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Can someone give me a rundown on these people? I started listening to their stuff awhile ago, but it seems like they accuse every other figure in White Nationalism of being a Marxist. They say Varg is a marxist, and that all Christians are basically Jews, and that if you worship Odin, you're no different than a Christian.

It's confusing to me, because they have a few good documentaries like Hellstorm. I don't understand how someone who could write that documentary could at the same time be so monumentally retarded about everything else.

The two people in charge of it are a man and a wife named Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy. What does Zig Forums know about them?

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Disinfo shills working for the kikes. Do not give them any of your time.

They're probably controlled opposition if they call not cucking to the capitalists and Jews as "Marxism"

They didn't write that. They stole all of that information from a book, also called Hellstorm, written by Thomas Goodrich. They never write any of their own material. Look at their website, Renegade Tribune. All of the best articles are written by outside contributors, who never seem stick around.

I've also heard they dox the people who donate money to them. That's right, I'm not joking, they will take your name and address from your credit card info, and then post it across the internet for antifa to see. I used to think they were legit because they post real info, but they seem like Alex Jones tier disinfo agents meant to suck people into a cult that keeps them from actually networking with other Whites.

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They didn't write that. They stole all of that information from a book, also called Hellstorm, written by Thomas Goodrich. They never write any of their own material. Look at their website, Renegade Tribune. All of the best articles are written by outside contributors, who never seem stick around.

I've also heard they dox the people who donate money to them. That's right, I'm not joking, they will take your name and address from your credit card info, and then post it across the internet for antifa to see. I used to think they were legit because they post real info, but they seem like Alex Jones tier disinfo agents meant to suck people into a cult that keeps them from actually networking with other Whites.

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Got any more information on this? I'm concerned for the people who may have donated to them, thinking they are legit. If you only see a little bit of their material, they come off as genuine, it's only once you get a full picture that things become suspicious.

The "Broadcasting" site is a big slander circle apart from some episodes, but the Tribune is very valuable.

That or they want to be the only WN "figures" in the game

This also seems highly likely
They also spout flat earth shit every now and then. Is it possibly to make anyone who seems them associate our cause to flat earthers?

Didn't they just lose another one of their good writers, though? It seems like no one sticks around there.

They attacked this man
On some idiotic gossip they cherrypicked, based on some artist they didn't like.

I'm sure its this, a bloated ego.

Heathen Vegan, he used to write articles and do radio shows for them. Now they're saying he was always a shill, and they're threatening to dox him and children. It's fucking sickening. All because he went and did a show with Red Ice.

One of their writers tried to reason with them in the comments, and then Sinead and Kyle went absolutely mental and accused him of being a shill too. So he said he'd stop writing for them, they got angry about that too.

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Who was the writer? Can you elaborate on that?

Sinead is fucking insane and she'll be showing up any fucking minute now, so get your popcorn ready.

Oh, you're in for a treat. I saved the comments. The writer was Jack Duilio, his stuff on the Tribune is really good. Don't know if it's been deleted yet, but he did a great job of boiling stuff down into short concise articles. Anyways, here's where the interaction starts, in the comments beneath the Heathen Vegan broadcast.

His first comment is hilarious to me, because he's obviously out of his depth. He desperately wants to believe that Sinead isn't insane.

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They paid somebody to make their good stuff.

They are larping. Probably find out they are sodomites like the rest of the fakes.

You can see that only the cultists' messages get approved:
Just try to make a comment.

Jesus they sound like D&C shills

Every fucking day more e-celebs threads pop up! I don't care about your e-celebs or what they think.

Jack's first comment is basically nothing but asskissing, but Sinead focuses on the one part of it that she doesn't like, that he says Heathen Vegan might not actually be a Marxist, and that he might just want more exposure. That was too much for her to handle, so then she calls him a shill, and he says he'll stop writing for the Tribune.

Sinead then gives him a flippant response. In no time, Kyle comes in to also talk shit against him for upsetting his wife.

This isn't the end of the drama, though. Kyle and Sinead then do another broadcast where they mock Jack and Heathen Vegan for a good hour. It's amazing that they think they should be able to insult their contributors, and that their contributors should never quite or seek out greener pastures. Heathen Vegan was clearly in the right, and Jack was clearly a naive idiot for assuming the best about Sinead and Kyle.

Jack's comments were also originally upvoted, and then magically they all got downvoted into oblivion. I think they can article the votes as they see fit.

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Axe of Perun left some months ago (some personal matters, no drama apparently).

Shit op.
Good answers and discussion.

Lol, nice try Sinead. None of the people who leave Renegade ever start the drama, it's always you.

First of I'm not that literal schizo, secondly it genuinely seemed to have something to do with his "activist efforts" or something like that.

How did you make the same post twice?

Why are you saging this thread then? Do you think we're stupid? No one was talking about Axe of Perune, but you brought him up because he's one of the few people who just quietly left without criticizing you. That's probably because he wanted to avoid drama and he gave you a fake excuse for leaving.

No major reason, I just didn't want to bump again

I've seen another double post, yesterday. Some bug with Zig Forums.

This is the next broadcast. In it Kyle and Sinead continue their lunacy. Jack makes another comment trying to clear the air, because they keep on calling him a shill.

It's comical watching Jack try to reason with them. It must be frustrating realizing that you threw your lot in with a crew of psychos, only for them to throw you under the bus as soon as they can.

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Marxists are simply Wannabe Jews.

Don't join groups

I think this pretty much sums up every single question anyone has regarding this outfit. I don't even think there is some greater, deliberate motive. It's just that simple explanation.

This is the last comment from Jack, and the funniest one yet. Sinead then demonstrates that she can't even read and thinks him talking about the email he sent Kyle, which they talked about on their broadcast, is an email he sent her. I think Sinead probably unironically has a double digit iq.

I'm now looking forward to the possibility of them continuing this drama and doxing Jack. There are so many of these events within Renegade that you think people would have learned by now.

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Sinead is definitely psychotic, but what's fascinating is how many people can't realize that fact. Jack for example attempts to reason with her over and over again, only for her to shit in his hand everytime. Sinead is also a coal burner, btw.

The real question is whether Kyle is an idiot simp being controlled by her, or if he's her handler.

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You expected them not to be insane?
Come on user.

They didn't "steal" it, Goodrich authorized the documentary and did a media tour with Kyle to promote it.

this is why I go for flips or chinks, I know I can trust them.

Sinead McCarthy was known to shill for money.
She used to make shitty videos on her YT channel with the only goal of milking betabucks out of beta nationalists (they kind who would give money to any thot pretending to be remotely nationalists on YT).
She was linked to some extend to another shill-for-money thot, Eva Lion or whatever her name is spelled.
I have never thought they had a political agenda, just a network behind them setting up those people to milk money from lost and naive souls.

I don't have any hard evidence but I don't need any. Anyone who digs into their content and isn't blind or retarded will eventually see they are disingenous untermensch, just as you are. If you have a bad or uneasy feeling when consumimg the media of people like these then you should heed it. Go with gut. The only flaw of Aryan man has always been his kindness to those weaker than he AND being too trusting of those who would do us harm. The mistakes of our forefathers in these regards are correcting themselves after each generation through the blood… THAT is why you get such feelings in these situations. Trust your intuition.

These faggots are either literal disinfo shills working for Tel Aviv to weaken and fracture the worldwide National Socialist/White Nationalist movement as a whole, or they are contraraian and opportunistic scum just making a quick buck off gullible young white men. Either way I want no part of it, and they deserve a bullet through the brain for it.

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It was a collaboration between them and a good project. Some things deserve guerrilla marketing and one is Goodrich's book's audiobook version

That's pretty much it. Sinead is a fucking schizo.

*just realized this might read as if I am calling the user I am replying to a disingenous untermensch, I am not. I meant "just as you are" in the sense that you are starting to see this as well, which is why you are suspicious of them.

polite double post sage

No sympathy for Jack, never trust a thot.

It was Kyle and Sinead riding on someone else's coattails. Name one project they've made themselves, that doesn't suck. Hell, just look at Kyle's paintings, which are fucking terrible.

They've always been pretty retarded with their Hoaxerism. I took this screenshot of their chat after Traitor Glenn Miller killed some gentiles at a jewish community center, Kyle thought it was a hoax targeting him.

That being said, they're no worse than Fetzer, Halbig, Jonestein, and all the others who push the actor narratives, regardless of whether it's about Sandy Hook or a "racially charged" shooting.

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Condensing a book that's 14 hours as audio into an easily digestible 90 minute documentary is quite the accomplishment, I don't know why you're trying so hard to take that from them.

Are you an ex-host or maybe a TRSodomite?

Reading Jack's article, I'm not evens sure what kyle is upset about.


Maybe the problem is White Nationalism.


Literally proving the point of every poster that hates them in this thread. Hellstorm is tainted via its association to two clear lunatics.

Go away spamming kike.

Glenn Miller was a piece of work that posted to VNN forum. He also had and Asian wife and children.

Even if its tainted by lunatics it is still a good documentary.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish it didn't have that baggage attached to it, but it was an extremely important documentary, and anyone who's bashing it has to have some ulterior motive.

That's all you've got is "spamming kike" This whole forum is a Jew psy op as with all "White Nationalist" cancer.

Because you spam this in multiple of threads I am just calling you out, there is no reason to engage you.

The literal (a couple of) millions of people who have seen it might disagree (they don't care about some drama about them).

He's angry that Jack disagreed with his wife. So now Jack is a shill. There's no reason to overthink it. He reads and edits every article before it goes up, he had no problem with it beforehand, it's only after Jack had the audacity to disagree with his wife about something that the article became shit in his eyes.

Here's the article.

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So because they make one good documentary, which they wrote none of, all they did was narrate work which already written, and add visuals, now they aren't allowed to be criticized? Now they can be as retarded as they want and everyone should just allow it? Stop pretending you don't have some sort of association with them.

eh, don't worry about investigating flat earth. you easily master both sets of info, solar model and flat model. just youtube Flat Water and Eric Dubay and you get good material.

I didn't say that, and I don't think that. Its your jumping to a conclusion.

Good disinformation and pseudoscience mixed with some truths about the Third Reich. A perfect poison cocktail to those seeking about the world.

It came into a thread pointing real problems with Renegade with the soul purpose of defending them. You are doing their bidding and you know it. You're either Kyle, or one his discord lackeys.

No I'm not, you're making things up. Its somewhat funny and somewhat disturbing.
I came to the thread very critical of their behavior, which you didn't bother to check.

You're a JIDF kike shill and he is calling a spade a spade. You should be called out and mocked faggot. You shit up threads constantly with your Anti-White, Anti-National Socialism, Anti-Hitler bullshit propaganda that is so fucking obvious its painful. Do you really think you will ever turn any of us away from The Führer or kill the National Socialist ardor the loyal and true carry in our hearts? You will not, Baruch. Never. Tell your handlers in Tel Aviv you have failed. Any continued spamming from you is simply an exercise in futility, you repulsive degenerate.

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The website where they repost other people's content is valuable? Lol. You write for them, don't you? Just wait and see, they'll oust you too.

Sinead is a manic psychopath. Beautiful voice, though.

She sounds like a shrill harpy.

i genuinely think that the songs she made were high quality. I think she was on YT before superchats were a thing, so there wasn't a great way of monitizing channels at that time.

i dislike that so many people are obsesed with teen girl type gossip about who is gay, who is a pedo, and other stuff like that. She creates content. Some people will like it and some won't. That's more effort than most people on pol are capable of.

You're nuts, man. Her voice has texture. It's sexy as hell. It's a disconcerting juxtaposition with the vile stream of shit that comes out of her mouth in the form of words.

We should do a collaborative prank where we create accounts on Facebook and Tumblr to convince people that Brita Water Filters are a Metaphor for Eugenics. Anyone want to try this?

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That's literally her! YOU DUMB FUCK! Did you even read this thread?

Sinead single-handedly keeps Renegade from ever becoming anything more than a fringe cult. She's everything wrong with White people, all crammed into one woman. There can be no networking between organizations, there can be no greater network, because if you go and do a talk show for someone else, now you're a traitor. Say something she disagrees with? Don't worry, she'll get Kyle to ban you. You're an idiot.

This is a good time to bring this up. I am in the middle of reading bronze age mindset and I find a good portion of it speaks to me. I am not much in the know of the whole bronze age pervert clique. Though I did see an article on renegade Tribune bashing him for being a faggot. Of course the comments on the site had heaps of people clucking along. They never brought up any actual points other then him being a faggot. But based off the book it seems like he is just worshipping the heroic. What's the deal between renegade and pervert? Or his he actually a pervert faggot.

He's obviously super into the male form. Whether that's sexual or not, who knows? It really isn't relevant to us preventing White genocide.

Go look at his social media, he seems like a male prostitute. You're wasting your time with people like that.

I keep hearing Sinead is Jewish. Does anyone have her family tree to back this up?

Who cares? Cause this much infighting, seed mistrust and dox ourguys. Might as well be a jew.

They are all shills bought and paid for by Tel Aviv. I urge all of you here to stop giving these subversive fucks any more attention or money

Did anyone else post this? I didn't see it. It's Exhibit A when talking about how nuts Sinead is.

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Look at those Semitic features and that fucking schnoz! This psychotic Jewess was most likely the broker for their deal with Israel to subvert and fracture the community and movement

A lot of their information is quite good, and they're top notch for that as far as e-celebs go (how many ecelbs are openly National Socialist?) . The problems with them however, is that they fall out with almost every single person that gets involved with their network. commenters, article writers and even their on-air radio show hosts. Either this is because they are agents who seek to create conflict and sow division and discord, or Sinead and Kyle suffer from some paranoia induced mental illness. Since both appear to be stoners, it could certainly be the latter. While I do like some of their content and the alternative point of view they bring, there's too much drama and negativity to deal with. Also for some reason they hate Christians more than a rabid Muslim or Jew.

Jesus Christ…

Does she have any mental disorders?

Holy fuck, Kyle is just as insane as she is. That's him yelling too, right?

I thought Heathen Vegan was too boring to listen to, but this guy contributed hours and hours of his time making shows for them and what did he get in return? Sinead and Kyle throwing him to the wolves and slandering his name for liking a video by Varg. (It's something like that, I observe from a distance).

It's the same story everytime. Jack Duilio writes 22 articles for them, and then he makes one comment they dislike, and he's now a shill. They're a perfect example of why you don't want to bring toxic people into your life, they will drag you down and destroy you if you don't get out soon enough.

Is it weird to fall in love with insane women Zig Forums?

Yep. I even heard their latest round table show, just to hear what the hell Jack had done (nothing?); disgusting behaviour from both of them.

I also find it very suspicious that they don't use HTTPS on their site. Kyle brushed this off saying, "oh there is no such thing as real security so it's not worth it." That's absolutely absurd from a technical perspective, and it does a disservice to their international users, especially those nations which lack American free speech.

When you look into their backgrounds, things really don't add up.

Men have been making this mistake since time immemorial.

He said maybe Heathen Vegan just wanted more exposure and that's why he went to Red Ice. This is clearly proof that Jack is a Mossad agent who is attempting to subvert Renegade.

And apparently he wrote an article on the Synagogue shooting exploring the possibility that it happened. In Renegade world, every event is a Mossad hoax.

Just so you know, that audio clip is heavily edited to make Sinead sound even more insane. Basically they tried to get her kids taken away by feeding false info to the gov't, and a bunch of other shady shit.

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They didn't even have a problem with the article before he commented on the broadcast. It had been up for several days. They're just using it as some retroactive evidence that he's a shill. You can go through all of his articles, and they're full of information a shill would never dare spout. His articles were actually good.

Her voice is fine, and her song parodies are actually quite good. I'll give say she looks good for her age. The problem is that she's either mentally ill or paid to sabotage movements.

I have had a similar experience recently. A lot of DailyStormer kids lurk my Gab and I had made a subtle attempt to run D&C against the Stormer by pitting Weev against Anglin through implying Weev may be redeemable but not Anglin. Of course, I believe both are enemies and have said so many times. However, Sinead and Kyle decided to use my post and imply I'm a double-agent actually working for Weev/Anglin. I did the same thing with Patrick Little when I had emailed him. Same subtle D&C. I don't believe their reaction was necessarily in bad faith because it's quite possible they didn't see the psyop being run. However, their immediate change in tone while speaking to me, even after having to the deception explained to them, is suspicious. A new and prbly final post will be made and I'll be talking about Renegade, giving some information that perhaps Zig Forums doesn't have. I don't believe they're Bad Actors but I do believe they're paranoid, and often times, rightly so.

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Why would we believe that? Because Kyle and Sinead said so? They lie about everything.

I've heard the full audio clip. You can probably still find it in the Google cache, but the page it was hosted on was taken down.

Didn't you used to write articles for them too?

*I'll even say.

Yes, I used to read them from him/you. I was annoyed to see "yet another" contributor leave them. It was the final straw for me.

Every post you've made in this thread is talking about how you're in love with Sinead. You're obviously Sinead or Kyle. Fuck off.

No, I've never been involved with Renegade directly. I've only shared some of their work and shilled on their behalf because I believe much of what they do is very healthy for the cause.

What? I said that everything that comes out of her mouth is vile. I'm only commenting because I followed this e-drama back when it happened.