13 year old English girl being followed by Pakistani man

Believe this happened in Liverpool

Source: twitter.com/rosenjoki13/status/1125530111858630656

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part and parcel



When are you English anons going to take out the trash and start purging these fucking smelly Pakis from your cities?

Also related: Did anything ever happen with those two sandniggers telling the little Chinese girl in a playground they were going to fuck her in France? It was all over then it was gone. An user also posted a slowed down gif that made it look like the guy filming had his cock out and the girls hand on it… Which literally made my blood boil and shes just a bugman. These animals need to be exterminated.

Twitter censored it before it could go viral. What needs to happen is a coordinated viral push by 8ch/4ch etc to get it known because it's absolutely shocking

Otherwise it'll fade into obscurity like this video will.. it should be posted everywhere on twitter and reddit…

Hitler predicted this.

This would never have happened, if England had the guts to join the forces with their brother, Germany.

==need that viking mentality again.
It is either a slow and painful death for us, or we put up at least a stance as a fighter.
Be a warrior!==

What happened to the lads that baited pedo musles posing as Little girls on the internet?

Western Europe is collapsing as is the U.S

That vid:
from the same channel (it seems to be a nigger, if it is not a clever ruse :D)
is even harder.

France police is beating and beating and beating a chained yellow vest girl
She has red hair and great pain, but the pigs will not stop.
That boils my blood.
More people should see and save the video!

Rage mode stuff! Fucking pigs!
Where is Christophe Dettinger, when you need him?

In the past, The White man would have protected their children no matter what, they would have annihilated the pakis niggers just for this case alone. What happened to this world is truly sad. Really sad. Remember, we are either the last White Generation, or the Greatest.

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Sieg Heil and Amen

here is a good start to get going:

that girl doesn't even look remotely close to an english girl, plus you think that picture is evidence for the veracity of your claim? you lying fat slimey fag


fuck off moishe
don't look a gift horse in the mouth, ammunition is ammunition


will you fucking post the MP4 in the thread?

If she was jewish, how would you feel, rabbi?

There are not enough peopl on our side if we try to stand up we will be classed as a racist and charged for hate crimes but on my opinion burn all mudlims and gas the kikes fuck them.

Someone has to be first user.

Pipe down blackpill nigger

You probably don't even know how to use a fork, you ugly fat couch potato

It gets the fork jabbed in its eye
If it tells a jewish lie

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Pigs, politicians and pakis die on the same day.

Torpedo for the win.

everywhere i go, i must rape…

She's definitely an English girl. Skin might look darker due to lighting issues or a tan.

the absolute vanity of women

You expected differently?
Besides, how else would we have gotten this evidence of nigs nigging? It's not like she could have called the police or something.

Police don't give a shit about Pakis raping white girls.

I really like the way she talks its cute.

cant even get a good look at the pakis as this is her time to shine obviously

current year thought process

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This is how Rotherham happened. Would the chances of it happening be greater or smaller if people were out in the streets again instead of inside behind their screens?

I legit thought that was a black girl.

Are you blind ???? What the fuck are you talking about ? she looks clearly White..

I found the Paki pedo, dude what the fuck.

Filthy pedo scum

i wonder how many rotherham victims tried this same approach but the pakis got out and ran up on them. social media was a mistake.

Scouser accent.


Nig, you're going through on your "hur dur girls are vain" angle: she was terrified and in moments like that, especially at that age, people go in auto-mode. Neverthless, she got the paki nigger on film. Plus I think this angle is scary because you see her face while she's trying to tell her would-be raper to get lost. Next time, because there will be a next time now that paki nig knows there's a cute scouser girl up for grabs, she should film his face and number plates.

kek, this

Does anyone know who she is?

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Its not how Rotherham happened.
The girls is Rotherham and around the UK are tricked into befreinding and trusting the Pakis, in a way they go with the pakis on their own accord, because they are young and stupid and naive, and there is no-one there to protect them.
They are not just abducted off the street, they don't even need to bother

whatever guy. i think shes a stupid vain female like the majority of females. you think whatever you do. the pakis deserve rope is what matters.


I don't blame shitskins for stalking and raping, in the same way you don't blame a chimp for shit flinging while seated at the dinner table when it was on the guest list. It is their culture, their desire, and part of their religious duty in fulfilling their religious rule book. To think otherwise is naive after 1400 years of examples of this behavior (see the Barbary pirates for example).
Instead you make damn sure you vet the guest list instead of letting (((someone))) send invites on your behalf, and only those with the necessary attire and manners are seated for supper.
There is a reason you hear about "migrant rape gangs" and not "migrant castration all-girl gangs". The successive generational lack of moral standards means girls raised now see no danger in hanging out with these deviants, only realizing their folly after coal has been burnt.

Low standards = anything goes = low quality of life.
High* standards = higher quality of life.

*for the uncomprehending low IQ nigger: "high" is not "extreme", which is something entirely different.

She's from South England, like waaay south

The West in a nutshell.

Hence why she couldn't call them. I mean the phone might connect, maybe, but it's not like it'd do her anything. Maybe if she pretended to be brown or something.

I'm not saying that this was simply vanity of vanities, but did she actually have a viable option? Would filming them instead of herself have made any difference in the outcome?

I some what agree.
I don't blame the pitbull for biting, but I make sure to keep my friends and family away from pitbulls.

If the English continue to live with dangerous animals, they will either:
A. Get killed of by them
B. Do something about it

I blackpilled on the UK long ago, and no longer have any hope or sympathy for them. I can just watch and see what the social experiment formally known as the British empire like a dark sitcom

Their prophet was a child rapist. They're just following tradition.

Scouser on his bicycle

They are only slightly above niggers

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The woman is not 13.
looks like staged bullshit to me.
p.s your pigtail fetish is showing again 'system resistance network' (red ice)

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White but with a tan. right


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t. britbong whos never seen sunlight and a 95 degree day simultaneously

the stupid thot in the op has braids you mouthbreathing fatass

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That is why the west is cucked to death and doesn't organize anything with a lasting presence.

That is the right way to treat any woman, from any age.
Women are a plague.

This is not about England. This is about every white country. From Russia to America. Same problem everywhere.

Repost material

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No it's just a kike projecting and trying to dehumanize an innocent English girl so that we will for comfortable once she is fed to his pet pakis

village rapist

French braids on a white girl and pickaninny pigtails on a nappy head are two different things entirely you know.

No its just the make-up and fake tan she wears
English girls like making themselves look darker

True, she sounds more of a Scandi type. Maybe she's Swedish or Norwegian living in the UK, or this actually isn't the UK.

Men like Oswald Mosley and Arnold Leese wanted to make that happen, sadly, these gentlemen were unsuccessful in their endeavor.

True. The police are not on our side.

She’s from Liverpool you dumb kikes

You're a fucking nigger. Kill yourself.

Its called rape and pillage. You roll into their areas and light shit up.

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Fuck off to where you came from.

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thats one irritating accent and the way this girl just starts demanding things is even more irritating. little girl, do you think telling them to “go on go” is going to save you if they decided to snatch you? stronk woman programming in full effect. also you didnt even get a good shot of the assailants because the camera was focused on your chubby face. wouldnt care if i heard she got abducted in the future, i wouldnt want to be anywhere near that irritating specimen.

You know one way to stop white genocide is by breeding with other white people but I doubt any retarded incels in here are capable of fathering any while children.

She's 13 you fucking retard, the men in her life and society have failed her by putting her in a cage with violent animals. Sorry she didn't rise up like Caesar and speak in a way that satisfied the arbitrary standards you placed upon a terrified child so as to delegitimize her plight you disgusting pile of yiddish trash.

Agree. What do you expect little girls to do. Their fathers have failed them.

you doubt fathering abilities but not the ability to even become a father, ie find a girl. odd

When will any of us, user?
Its high time.

I'm not even mad. This is what the anglos deserve for massacring their German cousins 80 years ago. Thank you for your service WW2 veterans!

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When this happens they should call the police and report the license plate number.

She's an adult larping as a child. The pigtails are just a manifestation of the fetish that the people behind these posters/videos always seem to have in relation to White girls.
This isn't even how they recruit girls to abuse.

This isn't America retard. British people aren't allowed to own or carry weapons even on their own property. God help you if you actually use one to defend yourself or your property.

hey indians i know you are here shitposing against us why come you do not convert to islam already?

always always you are crying about not getting white women but we are genetically the same and white women fuck have sex us and fall over for us pakis all over in the west you see all the time it is so fukin easy why dont you just convert already?

what can vishnu some dumb cow elephant or whatever promise you if he cant let you rape their white girls freely or have them throw themselves at you?

hinduism gives you nothing we south asians are the most attractive on earth dark handsome instant we are muslim endless white pussy if you just get rid of your stupid fukin cow worship.

their law enforcement are cowards and will not dare to raise a hand against us we even rape their wives in front of them in britain usa and europe.

=you should join already islam will take over the world and you can have all the white pussy you want come brother pajeet join us fuck the white pussy bitch.==

They can't help it user, it's their disgusting nature. Of course, she wouldn't have to worry about some paknigger abducting her if she was at home cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc., and if [current year] was how it should be, there also wouldn't be any pakniggers there to begin with.

I slap your mother with my left hand.

Whoever owns that black car should be hunted down and killed.
If he is not, it speaks loudly that British men cannot and will not protect their women.
And that's all an invader needs to know.

Nobody expects you d&c kikes to be mad about young European girls being brutalized by brown animals.

I mean, as a fellow britbong I feel shame about this poor young girl getting harassed and all the rest of it but c'mon, that fucking scouser accent is just the fucking worst.

I have no soul, and i must laugh

Who fucking cares if she's English or not? She's definitely European. She sounds Swedish but looks Hungarian.

Those are kikes trying to change the subject matter.

God this makes my %100 European American Viking blood boil. I'm gonna save all the white girls when I might go to Europe.

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No, she's definitely from Liverpool, people from that city have a very distinctive accent.

She's on her own. You can't even get 4 White people anymore to replace a light bulb with a new one, much replace a country with a new one.

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