How much longer can you stand the mistreatment of Tommy Robinson, Zig Forums ?

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Anglos are truly the kikes of the sea.

Why would anyone object when someone throws a milkshake at this Jew?
Also, can you post the video? Asking for a friend.

How much longer can you supress the itching of your mutilated cock, rabbi?


Whitepill video

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Redpill video

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Particularly because of his suspended sentence he was careful to not break the reporting restriction by standing on the steps of the court, and making sure he only said what was already in the public domain.Though he broke no law he was imprisoned for 10 months mostly in solitary confinement.
The UK appeal judge ruled the original unlawful - he should never have been arrested or sent to prison. Other journalists published the same and were not prosecuted, or even arrested.
Regardless of him being controlled opposition or not - you're a lying shit.

Jews love getting free stuff.

mudslime detected

Tommy Robinson is a kike. Why should I care about a fucking kike?

They've been pushing this a lot lately.

You're next

Robinson is a based opponent of Muslims.

TR is kike controlled opposition, no one gives a fuck.

That's mudslime talk

How much do they pay you?

that's mudslime talk. Muslims think that everyone who is opposed to their jihad is a Jew it in the pay of Jews.

that's meant to say "OR in the pay of Jews"

Don’t care Gas all jude including this jew robinson thing


only a mudslime would say that about Robinson.

He’s a jew dummy


Too bad it was just a milkshake.

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Holy shit.
Pushing this controlled-op FtM tranny fuck… on Zig Forums of all places.
How many names does she actually have?
From PUA phase : Michael McMasters (kek)
Supposed "real" name: Stephen Yaxley-Lennon
'ard workin-class name, innit: Tommy Robinson.

The slimefuck is a ZIONIST.

Die mudslime

Zionism is a good thing.

A citizen in the UK was depersoned because he said bad things about Muslims and people on here pretend like we shouldn't care because that guy happens to be stupid and supports Israel. Look at the bigger picture for fuck sake you don't have to support Tommy but you should want to bring attention to what the British government did to him, because if it happened to someone who supports Israel, imagine what they'll do to someone who doesn't.

Hint: switch to another tactic

Maltreason should be distreated.

This is the funniest video ever. Thanks.

The nightmare will end when he names the jew.

Anytime. Have another.

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Oh, lügenpresse. Never change. I hope they remember this when they're drowning in their own blood.

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I feel bad for him still

Fuck of Generation Identity


Funny reading posts from the girlfriendless 8 chan users who spend most of their life in opposition to a non-existant jewish conspiracy theory. Maybe when they lose their virginity they'll let it go. Probably why they're so few in numbers.

why are you afraid of white men?

based on your bitter tone and writing style I can tell you're a woman, and the fact that you have posted neither feet nor tits yet obligates me in the course of my duties as Sheriff of the Online Thot Patrol to direct you back to reddit, where you will find plenty of thirsty, horny Indian men who will gladly cater to your low-IQ, unfunny posting. Thank you for stopping by!

I can agree. What few here realize is that 90% of Jew-hatred and Israel hate on Zig Forums is actually coming from Muslims.

Cucked leftist