear access codes that give a qualified user ability to fuck with America's defense systems?

The latest narrative is that it's not Assange, but an actor/look-alike. Zig Forums cannot handle the fact that it was wrong about him being dead, so they're making up zombie stories and shit now.

well, the first time his deadman's switch went off, the entire internet was taken offline for just a little bit, or was it just twitter? when his deadman's switch was supposed to go off
that was a few years ago

onion web exists though

the cryptome.org/ guy that actually set up the initial wikileaks site said he thought Assange was a glowmonkey because he didn't seem to want to just release the documents.

The dead man switch is a lie and a cope. If he had world breaking intel like that, he would have shared it long ago.

the internet outage in October 2016 was clowns trying to kill Assange's dead man switch. Assange was a Soros asset who collected a shitton of blackmail on his bosses by operating (((their))) honeypot for leakers. Snowden was a CIA op to boost WL credibility before the honkomania cpuld truly begin.

pizzagate+Hillary selling SAPs to China would start WW3 if released raw, it's not about shame so much as retaining dignity.

see above

If the switch goes off there will be no plea deals possible. He'll wait until he's fucked properly and hopeless of ever getting out to drop it.

Is that just projected assumptions? Or is there actual proof?

Most likely.

Your nose is showing.

I've never seen "disruptive shilling" – meaning (1)s as well as gorespam and such – this heavy, and I came here for Ferguson in Current Year -1 by googling "chimpout." (Also, I rarely torfag, but I can't exactly go bareback at work.)

The technical end of the internet is very small. This BSDfag I knew put Iran online (and that combined with a family member's government work as put me as a 'subject of interest' for many years.)

This makes me think that JA put the key into something mundane they would never thinking of looking, like some Baptist Church Ladies Auxiliary Cookbook he found at a secondhand store one time.

Combined with chronomics (time travel research) the first targets would be technical people who were close to Mendax.

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a dead man's switch automatically goes off after a deadline passes with no input from the user

Maybe dead man switch is the key/password

He is already long dead

Either it was a bullshit bluff to begin with or was neutralized before he was nabbed.
Any dead man's switch worth a shit would've gone off within a week at most.

windows 98 cab files, ricky julian bubbles

If the key ever does come out, here are the files


Sweden has reopened Assange's rape case.
maybe not the second one
‘Utterly despicable’: Galloway on Sweden’s decision to reopen Assange rape case

Ecuador to Provide US With Assange's Documents, His Personal Devices - Reports


squeek squeek

My theory is he's waiting to see what the U.S. does, the country that he probably has the most dirt on. Going to prison in the UK for less than a year is acceptable considering how high profile he is but if the states try to fuck with him and he doesn't release any keys we know it was all a bluff.

Was/Is Arjen Kamphuis the missing kayaker and Wikileaks associate a keymaster?

not sure actually, but funny mention him he was on the (((tv))) here today. well not him in person obviously, but it was this police thing, they are still looking and are dumbfounded to what really happened to him. if he he is dead or alive, faked his own death, got raped by glow in the darks or whatever

I really hope Assange wouldn't be that retarded.


Reciprocate the great firewall of China. Fascist governments don’t deserve internet connections.

Reviprocate the firewall

This..I was lurking and until seeing this actually thought that this site had gone to shit. There's still some decent IQ posters.


At least half a dozen peices of evidence I saw in real-time can't be assed to find or never saw again that indicated he was dead. He's dead.

Trump has orchestrated honestly and with integrity the smoke and mirrors of Assange.
The real “shock” is what’s found in his discovery. It’s huge! But will only put the people already behind bars. On EVERYONES SHIT LIST.

Assange will be held up as a hero AF one day.

Are you really curious? Did you decrypt the Bitcoin blockchain yet?

All the Dead Man Switch is, is an automatic release of The Big One into the blockchain. It's absolutely useless if nobody gets to it and then proceed to release it. In hindsight even if you did reach it, assuming it's still up and present, you can't do fuck all with it because you have literally hours or two weeks at most to act on what you find before the CIA or NSA backdoors your system and/or breaks into your god damned home to steal all your hard drives.

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If they’ve taken him in it means they probably got the dead man switch neutralized beforehand.

The airport fuckery
The DNS DDOS fuckery
The Morph cuts, the hashes changing, the misspelled tweets
. Zeds dead baby, zeds dead.


just because you're a pedo, doesn't mean you have rights. I don't care how rich you are.

I strongly suspect Julian
Assange has HIV or AIDS

The woman it's claimed he raped says it was consensual, she didnt want him charged with rape (that was the authorities that pressured for that) she o my wanted him the take and AIDS test, presumably cuz she's got it and thinks he gave it her.

The woman it's claimed he raped says it was consensual, she didnt want him charged with rape (that was the authorities that pressured for that) she only wanted him to take and AIDS test, presumably cuz she's got it and thinks he gave it to her

Was Mariana Pinto thrown out of a window because she was one of the keymasters?

What about the lawyer John Jones QC who supposedly "jumped in front of a train"?>>13238932

I thought he was dead and his switch was a bluff
Now I think he's imprisoned and his switch was a bluff

not so big a difference, really

The Dead Man's Switch was a lie, and a very obvious bluff if you anything about human nature… ANYTHING juicy gets spilled immediately, no exceptions, ever for any circumstances. No, it doesn't matter what bizarre excuse their is, it always fails…


Not 99.99% of the time, 100% of the time. Not even big companies with extensive contracts and internal security can precent leaks. It was obvious that the juicy sounding info, was all hat and no cattle. So, whenever you hear someone say "we have really interesting info, that we're going to release in a few days…", it's horseshit. Always.

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I have no idea how the dead mans switch would be released. Obviously it wouldnt go out through twitter, they probavly have a glownigger have to manually approve posts before tweets go out. His accounts terminated and I doubt WL twitter would be able to post anything.
People suggest it'd be on the blockchain. But how would you read it? Would you look at the wikileaks wallet address somehow? All you'd see is things sent / rec'vd? I suppose he could've rolled for a wallet address, made it the password to an insurance file, and if the switch goes off, send a small amount of coin from that wallet to the WL wallet.
That WL guy who vanished.. thats probably an indicator anyone else working for wikileaks was compromised or suicided. I think its also reasonable to assume glowniggers could hijack wikileaks.org and prevent it from updating with any real info, and prevent that site from releasing the switch.
Auto emails to people or associates? Greenwald, snowden, manning, l love? If I were tech savy I'd be archiving every new tweet they make.

Assuming he had the same strategy that allowed ddos mitigation, to have many backup servers, he probably had multiple ways the switch could be released. Just something to consider.

The articles stating the ecuadorians spied on his electronics and then handed them over could mean they spied on him typing in the password to the dead mans switch. He might not have a bargaining chip if they can just prevent it from going off, forever. All he had to do was make one mistake, or glowniggers develop some sonic wireless 3d image mapping and watch his fingers type under the blanket.

Obviously the NSA was cleverer than WL thought and found some way to disable the files from being released.

Also, knowing Assange has used books as a source for passwords before and he is clearly intentionally holding up thus book so it can be seen, I have no idea how more effort hasnt been put into really digging in it for a possible key, one maybe related to what he was saying as he was being removed.

You can bet intelligence services with any brains have done this.

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Well he'd better let it fly, either way they'll kill him before they'll ever let him out. Think about it. If he threatens to activate it, they'll kill him. If he just activates it they'll kill him. Once their secrets are out they've no reason NOT to kill him. They've got him in a tough spot, there's nothing really he can do IF he wishes to remain alive.

Assange has the nuclear codes

Pretty close to this. "We can help you whistleblow, goy" sites are 99.9% of the time either controlled opposition, or sometimes something is just too hot and they remember their friends from the masonic lodge.

Most cases are the latter. Own the means of publication, don't e-beg, and most certainly don't stick your dick in feminist crazy.

Leaving it with lawyers would be too obvious.

Anons, I've been sitting on some things for nearly 30 years that would cause massive chaos. You know nothing about leverage.

The 400 lb Fatcom is not the same as the "400 lb person sitting on their bed."


He knows how to complete super Mario world by going down just one pipe

Because it was public they were able to take it down. They have backdoors into any system for this very case.

I can only hope something superior rises from it's ashes then user.

what else is new?

A deadman's switch if done properly can be impossible to detect. It could be a process that runs on a server managed by a trusted party (who has no direct communication with Assange) that checks his twitter feed or whatever at fairly long, irregular intervals for a particular missing thing.

It doesn't exist. Reported for spam thread.

Reported for ban evasion.

lol you have nothing

really? whats the first i've heard of this aspect. do you have links for this info or something?

Plot twist: Putin is the dead man's switch.

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first of all, assange is a kike plant.

but even if he wasn't, they would not have arrested him until they neutered his deadman switch.