Location of Classified US Military Presence within Syrian Conflict

Places involved in Supporting ISIS/FSA/SDF/YPG/Any other terrorist proxy etc to keep the dumpster fire going

Al-Tanaf US Base Complex
33.506331, 38.619084 Al-Tanaf Base C&C
33.505549, 38.618057 Al-Tanaf Base Security or SOCOM
33.505494, 38.619127 Al-Tanaf Base Drone Opps Center
33.519654, 38.621046 Al-Tanaf Detention Center
33.504170, 38.623037, 33.428728, 38.614867 Al-Tanaf Likely Agency Hub for SAD
33.508112, 38.622576 Al-Tanaf Housing
33.506197, 38.624282 Al-Tanaf Primary Security Checkpoint
33.491484, 38.600299 Al-Tanaf FOB Security
33.488330, 38.656413 Al-Tanaf Center of secondary base (Original Outpost)

Al-Tanaf UK Base Area (Israelis also on site likely Mossad)
33.431719, 38.824321 Al-Tanf 1st base on site
33.435829, 38.832668 Al-Tanaf Center of British Base
33.407227, 38.862516 Al-Tanaf Unknown Point of Interest

Al-Waleed Border Crossing and major US base complexes
33.506331, 38.619084 Al-Waleed Unknown Point of Interest Likely Training Base
33.434259, 38.927125 Al-Waleed SOCOM C&C
33.443938, 38.931108 Al-Waleed US FOB
33.434190, 38.945659 Al-Waleed Training Camp Housing
33.440699, 38.951179 Al-Waleed Training Camp Range/Weapons Training Area
33.431694, 38.954875, 33.431723, 38.954875 Al-Waleed CIA Black Site
33.415216, 38.969455 Al-Waleed Support Housing Non US
33.417790, 38.972856 Al-Waleed Support Housing Non US
33.407872, 38.970220 Al-Waleed Fuel Depot

All Sites in Area of Refugee Camp Between Jordan’s Border Defenses and into Syria major recruitment center
33.306497, 38.673260 Chokepoint for Entry from Refugee Camp into Jordan
33.313965, 38.703135 CIA SIGINT Jordan over Border (US Army Hospital as Cover)
33.242874, 38.599273 Air Defenses for SIGINT Site Jordan over Border
33.313655, 38.701412 Refugee Housing and SDF Recruitment Site adjacent to CIA Base Jordan
33.311743, 38.701795 Purpose Built Drone Runway and Helicopter Base adjacent to CIA Base Jordan (also used for CasEvac inside Syria)
33.305436, 38.696843 SDF Training Site adjacent to Recruitment Center Jordan
33.299755, 38.699777 SDF Training Site adjacent to Recruitment Center Jordan
33.331240, 38.728424 Unknown POI Jordan over Border
33.327525, 38.729167 Unknown POI Jordan over Border
33.302025, 38.644338 Unknown POI Within Syria over Border

New Airbase
33.307943, 38.601293 Potential Airbase Unknown POI just inside Syria
33.308164, 38.588465 Unknown POI in Area of above

32.537953, 38.196846 H4 Airbase Drones (CIA Officers present) and Attack Helicopters NEED MORE DETAILS
33.277676, 38.618063 Jordan Border Crossing Base Command Staff Present
33.110844, 38.299707 US staging site at Jordanian AD Site over Border
33.055294, 38.196718 Unknown POI Jordanian Border
32.988951, 38.071455 Unknown POI Jordanian Border
32.920628, 37.947680 Unknown POI Jordanian Border

32.850354, 37.872644 Major Drone Base and C&C For US Regional Forces Over Jordanian Border
32.852255, 37.870381 Artillery Posiiton at Airbase
32.852176, 37.871628 CIA USAF SIGINT Location at Airbase
32.852176, 37.871628 Primary Infantry Garrison at Airbase
32.851971, 37.872115 Intelligence Analyst Location
32.811299, 37.791477 Unknown POI Over Jordanian Border Likely Observation Point
32.806360, 37.788599 Security for above potential AD site
32.822928, 37.763634 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border
32.722938, 37.671438 SIGINT Intelligence Site and Underground Facility
32.747184, 37.640579 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border
32.743746, 37.628669 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border
32.322222, 36.751118 SIGINT Location over Jordanian Border
32.314334, 36.712022 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border
32.346827, 36.607379 Unknown POI over Jordanian Border
32.430150, 36.310937 Unknown POI Potential Training Center For US interface accompanying King Hussein Air Base

32.159398, 37.150928 Prince Hassan Air Base Jordan SOCOM & Intelligence Presence
32.165725, 37.158777 US Area of above Air Base
32.155233, 37.162787 US Drone Section of Air Base
32.170460, 37.148763 US Personal Section of Air Base
31.833381, 36.795313 US Area of Al-Azraq Air Base Jordan (major expansion planned over $150 million this is where they will run occupation in South from; currently large US presence growing every month)
31.793444, 36.210836 Some Shady Shit for Jordan Courtesy of CIA and Mossad
31.784195, 36.246119 More Shit Paid for by Uncle Sam
31.784391, 36.254065 Foreigners Live Here
32.025012, 36.126211 SOCOM/CIA Presence in Jordan to Train their Military

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Based Purple.

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32.793409, 35.531358 Dirty Jews on Roman Land Palestine
32.792806, 35.725274 Jewish Terrorist Drone Installation and Support for Daesh
32.768155, 35.736505 Jewish Terrorist Support Base for Drone Installation
32.839093, 35.759459 Jewish Terrorist Bunker Location
33.308553, 35.772060 Jewish Trickery Ski Resort with Tunnels under Mountain Housing Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs
33.304483, 35.797596 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB
33.317917, 35.803593 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB
33.315610, 35.809633 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB
33.333549, 35.767610 Unknown POI Likely Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Facility and FOB
33.308888, 35.756814 Entrance To Jewish Terrorist Nuclear Base at Ski Resort
33.413438, 35.855733 Jewish Terrorist Intelligence Gathering Location

Tell Whatever HVT who exercises in these areas to stop exercising outside
34.714879, 36.708728 and 34.714879, 36.708728

36.649232, 38.299150 CIA Team Lives Here
Lafarge Cement Syria Plant AKA Center of Joint Operations in Northern Syria (F UK US) Lafarge has signed lease to occupiers
36.647973, 38.301801 (F UK US) Permanent Airbase Regional Supply and Support C-130 Capable (very large presence)
36.549442, 38.587064 (F UK US) Base for Coordinating/Supplying Proxies
36.547118, 38.589224 (F UK US) Lafarge Cement Base Primary Ops Center
36.549442, 38.587064 Additional Ops Area for Base

Ain Issa
36.370447, 38.849763 Brigade 93 Base repurposed for use by Proxy Forces and training also home to US Marine Artillery and French

36.040547, 40.723920 US Airbase SOCOM Training Proxies and Oil Field Protection

Ar-Raqqah Area
36.263362, 38.928173 (F UK US) Drone Base and Ops/Resupply for Ar-Raqqah
35.757149, 38.577743 (F UK US) Airbase previously Al-Tabqa Military Airport
35.984701, 39.010822 ext 35.993504, 39.033940 ext 35.996619, 39.039107 US Proxy Base SOCOM Presence and Air Defense former 17th Division Base
36.043208, 39.064036 US Proxy Base Training Area CIA Presence
36.014166, 38.962007 US Proxy Base (Expanding) Former Syrian Training Grounds

Al-Hasakah Area
36.509516, 40.585540 (F UK US) Operations Base for Area CIA also on site (large presence) Helicopter Base for Resupply
36.706339, 40.510349 (F UK US) Permanent Airbase Support and Supply
36.742552, 40.577287 Tal Badar Support Airstrip for above until fully operational primarily Helicopters and Construction Supplies for Permanent Base

Al-Malikiyah Area
37.198065, 42.119222 (F UK US) Operations Base for Area CIA also on site (largest presence in North outside Lafarge)
36.897778, 41.997500 US Airbase Drones on Site also used for Resupply
37.185768, 42.229836 US Airbase for Resupply of Proxy forces

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Qayyarah Airbase (F UK US) Regional Air Support Potential FSA Kurdish Training Site
Al Assad Airbase (F UK US) Regional Air Support Mainly Drones/Refeuling/Transport and Supply Aircraft
33.805700, 42.438257 Drone Ops at Al Assad Airbase
33.797835, 42.399979 SOCOM Ops Base at Al Assad Airbase

36.521078, 37.038208 Menagh Military Airport to be used as an evacuation point from region by proxy forces to avoid capture by Turkish; CIA Officer Coordinating the withdrawals

Idlib - Primarily Using former SAA Bases within Area
35.971776, 36.782821 CIA Withdrawal point for extraction of Proxy Forces former SAA Afis Air Base

Deir ez-Zur
34.909103, 40.825977 Cluster of small bases some containing US SOCOM Personnel to secure Oil Facilities in area

Turkey Incirlik Airbase
36.998701, 35.413066 CIA Drone Base inside Airbase partially Underground (Russia knows about the rest from the Cold War pretty much still the same) (An additional 25 Nuclear Warheads have been moved to base recently brining total compliment to 75)

John Bolton conducted the Anthrax terror attacks that were later used as a pretext to invade Iraq. He now plans to bribe General Suheil al-Hassan and offer him Presidency of Syria. They have mole in Syrian Airforce Intelligence that has access to information dealing with Russian forces and regime strategy. Syria must be secured to create an Autonomous Kurdish Region from which to launch sorties on Iran from and to pump oil to Israeli refineries. The Kurds and the Israelis have a secret oil deal for occupied territories in Iraq and Syria.

-Mossad has several jewish “Russians” in their Russian mercenary forces who pass intel onto Mossad.
-US intends to use Kurdish Region to stage Iran Invasion SOCOM Sorties from West
-Genie Oil, Atlantic Council, Project for a New American Century now = The Center for a New American Security, AIPAC, Chabad
-Bin Nayef Coupe is what’s best for you in Saudi Arabia; MBS is owned by Netanyahu
-Ivanka is Rosebud and she will be POTUS one day unless this whore of Babylon is stopped.

To the people saying this puts US servicemen in danger well maybe they shouldn't be illegally occupying a sovereign country and supporting foreign terrorist groups. Also Iran will be my generation’s Vietnam and make the horrors of Iraq look like children’s day programming. What I will do to save my brothers from such a fate is endless not to mention a war with Iran will ultimately result in a global conflict between the US and China/Russia in which the whole world will end up losing. By taking the Jews pieces off the board for invading Iran I prevent them from taking the actions that will without a shred of doubt lead to a world conflict. Guess what color this namefag is anons.

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The man responsible for planning the invasion of Iran John Bolton lives at the address below. Use your democratic right to inform your government officials that you don't wish to have another middle eastern adventure for Israel.

9107 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Nicely done.

You're a useful tool, I can see why you were hired and subsequently fired. Consider that you essentially work for me now. But your new job is pro bono. Your soul might actually survive this shitshow, interesting


38.836050, -77.022804

You're the guy, right? Let's go ahead and put protection on this guy. You pissed me off once, but these things happen. I'll let bygones be bygones, but don't make the same mistake twice or the rubber band will snap back in unpleasant ways


so you are willing to act like a savage and literally get your countrymen (who might actually just want to help their families back home) in danger? you are no worse than a raghead with an RPG.

how does one even go about alerting ppl that this info was leaked by faggot OP?

Relax, it isn't like the Syrians/Iraqis/Iranians don't know where the US bases are. In fact, they have them surrounded.


Gretchen D Bolton
Edmonds, WA - 66 Years Old

Edmonds, WA, 98026-6218
Lynnwood, WA, 98046-3184
Edmonds, WA, 98026-7284
Shoreline, WA, 98103-0
Seattle, WA, 98103-0

Address Details

19207 80th Pl Edmonds, WA 98026-6218 (Snohomish County)
3184 Lynnwood, WA 98046-3184 (Snohomish County)
7321 210th St Edmonds, WA 98026-7284 (Snohomish County)
200044 Bagley Drny Shoreline, WA 98103-0 (King County)
200044 Bagley Drny Seattle, WA 98103-0 (King County)

If you're White, US soldiers aren't your countrymen. They are your occupiers.

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us soldiers for the most part are just trying to fucking get by and literally not be a neckbeard in his moms basement.

only a retard would think the average soldier has any strategic input. not to mention the education system is so trashed, they are basically just giving their life so they can have a life. and most are good people.

only a scumbag would put his literal next door neighbor in harms way to fight some tyrannical overlord group he thinks he is actually fighting with any success.

hope you get some karma on this one. hope no one is hurt because of your recklessness.

It isn't us that put them in harm's way. It's the fucking kiked up government.

done speaking with you, again, hope some karma comes your way. you deserve it.

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Kushner's (these idiots actually gave a magazine interview giving it away) and street protests are legal in DC so long as under 50 people without permits. They also love to jog in the morning while they think about sending American men and women to die for greater Israel.

38.916741, -77.055040


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Imagine if I cared about something

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Shut the fuck up, faggot.

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