African-Aborigine Fusion

I thought I seen it all, but apparently you can fuse the races of Africa with the Aborigine.

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What if we send all Africans and low-caste Indians to Australia? What will happen to humanity? If we do this, we might as well send all Polynesians, Mesonesians, etc to there… I mean, if we were doing this, we might as well.
Humanity is shifting from Fusion Summon to Xyz Summon too quick!

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We should have done that experiment 500 years ago.

Kikes won't stop until they breed the ultimate subhuman and then mix with it themselves.

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hahahahahaha oh no no no an abbonigger hhaaaaaa hahahaaha

There's no information here. There are no GENETIC mixes as yet. They're the furthest removed of the five species of humanity. We don't have any data on the results of miscegenation.


Whites are always harmed when race mixing with another race while you could argue the other gains something for it in return. But who loses out here? The abbo or the nigger?

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All the African "Nesians" should be sent to Australia along with white jews. What sort of jewing would come out?

I say the nigger loses…. From what I'm told the abbos are the most pathetic race on Earth.. I'm told some of them couldn't even make fire.

The jews would keep their bloodlines pure and be the rulers of the shit pile.

They would keep them impure, they are the anti-race. Maybe by creating the most mixed, most inferior, and most disgusting abomination, we would be creating the ultimate Jew?

not in Israel.. they go all out to prevent interbreeding with the arabs.

As Africans moved east towards Aus/Taz/NZ they mixed with proto-maylays (Denisovans) and made of the paternal Haplogroups C and K. Remember Aus used to be connected to Papua New Guinea before the 10,000bc thaw. Abos had been there for like 40,000 years by then. They are genetic Poos mixed with Africans and Southeast Asians.


pic? what the fuck do they look like?

I think abos are niggers compared to niggers

look up stolen generation in the early 1900's ((they))) removed abbo children from thier tribes in order to be taught the same level as whites and forced into a white/abbo marriage

is this the auspol thread

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also, what the dutch first thought first seeing abbos in 1623

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Let's do it OP

I don't even want to think about this abomination

"Whites are always harmed when race mixing with another race"

Is that why the best blondes are always brunettes?

or is that why the parts of your body with the most color are the most sensitive?

"From what I'm told the abbos are the most pathetic race on Earth.. I'm told some of them couldn't even make fire."

They have survived longer than the white man; who doesn't even know what bathroom to use anymore.

One day you pink faces will only exist in museums.

Oh, I'm aware of that (the regression rate was 99%, I believe), but the OP claims that niggers and abbos got together. There's nothing substantial here to actually claim that.


But can abbos swim?

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Who cares?

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The discussion was "who would lose more in a mix of abbo and a nigger", I care because I'm interested.
Would masked pool pits be as effective on abbos as they are on niggers? It's for that kind of knowledge.

I never seen Abbott swim yet so I don’t know.

That is a typo.

A shitskin is as shitskin, faggot.

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Fuck you, White traitor. Send the muds to mudland where they belong. Ozzie land is Aryan land since all the criminal degenerate Whites were shipped over. Bakawandaland is the proper place for the truants who lost their way 60K years ago into future White lands.

Someone's fucking new.
Also the boongs only still exist as a people because the auscuck government spends millions of dollars keeping the land-apes from eradicating themselves out of pure unbridled stupidity. 40 thousand years and not even a wheel? That's not something to be proud of, Morton.

Checked. Send the fucks to hell.

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E10 m8.

Not as pathetic as you since you base your knowledge of reality on hearsay.

yeah but diaspora jews are not israeli jews

Nigger-Jew mutts are super common in places like New York, London and Torronto

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Unmatched heights of stupidity to wonder if a human being cannot swim because he or she is of a different race. Please consider removing yourself from the gene pool.

We got a fresh one!

>remove yourself from the gene pool
pottery. keep being a lolcow, subhuman internet defence force.

please no. there's too many already. :((((

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I dunno, what about half-Zentraedi?