Trump Advisor Caught LYING about Palestine / Israel

Donald Trump's Senior Advisor Caught LYING About Gaza Attacks with FAKE Photos

Donald Trump's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor and known Zionist Shill Katrina Pierson tweeted out the following FAKE images saying that HAMAS was sending missiles to strike Israel.

The problem? The footage is actually from 2015 in Ukraine.

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Kike Free video of 2015 Ukraine Strike she tried using as proofs of Israel being attacked.

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She's also a nigger.

Things are pretty bad when a Cohen is telling the truth about Israel but Trump's administration won't.
Also archive of this thread on 8ch in case Trumpnigger mods delete

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Wrong image my bad

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Newsweek calling her out now

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Why am I not surprised?

Stuff like this should make holdouts go back and reexamine the nonsense around the Syrian bombing campaign and the excuses peddled for Trumpstein. They are obviously looking for a fight and will manufacture whatever they need to to justify it for their low-information support base.

Fake News lel

OP's headline should read:
leftypol, if you're going to post here, please leave your morass of normie newpseak at the gate. Having watched hours of beheading vidoes etc., nothing surprises or "terrifies" us.
But thanks for the link dood.

The semitic coin flips over and over.

In this country, we are not free to criticize Jews, we are used to them lying frequently, and all plans must accommodate this. Thus observe Trump strip the Democrats of Jewish support rather than trying to butt heads with ZOG over a point of factual correctness.

By the time the election rolls around, only the dumbest partisans will still be in his corner. I'll bet that he knows he's finished and is doing his best to get that Iran war started before he is shown the door.

This is how his administration reads to me as well.

70 years ago they would have gotten away with this lie.



You misspelled "business as usual."

Jews trying to slide this

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It is interesting when you see what threads fizzle out and which ones don't. And sometimes when they fizzle out after they were moving along a little bit.

Catalog shows someone is intentionally bumping this type of exposure thread away from view

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Is there a way to capture and graph the data on this? I would be willing to work on creating a visualization of this to show when external forces are trying to slide/bury. An algorithm could be used to and the aggregated data can show the hotspots of topics the enemy wants to avoid.

Sloppy job Mossad.

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It stands for 666 dumb fuck. Aka, he is telling the jewish judge to spare him because he is a mossad agent.

666 / Mossad / freemason / lunarmarty what's the difference? Thick cunt, aka dense twat.

Bumping for Trumpniggers to get BTFO

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Why would he do that, fuckwit? If he was a Mossad agent, don't you think the judge would already know?

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You could be charitable and argue that it wasn't a big deal the first time she did it, she could have made an honest mistake on her end because some idiots were sending her stuff, but instead of removing it as soon as possible and apologizing, she fucking doubled down.

It is indicative of the niggerjew terrorist mindset that shapes the Trumpstein administration.

yookran isn't real


Pretty par for the course at this point


Those poor innocent Palestinians and Hamas they DINDU NUFFIN

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Bump for Hamas. More tunnel attacks, please.

Who cares at this point. Everything in this world is totally fucked.

I'd rather an obvious enemy than a traitor in power, you filthy fucking jew.

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Trump has been a huge disappointment


trumpfags ladies and gentlemen

Lots of israelite sandniggers showing themselves here

We caught a live one.

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Dumb Mudslimes

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