Its okay to be you

post this as a flyer in public
Media calls it racist
they look even stupider than they do reporting on the "it's okay to be white" posters


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Only one of those is true though, jew.

You really think someone would do that? Just put up flyers and tell lies?

Two but okay

jidf are the ones who countersignal good ideas online

memes don't have to be strictly true to be effective.
and it has the bonus of very much confusing ethnic minorities when they see the media call this racist too

Kill yourself shitskin.

no u

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That's why your memes never work moshe.

It's ok to be a violent ooga booga brainlet? It's ok to have an IQ lower than a gorrilla?

Infowars already used and monetized your shitty idea.

This is fucking dumb.
It implies the melting pot is ok.
The "Every Race has its Place" is better.

nah this is different
it includes the controversial "it's okay to be white" message
and it implies the validity of race as a concept

Infowars already used and monetized your shitty idea.
Look at the shirt you dumb gorilla nigger.

Even that isn't as ideal of keeping distinct groups from coalescing into one mongrel "white" race.

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Why are latinos blue? I want to be blue :'(

but when "the evil white nationalists" are posting this message on college campuses, media will report on it. that's the whole point of the "it's okay to be white" campaign.

an infowars shirt doesn't have the same effect

I am not sure if this is an effort post or just shilling.

So my 2 cents. We must fight for the white race, and if IOTBW gets a huge outcry than this is good, because it wakes people up.

We do not want to appease the media, we want to provoke it.
The other races must be woken up to the

As long as they do not harm us, and do not mix, they can be our allies, if they are in the right frame of mind.
But no race mixing!

This would make a better flyer

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it doesn't say it's okay to be mixed

Go away spamming kike.

You must be one lazy shill.

Sounds like someone missed the point. We're fighting liars, and the best way to fight their lies is with the truth.

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Nobody fucking cares. Your meme op does nothing. This is the time to act, not find ways to TROLL LIBRULS EPIC STYLE XDXXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD SALT MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Kill yourself.

aryan means nigger
black is just a color
but you can’t handle that much truth, can you?

No because what you just said is a lie.
Aryan=noble try harder kike.

but we dont think its ok to be brown, we think they're apes

Who the fuck is gonna waste that much ink??


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So White Nationalism is spamming and kikes?

You are still doing this lame called
de radicalization which is been proven ineffective.

Lame tactic*

I bet you'd say that race is just skin color to eh?

then why is "it's okay to be white" so effective? it's a completely innocuous statement to many normies and it riles the media up.

not de-radicalizing anyone. it's the first step of the redpill.

Truth nigger. You don't win by feeding them lies mixed with truth, you need Jewish subversion and control of major institutions to do it that way and it's gross and wrong regardless.

Memes only become truly effective when they are simple and true. Yours is words words words words words and lies lies lies [truth] lies

I say stick with the "Okay to be White"

It's simpler to print.

and the rage it produces in some shows the reality of our plight.

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