If libbies are right about climate change causing food shortages, we must deny it to accelerate it

We will create famines, total societal collapse.

Then, from the chaos and the ashes of the old world, a new white revolution for the glory of the white race can begin.

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Your white race has no future you are decaying race, you had your run for 500 years now die already stop ruining the world still more.

You have to no options. If we can't have our Nations then no one can. All sentient life shall be destroyed for our passing if that is the only victory available in the end.

There is a higher being who is watching over us white fuck,your time is up.

You are nothing without the White race nigger.

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You can start by giving up all things created by white people, including your CPUs in whatever deviced you're using, which were invented by Konrad Zeus, a Nazi.

The rest of the world had their chance for thousands of years and nothing happened.

Shut up, spic.

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Likely kikel is scared
Bump for great success
Change the atmospheric gasses or target melanin kek

So that's what retards are believing these days.

All right, but what's next? Do you think you (niggers, mulattos and jewish overlords) can run the world and manage to keep the modern standards of living without us? Do you think that you, with your inhumane work laws, low work culture, low industrial efficiency that highly pollutes the environment, won't destroy the world even more and eventually fuck everything up?
I somehow doubt it.

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What about the higher being of all the religions that exists dumb nigger ? There is no true religion, but of course you are a nigger so what to expect from you pathetic waste of oxygen.

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Over you? Or us. Because if he's looking over all of humanity, then the white race probably still has a couple centuries to go before we've truly put the world in a situation where we're no longer needed.

National Socialism and Fascism are about living in harmony with nature. Destroying it goes against our collective values.

Race traitors and degenerates like you will be put into labour camps so you can learn to be a real man you spineless low IQ subhuman.


Keep telling yourself that kike. The ebil natsees are winning. I've personally turned several of your goodest evangelical goy against you. People are waking up faster and faster. You can no longer maintain control of the narrative anymore. Your volcano demon will die with you. Run or enjoy what time remains to you. There is no stopping it now.

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Congrats on derailing a thread about the most feasible third-world depopulation plan that currently exists, and congrats to all the dipshits that gave you (you)s.

Oh, and congrats to Chodemonkey and the kike mods for allowing the board to get this bad in the first place.

yes, we are over you, vermins.
and we are not pleased.

Whites have no souls and spiritualism is outside your realms of understanding and mostly taught to you by others, ooga booga pagans that is you are.

I will give 2200 tops before we absorb you devils completely.

Perhaps OP should have actually put some effort in his post.

I'm not some nazi fuck like op.

Keep crying nigger, we are the most beautiful creation in the whole universe, but , you didn't answer my question pathetic dumb nigger, there are countless other religions what about them ?

Wow you dumb shitskin. You really think calling us nazi fucks and then saying we have no souls is a valid argumentation style? You know why you are a subhuman? Your IQ is so pathetically low that you are incapable of coherent rational thought. You aren't replacing anybody because you are useless and feeble. Kill yourself. or admit that you are wrong and begin supporting your own race and nation like black Nat Soc.

They're not right. Reported.


Well they're not right. Climate change is a hoax devised
in order to destroy western nations.
Globalists want to destroy the idea of nationalism as well as nations. Which nations are the greatest threat to them? The
richest ones, because they contain people who might stand up
to them. Where are the richest nations? In the West.
So "Climate Change" is a weapon to destroy Western nations.
First came "Environmental laws" to slow down the creation
of industry and economic growth.
Second came the idea of "Carbon Credits".
Oh, so you're thinking of building a factory?
That creates pollution user, you'll have to pay for that.
So your factory makes $100 million dollars profit.
But wait, because of the "pollution" caused by "CO2"
your country will have to purchase carbon credits
to make up for it. That'll be $150 million "Carbon Credits" please.
So you "purchase" "Carbon Credits" from India.
So the result is to make economic development
in the West very expensive or uneconomical, and
meanwhile we now have an excuse for a "Global Tax"
that siphons off western taxpayers money to the
Third World.
Meanwhile a bunch of jews sit in the middle, making money from "Carbon Trading".
"Climate Change" is a hoax designed to destroy
the West.
The economic destruction of the West started with
"Globalization", moving factories to the third world.
Oh, you've no job user? Sorry about that, you can
"retrain". Then attempts to replace this industry was
crippled with "environmental laws" - you can't
set up a factory user, you'll produce too much "CO2"!
Finally, if you do set up a factory, your country will be
forced to pay huge amounts of tax, thus making
the whole thing uneconomical.
"Climate change" is nothing to do with the environment,
it is in fact a deadly economic weapon aimed directly
at Western nations, and Western nations only.

okay, but if western peoples are too comfy then we're never gonna have a great white revolt