Sri Lanka EXPELS 200 Muslim teachers


These darkies are showing us up.

Tell the muzzies to get the fuck out.

Maybe it's our fault for not doing X, Y, Z

How do we get the cucked politicians here to follow their lead? Possible at all?

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BASED! Now pull a Myanmar and expel ALL mudslimes!

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USA is an immigrant nation and muttland, so we have no right to kick them out.Europeans should be helped to kick them out.

Fuck off jew.

Based Sri Lanka? Maybe we all need to go Buddhist. Clown world indeed.

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USA should be a white immigrant nation as our founding fathers intended it to be.

to bad they imported all that farm equipment

Its not possible, not here in the US at least. Especially here in Jew York City but hopefully that god sent asteroid will obliterate this depraved city

Leave, anything is better than NYC. Come to texas, we have a ton of spics, but at least they keep the niggers out.

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Oy vey! Very unfreedom and undemocratic fellow white American goyim. As a fellow white American goy like your I just cant let this slide! We as fellow Americans must sanction Sri Lanka right now and end this terror regime!

Well done super poopers

You don’t get out of the shit that easy jew york boy
You’re gonna fight. You’re most likely going to die fighting too. Buckle up faggot

Didn't some country like Finland deport a dozen or so muzzies a few years back and the crime rate of their entire country fell by over 40%?

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"White" was different back then. See Ben Franklin's definition of "whites."

why would (((they))) do that

you mean the jewish plantation and ship owners?

He's calling niggers farm equipment

Unfortunately, it was only done on a technicality. About(?) 600 people, including those 200 clerics, were expelled due to expired visas.

Checked dub dubs

We need to step it up

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Well no. They fight since 400 years.

You hillbilly fuck, that Shivaite has as much to do with Sri Lanka as your mother has to do with grooming habits.

I think you're thinking of Tamils… they're hindus.

Buddhists hate Moozies and Jews.

Everytime somebody tries to give you shitskins the benefit of the doubt, you prove time and again you are nothing more than tools of the jew filled with hatred of white people. You'll be eliminated with your jew masters.

Mods are homos to not ban these pajeet shits who have ruined this place.

not even trying

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I would imagine 80% of men in the West want the same thing to happen. The problem is we all stopped going to Church, we all stopped working in the same three factories/farms, we all stopped hosting community events, and when they are hosted many of us refuse to go. We lost our community, and so what we say or want will never appear to be the opinion of a single person or at best a small group of friends.

I imagine that if someone had the balls to go knocking door-to-door and talking to people about these issues and telling them to come out en masse and forced their local representatives to have the law do their will; or else witness the locals actually physically institute the changes themselves - then it would all be done very quickly.

If only we weren't all asocial autistic sperg-meisters. … And if you do actually have social skills, that means you need to get out there right now and make a bloody difference.

We shouldn't be going to church to kneel to a dead kike anyway. If you really respect your ancestors then you should have their religion, your ancestors created Paganism. Fools.

What a dumb nigger. The Western world is on the brink of destruction in large part because it has seen its foundations destroyed; faith, family and folk.

Whether Christianity is the 'best' religion for our people or not, it is the only one that has been a uniting factor and it is the only one that has any legitimacy amongst the masses, and it is the on which most of the white people who breed are a part of. Are you really such an autistic faggot that you would attack and undermine the faith of our people which is a necessary pillar of our civilisation, doing the exact same thing that the jews have been doing for the last few centuries, all because you have some personal beef with it? Who gives a damn you brain-dead idiot. Get some perspective and realise what our priorities should be. Bringing on a self-imposed religious war AT THIS TIME RIGHT NOW is just about the most idiotic thing we could do.

We still have remnants of religion, remnants of community, remnants of patriotism; lets reform them ASAP and remove the existential threat that is already inside of our gates. Let us not start a civil war with our most fertile instead.

My dick gets so hard being white, married, and employed. Every day that I wake up and see you bottom-feeding racewar lunatics posting out of pure, limp desperation, I call my mother and thank her for educating me instead of (whatever combination of shitty lifestyle traits it takes to turn a normal human into a hateful sack of inert shit).

mommy's little hero

Of course you NatSoc LARP goons could only love family in the abstract after they've fled the sight of what you've devolved into. Wait no; let me guess. Did the Jews get to them too?

>Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena said the clerics had entered the country legally, but amid a security crackdown after the attacks, were found to have overstayed their visas, for which fines were imposed and they were expelled from the island.

In other words, they finally enforced the law on these people, and shockingly found that they don't obey.

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Sedition is already against US Federal law. It has just not been enforced. Commies, zionists, Talmudists, and Muzzies would all be expelled yesterday if it was simply enforced. Just like "created equal" would obviously include the unborn's right to life, sell out politicians and limp wrist sheriff's don't bother to enforce, because someone will lose their funding.

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Shut the fuck up anglonigger. You wouldnt recognize an indo-german if he fucked your daughter.

>The Melting Pot is a play by (((Israel Zangwill))), first staged in 1908. It depicts the life of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, the Quixanos. David Quixano has survived a pogrom, which killed his mother and sister, and he wishes to forget this horrible event. He composes an "American Symphony" and wants to look forward to a society free of ethnic divisions and hatred, rather than backward at his traumatic past.


you and whoever taught you that need to be shot.

You will never even pass for off-white.

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