Israel passed White House intelligence on possible Iran plot

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So now we know it's fake.

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Their gay disco coup failed in Venuzuela, Kim Jong Un will not disarm, and so they're stepping up the bullshit on Iran.

sometimes the jokes just write themselves. :)

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shit eat pedo

You know it.

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well the president is a fat orange kike who's son in law can't get a security clearance on his own because he is too much of a kike.

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Kushner, and Kushner Sr, are blackmailing The Donald with sex-tape of Ivanka.

Kushner Sr blackmailed his own Jewish sister with sex-tape he created using hooker of his sister's Goyim husband, to try and keep him from talking to Feds. First off, once Feds got you on a Paper Trail crime, lying wont help. See Martha Stewart.

Throughout history, Jews have always used sex-blackmail, such as POTUS Wilson.

Ivanka is the only thing Trump might really care about, and Kushner Family makes sex tapes of GOYIM in-laws for blackmail.

Its impossible that Trump is not being blackmailed.

Every. Single. Time.

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Netanyahu takes a dump in the oval office everytime he visits the White House

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What am i looking at ? how can Jews be so rotted inside ? how is this possible ?

all mil intel is fake!
mil intel is just a bunch of gypsies making up storys to justify their existance.

Is alan ginsburg still alive?

What are (((they))) waiting for?

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DVDs and folders, incontrivertable proof.
Iranians have to say goodbye to their country like the Syrians. They have to move to Europe obviously. There's no other solution.

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Bumping to counter judeophilic faggotry.


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Those are logs of every time an Iranian gasses 6,000,000 in his mind

Just like Hitler's Germany, Iran doesn't believe in using Chemical Weapons to wage war. Though there is a nearby nation which even though it proclaims that many of its people were incessantly gassed multiple times within Hitler's Germany, this same nation does not think it should be prevented from enacting that horror on others. Weird, one would think the true victims of such a horror wouldn't be ready to do what it is said was done to them.

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So this proves then beyond a reasonable doubt that they really are our best allies.