Scared of online nazis corrupting your complacency goy? We got you covered! (archive not working)

Firefox fights for you

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Brendon Eich was right.

wow very cool (((mozilla))) thank you

Speaking of


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The only people who'll go out of their way to check this "toolkit" are the ones who are already heavily indoctrinated.

This is just formalizing a subversion that happened years ago. Google won.

Translation: Firefox is committed to an Internet where wrongthink is neutralized.

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Why are you surprised? (((Mozilla))) sends all of your browsing history to g666gle via their "safe browsing feature".

Mozilla is truly garbage now. Sad, they had so much potential.


Brave is the best browser. Switch to it. Formed by Brendan Eich. Chromium, faster, privacy default and normie ad blocking.

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If I remember correctly, Firefox cucked out good summer 2018 and is currently run by a SJW.

I've read on Zig Forums that it's full of tracking software.

Soros gave money to Firefox.

I use firefox because it was preinstalled in linux
tbh it won't be so bad idea to vote for radical leftists in EU elections as leftists hate Israel and were against article 13
It will also divide my country further away from EU

…and had a data telemetry programme installed to monitor wrong think.
Some page requests are invisibly sent via a proxy Israeli company so they can monitor users how the program is used.

Source, Mr. Sager?

Ok, what fucking browser is left? It's basically chrome or firefox now. There's some browsers based on really old firefox code, and most of the others are chrome based.

Vivaldi - chrome
Brave - chrome
Waterfox - old firefox
Pale Mood - old firefox
MS Edge - chrome coming soon
Firefox - gay trannies
Chrome - google borg software
Midori - didn't work well last I checked
Opera - wtf is opera these days, chrome?

Is there anything else? Is there any good fashy browser?

Ungoogled chromium too

>>>Zig Forums1042102

Boycott Cuckzilla. Use Brave Browser boyos.

Apparently, Midori uses webkit, I forgot about the apple entry into browsers. Apparently, webkit2 doesn't work on windows, so there's no midori build of the latest version for windows.


palemoon and waterfox are both fine
I've heard of iceweasel but never used it
nu-firefox is pozzed cancer
what you want is a browser that supports anonymity and adblocker addons, those addons were actually the reason mozilla was hijacked by SJWs and its founder chased out in the first place
on palemoon you can use classic addons archive to get all the old noscript, uBlock origin, requestpolicy and forced https which were all broken by a (((certain))) firefox update
there are also guides out there on what about:config options to use to enhance anonymity

I remember they had script which they used to troll google with a bot which randomly clicked ads. Can't it be used to make some money?

Traps are not gay
Never worked very well here either. Was WebKit last time I checked.
It is.

I'm on Chrome, but will use Brave as soon as they have stable sync.

Iceweasel was just Firefox with different name and logo on Debian. Maybe you would want IceCat

They're turning Internet into such a shithole, that I am considering going full IRL again

Surely possible. Back in my teens I knew this kid who had a website on constant refresh so that it would load ads and he would make money of it. Dunno if you want to spend any time and energy trolling Google, because everything you give attention to, grows.

It's not much better than cuckzilla
ungoogled chronium, gnu icecat, irdium browser, pale moon are a lot of better

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it was not actually trolling. it made financial damage google.
It was some addon to fight back against google. it was about a year ago or so.

I don't know if we can get much better than that nowadays.

I remember I used Iridium, which is Chromium with a lot of tracking removed, but it's slow releases left security problems pile up.

inox-patchset and ungoogled-chromium broke too much stuff and I don't have time to fix every single page I visit. They could be a good option if you don't care about it.

I will take a look, thanks.

I don't trust these either though. I don't trust IceCat and Pale Moon and others to be kept secure and free from SJW subversion. There aren't enough eyes on these projects.

It was when the project was still very young. Do your own tests

isn't brave proprietary bullshit?

Ignoring all issues mentioned above, Brave is free and open-source under the MPL. It was created by the creator of Javascript and founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, who was fired from Mozilla for being a conservative.

Waterfox's lead dev is too much of a bro to allow subversion, pale moon's is too full of himself to allow it, and both projects are too small imo for the tranny coc faggots to come after. Bonus points to pale moon for being a fork of old school firefox

Brave went fully Chromium last year and is free and open source. The token stuff doesn't interest me, just that it's secure, fast, and supports Chrome Web Store/Extensions and that more eyes are on it given Eich's prominence.

Why even use it over Ungoogled Chromium then?

Brave often means stupid :^)

OK, I went through all this link, and it makes Brave seem a lot worse than it actually is:
Connects to BAT, and Brave being the BAT browser is not a secret; and to HTTPS Everywhere servers to download updated lists.
Brave claims TW/FB can't track you because of the cookies, but I have to agree on this one. I hope this will be fixed.

TL;DR: some of the points raised in that page are valid, others are just paranoia. "Brave is actively working against its users while lying to them about supposed privacy protections that it offers". Nah, that is too much.

I don't want to discredit anything if it's an actual good developer in the browser market, but I have to place my trust somewhere. It's too much to ask for it to be Waterfox as it currently stands. Some of the issues ( ) aren't a good sign. Hopefully you are right and it stays on a good path.

Fuck off shill

I'm not a shill, fucking retard.

This is an old one in my list, inspired by Opera 12 and uses Webkit. Pretty interesting too:

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Palemoon > Brave

Maybe get an older non-kiked version of Waterfox, where you can install your backed add-ons into? Then turn off all auto-updates and null all the third party bullshit from about:config ???

Seems like this worked well for me. Remove WebGL and WebRTC too, and any third party url inside about:config including nullifying telemetry services and such. That way, they can't fuck with your browser remotely or obtain data from it. Use something like Noscript Security Suite too, and block global scripts. Only whitelist the sites you actually need to permit, or just temporarily allow them access, then block them when your done with them.

Is that what they were doing instead of their routine certificate renewal?

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It's a good thing no one uses Mozilla then.

Older firefox still works good, but you MUST take steps to fortify it (including a lot of about:config tweaking and disabling auto-updates) BEFORE using it on a day to day basis. Store a compressed backup of the /.mozilla/ directory too, so if they manage to fuck it up somehow, you can erase the directory and replace it with the older one you have backed up.

Brave is decent, I've tried it. However, not enough privacy features (I'd really want Noscript with it to be honest), and I have checked its directory before and it DOES store lots of unnecessary sqlite data (just like Firefox does). You can manually remove the data with stuff like Bleachbit, but be careful not to delete anything thats needed in the build.

To be honest, Brave would be perfect if you could install some decent security add-ons like Noscript, HTTPS Everywhere and some kind of browser agent spoofer. I'd like to see something similar to about:config with Brave as well, so that users can modify EXACTLY what that browser does / how it runs / what kind of data it shares too. Disabling WebGL and WebRTC is a must for privacy, no matter what browser you use today!

I know that Google had some shares in Mozilla had some point but sold them or something, but this claim of implanted spying is downright terrible. Evidence would be appreciated.

LOL, that's not even high tech privacy violation, just basic security options that are not even available.

>on palemoon you can use classic addons archive to get all the old noscript, uBlock origin, requestpolicy and forced https which were all broken by a (((certain))) firefox update
More info please?

>believing schizophrenic boomers who worship (((richard stallman))) and think all computing should be on 1988 era machines running linux

This is the standard for software being spyware now? Take your meds.

Don't forget your floppy disks!

The internet is turning into shit but you don't have to put up with it, and you don't need to be a very tech savvy haxxor to get around it. Just stick with an older OS you are most comfortable with and in control of, an older web browser (and learn some tweaks so you can disable/null all the unnecessary BS, use privacy add-ons and disable auto-updates so they can't corrupt your browsing experience), make sure you have backups of all needed software & media, don't leave your internet connected 24/7 (thats how you really get hacked easily), use Tor and/or a private VPN service outside the 5 eyes and contribute to decentralized p2p/bt file sharing networks too.

If you deny all their BS being thrown our way, you will continue to have a decent browsing experience. Might also want to consider using TWO computers instead of one as well, one for legit personal use and the other for piracy/shitposting/controversial activities. Just keep those computers on a separate internet connection, or at least a different VPN for their connections.

And nobody actually gives a shit about the EU elections fyi. It always has a low amount of people turning up. Google and facebook by the way, which are American companies have the most influence to manipulate. Google is a proven manipulator in their censoring and facebook as well. Same for twitter. If EU is so concerned about the privacy of its citizens they should ban these 3 from the Eurozone as a whole, they add nothing and can be easily replicated by European alternatives. The only reason those 3 are big is because everyone uses it not because they are so amazing.

I'm not really concerned about disinformation because it's a given every big media shits out propaganda and disinformation. If you're just slightly more educated and curious you find the manipulation everywhere. Traditional news is the primary source of information for citizens, because citizens are choosing to be serfs and retards. They have a choice: their choice is I'm going to play the role of worthless submissive servant for arrogant boomer asshole jews.

HTTPS Everywhere and script blocking are built in.

User agents. Brave defaults the user agent to the same one as Chrome, to limit fingerprinting. If you want to switch:


WebGL, WebRTC blocking
>I think that will prevent IP leaking with WebRTC. However that wouldn't turn them off or canvas off exactly, just preventing fingerprinting (with randomness?). That's an area no longer easy in Chrome, so search on what's a fullproof way to disable them now. Test your VPN with sites like

And while at it, disable WebTorrent and Hangouts (Settings > Extensions section).

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