Homosexual offers to buy dox info for minor children for 100 dollars

Need I say more?

Pro-life children viciously attacked for what they believe, and functional death threat offered by aggressively pro-pedophile representative

He offers 100 dollars, publicly, for these children's dox information.

Is this publicly trying to get them abducted for sex slavery?

What is his agenda? Where does he live? Who is he? What is he about?

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You can watch the attempted child abduction here.

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817,98225,NULL,Bellingham,Brian Sims-Fahey,WA,[email protected],US,680 32nd Street Apt 402,NULL,NULL

819,98225,NULL,Bellingham,Brian Sims-Fahey,WA,[email protected],US,680 32nd Street Apt 402,NULL,NULL

And "Sims"

As in "Simpson" = Zimzim

Sims =Zimz.

He is from Pennsylvania.

You wrote that yourself? wow congrats dude, really, that's very cool. i just told everyone in my family about it, everybody thinks that's very impressive and asked me to congratulate you. they want to speak to you in person, if possible, to give you their regards. they also said they will tell our distant relatives in christmas supper and in NYE they will ignite fireworks that spell your name. i also told about this enormous deed to closer relatives, they had the same reaction. they asked for your address so they can send congratulatory cards and messages. my friends didn't believe me when i told them i knew the author of this gigantic feat, really, they were dumbstruck, they said they will make your name echo through years and years to come. when my neighbour found out about what you did, he was completely dumbstruck too, he wanted to know who you are and he asked (if you have the time, of course) if you could stop by to receive gifts, congratulations and handshakes. with the spreading of the news, a powerful businessman of the area decided to hire you as the CEO of his company because of this tremendous feat and at the same time an important international shareholder wants to sponsor you to give speeches and teach everybody how to do as you did so the world becomes a better place. you have become famous not only here but also everywhere, everybody knows who you are. the news spread really fast and mayors of all cities are setting up porticos, ballons, colossal boom speakers, anything that can make your name stand out more and see which city can congratulate you the hardest for this magnificent feat.

Hello jew.

Call the Harrisburg number, the other one connects to a restaurant.

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Get him.

So is he in Harrisburg or Philly?


Sims served as the President of Equality Pennsylvania, and as the Chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP),

File Number: 3810530
Filing State: Pennsylvania (PA)
Filing Status: Active
Filing Date: May 15, 2008
Company Age: 11 Years

Principal Address:
915 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

1015 Chestnut St.
Suite 1101
Philadelphia, PA 19107

P*: (215) 246-1501

200 Irvis Office Building
P.O. Box 202182
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2182

P*: (717) 783-4072

The Harrisburg number connects to his office, the one in Philadelphia connects to a restaurant. Not sure why, but I'd wager he's in Harrisburg.

Holy fucking shill x2rd


If you want to sell him some dox info, use the contact form.


I am sick of gay people. I used to think the arguments against Christianity were nonsense because they came from the Bible. I thought it seemed weird, but I was taught me to be open-minded and judge people as individuals. So I thought, what does it matter if 2% of the population is gay, and how is gay marriage going to change anything?

I suspect there are more and more people like me out there, and I think the drag/trans kids are causing people to wake up.

I was wrong. Homosexuals say they are born this way while at the same time saying sexuality is fluid. The causes of homosexuality of complicated, but taking pride and encouraging it is like taking pride and encouraging alcoholism.

This the most fair document I've read on homosexuality. It covers homosexuality from a scientific, historic, and Christian perspective. The majority of the text doesn't involve Christianity.


All the subhumans that attack the children get the rope

Born in WA - could be family or something.

He literally has a wiki, which says he's moved around a lot.

NPA-NXX North American Numbering Plan (NANP)

First Name: Brian

First Last: Sims

Address: 67 Main Street,Klingerstown,17941,PA

Phone: 7173192385

Prudes are pedophiles, and other things too; conservatives oppose abortion because it keeps people with a feckless attitude to sex in the breeding population when otherwise abortion-prone recklessly sexual genomes would fade in three generations or less. Under legal abortion there’s less abortion every year, to the horror of so-called pro-life people.

I oppose the death penalty, I oppose euthanasia, and I support abortion rights. These three positions are unified by my steadfast reapect for life.


Hm, a worse error than that… Let me try again…
Conservatives oppose abortion because conservatives would rather keep people with a feckless attitude to sex in the breeding population. Under legal abortion rules, there is every year fewer people who would have sex recklessly, because abortion injures their reproductive success. Hedonistic degenerates prefer to avoid letting recklessly sexual populations die out, so they oppose abortion rights. Similarly, degenerate conservatives provide deeper darkness to potential child abusers by concealing unusual sexualities, so that premature and inappropriate sexualization has a better chance to take root, when otherwise people of unusual sexual interests would live openly without harm to children.

What a faggot.

One of the keys to comprehending politics is the principle of endemic reversal.

Could be helpful. If not, I tried.


Most conservatives are victims of psychological abuse from enslaved masters too broken to live in an open, honest society.

That’s why it’s critical to be noncompliant with hateslaves who seek to abuse others. By unwinding bad tactics, we make society a more joyous place, free of the censorious assholes who abuse themselves and others with endemic reversal.

B2B USA Leads 2016

Email: [email protected]

First Name: Brian

First Last: Sims

Address: 1101 Market St Fl 11,Philadelphia,PA,19107

Phone: 2152386300

People have the freedom to choose against being slaves bound in hatred’s service.

Except Zig Forumstards, that is. They get outed as pedophiles if they don’t abuse others on command. That’s why they’re slaves.

Zig Forumstards
>>>Zig Forums

Meant to greentext.
Oh ya by the way you ousted your self.

c'mon pollacks. do i need to spell it out for you what you should do (in minecraft).

1. LARP as a 14 year old boi pucci and contact this faggot offering him the dox of other 14 year olds you know who are hardcore Nazis

2. because we all know 54% of pedos are gay, and because we know a faggot simply cannot help themselves to some fresh pizza spread before them, you should then entice the faggot to reveal his power level to you and allow him to attempt to seduce you to inject hot pozloads into your front hole. lead him on the same way as a fat bald 50 year old FBI Special Agent lurking in the Jewtube comments. record everything.

3. publish everything. get this faggot disbarred from the Pennsylvania Bar Assoc, get this pedo censored by his State congress and get this faggot recalled in a special election and get this kitty tucher locked up where he can be murdered in his cell by MS-13

user, I'm still not versed in German and jewgle translator keeps going crash red text when I try to put it there. Would you care to translate? Not that I don't get the pics.

So do something about it.. Quit demanding I do something about it.

… target acquired.

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Liar. 3k abortions per day. The politics doesn't matter. Your fact is wrong.

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I'm pretty sure doxing minors is a crime

>same (((guy))) kikebart just exposed ripping on whitey

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Practicing your pilpul, rabbi?

Anti death penalty, pro abortion huh? I think we've found the dumbest nigger on the internet, guys.


" During the 2000 season, the longest season in the Division II school's history, Sims came out as gay to his teammates.[8] In doing so, the regional All-American and team captain became the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history.[8]"

Gays are an odd case, they're the only non-Jews allowed to hold power in the senate and media. Literally the only jew-free movies were made by faggots.

Neck yourself faggot.

Theyre pages from a german childrens book (The Poisonous Mushroom) warning of the dangers of the Jew, First is teaching how to recognize and identify Jewish features to a class of schoolchildren, and the second is a Jewish pedophile trying to lure a child with candy (And then is recognized as a Jew by the boy and the kike is arrested.)
Here: mtholyoke.edu/courses/rschwart/hist151/Nazi/poisonousmushroom.pdf


you talk like a jewish commie faggot, word salad with not a single fact in it and a ton of upside down thinking
kill yourself

>Brian (((Sims))) (names derived from simeon tend to be of the tribe)
/pol = Always Right
It's the equation that never fails

This is what is referred to as doublethink.

lol @ that nose

Underrated post

Reads like a slimy kike twisting the meaning of life into its own evil fucken mentally ill perversion. Die yid. You fucking die. Dont come here and push your fucken moronic babt sacrificing horseshit. Who the hell do you think youre fooling with a bunk, groundless mechanistic foundation for abortion? Unless youre talking about removing your foul race from the worlds gene pool forever? Wish it were fucking so hooknose. Kill that baby its defective ov vey but how dare you attempt to take the life of that child fucking murderer!

No wonder normalfags are losing their minds getting red pills ipso facto your retarded propaganda from the frankfurt school has become so poorly marketed.

Ya you fuckface let reckless population die out. We dont want to keep it going so a child molester like you can openly take advantage of a decadent sexualization of kids you sick fuck. Pedos have done their thing since time immemorial particularly your clan who loves to perform fellation on neonates after mutilating their genetalia for your piece of shit sand demon "god". Conservative? Fuck off asshole that term is synonymous with liberal here in the context of congress/american gov at large dumbass.

This is why we need the babylonian and egyptians back to enslave these veys

Brian Sims could be the fulcrum that topples Cultural Marxism. (Really Sims is the place to stand but fulcrum is such a great word). Fulcrum.

Anyway, how about this, Sims is also a litmus test for the Dem presidential field. Put them on record as a supporter of Sims or not. I’d say public support for Sims is less than 10%.

Lastly reading the responses to Sims tweet about vaccinations they made a great point, and an obvious one that I never saw. That pro abortion are always saying it’s my body when it’s about abortion but when it comes to vaccinations they tell you that you have to stick god knows what into you and your children’s body or you’re a conspiracy nut. Fuck them. A fuck me for not seeing that hypocrisy. Can’t wait to use it!

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Th problem with all these fuckers is that they have no fear of any consequences for their behavior. It's a streak that runs through our emboldened, arrogant enemy. There must be swift and painful consequences to deter others.

their greatest fear is getting a feta cheese and bbq sauce pizza swatted to their house

Fucking Kys

I only wish this wasn't so close to the truth

Fugging CHECKED. Best idea in this thread so far. I would but I live too far. Will still blow up his phone though.

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Good plan so do it faggot

I had an idea. Anyone still have the old text bombers? If his cell number can be found his phone can be made unusable. One could send "KIKE" 1,000,000 times on 5-10 second intervals from a burner. His phone will die.

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Good plan Schlomo

Dat Schnoz

Doesn't really matter what is sent Bagelstein. One could call him an Anti-White pedo or whatever they want. The point is these faggots will continue doing this shit to us and to children unless they face some consequesces.

And "Simmons"

Source or I call bullshit

Yes, more nahsees and anti semenism for the Jews.

A fetus ain't alive

kys immediately

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Stay away gays.


This right here.

I hope the next meme shooting targets homosexual pedophiles like this guy.

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no more crypsis for you jew.


Also this. I wager half a bitcoin that this faggot is already trying to fuck little boys online, it shouldn't be too hard to weasel your way in to his inner circle. Destroy this cunt.

But also don't talk about it here, as I guarantee you that beak nose 5th column boyfucker is lurking this thread.
Good morning Brian. Feeling nervous yet?

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i support the death penalty and abortion for muds. Whites on the other hand should not engage in abortion, it should be criminal. We should frame the argument to say that whites are disbarred from the safe spaces where reproductive health is being exercised

I just called this guy and he fucking hates the rep but shares a name with him. This is not the rep.

Poor bastard.

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He looks like a narcissistic fag.

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