Nasa warns about GOD OF CHAOS asteroid

Here's hoping it gets off course and heads closer to earth.

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Within 19,000 miles, Earth's diameter is around 8,000 miles, isn't it? Very interesting.

It won’t hit , it will miss
Kek flying high through the skies

In ten years, we'll either have a white ethnostate or cosmic extinction from Kek
Which will come first, bois?

rolling for total annihilation

Ethno Globe whites only
This meteor is a cuck

I hope it hits Israel.

how heavy is it tho?
like does it cause tsunamis and earthquakes or is it comparable to yo momma

It's going to hit Europe and some jew will say that's it's retribution for locking them up the way Americans did to the Japanese.

…or New York.
Either way it'll kill half the Jooz on the planet.

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rolling for this.
it's time

Summoning the memeteor is taking longer than expected. We need more wizards. No fap has backfired completely.

Doesn't really matter, this country isn't going to survive until 2029 anyway. As soon as the Fed's market pump fails the entire system collapses.

Here's a roll

Rolling for Meme Magic to grow stronger as the Meteor approaches and the collective Human (White) conscious grows powerful enough to cleanse the world of lies with righteous fury.

Just think. We could possibly have been colonizing other planets, or just starting to, if we weren't held back by gibs me dat from around the world and Kikes. We could legit blame them for humanity being at risk for extinction.

You think this board can tap into meme magic? This place abandoned Kek and the associated magic long before Codenigger took over and killed it. If you weren't a bunch of retarded newfags replacing all the actual Zig Forums users that left, you'd know Kek and meme magic don't respond to rolls. The digits come as they are intended to.

They keep revising it to less and less chance to hit, nigger.

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maybe god finally heard my prayers

It would be nice if it were to actually fucking hit and we wouldn't have to go through with the Chinese invasion that I keep dying in.
Maybe it's the cause, who knows, it's not the best memory.

lame but I guess it’s better than not-sees

We need a sortition government to build a more stable society. Sortition would get new ideas into stagnant halls and promote broader evaluation of society. We’d have better integration between the public and the best available evidence as well as less fascistic leaders. The government would have to deal with actual conditions on the ground in order to function. It has to anyways, but past and present governments like to pretend themselves to be retarded aliens floating unaffected over the land of humanity in their invulnerable ufos.

NASA fabricates all their shit.
It's crafted to manipulate the soft trusting fools who can't redpilled on 9/11 and flat earth. i am promoting this nice site.

Hope it hits and is big enough to wipe the earth out if we are all still here in 10 year. We are all better off dead.

MFW I'm reading a time traveler post

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God, I hope it hits us.

Rolling for Israel and Africa.

Dubs and it hits africa and sweden

It'll probably destroy the earth. Ideally.

According to spacejews, we have 10 years before the asteroid will get near Earth, right?
Whether that's true or not, I've got a fine idea.
We try our best, study things that would get us into NASA and have NASA apply us. (((NASA))) will most likely try to collect manpower and resources to "shoot down the asteroid" or for any other cover-up campaign (actually it's 100% more likely that they are a branch of the (((system))) that privatises the Earth's orbit for itself to suppress down any opposition from Earth).
That means in its hoax it could be willing to take actual proper workers and scientists (us, not wymyn "scientists" or shitskin subhumans who happen to wear labcoats).
The payment the infiltrators receive will go to fund anti-kike rising.
The infiltrators will provide bedrock for any future mass operations and will take over the space "organization" if necessary. Just be sure to pretend you are a good goy.
Infiltrating them is a win situation for us in either way the future may go.
Also, the current NASA could be not competent enough to protect us from a slow moving rock, so taking over NASA may give us the chance to crash the asteroid with no survivors before it approaches Earth's orbit.

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>within the distance of and unfortunate (((cohencidences)))

1918 Spanish influenza
2029 Space impact

I told you but you didn't listen. 2037 is the real bitch

Didn't anyone tell you? You don't get to bring friends.
NASA is (((purposely))) pozzed so they aren't able to do anything.

Is there a difference.
Dubs and it craters jew york World Trade Center again and starts the first Space Marine war with aliens.

Distraction from the OSIRIS-Rex mission to the asteroid Bennu. For those familiar with mythology, Osiris is the egyptian god of life/death/rebirth, and Bennu mean Phoenix. Draw from that what you will.

Because Apophis isn't going to hit us. And?

Kill yourself flat earth kike.

The earth is flat, though. It's not even that hard of a concept to look into and come to a full knowledge of, if you would honestly research it instead of knee-jerkingly reacting.

Kill yourself Sinead. It's been known and proven for centuries that it's an imperfect spheroid.

(((science))) is a liar sometimes

Your tactics are old as time yet the pattern is noted.

Please! Please God,
let this asteroid kill all of us before the Socialists take over the world…

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bruh i'm not the same person, don't resort to that non-falsifiable accusation.
and don't resort to saying "it's settled science", go out and prove something before you believe it

Literally any claim about anything is more believable than your stupid flat earth bullshit.

kill yourself



In essence I'm cheating at this point, but I just don't care anymore. Hey, now that I have less than a fifth of whiskey in me, where's the user who had the same dream as me? The LORD dream with the black and white rainbow, that one. I'd say you were shilling me, but you said that of your own volition so unless you're just an actually good psychic and found that in my memory banks, then that shit actually happened.

Who you callin "boi", you faggot?

google "false dichotomy"

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did sg-1 died and we are a doomed?


Flat earth is nothing but a jewish psyop.

like little babbys

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she turns me on but I do not think the curtains match the drapes

What's the motive?
9/11 has many possible motives that anyone could easily think of even if they still believe the official story, but the shape of the earth has zero impact any anyone's day to day life.
The only motive I've ever seen anyone advance is that NASA is fake and the money just gets funneled to the kikes controlling it. But that fails immediately, because even if the earth was flat we'd still want to explore, and would have some NASA analogue that explored over the rim of the planet, or the tremendous heights above us,or any number of other things. So even if NASA was just funneling money and faking exploration, they could still fake it if the earth was flat.
The only other motive I've come up with is just pure lols, which, I suppose is technically possible, but if that's the case they're putting a hell of a lot of effort into it for what little amusement it would bring.

Fake and NASApilled.
Just another jewish science hoax on the public.

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Jews are working on deflecting it toward Earth.

there's no sun or moon, it doesn't exist. It's all corroborated by the solar and lunar engineer team to trick you

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Someone change your name to Giant Meteor and run for prez in 2028. Easy votes.

Poor, poor summerchild

Please God let Israel be wiped off the face of the Earth by a friendly neighborhood asteroid…

And let it be livestreamed with a kickass soundtrack…

If it is to be your will, Lord.

hes right you know

So, admittedly, very, very short research opportunities. What's the closure time from say, 22'000 miles up where the bulk of the satellites are located down to impact at Earth's surface assuming a 50'000mph closure rate I wonder?

I hope the asteroid gravity is strong enough to become a second moon and for the humans to live on without affecting the physiology development and create the artificial atmosphere on asteroid.

Low tier troll, godspeed in your journey of kek, faggot.

The larger an asteroid is, the less likely it is to strike earth. Electrical exchange between cosmological bodies will equalize charges and cause the bodies to repel one another and potentially overcome any gravitational pull. If Zig Forums intends for Apophis to strike earth, it will take a helluvalotta meme magic.

That's 20x smaller than the one that killed the Dinosaurs. It would be capable of destroying a large city but that's about it. It can also easily be evaporated with a high yield thermonuclear explosion in space.

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We should meme some huge asteroid hitting the earth and erasing most life, fuck this Jew world.


Wasn't this foretold?
Do I recall correctly that we supposed to murder Jews when Apophis is coming?

US already has an asteroid defense program
we just need more workers and a bigger budget

NaSa warned a few days ago that asteroids are a huge issue that we are not taking seriously enough and called on International support to plan for another Dino D-Day

I believe it. We are basically sitting ducks.

If aliens really wanted to wipe out earth, they wouldn't even come here they would just hurl some rocks at us from far away like they were playing bocce ball and could easily wipe off most of the life on the earth since everyone lives on a coast line.

They just performed this computer simulation

We don't even need an asteroid to strike near a city, sometime big enough that landed in the ocean would cause a tidal wave that would be unstoppable and catastrophic beyond imagination

Dude, the guys is coming back from the dead over and over.

they will just buy businesses, hire their own race for every position, and you know..

war is ancient, only terrorism works now and dominating with higher birthrates


This simple joke right here has some major meme potential.
Kek prophesies, made to look like ancient parchment, and hieroglyphs, etc. The fact this isn't common knowledge yet offers an opportunity to get ahead of public awareness.
An actual "prophesy". Like the heart snatching ruling class in Apocalypto pre-empting the eclipse, and duping the idiot masses.
If nothing else, it will make unique memes, and some funny shit.
And THEN dotr?

I would fuck the shit out of Xer.

I think i read somewhere that if it were to make impact it would be continental devastation but not global.

Nothing, because the stories of the ancient ones aren't sinister. Only Christian bastards try to turn them into that.

We choose to make the ethno-state, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

We will see Kek in the sky?

No meteor will be worse than this:

1/3 of world population as niggers. The niggerpocalypse.

Let's try that again.

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Lol why are people scared ? the system will probably collapse way before it happens.

That's a bubble sure to pop - as long as you can convince whites to stop feeding & housing them.

Apophis? Beware of Goa'Uld space arabs!

if it were to hit is would be localized more or less. But it might wreck the economy which would be a bonus.

The Earth's surface is 70% water. So, if that thing hits, there is a 70% chance it will drop into the ocean. And since most of our large cities are along the coastlines, the consequences will never be the same. We're not talking about "hurr durr, a million ded hihi". No, that's more like a hundred million dead and counting bodies in the wake of a 100 meter high tsunami crashing and fucking everything in its path.

Plus, the ecological aftermath is even more grimdark. The ocean this thing lands in will turn into mild acid over the next years. Bye, bye tuna, sushi and whatever you drag out of the water to eat. (((Climate change))) is a joke against this stuff; the nuclear winter that will ensue is the least of our concerns, imho. When that hits most of society already has descended into techno barbarism or has been completly destroyed.

have a you

rolling for africa

whats your average k/d during these invasions?

jews arent controlling the world you're just paranoid

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Answer a simple question for a mere accountant:

Will this asteroid be close enough to have a gravitational effect on Earth that will cause tidal waves and/or earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions?

IIRC the planet's have slight gravitational effects that are a lot less than the moon despite being far larger. This asteroid will be a lot closer, closer than the moon even, and is smaller than the moon but what could it's potential gravitational effects be?

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Space is fake and gay.

colonizing planets?

Which planets? Where is there a planet that can support us the way Earth does?

We live in a giant movie studio and its a reality tv show for the lizard people

rollan for big space rock to speed up and crash into israel in the next two years

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The Flat Earth thing started as a troll hoodwink anyone dumb enough to believe it. The Earth can be observed to roughly spherical. In fact proportionally it's more spherical than a cue ball.

Flat Earth faggots deserve to be struck by an asteroid. The Apophis was written about in science magazine back in 1998 or 1999. Everybody told me I was chicken little when I told them what I read.

The tunnel systems of Swiss Alps would could be a safe place to be. Or a bomb shelter. Some people say that's what the Giza Pyramids were. There's a really big labyrinth under them that was basically a city. There is an underground city in Turkey. There are underground cities. Some speculate that excavations in Jordan were some kind of shelter.

Anyway you cut it being above ground in the event of asteroid strike would be poor judgement.

We have just enough time to get up there and alter its orbit, Bruce Willlis style. Make that fucker smash DIRECTLY into the black cube.

Zig Forums is for retards.