Kate Smith banned from Yankees and Flyers games for racism


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Clown world. Ignore niggers and their concerns. Focus your minds on things whites were supposed to occupy, and let niggers fade into background noise. If a nigger talks to me, I ignore it. If a nigger appears on my screen, I close it.

That was probably the liberal thing to say at the time, too. "Don't worry white people about all these niggers in your country; they pick the cotton white people won't." 50 years from now "mexicans do the jobs white people won't" will actually be considered racist as well.

This, but stay situation-ally and racially aware.

when I went to high school, it used to be, I may not at all agree what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it, even if it was hate speech
this is how and why guys like George Lincoln Rockwell were able to act, and speak openly, openly, in the 90's-00's it changed into speech has consequences, It's a reflection of how fragile things actually are.

is no one here and oldfag like me that they remember it firsthand?

I may not at all agree what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it,

The good old days. I bet Babe Ruth boned the living shit out of her. He'd gobble down 11 hot dogs and wash it down with a gallon of beer then fuck 6 or 7 whores before and after a game. He'd fuck anything that was female. A fat broad like Kate was probably right up his alley.

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this is what the first amendment was 150% about, my high school teachers used to say millions of brave Americans died to provide you with this right. This is what we were (((led))) to be;eive the 1st amendment meant, then.

it's really surprising to me that no one remembers this. It was what was said in the 60's 70's 80's and less so in the 90's

how America has changed in my short lifetime

Both of these. I could spend my day ranting about the niggers running around my city, or I could study math and physics, go for a bike ride in the woods, write a program, or any number of white person things.

And of course it is important not to put yourself in situations where encounters are inevitable.

GWBush; "The Constitution is a dead letter".

Under the Patriot Act the CIA is torturing small children in front of their parents. John Yu the White House attorney testified before a congressional committee that the president could order a little boy's testicles to be crushed. The same committed watched Abu Grahib video of small children having glass fluorescent tubes dipped in acid inserted in their vaginas and anus before their horrified parents.

Kavanaugh did perjure himself before the Senate Judiciary Committee when he was being approved for the Federal bench in 2006 when he denied having anything to do with JohnYu and the penning of the patriot act. Joe Biden was involved heavily in its creation too.

people used to say about George Lincoln Rockwell, I don't agree with what the man has to say, but they'd defend to the death his right to say it, in a strong society, ppl can judge for their own, George Lincoln Rockwell did't lose phone privilege, his driver license, kept his jop, could say whatever he wanted, and society as a whole supported his right to free speech.

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all I can say is this is truly the result of jew influence.

fucking remarkable to me, now if you complain to city government, you're put on a hit list by law enforcement, back by a lying media, truly so much like Russia in the 20's and 30's

Back in the 80's I used to try to imagine what it must have been like to live through the Bolshevik Revolution. It wouldn't all just happen overnight with people telling you exactly what they planned on doing. It would happen gradually over a decade, two decades and more. Things would change piecemeal. You'd hardly notice a lot of the changes or if you did they'd be passing incidents. Then one day you'd wake up in a hellish world of THE RED TERROR.

I'm getting that creepy feeling we're in Russia and it's 1919, 1920, 1921. The world we thought was permanent, cut in stone is being remodeled around us. In ten years we're going to be shocked by how ghastly the renovations are.

and young people have zero idea, they do whatever provides them with artificial social acceptance, reinforced by media, and now…. the jew controlled social media giants,

And the odd thing is that God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin, a jew.

The Ourobouros of neverending revolution is devouring itself

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what an absolute idiot.
freedom of speech means enabling leftists to spew their venom until they can confiscate your precious "free speech".
free speech is utopist garbage, because it would require all parties to talk in good faith.
Were you dumb enough to think that even a single leftie of good faith even existed in the first place?
When at war, do you let your ennemies communication run smoothly?
If so, then you desserve what you get for being a retard.
Nature teaches us simple things.
That it abhors the meek, the tolerant and the undecisive.
Here is your demonstration, AGAIN.
Die a principled retard, and may your "oh so precious" principle DIE along with it.
I can hear the laugh of them at you suggesting you'd die for them.
"that will do" they laughed at behind your back, undoubtedly.
Never EVER show mercy.
Treating inferiors with kindness just confuse them into thinking that they should rule over you.
Fucking cuckservatives.

People that are 18 years old were newborns on 911. They have no idea really…

I know guys in their 40's that are puzzled by the obsession over the assassination of the Kennedys.


your characterization is self serving. I was only relating to how America operated in the 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and historically, it's not my singular viewpoint, it was the populaces. Nice try jew.

this post truly revels the weak evil mind of an insecure jew. America was great once, and not because the world was a different place 200 years ago, it was because the white man brought valuable ideals to the world, white men didn't corrupt the jew, the jew corrupted the white man.

I think everyone can agree with that statement


She's been dead for years.

This is like postmortem soviet rehabilitation.




Seymour Hersh

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Where did you get that qoute?

to date none of those records have come out, Assange never had it or he would have released it.
Wikileaks ahs also not released shit.

Sound behavior user. Practice personal segregation

Keep killing jews and leftists. Genociding the niggers is even easier, and can be done after all jews and their paid pigs are killed.

When I see these statues being torn down, I am reminded of the various waves of iconoclasm in the Byzantine east; how'd that work out for those faggots again? Oh yeah, it didn't. All the skilled artists and cultural gate-keepers moved to Italy or farther west, thousands of precious artifacts were lost, and the world now hates them for it.
So too will these histrionic anti-white statue-pullings be remembered. Remember, the average person you meet advocating this sort of thing is under the grip of powerful mental parasites, and should be considered insane, and ignored along the lines that suggests.

That's a lot better than being charged with a kike (((hate crime))). It's best not to talk to foreigners in general, especially niggers. Bump for news I hadn't heard of.

relevant name also is Jose Rodriguez, who thought the tapes were so terrible that he destroyed them to protect identities of CIA torturers, one of which may have been current director haspel

Since you're better informed than me maybe you can help here; at the time they were played for the congressional committee, there was a FOIA court case and a Federal Judge ruled that they should be released. The government flat out refused saying that if the world saw those videos, and heard those screams the reaction world wide would cause the deaths of many Americans.

Do you remember that? Got any links?

yor math bigot scum 1+1=joo
yor fisics what goes up must come down

BTW, the best part about this whole thing is that the left is so fucking stupid and just believes what they're told to believe without any due diligence. The truth about those "racist" songs is, that they were part of a series of broadway musicals created by civil rights/anti-racism activists (of which Kate Smith was one) called "George White's Scandals", MOCKING racists for being stupid. The lyrics were meant to paint racism in a bad light by showing how intolerant racism was, and the songs were famously covered by several black musicians.

In 50 years there either won't be shitstains in the US or the White race will be extinct.

Actually once the whites are extinct how many niggers will North America be able to support? Ditto in S. Africa. Without the massive productivity and immense logistics of white America, there'll be a massive spontaneous die offs of black people. They're helpless low IQ wretches.

The actual lyrics are all worshipful pro-black stuff, they say the blacks taught the white man how to sing.

Mathematics be racist cuz dat math technoolgy isnt in da community like they don wanna teach da real good shit to us folk u know? like dey keep dem secrets locked behind alchemical symbols n sheeit that they dont teach to a brother.

Golly, why am I supposed to be upset that they banned the hideous shrieking of this porcine transexual?

Just because she went on record calling niggers "darkies" and "coons?"

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Great writing.

I love Takimag (Taki Theodorakopolis)

WHy am I not surprised.