06May2019 Iran Update

Very interesting language coming out of both the U.S. and Iran as the U.S. announces it will be extending the tour of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, keeping it in the Eastern Med/Persian Gulf area along with U.S.S. John C. Stennis and U.S.S. Kearsarge, as well as the possibility of being joined by U.S.S. Eisenhower in the coming weeks. In addition, the U.S. has moved a large contingent of recently upgraded B-1/B-2/B-52 bombers across the Atlantic overnight to bases in close proximity to Iran.

All press releases concerning Iran have been front-ended by U.S. National Security Advisor, John Bolton, in an unusual shift from the standard policy of allowing the Pentagon to handle briefings concerning Iran.

This comes as Israel and Hamas fighters loyal to Iran stand at a fragile truce and a state of total war between Israel and Palestine may be only hours away. U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo let it slip late Sunday night that the impending confrontation with Iran had been in the works for quite a while, as Iranian mouthpieces have spent the better part of a week crying foul.

Discussions on popular political forums have been inundated with trolls from the Russian Cyber Army as well as Iranian propagandists. Moderators of influential American web forums have been offered in excess of $80,000 U.S. by operatives linked to Russia to "shape the direction of the conversation" concerning impending engagements in the Middle East.

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The day that the kiked American government stops supporting Israel is the day that Israel ceases to exist.
Kikes are physical cowards and rely solely on having more tech to win battles, but even this gap is closing lately.

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Samefag kike in different threads.

I wonder if this means some within the Pentagon aren't lined up with the executive on this.

No, it means that when a subject is of extreme importance to the Administration, the language has to be pre-approved by the entire National Security team. It is an indication that war is indeed around the corner.

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Oh yeah, and Iran is so desperate now that they are selling oil at half price and giving the remainder of the profits to privateers who are smuggling oil out by land and sea under false flags. Very risky, and soon to be very short-lived…

I think it goes without saying that when you choke a nation's sole export and means of supporting itself, it doesn't give the leaders much choice but to lash out. The water near the bottom of the kettle has already reached the boiling point, it is only a matter of time before the whistle is heard, and before long, the water will spill onto the burner.

It is clear that this was long-planned and that the U.S. will remain committed to this course of action, despite the fact this will mean a summertime invasion of a Middle Eastern country and the potential for hostilities with Pakistan, Russia, and even China. John Bolton is very much the power behind the throne these days.


April 2006, IDF got their asses handed to them by Hezbollah in Lebanon. 6000 Hezbollah without air support, without heavy artillery, without naval support, without helicopter transports beat the living shit out of the 36000 IDF with state of the art equipment.


Some interesting points in this article International Affairsfags should be interested in… "Last Wednesday a group of senior Albanian government officials visited aboard the Lincoln as it sailed in the Adriatic."

January 29, 2017

Balkanalysis.com editor’s note: in 2013, the Obama Administration convinced Albanian authorities to take in the MEK, a former Marxist terrorist group that had been in open combat with the Islamic Republic for years. In 2016, under cover of the migration crisis and with help from the UNHCR, several hundred more of these Iranian dissidents were brought into Albania from Iraq. What could possibly go wrong?"

This was mentioned in the Fox News article for a reason. The U.S. is looking for timely information about the Iranian order of battle and political system in order to devise a germane regime change strategy. It is very unusual for Albanians to be on board a U.S. Navy warship.

Another excerpt from the Fox article: "The U.S. Navy currently has no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf." This is not true. The U.S. Navy currently has no SUPERCARRIER in the Persian Gulf. The U.S.S. Kearsarge transited the Suez canal several days ago and is likely going to be used as bait for the Iranians to attack. U.S.S. Kearsarge is one of nine "Amphibious Assault Ships" which are essentially aircraft carriers that carry a contingent of Marine infantrymen and over two dozen VTOL aircraft, in this case, AV-8B Harriers. It is interesting that the U.S. chose to send a carrier equipped with the antiquated Harrier instead of one carrying the valuable F-35 platform. Perhaps the U.S. calculates that Kearsarge will be at high risk of loss. Regardless, if Kearsarge is attacked or sunk, it will provide an unquestionable justification for a full-scale retaliation by allied forces.

John Bolton is a faggot boomer with ED who couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery. Trump doesn't have the balls or the support to launch an invasion of Iran, which would be a suicide mission of the lowest order. Limited strikes would lead to reprisals against his leash-holder's estates in jew-land, so that's pretty much off the table unless one of those crazy Persians actually manages to get a suicide boat within half a mile of an American ship before they detonate, which is unlikely because we've spent the last 3 decades shoveling cash at any defense contractor who can rub two sticks together to develop shipboard anti-swarming defenses up to and including fucking deck-mounted laser cannons.
TLDR it's not going to fucking happen.

It wouldn't be the first time that a defensible platform/locale was successfully attacked despite being able to defend itself… *cough*

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Wow, yet another misdirect from Fox:
"The United States is sending a Navy carrier group to the Middle East. Why? Because it can." LOL.

"The deployment to the Gulf will be a deterrent to conflict" Wow. Just wow. Yeah, something big is about to happen.

9107 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Home address of John "Israel always comes first" Bolton. Mods keep deleting this information. Long live the Purple user!

Bethesda made some great video games!



There is a mod combing the threads to delete that very information about Bolton's home address. The original OP who gave it has already had 3 threads deleted.

Doesn't surprise me, they delete most anything they disagree with. That said, I am not sure why you hate John Bolton so much. Trump came in with a weak foreign policy and kissing the ass of tinpot dictators and now Bolton complete controls our foreign policy (i.e. he is Bush's Cheney to Trump's administration) now Trump is turning out a very strong foreign policy. You should be glad there is actually someone behind the wheel who has serious foreign affairs knowledge.


I am not a braindead boomer who thinks Israel first foreign policy is good for Americans you filthy kike worshiping sodomite.

Ooh, your tears are so deericious, the salt tastes so good on my wet tongue…

That said, if you were American or you had an I.Q. over 90, you would know that Israel-first is hyphenated…

Consider the source, folks…

Not your blog, faggot.

I remember that summer, I was in Pisa when it happened. The coverage was hilarious, like they were rare for a slaughter, but they got their asses handed to them instead. Israeli Diaper Forces ran like bitches. This is why Zionism can't work, and those who hate the goyim the most have turned to bolshevism. Israel is doomed, no matter how you cut the cards.

How does it feel to know that in a month, U.S. Marines will be blaring Jew-produced music from boomboxes mounted on military humvees performed by women who have taken more dicks than Hamas has taken rockets from Iran?

And you're going to listen to it, and you're going to like it, and you're going to wear American-made jeans, and you're going to eat Big Macs, and you might even not be anorexic anymore after Iran has been restored to economic and political health under a democratic government.

No, you're right. Why should people be allowed to dress the way they like and speak freely in a democratic society? Happy Ramadan, freaks.

You're doing something that makes you stand out here, can you figure out what it is?

Using proper grammar?

Take another guess.

Let's just use basic logic here… I am trying to convince others to come over to my side, and I am attracting additional attention successfully by standing out…

Your are saging your own posts. Your move.

It's a poster who has started threads here before. It took a few posts for me to recognize him/her/it.

Death to Israel. Iranians = honorary Aryans

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I know.

You just did something else that makes it clear that you aren't from here. I'll give you another guess, and then I'll give you the answer. Next time you come by, you'll blend in better.

Is that right? I thought they were literally Aryans if some of the previous threads I've seen posted by disinfo agents are to be believed…

People from the Internet born 60 years after the end of the second World War = The authority on who the Aryans are. Uh huh.

I know all about "reddit spacing", I just don't give a fuck.

That's only one thing.
Learn about sage and why it is used. This will make you blend in better.
The bigger tell, however, is that you posted a thread that pushes a certain point of view, rather than a thread that invites discussion on the topic of Iran. This makes it obvious that you aren't here to seek knowledge from other anons that would know more about the issue than you do. It marks you as a propagandist, and the fact that the line that you push is the same line that is pushed on Jewish outlets makes it obvious. The anonymous imageboard format lends itself to the spread of information that is difficult to find elsewhere, but it also invites people to spread propaganda. All experienced users try to determine what kind of thread it is, and in this case, it's an easy determination.
You would benefit a great deal from subtlety.

Would that include the guy claiming that Hindus are Aryans?

Itd be sweet if you had some form of IQ to hit back with. No one supports zionist Bolton and Shitraels agenda. Iran is a peaceful nation and only defends itself from the persecution placed upon it by the global zionist faggots. Neck yourself you shit JIDF op.

An Israeli official told me Mossad drew several scenarios for what the Iranians might be planning:

"It is still unclear to us what the Iranians are trying to do and how they are planning to do it, but it is clear to us that the Iranian temperature is on the rise as a result of the growing U.S. pressure campaign against them, and they are considering retaliating against U.S. interests in the Gulf."

— Israeli official

You were saying? Who cares if Iran abducted 53 Americans for 444 days in 1979, who cares if they support terrorist who attack civilians in Israel, who cares if homosexuals and agitators against the state are strung up from cranes? You're right, Islam is a religion of peace and the only proof of that we need is their claim that it is so! Right on, brother!

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I'm trying to help you be a better shill. It must surprise you to learn that the long-time users don't come here for a hugbox or an echo chamber.
It might also surprise you that people here recognize the tactic of dismissing domestic opposition as having a foreign source. For example, when the Soviet economy performed poorly, the West was blamed. When their citizens object, they are called foreign spies. When Hillary lost, her supporters blamed Russian influence (!). Now, when the interventionist side loses the debate, they blame Russian and Iranian agents.
You need to work on your playbook. You also need to learn that legit posts are usually neutral, contain links to sources and archives, and pose a question so that anons who have inside information, or information that is difficult to find, to have a chance to share that information anonymously.

*will have a chance

Did you know the largest city on Earth is in Antarctica?

And in turn, I would ask you what you think trying to change the opinion of pretentious teenagers will do to change the course of U.S. foreign policy? Obviously, the decision's already been made. There is literally nothing in the universe that can stop the United States from attaining its Manifest Destiny.

God Hates Fags, and yes hangings are good. You should try it on yourself sometime.

Well, we'll see what happens when a country that couldn't occupy Greece for more than a year and a half after the end of the Peloponnesean War when all Greece had to defend itself was swords and shields attacks a vessel bearing the insignia of the United States Navy, manned with sailors from the wealthiest, most sociopathic, desensitized, and technologically advanced nation in the history of the world. Let's see how long the Ayatollahs draw breath…


You do realize Zig Forums celebrates sandniggers killing jews. Doesn't get much better than both of our races top enemies kill each other. Anons will continue to tell people about Trump's treachery and sheer off supporters. Continue to erode any support for your fake and gay wars. I'd settle for bogging down US politics long enough for those cameljockies to finally make a nuke and glass israel. Slurp all the ju ju cum you want traitor.

You still missed the point.
This shows that you are here for the wrong reasons - to change someone's opinion, rather than to share information that is difficult to obtain otherwise.
I'll give you a few more examples. When I (used to) post a thread on the topic of Jewish Ritual Murder, I am inviting all the other anons who have information on the subject to post it in that thread, because we all know that this information would be down-ranked in any search engine. By sharing information in this way, only a few, dedicated anons have to spend their time scouring the web or our personal knowledge on this topic, while the rest of us can spend our time scouring the web or obtaining knowledge on other topics. Reading and posting here is a way we save time for ourselves as well as other anons.
If you want to know if your thread will be well received, you should ask yourself: how does this thread save time for the other anons that read this board? How will posting it unearth information that I was unable to find by the means that were at my individual disposal?
Does your thread do any of these things?

That said, the truth is meaningless if you can't convince anyone of it.

Your job is not to convince anyone here that your point of view is correct. Your job is to post information that allows the other anons to make up their own minds. If you have inside or difficult to obtain information on the Iranian issue, than by all means, post it. The "Truth" stands on its own merits.

Not for people who don't know how to think for themselves. If I have a means of convincing people of the truth that relies on methods unnecessary when dealing with rational people (since of course, not all people are irrational) and I truly believe in what I am saying, then it would be unethical not to attempt to convince others of the truth as I see it.

Essentially, you're telling me that I don't have the right to express my opinions and that I don't have a right to use the very tactics and strategies that are necessary to make a compelling argument. You say that you support my right to have an opinion and express, yet you would deny my right to do it in an effective way.

You know who does that? Russians.

If you're a shut in and do anything other than attempt to understand the world's history and everything within it, you're really even less than a shut in.


Learn it.

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And who appointed you to think for anyone here? Your Rabbi? What information do you have that would be of any value to the users of this board?

Hyphens? seriously padre? you legitimately undo everything smart you've ever said by simply being yourself. shills really can't understand themselves or anything they say it seems. congrats on revealing yourself to what was an otherwise neutral reply to your the post I tagged.

Just another conversation to convince people to never be remorseful or hesitant when the day comes. Keep doing you buddy.

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Might want to work on the capitalization, as well.

it's almost like I did it on purpose. it's almost like it doesn't matter. are you really this stupid?

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So, once again, do you have any information or insight on the Iranian issue that we could not find anywhere else? This is the final invitation before I stop wasting my time with you.

im not american, jewish, a homosexual or an iranian dissedent so why should i care?

I am comfortable with allowing the thread as it has played out thus far stand as-is. I have movies to watch produced by people with names too Jewish for you to approve of, as well as kites to fly and hair to wash.

Unlike some people, I am not paid to post here and have interests outside of being drawn into troll arguments.

Look no further, you learned everything you needed to know by how ridiculous he is. You think he thinks people will be mused by him or some shit? You don't even need to draw these people out. I wonder if it has to do with genetics.

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Iran's not that big a threat but I frankly don't want to support them despite their anti-Israeli rhetoric and goals.
Israel being wiped off the map is good but the Iranians can't beat us to it.
We need to do it, the Iranians do not hate Jews, just Israel.
Therefore, they'll just allow them to exist just under Muslim rule.
We'll never be able to get our hands on them if we allow it.

How new are you?

Their greatest crime is not killing enough kikes lel

My hope is that other anons will be turned away from his path, and that we can see some threads here that remind me of Zig Forums's heyday. I don't have any expectations for ID: cab181. Maybe the newfriends that find their way here will read what I wrote and get the right idea. The first thing I want them to notice is the lack of an upvote button.

Single handedly shattered his own image even though he was see-through in the meat of his informative posts. Being a virtuoso about double spacing, capitalization and fucking HYPHENS? Calling your talk troll talk? Was his point to even propagate anything or simply waste people's time because it's clear to me in any event the dude is stupid enough that he should be bludgeoned.

My guess is that he wanted to waste people's time. Maybe he expected some support that never materialized. I think he's moved on to other threads.

TBQH I opened the thread, saw an unformatted word salad that read like a press release, no sources, and closed it.

dude, trust me
-t PNAC jews

Hello kike

guys im iranian. there is no war r-right? im afraid.
my gf is in Khuzestan (Khuzistan) which is the most important part of the country and is in border.
fuck this clown earth
after all these years i got a gf and now there is a war coming
fuck jews

John Bolton is unwittingly our useful idiot because he is a maaaad accelerationist. He wants to bomb everything and everyone and eventually this will lead to a military adventure too far with massive US losses in men and materiel. Its not just Iran, its China, Russia, everyone and their dog. The american public, gorged on Hollywood mythos about the invulnerability of the us armed forces, will be shocked and ready for redpilling. The iranian armed forces are garbage with one exception, they have the ability to perform long range conventional precision strikes against fixed targets by ballistic missile. What do you think will happen to every US base in the region in case of war? Saudi refineries and oil terminals?