Migrants bully Austrian teacher who gets fired when he fights back

Migrants bully Austrian teacher who gets fired when he fights back

Migrant "students" bully the teacher until he spits at a migrant who in turn assaults him.

The school principal (probably a kike) of this trade school in turn fires him.

Not surprising in clown world…

I went to a trade school in Germanistan 20 years ago and the status was already like that so I dropped out for my own safety as mudshits hate Germans.

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why isn't there more footage like this?

whatsup rabbi

I hope this happens to all their teachers. It's the only way they'll learn to stop the immigration bullshit.

They need to be killed.

Judging by the music, they are probably my "countrymen", not Turks. But feel free to line them up against the wall.

I respect Serbia as a country, but my god you export the worst fucking people.

Yep, those are slavs.

Isn't that pretty much the case with all the migrants today? At least they vote for FPÖ (or so I've heard).

Interesting because that's exactly what niggers do here in the US

Why do they act like niggers?

once you go past slovenia the whole of south slavland are basically niggers. Slovenia is the last bastion of humanity down there

see diagram

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Because Slavs are the niggers of Europe.

Don't know which parameters you followed, but you basically grouped all the countries with lower IQs.

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Yes surely they'll learn and change their course, this definitely isn't part of their end game of removing all native Austrians from positions of power or education, so as to replace them with subhumans that will easily do their bidding for them in their final push for genocide of the Austrian people. Yes, they have the best interests of Austria in mind and will definitely repent once all the good Austrian teachers are gone. You need to lurk for 20 more years.

you forgot poland

I've personally visited all of these countries. I had no idea what their average IQ was and I followed no parameters except personal experience. Funny how things synchronize like that.

I found Poland to be a pleasant country.

The White man isn't going to do a damn thing. All you stupid cunts think you can vote your way out of this and peacefully protest the government. The migrant hordes will continue to grow and all you faggots will do is complain online and masturbate to hentai after. You all chose this fate. I'm lucky my family is rich enough to insulate ourselves from this danger. Good luck plebs!

traitors are the first to go

could you be any more obvious?

Those 'children' look like they are 35 yo

The only reason it is so low in Europe now is because there are so many subhumans labeled 'European' by the corporatocracy.

pic is you in less than one years time. Muh family will insulate me from harm…

HAHAHAHAHA…mfw we have a TORFAG who has no idea how things are about to go down.

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Can't this bigot teacher be a little more respectful to the new austrians? What an asshole.

The Jews are brilliant. In a horrible nightmare way. Not just in Europe, but in America, are they supporting the "immigrant" invasion which supplants our American ideals with lower IQ and violent invaders-students who hate our way of life. Can you imagine being in high school with this shit? The Jews have had millennia to perfect their subversive techniques. They rule Barter Town with their Boss Satan. It's very blatant these days. There's no where to run anymore. Aside from escaping this hellish dimension. See you on the other side, boys! Focus 27, The Park and The Library.

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Because Google runs Clownworld..?

Agreed. Based on the fact that he chooses to be a white male, he should have been fired (and arrested) a few years ago. What a racist nazi.

romanian girls are so fucking hot though, sometimes

Focus 27, eh? How do I get there?

Why 'escape' when you can kill them all?

It's what age they feel they are. Stop being a racist nazi.

FPÖ is kiked. Their last legitimate leader died in a (((car accident))).

This is exactly like how niggers behave here in the States, there's was even the one faggot in the back laugh gasping like a queer over it. Non-Whites really do act the same everywhere they go on the planet.

Here on earth or in other places..? If yes 'the other places' outside this reality.. I am interested in your proposal, if that's what you mean.

I will stop now. Fee fees are everything. I have come to see the error of my ways.

Hmm…Interesting concept. I will have to think about what the complete removal would mean in terms of the structure of the material world. I had not considered their complete removal EVERYWHERE/ETERNALLY.

Read Robert Monroe's Trilogy.

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We'll need a crew.

Hide that power level until needed.

Seems easier to hit the Source.

What a cuck. You think money will save you from white genocide? Your will be human pinata on day of rope or be cut and mixed to kebab.

Well, for one thing..destination Earth will not be an option anymore (and quite frankly I feel it's becoming obsolete, but I digress), because to be here one must VOLUNTARILY agree to "blank out" their previous memory/consciousness. When they (we, me you, everyone) came here keep in mind we were innocent little summer children of fun galactic light and love just cruising around looking for interesting sites and sounds, AND we were naturally CURIOUS and thought it would be fun to try this 'place' out for a while….long story short, we are trapped by Them, the awful them. They can do what they want, but they can never destroy our Original self. Anyway, it's all in the ROTE.

Ok what ever he didn’t have to spit on him but really obviously he’s gonna do something if all the kids do is fuck with Jesus fucking Christ they’re not even kids

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Sloveniafag are so full of themselves.

IDK I know a lot of 40 year olds that behave similarly when they get their drink on…

He will be first because they always target that class of people first. They don't make it down to the plebs until much later. Hahaha what a jack off he is…

I am still fond of destination Earth though…it could be really amazing.

We need to dox that fag that got in his face

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I smell a filthy Croatian.

Agreed. But you miss the point or better yet the lesson provided here. What growth could one have if everything was awesome and heaven-like? Would we eventually get bored with all that awesomeness? There's duality here. Good and bad, light and darkness. Yes and no. Nah dude, this is not the place to stay. Learn and move on.

Someone from that class must have helped the teacher.

Go wild, user


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Text was hard to read at the end. Better quality.

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Someone make a thread about these migrant hordes fucking up public schools. I want to see what's going on.

Gas yourself immediately, you (((jew))).

Non-whites love to posture and save face. That includes trying to assert dominance even when you willingly put yourself into a subservient position to be taught a useful skill from someone. They don't have the grace or civility to show the teacher even the barest amount of respect. And of course we are supposed to assume that these are the hard working migrants who will do the jobs we don't want to and just want a better life.

Lol Austrians are renowned as being a country full of gay faggoty ass liberals, these chads were just trying to teach them how to be a real man.

yeah, how's that going for Sweden again? IQ is a meme, just like the entire Western half of Europe. Slavs will inherit the earth and convert you all to Orthodoxy. Enjoy your gay ass discos while you still can, Nordcuck.

I don't care. I'm not breading or raising kids into this world. I don't believe it's possible to correct the jewish polical agenda. It is too late. It's a mixed bag, this world will only become more cntroversial with the booming population and as technology evolves, people will continue to abuse it and take it for granted. Killing them won't solve anything, this my the wack a mole theory, there are just too many of them, like I said it is too late. My human life will expire soon enough and I will have no more seeds on this retarded planet. Good luck. This is my white flight.

Inbred Serbs get the gas first. 80 IQ turk rape babies like them don't deserve to squat on European clay.

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sage yid threads

Good luck getting that gas while weaving your way through the court system because you forgot your "breathing and not being gay" loicense Eurofag.

Easy there Hrvoje, don't cut yourself on that edge, try to keep your DnC shilling subtle.


WHy are these apes aloud to have phones? THey are weapons. Look how they villainized this blue color teacher. These arrogant pricks deserve a firm beating. THE STUDENTS ARE WRONG.

Take away their phones. They should not have ANY privlidges to use them on school property.

Well stop being an asshole then, maybe that won't happen.

damn, I went to Union trade school and we had bonifide (supposedly) ex gangbangers, felons, etc but anything like that would be unthinkable, and if anyone had tried "starting something" with the teacher I'd imagine the rest of class would come in hard on side of teacher.

Because everyone there was by choice and had some desire to actually learn, or at least pass the class to get a bump in pay.

Welcome to Liberalism -> Globalist Communism.

I guess it was that cross hanging to the left of caulk board that set them off.

PS-the Union school I went to was in SF bay area and was about 40% Mex and maybe 25% assorted others back in the early 1990s.

These aren't niggers, they are little bastard slav morons doing dumb shit because they didn't get beaten by their fathers and told go back in their mother for nigger shit like this.

I'm here to remind you that shit kids like this don't know right from wrong, they are not equal to adults and they must be treated like children untill they prove otherwise. That demands discipline to get a good outcome.

Again, the reason we don't have discipline in our schools anymore because of jews/marxists literally dictating the corriculum for decades and abolishing decency. That's the reason why this happened. 60 years ago these little punk shitstains would have gotten severely disciplined for doing crap like this.

poshol na hui kozyol, suchiy potrokh

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Wait so white niggers exist ?
This is LITTERALLY how niggers act coming from my personal experience with the monkeys


A lot changes once youth is taught not to respects nations. A lot changes once hatred of whites (and of 'real' Christians, yes) reaches peaks (((circulation in media and schooling))).

No this was harmless bastardom, this is how niggers act:


A rich nigger who doesn't understand money. Sounds about right.

Left him in the lurch.

What is the ROTE?

Have some respect, Croats like the black legion were the last fighting force on the battlefield in europe against globohomo kikedom in WW2 while serbians were sucking jew cock and literally protecting kike/commie partizans from justice.

Serbs were then stabbed in the back and betrayed to literal communism after had their cities bombed to rubble by american jews when they were figting albanian/turk/bosnian terrorists. Remember that this is what you get for serving Jews. You get fucking nothing.

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satan is the good guy retard. they worship yahwah aka saturn

It's a shit school, basically the worst of its kind in Vienna. It's in the middle of an immigrant district, the largest group of whom are Serbs. So naturally you'll find a lot of deadbeats who will attend there just because they live nearby.
They are 14-19 years old, it's just that we in Serbia tend to grow up faster and are generally taller. I am 6'6 and was 6'5 at age 15.
If you think this is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Turks and Muslims act much worse, with stabbings in school, beatings of teachers, criminal gangs, etc.

kys kurvat

The guy rolling the joint is a Croat, you can see the name in the video, it's a Croatian name.

Thanks for the webm/mp4.

Completely agree, but Cyprus should be cut in half. The Greek portion is fine, and really just full of Russian tourists. It's a bit like Hispaniola, where you have one side full of niggers dumber than Abos, and the Dominican Republic which is full of garden variety spics.

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Shouldn't have spit on him. If there was a threat, deal with it immediately and appropriately. Spitting isn't it. That's why the faggot was fired. You can't allow yourself to be baited by minors into assaulting them first.

You serve jews, they betray you, let it be a lesson for next time glupu

Poor Hungary, bordered by so much pure retardation.

Usually aesthetics corresponds to healthier women that might bear you a high IQ child, but employ some vigorous testing with these types. Look at her family, and see if the men have retard eyes.

The Jews West will collapse with Russia's help, and we stomp all over your kurvat skulls.

This IQ map is absolute bullshit. It has mixed all sorts of different IQ studies from all sorts of sources and the asterisk scores aren't even from IQ tests.

Sickening. Never saw that one. For your folders.

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Which mongrel nation are you posting from?

From your mother's bedroom.

I gave him the link with the only name from this whole story. He can use it to search further for the retard who pushed the teacher. Honestly I don't care if everyone involved gets doxxed, I only want to know the nationalities of these wanna-be-gangster retards.

Hahaha whatever zhid

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That one guy is a Croat, the song playing in the beginning is the Serbian "Uzicko Kolo". Other than that, the class is also guaranteed to have at least some Turks, but to what extent they are involved I can't tell from the video.

An insult white children would stop using after age 14; it seems the map is accurate.

Russia has been kiked for a century, and it shows.

ok retard

I'm half-Serb - half-German, living in Germanistan
These people deserve the worst, fucking scum.
Most of the migrants adapt to the migrant attitude - still Albanians and Turkroaches are waaay worse, from experience.

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None of them are Austrian (German), that's what counts.
I remember growing up in the 90s when the Balkans started to shit their subhuman scum into our country. A few of them were nice kids, but most of them were troublemaking pieces of trash, giving me my first red-pills. Thanks I guess.
Later I lived in Vienna, in fact not far from where this happened. That red pilled me even more on how (pretty much) everything below the Austrian border belongs in the oven. I really never wanted to dislike Slavs, but when you live among them (in your own country) you quickly discard any notions of European brotherhood, that American like to rave about. They all drive high-end German cars they can't afford, recklessly I must add, they wear flashy watches and clothes, and their demeanor in groups is reminiscend of gangbangers, only slightly less unpredicable and aggressive. On average they are the niggers of Europe. It is what it is.

Nigger, your leader, Ante Pavelic had a jewish wife, while Serbia was declared judenfrei pretty early. Read Hermann Neubachers memoirs - he was an important NSDAP member that knew all too well about the conflict between Serbs and Croats. Serbians had the least problems with commies in the whole Balkan.

response to

okay buddy